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Rating 2/10

$2.00 for 80 books?!

"No, they didn't pick out one or two books that they would like to buy for $2.00. They offered me TWO dollars for over 80 books! An hour later, I walked out of a competitors store with $30.50 in my pocket, and I still had almost all of my books. I will NEVER go to HPB again. This was in Westerville, Ohio, but from reading the reviews, it seems that Corporate Greed is their company motto. People all over the country are complaining about them!!"

Rating 2/10

Total Off Buyers and Sellers

"All I can say is Donate Donate Donate. Do not allow these folks to pay you nothing for your new books etc. and overcharge people to buy your donations. The tax write off is a much better choice if you gather all of your donations at once and add them up. The chaos in this store and lack of intelligence when reviewing your books, albums, cd's etc is disturbing , random and not fair"

Rating 2/10

Bad Experience in Algonquin, Illinois

"Wish I would have check them out before wasting my time and taking books, CD's, tapes, etc to them. Like what has been said their a total rip off. Better off giving to some charity. I brought 4 boxes of books and maybe 100 CDs and 40 DVDs and even many VHS movies and they were kind enough to give me $18.50. I would say most if not all of books and other materials were in resaleable shape. What is up with this company? I know its business but lets at least be somewhat fair. Never again and that is my advice to others. "

Rating 2/10

Donate your books!

"What a ripoff, took in around a 150 new books, some never read, they offered me $32. I will be donating my from now now. Do not sell your books to them! "

Rating 2/10

Corporate GREED Arrives At HPB

"I have literally bought thousand's of CVDs and books from the clearance aisles of HPB...primarily their main location on Northwest Hwy. in Dallas. I was out of town a few weeks and recently went back to begin shopping there for more CDs and books. WOW!! ALL Clearance CDs went from $1.00 to $2.00....100% increase!!! Clearance books went from $2.00 to $3.00.....50% increase. Most others locations already were at $2.00 for clearance CDs,...that's why I never purchased CDs at the other locations. Price increase AND still giving pennies when you sell there (I'm one and done with selling at HPB). To see this type of greed....it reaches new levels. On that trip to HPB, instead of buying 100+ CDs as I normally do, I bought ZERO and a couple of clearance books...THAT'S IT! I saw plenty to buy, but I'm not going to feed their corporate GREED and put up with their employees' attitudes also. My dollars will move to other areas for purchase in the future."

Rating 2/10

Poor customer service in store

"Bought 8 books (1 @6.49, 7@5.99) around 5pm today at store #040 (Carriage Place, Columbus OH). Did not realize the cashier rang it up wrong (7@6.49 & 1@5.99), so took a special trip back to the store to have it corrected. Had to explain to 2 staff to get it corrected. Got refunded for the difference.

I must say it's a very disappointing experience because there's no customer service at all. During the whole time, none of the staff expressed 'sorry' nor offered any apology.

No Avatar

Rating 4/10

Selling your stuff to them is a sham! Don't waste a trip, but good bargains as a result

"My wife and I had a similar experience as everyone else reviewing them. We went in separately on different dates with different stuff to sell (today and earlier this week). Our experience is that they seem to tell the same thing to everyone..that being "we can't sell any of your stuff. We are going to send them to charity." My wife was offered $2.50 for 22 books. 14 of the books were popular hard cover books and the remainder were equally as popular 8 paperback books. All were in very good to excellent condition. My wife looked up the books on ebay: she saw they sold for much more there - but of course there are inherent hassles with ebay like listing and shipping. Basically, this place is a pawn shop. You're much better off donating your stuff to charity directly. Based on my calculations, you'll end up saving more money in taxes than what you will get in cash from this place + you'll feel emotionally satisfied.

On the other hand, like a pawn shop, this place is a good place to shop - but obviously the bargains you'll find are at other people's expense‼!

Rating 2/10

Dehumanizing Experience

"Imagine packing up about 200 books, carefully sorting by subject matter, loading several heavy containers into your car, then driving 11 miles to Half Price Books Hell. The guy assigned to help get the books inside, was a virtual door knob -- no affect, no conversation, no smile or acknowledgenment of my presence, no "thank you" when I opened the door for his push cart. When I asked if I could hold the cart steady, he didn't reply, didn't say "thank you" or "no thank you." He just seemed to tremendously resent that he had to work at all. Then I find out, he's the one to value my books -- one box of popular paperbacks that I could have sold on Ebay for $30. He was finished in less than 10 minutes -- for about 200 books! Value: $25.00. I voiced my concern about this characterless, ill-bred individual to management thinking the low valuation being affected by his crappy attitude. Management basically said, "Oh. Sorry you had that experience. Looks like he could use some coaching (How about firing?!) Here's a 15% coupon for your next visit." Insulting gesture.
This used to be a first-class establishment. Now they just don't care. Don't "donate" your books to HPB. And check out Amazon if you are in the market for new and used books. HPB can't last too much longer with their increasingly condescending attitude.

Rating 2/10


"I bring in silver aged early 1964 issues of Uncanny Xmen, numbers 23, 26, 34. I also bring in key issues 201 ( Cables first appearance as baby Nathan Summers.) 211, 212, 222, Annual 14 ( Gambits real first apperance. This issue came out 2 months prior to issue 266 ) along with 10 non key issues in the low 300's. The silver issues ranged from a 4.0-6.5 and retail for those three alone would be around 110$. I clearly know i wouldnt get anywherw near that so thats why i included those other 4 key issue comics and the 10 regular ones. All i wanted was a even trade for 1 # 266 that they had overpriced at 100$. My four key issue comics and the other ten reg. comics were in much better shape than there 266. So when the gal who acted like she knew what she was talking about called me to the buy counter and told me how bad they were going to rip me off, i mean when she told me the amount i litterally almost picked up there overflowimg cash register and smashed it. 7 DOLLARS 7 MOTHER **** **** SMASHING DOLLARS. So i had a slight brain aneurysm quietly then i said noway picked up my comics and left. I'm never going to the store again. Besides having my bike stolen right in front of their store while It was locked up and an employee was standing right there and besides them over the years ripping me off so bad over and over after years and years. Besides them being rude having employees that have no idea what they're talking about but act like they do and when you try to correct them they give you attitude. Besides their umpa Loompa blueberry fat Rollie Pollie manager beard man who has no idea what he's talking about either but acts like he does because he's overwhelmed with taco intake. It's a horrible business. The only good thing about it is there one employee Corey. She is very helpful and very lovely woman and if it wasn't for her every single piece about that company is terrible besides her. So far I've seen about 50 reviews and freaking 48 are horrible reviews. So 98.5% of the people who wrote about your business are horrible horrible reviews and terrible customer service dishonesty and lying. For the worst business in the world award you win Half Price Books dont be to surprised if something terrible happened. Karma is a mother f***** you screw over people daily and you smile about it. So maybe you will get screwed over and over and whoever's doing it smile and it makes you cry your owners are garbage your franchise or whatever you have going on in that stupid store is garbage just because you put money in your pocket doesn't mean you're successful. What goes around comes around and yours is coming"

Rating 10/10

I received all college textbooks within 5 days and 1/6th the price from my school :)

"I was a little worried about ordering my college textbooks online, but I know that there are hundreds of Half Price Book stores across the US so I took the chance. I am beyond pleased! I received the first book on the 3rd day and the remaining three on the 5th day after ordering. They are all in great shape! They were shipped from 3 different states and I still received them in a timely manner. If I would have ordered them from my school the price was $545 and I paid $103.70 total-including the tracked shipping and taxes! I will order from this site for my remaining 2 semesters....I just wish I had found this site when I first started college."

Rating 2/10

RIP OFF CITY-Overland Park Ks store

"I don't even want to give them one star! Half price books rips people off. I took an entire car and trunk load of books, all hardback expensive books to them. They offered me $25.00. It's a joke. Then I had bought a calendar from them and asked the cashier if I could bring this back if my daughter doesn't care for it. She said sure no problem at all. So when I went to bring it back 8 days later they would not refund my money. They said it had to be returned before 7 days. I told them I had asked the cashier the rules and made sure before I bought it that it could be returned. The store manager did not care at all!!!!!!!! And was completely rude. I will never step foot in their stores again. "

Rating 2/10

Will not issue refunds or give you return shipping label

"First, you never get the book. Then when you request a refund, you are supposed to ship it back with your own money. They will not give you a return shipping label. I bought four books, actually got two, requested for a return and am still waiting for my last two books OR THE REFUND FOR THE BOOKS I NEVER GOT."

Rating 2/10

Bad Description Still Cost Me Return Postage

"I won't ever order through Half Price Books marketplace again. The book I received was advertised as a hardback book, which I'd searched for specifically. I received a paperback, the correct title but WAY overpriced for a small paperback. Half Price Books policies state they will not refund the return shipping fees, but we're 'urged' to use a trackable shipping method, which costs more, or we may not get our money refunded at all. How sensible is this?? They can clearly get the return shipping from the seller! By the way, I contacted the seller & zero response. I also contacted Half Price Books, zero response there either. Just a form for me to print & fill out, & their list of restrictions.

It's AMAZON.COM for me from now on!

Rating 2/10

Highway Robbery

"Never, ever ever, sell to these crooks ever! Look, I get it. You can't have a business that keeps shelling out cash to everyone that comes in, but at least be fair about it. I brought in 30 dvds/blu-rays/xbox games all in great condition, and figured, I'd at least get a buck for each. They offered me ELEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS! That is BEYOND insulting. They used to be fair, but now they just essentially want you to donate your stuff. Crooks!"

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a cookbook and paid for 2-day shipping. They sent an email said it shipped. Provided NO tracking number. Five days later, no book. No response from the seller. Having a not so Merry Christmas. Thanks HPB. Won't be so stupid to do this again. "

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