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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.50/10 0.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.50/10 1.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.50/10 1.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Don't buy their tools. They go obsolete early and you can't get parts

"I bought a 34 degree framing nailer from these charlatans a few years ago before I found out how sleazy they were. The nailer now leaks a lot of air and doesn't work. So I went to their site and requested a rebuild kit. They got back to me by email saying they couldn't get through by phone and their was no voicemail. Nonsense. I was getting calls and messages all morning. So I called them back. After being on hold for about 10 minutes I finally get to talk to a customer service rep (misnomer if I ever heard one) who told me it was discontinued and they didn't have parts.
Why wouldn't they carry parts? It's a great way to continue to make money off people who buy your cheap, junk tools.

Thanks for nothing Harbor Freight.

When I ordered a bandsaw many years ago they tried a bait-and-switch on me to provide an inferior saw. That's when I stopped doing business with them. You should too.

Rating 2/10

Not sure where HF is going, but I miss the old HF of the past!

"HF was always known for their cheaply made and very inexpensive products. Products that I would always purchase for a one time job as sometimes it was cheaper than renting it from the big box stores. That has all but gone away over the past year. They are now trying to offer higher quality tools at the same price as the big guys, but wait, here it the kicker. The same 90 day warranty that they have always offered before on power tools. So you still get an inferior product with no warranty for the same price as the name brand. Why would anyone purchase any of these new power tools from them? As for the hand tools, I have not noticed any change in quality there, but I have noticed that the price is now competitive with the big names. Again, I will have to go with the big names and not HF. They pretty much no longer carry anything for one time usage. I find myself buying the big name brands for pennies more and know that they won't break mid use. Bye HF. You were good to me for years, but this new direction your taking won't help you grow."

Rating 2/10


"Harbor Freight Store: Jefferson City, MO 65109
Ken Marsch
209 Manila
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Incident: 9/23/2017

The store has been in Jefferson City for some time and I had never check it out. On 9/23/2017, I made my very first visit to store. I knew nothing about the store or it inner working or policies. I found $33.13, which was 3 items had which I thought were on "sale". I went to check out and I could not see the register’s display because it was facing the clerk and not easily visible to customers (I now know why). I was putting the merchandise on my master charge card. When I inserted the card the display showed “approved”. I removed the card and the signature block appeared. When I signed and entered done, the computer “froze” and nothing would work. The clear tried to clear and nothing would happen. The manager approached and he had to reboot the computer. My transaction did not re-appear. When this was happening, I looked at the register display and show the merchandise was at regular prices. I asked why and the clerk as what color was the sale tag. I thought that was strange but I told her orange. She said “o that is an instore something. I asked the manager and he was not interested and at this I requested to refund or cancel my purchase. I did not want anything from that store. The manager was very uninterested and appeared not to care. He never answered but said “wait 2-3 days and see if the charge hits your card. If it did, just come back and I will take care of it. I ask how he would take care of it when I have no proof. This manager was a real “deal”. I told him if this is how he treats customers on their very first visit, I could imagine how he would treat them if they had a warranty problem or another in-store problem. The manager did not respond as if he could care less. H motioned with an expression of “I don’t give a s***” attitude (pardon my language but this word describes the type of attitude). This manager could have handled this easily by giving me the sale prices and then telling me the store policy was and how I could get the sale prices in the future but no, I just made a substantial” enemy of me when it comes to Harbor Fright. I will go out of my way to discourage anyone I meet to even visiting the store much less buying anything. Before I wrote this not, I have already send out a lot of negatives on your store. I will continue to copy and paste this review into any retail customer review sites that I can find and also to the city chamber of commerce of which I have a strong standing. I think you can tell I am furious and if it is on my card, know I got to go back into the store and talk to this “idiot”.
Follow-Up: 9/30/2017, the cancelled purchase of $33.13 was posted to my credit card on 9/27/2017. On 9/30/2017, I contacted an assistant manager (Kyle) by phone. He advised the store manager was not on duty today. He took my information and advised he would contact the accounting office and see if they would make an adjustment. However, I told him about how the store manager could have avoided this by giving me the sale prices but there was no response from Mr. Kyle. Still not much improvement in CUSTOMER NO SERVICE from this company. I have not received any thing from this company at this point. If I do, I would update this review.
I called Mr. Kyle back today (5 October 2017). I informed him the credit of $33.13 still has not be credited to my credit card. Mr. Kyle said it would take 2-3 weeks. This long just to get something corrected that should have never happened in the first place. Once again Harbor Freight store in Jefferson City MO is a NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would expect this is typical of ALL of their stores. Never, Never, Never shop or even go into a Harbor Freight store.
There was no receipt from this purchase because the computer system crashed and there was no way to get a receipt. However, I have a print document from the credit card showing the purchase.

Rating 2/10

Bad day

"We bought a generator from aka HF it did not work for what we needed. We went back to ask if it needed to be in box or anything they said "nothing just bring it back and we will give you a refund". We were not informed that the gas needed to be drained before we took it back. We went back today to drop it off and they said you need to drain the gas we will not do it. The employee was incompetent "

Rating 2/10

Their two day shipping is a lie.

"I ordered some items August 30th at 7 a.m. and selected two day shipping. Tracking shows the order will not arrive until September 5th. By my calculations, these items should arrive on September 1st. Customer service said that orders don't download for shipping until late afternoon and are pulled for shipping the next day. So one day down already on the shipping. There is no way with this practice that you could ever actually get two day shipping. They are lying about their 2-day shipping. Don't use!"

Rating 2/10

Harbor Freight 1/2 Right Angel Drill

"Item 63062 1/2 Right Angle Drill is very heavy, bulky and noisy. I returned to the store in Allentown PA in its original box after two weeks. The manager insisted on charging me $26 restocking fee.
It seems store management are similar to the tool as they have very short sighted compare to short life tool. I would not recommend to buy this junk tools

Rating 2/10

Customer service plays stupid!

"I ordered 3 parts online and when I received my box one part was not in the box (the main part I needed) which costed $4.99. I called them back and told them this and they checked the stock and this time said it would take 10-12 weeks for delivery cause the part was a special order part. I told them I couldn't wait that long so just cancel the part (which i already paid for on my credit card) and send me another part for $4.99. They told me I would have to pay for that item plus shipping. I told them NO I already paid $4.99 plus shipping for a part I didn't receive. I am not going to pay a 2nd time for an item I didn't receive! They transfered me 3 TIMES to different people and everybody played stupid. The one guy asked me if I received the replacement part yet I wanted to order to replace the $4.99 item. I said NO STUPID THAT IS WHY I AM ON THE PHONE TODAY...HOW CAN I RECEIVE A REPLACEMENT PART WITHIN THE HOUR OF WHAT I AM TRYING TO ORDER NOW! They play stupid...so they made $5 off of me. Not calling Harbor Freight online again ever!!!!"

Rating 2/10

**** poor service in Worcester Ma.

"I was sent the wrong way in the store, yelled at ,called a thief ( I overpaid ) and brushed off for help loading a 250lb press (I'm handicapped. ) I was yelled at a second time not to steal the cart. This worker is phyco. Worst store I've ever been to."

Rating 2/10

Worst experience ever!

"We should have learned from the pass, but no we didn't, Augusta ha has the worst customer service, we have never been treated kindly in this store, and I will never shop there again, and I'm going to tell everyone sbout it"

Rating 2/10

Chinese junk.scam artists

"Don't buy anything at Harbor Freight you expect to work it is all Chinese junk it will fall apart in a matter of weeks and then they refuse to take it back it's all garbage you pay for something that is substandard quality at a substandard price"

Rating 2/10

Preferred? Really?

"My husband went today to buy a sander that he had seen in ad. When told that to get that price he had to join the preferred club. Really? We left without the sander and the man in line before him had driven quite a distance for a special price on tool. Nope, sorry , you aren't a preferred member. If I want a warehouse club I'll go to Sams. Rey unhappy with this whole program, you would have to buy a lot of tools for it to work for you. Asked several employees about this and was told they just work there but heard many complaints daily about it. "

Rating 4/10

Nothing available

"I bought a table saw (63118). The stand they sold me for it was (69805). I put it together and it was obvious it was not the right stand. I called them and they said that was the stand they sell with it. It is a universal stand. I told them the stand was about 18 inches too tall and the mounting holes did not match up with the saw holes. They said that was the only one they have, sorry. "

No Avatar

Cocoa, FL
Rating 8/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

Not all that bad

"I kinda like Harbor Freight when buying in the store so I can actually examine the product. Plus the stores are a big toy store for DIYers.

However, buying online and shipping is not good; my last order stalled with HF telling me it was "Shipped" while FedEx was telling me "Label Created." Finally, seven days after ordering, Fedex tracking told me my item had been tendered to them and was on its way.

Shopping at HF you have to do your research. Some of their power tools are crap, but many are very similar to brand-name tools you will find in the box stores. Tools branded Ryobi, Wen, Craftsman, Rikon, and others likely come out of the same factory in China that the HF tools do. But the difference is in those individual brands' specific alterations to the basic design (beyond the cosmetic plastic or paint exterior changes). I am no expert on this, but I would submit that the HF tools are the bottom end of the spectrum in this regard; the other rebrands usually make some important improvements in their specs to the factory, whether it's motor power, component quality, design improvements, or whatever.

That said, I have a couple of HF Central Machinery power tools that are just fine (with some setup attention), and several HF-sold Pittsburgh and Drill Master accessories that are comparable to the much more expensive brand names.

Rating 2/10

****Warning**** Harbor Freight Tools are anti-Christian!!

"I received my three-day coupon via e-mail on Sunday, May 1st; which ended that day, --Sunday, May 1st.
Today, Monday, May 2nd and after multiple attempts to reach this store with no answer all day long, someone FINALLY answered.
I just spoke on the phone with "Tod," the manager of the Harbor Freight store: at 3502 LAKEVIEW PARKWAY, ROWLETT, TX, at 972-412-3190: in reference to their three-day coupon discounts that ended on Sunday (the Lord's Day). I stated that I was not allowed to make nonessential purchases on Sundays (the Lord's Day), due to religious reasons. I then asked him if he would still honor my coupon. He firmly stated, "No I will NOT."

I think I will stop shopping there if they continue this anti-Christian attitude. I think will start shopping elsewhere from now on.


Rating 2/10

Absolutely the Worst in the Market

"I purchased a 450 lb tool box from Harbor Freight Tools. They had no problem taking my money. Three weeks went by with no toolbox. Finally the delivery truck company, Central Coast Trucking called to schedule an appointment for delivery. Don't get me started on these idiots. I sat around an entire day waiting for this tool box. They said they would be here from 11 to 1. They never showed up. Again, I called the next asking why my delivery did not show up.They said it was not in area yet. What.... why did you call me two days in advance for a delivery date. Anyway, they scheduled another two days out. I agreed to wait another day. Again, no show. I wished I would have read some reviews before I made the purchase. What a HUGE mistake."

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