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Rating 2/10

"SCAM ARTISTS to say the least and extremely disrespectful as well. I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 760 for $144.00 which was a gret deal. Too good to be true right?! I received an email to "call and confirm my order" and when I spoke with them I was told that the GPS unit didn't come with any maps and they'd be happy to sell me the maps for another $99.00. When I started to question what they were talking about the guy called me a "Douche Bag" and hung up on me. I called back and asked for the owner and when he got on the phone he told me to "F-off" and hung up on me as well.

Buyer Beware is understated.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Canon G9 on December 9, 2008.

The price listed was $269.99. The item on HDCameraWrold.com's website AND my invoice reads:
"Canon PowerShot G9 12.1MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom".

Shortly after I placed my order, I received an email:
"Thank you for your order. Your order number is 14750, placed 12/9/2008 at 11:59AM.
Please Call 877-203-1065 to confirm your order."

When I call the toll-free number, I was placed on hold, transferred and the told that this camera is no longer available and that I would have to buy a "US version" for $569 if I wanted the camera. I asked them why the camera was still on sale for $269.99 on their website. The person on the phone said "our technician" must not have deleted the item yet. No where in the item listing does it state this is an imported version. I asked the sales rep why he was trying to "bait and switch" me and he said he was not. I told him I was going to report him to the BBB and he hung up on me.

I am changing my credit card number (I placed my order on line and thought this was a legit shop). Stay away and beware!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"This is got to be the worst on line company I have ever had any transaction with ever!Of coarse I was drawn in by the price but then things went south. I knew when you had to call to confirm your internet order something was fishy and then after getting a person on the line knew that it was bad because I was asked to buy something I knew was already in the box(then the salesman got smug because I wouldn't buy). After six weeks I called and then was told is was on back order. Called again and asked of a tentative delivery and was given a date. The date came and went of which I called again and was told it was on back order. Each time you call you will wait 15-20 minutes on the line. I then felt the need to cancel but felt I needed a confirmation of my cancellation but was told as soon as I cancel on line it disappears from there system of which I guess I will have to wait an see. I wish there was a way to report this company but I am not aware of any procedure"

Rating 2/10

"Same common complaint. Called the 'confirmation' number to confirm my internet order and was told the camera ($179.99) did not come with a battery. HDCamera World offered to sell me the five hour battery for $149.99. They then wanted to sell me the 'rapid charger' for another $49.99. An interesting sum of of money for a camera (Olympus 1030)that sells complete anywhere else for $249 to $299. To top it off, when I told them I wanted to remain with the original special offer of $179.99 plus shipping, they told me they couldn't sell me the camera without a battery. I told them to forget it and contacted my credit card company and asked to note on my file not to accept any charges from HDCamera World. The clue that this is a very questional business is when they anwered their phone by simply saying "what do you want?".

Dave from Seattle

Rating 10/10

"As you have probably read by now this company is crap. As for their "50% cancellation fee" over the phone I think I found a loophole. If you hang up on them, go back to the website and cancel the order online, removing all of your credit card information, there is no evidence of a fee. I have been checking my credit card online every day now because I plan to sue their pants of if I find a charge since no where online does it warn you about a cancellation fee and I have pictures of the screens during the process. If you have ordered a product from them CANCEL BEFORE IT SHIPS! "

Rating 2/10

"HDCameraWorld scam: I ordered 3 Olympus SP-570UZ cameras posted for sale at $209.99 each. I received order confirmation with request to call them to confirm order. A rep tried to sell me ridiculously overpriced batteries ($100)and memory cards ($64). He claimed using regular AA batteries could damage the camera because they might leak. After I refused batteries and memory cards, the rep said the cameras were only available if I purchased an $150 extended warranty. I requested the manager but was sent to voice mail and did not get a call back. AVOID THIS STORE, THEY ARE FRAUD."

Rating 2/10

"Orderee this camera only. received E mail I had to call and confirm the order. Held for 25 minutes and got a high pressure sales pitch because I didn't order any "extras". Was told the Li battery from nikon would only charge 3 times before failing. Tried to sell me battery and warranty vastly overpriced. When I declined never recieved order shipment confirmation. Called three days later and held for another 25 minutes was told by a very nasty woman it was backordered. When I questioned why I wasn't told that when I talked to them earlier she said, "your oder is cancelled" and hung up. Come on prices with no intenet of selling. Avoid unless you want to be hassled. "

Rating 10/10

"Placed order for nice pentax digital camera, waited and waited,did not realize that I had to call to confirm . This is were they scam you . I called first thing they asked for was my security code from CC . As soon as he had that he said I needed to order the battery for camera and he would do that for 189.00 , this made his great deal on the camera more expensive than most retailers and HD Camera World does not include a USA warranty. Credit card companies and consumers should shut these people down"

Rating 10/10

"Ladies and Gentlemen who posted here;

I really want to thank you all for all the posts. I was just about to purchase a very nice Olympus camera at a price which seemed very, very competitive at HDcameraworld.com.

Everything was in place, just had to enter the credit card number and hit the submit button but, whatever it was, something prompted me to look this company up ESPECIALLY because I did not see a contact/physical address on their website and I just wanted to know where exactly the camera would be shipped from. I am always cautious of any vendor that does NOT give any address or additional information about their location.

This site came up in Google search and I am very thankful that I came across this and your posts about this company. Of course, I'm not purchasing the camera from them after reading all this. The $35 increased price differential at Best Buy down the road for this purchase sounds much more reasonable to me right than dealing with this company!

Rating 2/10

"Same all other reviews. Ordered a Canon G9 for $239 + shipping. After ordering, I got the sales pitch for items I didn't need, and the sales rep couldn't understand why. Several days passed when I didn't get any shipping/tracking info. After calling, I found out the item was back-ordered for two weeks. After reading these reviews, I thought "hmmmm". I immediately contacted my CC company with my concerns and cancelled my order via e-mail as documentation in case I get charged later. I re-orderd from another company, and hopefully this ordeal is behind me now."

Rating 2/10

"I should have research more before I placed my order with them.
Like everyone else, I got the "call to confirm your order" email.
Called them today and they told me they haven't ship it because they didn't have my security code on back of the credit card, which I gave them, then they started try to sell me, batteries, recharger, warranties, and said since I am buying this camera via internet, repair will only honored with the warranties issued from them directly.

I declined all the offers then they said I have to pay the $10 shipping insurance!

I argued that there is nothing on the website or confirmation email states that I HAVE to purchase the shipping insurance, then the person I talk to got totally nasty and said they will not ship it without it and I want it or not?!

He said, either cancel order, pay for the shipping insurance, or call back later.

I told him I want to speak to the manager and he said "there is no manager and he is the manager" (direct quote) so I told him i want to speak the person managing him and he said he wouldn't be in until Thursday and there is no direct phone I can call and he can only transfer me to his voice mail.

At the point I knew I got myself into this bait and switch scam and told him I will call him back. I called, they put me on hold for 30 minutes, TWICE!!!!!!!! (while holding, I search the net and found out about all the complains about them)

I finally got thru and told them I want to cancel and they asked me why, they switched me to bunch different person and finally order canceled, but they will not give me a confirmation number nor email confirmation...

Called my bank and they said there is nothing they can do UNTIL they actually charged the card... so... let's keep our fingers cross, well, at least mine...

Well, those A-holes charged my card and sent me this "Your order has shipped" email! And of course, being certain "religion" they are not open on Sat, and there is nothing I can do until Sunday.

BE AWARE!!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"On 9/21/08 Ordered a Fujifilm FinePix digital camera from HD Camera World. Received email which told me to call and confirm order. Since it was Sunday, had to wait till Monday. After waiting 20 minutes on hold, got a fast talking man who tried to sell me AA batteries for 149.00. Told me that the batteries that came with the camera was only good for 15 minutes. Refused offer, then tried to sell me warranty for 149.00. That seems to be their extra price. He hung up when I refused his offer. I called back customer service Gabriela and was assured that order was placed. Called back on Tuesday 9/23 to Customer Service, Cathy, was told camera was backordered for two weeks and did I want to cancel. I went on line and they were still listing the camera to ship in 24 to 48 hours. I mentioned that to Cathy and she said we just do not have any. I canceled my order. Should have read these reviews before I placed my order. Do not deal with this company."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Canon g9 from HD camera world for $239.00 + $15.67 shipping and immediately received a phone call informing me I would also need to purchase a Battery and charger for $259.99 or a lesser battery and charger for $199.99. I asked them to cancel my order and they said it was done when I requested a confirmation of the cancellation I was told that he could not give me that information and it would be sent in an e-mail. I received no e-mail from them other than an order confirmation.
I will contact my bank asap to stop credit card and reissue new one.
As I still search for a good deal on a Canon g9camera I encountered Techondigital.com they appear to have the same Method of Operation The e-mail asking for a verification call and the hard sell for battery charger etc.


Rating 2/10

"Just ordered a Fujifilm Finepix. Got the same email requiring confirmation as everyone else. He tried to sell me NiMH baterries the 5 hr version then the 12 hr version for the same price. LOL, these are just standard rechargeable batteries. Then tried to sell warranty. When I didn't want any of it, he said "hold on while I check the warehouse to be sure we have it in stock" Imagine that,they didn't have the wholesale version, but they did have the "retail" version for 150$ more.
Avoid at all costs. Contact credit card company as well.

Rating 2/10

"I used an internet site to locate the lowest price on a Garmin 250w GPS system. The web checkout was easy with no red flags. I noticed on the email confirmation it required a call to confirm the order. I thought that was the whole purpose of the electronic check out process. I called and sat on hold for 9 minutes. An operator answered, and I stated that I was calling to confirm my order. She put me on hold for 4 more minutes. A new gentleman with a thick New York accent came on the phone. He informed me that I hadn't purchased the insurance for the device. He put me on hold several times during the conversation. I told him I didn't want insurance. He then asked if I wanted to buy maps for the device. I told him that I didn't need additinal maps, and I asked if the device had maps. He never directly answered the questions. After several times putting me on hold, I asked him not to put me on hold again until we had completed our transaction. He suggested that I might want to cancel the order. Finally, after 18 minutes we agreed on something. I cancelled the order and placed it with a more reputable alternative."

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