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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 8.24/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.63/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.62/10
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Worth the Wait

"I was first looking to buy a brand new laptop but didn't trust amazon or other resellers due to bad reviews and coming in with defective devices. I came up to HIDevolution with the highest review ratings so I decided to give them a try. I made an order on an ASUS GL503VS early March without rush but eventually I was given a message that the product was sold out/discontinued near the end of march and they offered to help find me a different laptop with similar specs. I told them I was willing to wait until they restocked the laptop.

Early April ASUS released the Zephyrus GM501 so I called HIDevolution and someone named Ted helped me out. I switched from the GL503VS to the Zephyrus M GM501GS because most computer brands just came out with the 6 core i7- 8750H and I decided to take advantage of it. Ted was very pleasant and made the order transition easy and I also decided to add in the rush order. I waited until mid April but then ASUS pushed back the release date from April to early May and I had to wait again until HIDevolution received the laptop. Eventually I received the GM501 on May 3. I made my first order ASUS GL503VS on March 8, switched to ASUS Zephyrus M GM501GS on April 3, and finally received something on May 3.

When my product came it was nicely packed. While opening the new laptop it had no fingerprints and it felt like it was brand new. The modifications I made was 32GB RAM,Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on CPU + GPU, and Fujipoly Extreme Thermal Pads on heat sensitive surfaces, and Clean install of windows.

The laptop was hitting 91C on GPU and 95 GPU at first while stress testing but eventually the max ended up becoming 77 on CPU and 81 on GPU and averages around 72 on CPU and 75 on GPU while gaming. I am not sure why the temperatures were high at first (I think it had to do something with the liquid metal not being used for a week while shipping or the battery was charging while i did the tests) but these are very solid temperatures and I am very happy with the results. I tried to update the BIOS for my new laptop but it was already up to date so I also give their technicians that.

Despite waiting 2 months for the new laptop, I can't blame HID because it was mostly the manufacturer for discontinuing products and pushing back release dates. But I am glad I was able to get this model instead of the original one I wanted due to the new 6 core CPU. This is truly a great customer service experience and I highly recommend HID if you wish to get a working laptop if you have the patience for their quality work.


Helpful Cool


A Great 1st Time HIDevolution Experience

"My thought process for ordering this laptop was that I wanted to try a laptop with a 144Hz screen. I was between this and the Aero 15x. I went with this laptop because it had more features that I wanted, primarily the ESS DAC, Killer networking, GTX 1070, and GSYNC. I knew I would be trading battery life and weight, but it was worth trading for me personally. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories online about Aorus/Gigabyte but this laptop is was my dream laptop and I wanted it so bad feedback or if it arrived DOA wasn’t going to stop me.

4/27/18-I contacted support around 1:30 PM CST I wanted to know how long it would take for the laptop to get to me with rush build. I was in a chat with Donald to discuss my options and he said it would be easier to explain my options if he called me. We talked about the options I had selected weren’t that important (Killer 1550, Remove HDD) and that if I bought it stock it would be able to ship that day if I ordered soon. I agreed and bought It after the chat closed.

5:30PM-I received an email that my order shipped. I paid for Priority overnight, so I could get Saturday delivery.

4/28/18-I picked up my order from the FedEx store and inspected the box.

The Aorus protective shell seems a little thin to me and was even cracked in one spot. I was afraid that my laptop was damaged in shipping despite the fragile and do not drop stickers. After I inspected it the laptop was in perfect condition. The new rice husk packaging looks kind of flimsy but at least it has a nice smell. Inside is some literature and a USB with the utility drivers.

Donald was amazing over the phone and explained each choice I made and adjusted my cart for me. I’m glad he was there to help! Also, he was knowledgeable about the parts too! It didn’t feel like he was just reading from the spec sheet to you. I would love to order from HID again!

Helpful Cool


Great Experience -

"I ordered a computer from Donald Stratton. He was wonderful. I am the 2nd person in our office to order with this company and we could not be more pleased. My computer is great and Donald always helped, answered questions and kept me up to date on everything!!"

Helpful Cool


Fantastic Customer Service!

"I had never heard of HIDevolution before and I was a little nervous about purchasing a laptop from a re-seller that I was not familiar with but I am so glad that I worked with them! From the very beginning (even before I placed an order) until the very end (even after I received my product), customer service (shout out to Ted and Jenny!) was straight up excellent! All of my questions were answered very quickly and I felt comfortable during every step of the order fulfillment.

I highly recommend ordering from HIDevolution, you will not be disappointed!

Helpful Cool


Purchasing Computers,loptops and parts with HIDevolution is worth it!

"The most satisfying online purchase I made so far. All personel are accommodating, helpfull and knowledgeable on their products. The buying process is made easy and timely. They will keep in touch from customer sellecting the products untill it was delivered and beyond. Quality of products are in its highest and delivered with in shedules."

Helpful Cool


take care of their clients

"Great taking care of their clients , great service they assume their problems.

Tech is patient and sales customer always disponible 24/24.

The clients is important to them.

Helpful Cool


What every company should aspire to emulate

"Let's start with timely pre-sale support from Ted. I noticed a strange setting in the online configurator and opened up a ticket to ask if it was intended for that model and Ted responded after normal business hours and said it was not intended and would be fixed soon...and it was!

Now, onto Donald. When I emailed him to ask about discounts he not only responded with the information, he had also looked up my name in their website db and saw the configuration I had chosen and he asked me to call him because he wanted to discuss some of the options and make suggestions. When I called he asked me questions about how I planned to use the system and actually tried to down-sell me until we figured out what would work best. Normally, salesmen try to gouge you for every dime but Donald only wanted me to get what matched my needs. That's both rare and welcome and secured my business for any future computers I will buy.

Lastly, Zoltan is an incredibly swift and competent tech support specialist. When I had a concern after a remote upgrade and opened a new ticket I got a prompt response and resolution.

I can't say enough good things about these people and this company. They will work hard to get and keep your business!

Helpful Cool


Great reseller

"The only one with 3 years of international warranty I found. Had an issue with the fans kicking early and loud but had the BIOS updated through remote sessions with the technical staff and now works pretty fine."

Helpful Cool


Great Tech Support

"Received my laptop only recently, and had some issues with the mouse/touchpad. Zoltan from HIDEvolution's Tech Support was extremely quick in responding to the issue and was able to remote into it and fix it. He was nice and professional. I'm really happy he was able to fix it, there were no fixes for this issue on forums, so I didn't have my usual routes to check for solutions."

Helpful Cool


Ordered a EVOC P775TM1 from HIDEvolution

"It was a very positive experience for me.The staff is very friendly and attentive.
All my questions was answered fast.So in one word i much satisfied.

Helpful Cool


Great Offers, Great Products and Excellent Service

"Since the very begginning of my order the HidEvolution staff were there supporting me, even with all my plus service that I add to the main product.
The quality of the laptop it self is totally awesome and I feel totally secure since their team checked all the quality and effort test before sending me to product.

Helpful Cool


Worked perfectly

"Got a custom built Asus laptop with some custom parts. Using for a few months already, haven't noticed any issues.

If I didn't know the parts were custom I wouldn't have guessed that it's custom assembled and not factory-made.

Also their customer support is very quick, I found a mistake on the site, emailed them and they fixed it in just a few hours.

Helpful Cool


Great service and care

"Bought an ASUS G752VS, the laptop arrived with many treats.
Ted the Representative was very helpful with my inquiries before the buy and after.
the laptop shipped fast and well packed.

Helpful Cool


Simply the Best

"Yes, HIDEvolution is legit and yes you should buy from them. Sometimes buying from the big familiar sellers such as Amazon and Newegg is not always the best option.

I have been playing PC games since 1987 as a six year old kid and I started building my own desktop gaming rigs since 2005. However, recently I decided I wanted to get a gaming laptop for travel. I bought a couple of laptops in a row (from one of the big online retailers) and I had nothing but a horrible experience. One of the laptops the company sent me was broken. After an RMA process, the next laptop they sent me had horrible backlight bleeding, which I absolutely hate. After several RMA's I kept getting laptops that I was unsatisfied with for one reason or another. I finally gave up on that particular seller and decided that I needed to find another route for purchasing a gaming laptop.

After doing a lot of online research, I kept coming across HIDEvolution, which I had never heard of. I was pretty skeptical at first, because like most people, I am comfortable with buying from big online retailers. I kept reading nothing but positive reviews about HID. Prior to ordering, I decided to reach out to HID regarding a customized laptop. Ted, HID owner, immediately and promptly responded to all of my emails. Ted helped me customize a new laptop - an ASUS G703VI (which is absolutely awesome by the way). I paid a little bit extra to ensure I received a laptop with minimal backlight bleed and boy was it worth it. HID customized my laptop exactly how I wanted it and delivered it much sooner than the original anticipated delivery date.

During the entire process, before and after purchase, I sent Ted several emails regarding my purchase and Ted was always quick to respond with answers. Shortly after receiving my laptop, I had a technical support issue regarding reinstalling some ROG software so I reached out to Ted, who immediately scheduled a call with one of his technicians for a time that was convenient for me. I mean that kind of customer service is unheard of. Zoltan, the HID tech, called me at the scheduled time and remotely connected to my computer (while on the phone with me) and helped me reinstall the software. Zoltan was nice enough to stay on the phone with me for an hour to make sure all of my concerns were met. If you have ever called technical support at any major electronics/computer company, you probably realize that most of these people barely know what they are talking about, and most of the time they are completely unfamiliar with their own products. Working with Zoltan was like a "God-Send." He was extremely professional and knew exactly what he was doing. I would have to say that I would buy from HID simply to have access to their tech support.

Overall, my entire purchase experience was extremely positive. I am going to continue to build my own desktop gaming rigs. However, HID won me over for my gaming laptop needs. I will not being going anywhere else for my future gaming laptop purchases. Do not have any doubts regarding purchasing from HID. They are the real deal. Their customer service and knowledge regarding their products is superior. If you want a gaming laptop, forget about the big retailers and go with HID. Their pricing is exactly the same as the major retailers. However, their customer service and tech support is infinitely better than a major retailer. And you can customize the laptop, if you want, to get exactly what you want.

Finally, the best thing about HID is that they are an authorized reseller for ASUS laptops (I love ASUS). So with the customized upgrades (which were extremely reasonably priced), ASUS considers the computer under factory warranty. If you crack open a laptop and mod it yourself, unfortunately that voids the manufacturer warranty. With HID you get exactly the computer you want and the peace of mind that you are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

If you are in the market for a gaming laptop you really need to go to HID and don't look back. I really could not have been happier with my purchase. As an FYI, I have not been compensated for providing this review. I am writing it because I have been so impressed with HID.

Helpful Cool


Experience with ordering Custom Built MSI Infinite X VR8RF-007US Gaming DESKTOP (Build to Order)

"Dec 06, 2017 - Pre-ordered (ETA is 2nd week of January 2018)
Donald was very knowledgeable in build custom components and helped to lower overall cost based on projected system usage and needs. I highly recommend talking to HIDevolution sales prior to ordering. He clearly explained how the upgrade cost differential worked using existing cost basis part replacement + part upgrade cost difference. He chatted with MSI directly (in call) to get some answers to product and package related content and updates to the ETA release date (still same). When asked about HIDevolution's high-end gaming system verification procedure prior to shipment, he listed a great compilation of production level tool-sets: 3Dmark11, Firestrike, Catzilla 4K, PassMark/Performance test, AIDA64 Extreme, HDtunepro (for SSDs/HDDs), Intel BurnIn test, and Heaven benchmark which gave me confidence that they know how to check for system assembly and part issues. I was able to select and upgrade the stock Thermal Paste/pads, primary boot NVME to a larger 1TB SSD, add additional HDD space, and upgrade ODD to Blu-Ray and shipping and Tax savings were the icing on the cake. Overall, a very pleasant 60+ minute toll-free experience.

Jan 03, 2018 - Order Issue Update via phone conversation with w/Donald S.
Donald called within minutes of receiving a distressing email from MSI putting the Infinite X VR8RF-008US on hold indefinitely, due to a severe shortage of 1080ti cards from supplier Nvidia. This made the 2nd week of January 2018 ETA no longer valid, and the system availability non-existent. Donald had a few ideas to try to work around this problem so that the my custom configuration could still stay intact.

Since the MSI Infinite X VR8RF-008US had an indefinite delay timeline, he investigated the next model down (which was available at a lesser price point) and checked if upgrade options would match my VR8RF-008US requirements. By comparison hardware-wise, the stock VR8RF-007US is basically the same as the 008US, but with a smaller 250GB SSD and Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB. Donald used the HIDEvolution online configurator to upgrade and match, part for part, the 007US in order to make it the same as the 008US. The upgrade path of Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB to Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB was now limited to availability on the open market (and they were going fast). Investigating options on Newegg.com, we settled on an Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB SC2. When all the components were finalized, there was a price increase of ~$225.99 to offset all hardware into an equivalent solution. The differential cost also created a situation where it was available now, was buildable, and could possibly be one of the few MSI Infinity X's with an Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11GB configuration on the market.

The old order number was updated with new hardware and customization changes, retaining order dates, discounts, and rebate. Donald was a joy to work with again. To keep the sales alive, he went the extra mile to maintain customer satisfaction by reinventing an excellent alternative solution to a manufacturer shortfall that rendered the previous order non-existant. Because of that, the price differential was kept to a minimum, mainly isolated to the Nvivia shortage limitation and upgrade path, making the custom system build availability a win-win. They provided status updates as well.

Jan 08, 2018 : Build started
Jan 10, 2018: In Production.
Jan 12, 2018: Shipping info. Tracking provided.
Jan 19, 2018: Package picked up from FedEx

System was shipped in the original MSI box with extra padding on the outside. It arrived undamaged and box undented. Unboxing was easy as was setup. It booted up into Win10 setup as expected.

Stayed in contact with Donald who provided MSI registration, rebate, and Nvidia game code info. He recommended Zoltan for tech questions.

Zoltan was also very helpful support on the Technical side: answering questions related to SSD optimization and Virtual Memory, suggested software tools for cleaning Win10, and explained differences of why the MSI factory recovery partition was no longer available when the SSD was upgraded to a larger size.

Two weeks later, I've been able to customize the system to my liking. Its OC stable, quiet, and most importantly cool, at ultra graphics settings.

Overall, I would highly recommend HIDevolution if you want to get a customized build to your liking. They provide much more options in their Custom Configurator than any of the other Desktop re-sellers. Their staff is the most knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly group of folks who go the extra mile to maintain fantastic customer satisfaction. Their prices are competitive, build and shipping is fast, use quality components allowing you to chose what you want, have 1 day response time (phone is immediate), and perform system stability/quality tests for graphics and memory prior to shipment.

Helpful Cool

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