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Rating 2/10


"I recently bought a laptop computer from the hp online store. The salesperson helped me configure it using the online website. When it came time to pay, and I wanted to pay with several prepaid visa cards, he said we don’t take it that way. You have to buy one of our hp gift cards and then apply the purchase (a real hassel). I ended up having to buy 2 cards because each HP card would only hold $500. The salesperson said that I would get them in 24-48 hours. And after numerous calls to their customer service dept (in the FILLAPINES), and all saying the problem Was resolved (what problem?), and that I would not receive it the same day-today - a week later, I’m still waiting for it. Finally after 10 days I get them. (By this time the black Friday sale was over). Then I ordered the computer with these hp cards. The salesperson said it would take about a week to ship and that it would also include a 3 year warranty. I told him that it says it’s a 1 year warranty I’m seeing on the online receipt. Don’t worry, he says, that’s a mistake. It’s a 3 year warranty on an hp probook (not true). Now, when the item finally came 3 weeks later (the salesperson failed to tell me that the thing was being shipped from China also), all the documentation said that it was a 1 yr warranty. When I called hp, they said, sorry it’s a one year warranty. Now fortunately I had requested that the salesperson would send me an email from the hp server saying that my item had a 3 year warranty or I told him I would not buy it. So he sent it at that time.

I called hp and spoke to a Senior Manager in the Resolution dept. He said don’t worry, if he sent you the email and promised it to you, we will honor it. He said, just email me the mail he sent you with an explanation and I will handle it all for you. WE WILL HONOR IT - PROBLEM! So what does he really do? - none of what he said. Hes give the problem back to the shady salesperson who scammed me to begin with and THEN that salesperson, emails me, “sorry, I made a mistake. It does not have a 3 year warranty, but a one year one and if you want the 3 year warranty, you have to pay more money for that!!!! really ???
Well I made another call back to the senior supervisor in resolution and screamed at him for doing this and his answer was, “sorry, I’ll give you a higher manager.” So he transfers me to a higher manager in the Fillapines. After she spends a ½ an hour trying to find out what kind of warranty my computer has (after I told her, I already know it says one year on the documents), she finally says that I have to go back and speak to the salesperson. At this point, I literally asked her for the name, email and telephone of the ceo of this company and I’m going to report all of these incompetent handlings to him/her and contact the state Attorney Generals office to investigate hp for fraud and misrepresentation in this matter. If took me 20 minutes before I could get this info from her. It was like pulling teeth. Finally she said, here is the info and got off the phone. After that, in a matter of 5 minutes, I got a call from the salesperson ???? Who said, “I see you are not getting anywhere with this,” (how does he know unless he just got a call and his orders), so he said, let me write this warranty up for you now (without any apologies). And he did and emailed me the document.

On top of this my delivery was so late because I kept getting notification from fedex that it would arrive the next day (but looking on their website it was still in China and then Oakland Calif - and i'm in NYC). And then when it arrived locally, it still was not delivered because fedex said they addressed it wrong In China, they put strange letters in the apartment field (they put the 1st 5 letters of my first name their instead on the top line (the way you would address something), and confused the deliveryman who said there was no such apartment #. And fedex said that they could not change the label unless the shipper ordered it. So I had to go through their higher echelon to resolve this other matter. (a lot of time wasted)

Anyway, I finally got the deliver after much duress and effort, but the bottom line is DO NOT DEAL WITH OR BUY ANYTHING FROM THE HP STORE - IT’S NOT WORTH THE TIME, MONEY OR AGGRAVATION THEY GIVE YOU. Go into a regular retail electronics store like Best Buy, Pc Richards, BH Photo or other, etc. and buy from them is my advise to you - and don't buy hp is my main advice right now after all this I went through.

Rating 2/10


"The worst terrible costumer service you can get. I ordered and payed for an i7 8th gen intel processor from 1.8 up to 4ghtz. And i only got from 1.8 to 1.9.
After they confirmed the issue, the person straight forward said you are geting a refund of your money. Thats it! And so i asked if that was their best solution, in other words i dont get what i actually payed for? And they said it takes longer for them. In other words they r a bunch of lazy **** people. And you can actually tell by the sound of their voice. So im just fked with my order now because the guy didnt answer aanything else and just hung up on me even tho they are not allow to hang up. Dont go through this headech, dont buy. Oh and when they say they are giving you great deals even if it says 60% off, is not true. I got mine on cyber monday. And now that the event is over, it turns out is the same price i paid for.

Rating 2/10

Will not ever consider HP again

"I tried multiple times with various payment methods to order a laptop from the website. Every time, I eventually got an email saying that the order was declined. The problem was not with my bank (who I checked with twice, just to make sure). The so-called customer service provided zero help over many phone calls, emails and chat sessions, no answer for why this happened was given and I was told to go spend upwards of $200 more at a local store, as if that is a solution. One of the many phone calls, someone actually immediately tried to help instead of mumbling something about an automated process or other departments that no one has contact with and placed the order for me, confirmed that the payment and order were accepted and proved that this definitely was not a problem with my card. Of course, about an hour later, I got an email about this order also being declined. With plenty of other options around, I have no idea how HP got this big with this kind of service. Needless to say, I won't be going to the local store to give them an extra couple hundred bucks for their wonderful company."

Rating 2/10

Never buy anything from Hp online store

"I ordered a laptop through hp on-line store and paid entire amount via net banking.In the shopping page it was mentioned that delivery will be in two to four business days.Even after two weeks the item was not dispatched.Despite sending several mails to HP and phone calls to customer care nobody contacted me to address my issue.Never buy anything from these fraudster HP.They are not consumer oriented .They do not pay heed to the agony of customers.They thrive on the money paid by the unsuspecting customers.It is high time Government enforcement agencies starts investigating the financial irregularities of HP India.How much money they raised from the advance payment made by the customer but not delivering the product.If properly investigated there may be another scam worth billions may come out.I appeal to every consumers who are cheated by HP to contact National Consumer Affairs Ministry of India and also approach Consumer court for addressing the issues. "

Rating 6/10

Sound is too low

"I bought a HP EliteBook 840 G3 everything is good here but the sound is too low, and my mousepad is not working properly."

Rating 2/10

Don't bother with HP.

"Had a horrible time with HP lately. Simply ordering a charger turned into a complete hassle, wasted my time. Spent $100 and expidited shipping - never got the product. At this point I'm looking into new computerns entirely because every time I have had to deal with HP it has been miserable; this is the third time I've had to call the parts or service centre and each time I am more and more dissapointed. Mostly disappointed in myself for wasting money on an HP Pavilion, I have had so many issues with it and getting customer service with HP is an absolute joke. It was an overpriced piece of junk in the end. Major regrets ever buying from this company in the first place. "

Rating 8/10

Fast delivery

"I bought a laptop 2 days ago. It arrives very quickly in 48 hours. A little bit late compared to the scheduled delay 1 hour but it's the delivery man fault i think and not HP directly.

I ordered it from France.

Their tracking website for orders is not functionning at the moment, at least in France but i made a phone call and everything was ok.

Rating 2/10

Order process is 10 years behind

"I should have known better then order something from HP. Ordered a Envoy 360 over a week ago and the status has never changed and each time I request an update I'm told "we are expecting unusually large volume orders" we will contact you in 48 hours.

They never do contact you. When you call you are given the run around. I would never try to run a business today that was not open and proactive with my customers. This is an old company that still thinks like an old company. DO NOT ORDER FROM HP.

Rating 2/10

Fradulant Purcahses allowed

"Someone used my card number for a purchase, this site does ask for the 3 digit auth. code on the back.

Security is non -existent

Rating 2/10

They don't ask for ID

" I am very frustrated and angry because someone somehow got a hold of my credit card number and used it to purchase $1600 in merchandise without being asked for Id or any info to verify the credit card number"

Rating 2/10

"Their review should be a negative number. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST...HP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AN OXYMORON. Thanks Carli, for sending CS to India, if elected Prez will you Outsource Congress there as well? Just A VERY UGLY TRANSACTION with THE WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! I will never buy an HP product again!"

Rating 2/10

"I ordered an HP envy desktop on April 6th. They immediately charged my credit card for the full amount the day I ordered it. Their order status tracker on hp.com showed that my estimated delivery date was April 23. As it approached the time my order should be shipping I contacted customer support on April 15th and asked if they had a shipping date and their response was the estimated shipping date was the 14th. Since that was the day before I contacted HP I asked them if they had a tracking number and was told "they weren't sure." I then received two simultaneous emails, one stating that I will be receiving a tracking number soon and the other stating that my shipping was delayed until April 30th. I contacted customer support once again and they confirmed my order was delayed and gave me vague reasons as to why. The whole time their website still shows the original estimated delivery date. So as of today HP has all of my money for the PC and yet has no real idea when I am going to see it as every time I contact customer support I hear conflicting information. Also, when I asked if I could cancel the order I was told "it was not guaranteed" since my order was too far along in the production process. I'm not sure if I understand how my order can be delayed and too far along the production process at the same time. This is definitely the last time I order anything from HP directly. "

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a HP Sprout, accessories and warranty. Applied a discount code for Spring150 - $150 off a Desktop. Authorization shows on my Card but the order is never processed. Told over and over again the order was never validated. Called three times direct to them to "Validate" and had three online chats. Their solution was to enter the order again of course without the discount. "Can your card handle the additional Authorization" The original had not been released of course. Told them no, cancel everything. This all happened over five days. Original authorization did fall off after a couple of more days.
Their Service Company who runs the web site and customer service is beyond terrible and clearly have a policy of not letting any order with a discount or sale price be processed. Do not use HP online to order anything EVER! If you want a HP product buy it elsewhere or better yet by a DELL. It continues...Received an e-mail telling me the original order had been cancelled this week. Great...Laughing then thinking I should go check the card....Yes there is a new authorization today for the original order. Wow! HP authorizing an order that was cancelled on 4/2 verified by e-mail that it was cancelled by you on 4/14, not sure why it took 12 days but I really didn't care, then you submit an authorization for the cancelled order on the 18th.
Folks never order from HP online no matter what! You have a servicing company that is a joke and no real HP employees involved! Again go somewhere else buy something else and savings you think you are getting is not worth any of this. Too bad, I did want the Sprout. It looked like new technology that I was excited to get. They have made this the single most difficult attempt to buy something ever. I really tried to give them an order but it became very clear they will do anything to not process a discounted order. Good Luck and buy something other than HP, I know I will! Time to go call the card company and tell them the new authorization is fraud.

Rating 2/10

"Tried to order a HP printer from US HP that was MSRP $589, on sale for $399. Put in an order and HP declined because I am Canadian using a Canadian credit card. They said I had to deal with HP Canada. Okay..., so I head to HP Canada site and they have the same printer for $629 Cdn. (essentially the same MRSP price with the exchange rate applied), so I ask for the discount offered on the US site and they refuse. I ask if the model ever goes on sale in Canada and they say yes, so I asked for the last sale price and... no deal. I want to do business with them, but HP is making it impossible. Based on my experience today, and the unbelievable negative reviews on this site, I've decided to forget HP all together and buy another manufacturer's product. "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a HP 7" tablet on a Black Friday sale they were having. I wasted an hour of my time trying to get through to the site.

Only to have them cancel the order a day later as "out of stock." (Of course, it came back into stock quick quickly after that, but they didn't offer to reinstate the order).

OK, but it gets worse. They charged my credit card when I made the order. They did NOT refund my credit card when they canceled the order.

I just happened to notice this about a full month later. If I hadn't noticed, apparently they would just keep my money. Thanks guys.

So anyway, I call the CSR and complain. She looks at my account, puts me on hold, eventually comes back and tells me the equivalent of "sh*t happens" and that I should have been refunded within a few days and as far as she knew I had been (I hadn't), but she'd pass my concerns along to IT.

Yeah, great. Thanks. Pass my concerns along. That gave me a total warm and fuzzy feeling.

Finally, on December 25 (Merry Christmas!) they decided to refund my money. Almost a full month after they wasted my time and canceled my order because they couldn't get their act together to fill their Black Friday promotion. Oh, but they were very efficient at charging my credit card.

Stay as far away from these jokers as you can.


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