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A+ experience with their support and sales

"Unlike many others here, I had a very positive experience with the sale, and their customer support. My safe and accessories were shipped within the estimated time. One of the panels came slightly damaged. If one has ever gone inside of a UPS/FedEx warehouse or hub, you knowhow they throw around packages or a heavy item without any regard to the fragile sticker. In any case, they were ready and willing to replace the safe or compensate me via other means. More than reasonable!"

Helpful Cool


Save time and aggravation- go elsewhere

"My wife surprised me with the gun safe I wanted as a birthday gift. She also paid the $600 for in home delivery. Ggunsafes.com did not deliver.
TLDR: After I spent hours on the phone with reps from gunsafes.com and the carrier they chose to deliver the safe, after staying home from work after setting up delivery with the carrier, only to have it not delivered, I cancelled the order. Gunsafes.com had the audacity to tell me they would charge me return shipping on an item I never received. They ended up dropping it and issuing a refund in full.
The representatives I spoke with at gunsafes.com were very nice but, for whatever reason, could not rectify the situation.
No matter how you cut it, paying $600 - which in this case was about half of the price of the safe itself - should provide a more user friendly experience and if nothing else, deliver on expectations.
If they could get their act together, partner with more reputable delivery services, and do what they say they’re going to do, it’d probably be a great service. Until they do, stay away.

Helpful Cool


Great product and customer service!

"In my search for a quality gun safe what I found was that there was limited selection and no one other than Gunsafes.com offered free shipping. In many cases the shipping for the same gunsafe would cost several hundred dollars. In some cases this included local delivery (under 25 miles!). I found the same gunsafe listed for several hundred dollars more. So, with the free shipping and compeditive pricing I was able to get about $500 more worth of gunsafe. I called the company before I ordered with some simple questions about the shipping process and my call was promptly answered by a courteous person. Gunsafes.com beat their advertised shipping timeframe by 2 weeks as the safe arrived only 1 week after it was ordered! This was on an order that had to travel from Missouri to Virginia. I was able to obtain quick accurate tracking information on the internet and I was contacted by the local delivery company the morning the safe arrived in my area. The safe arrived and was adequately packed and had no damage. It was as advertised and overall I am very pleased! I highly recommend this company!"

Helpful Cool


Drop shipper posing as a legitimate business.

"Like most others, I waited for an unreasonable amount of time for my safe to ship, even though the item was listed as quick ship 3-5 days. After two weeks I canceled my order and I have been waiting almost two weeks for a refund. It turns out my safe and most others I suspect, is drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Gunsafes.com never had the item to begin with. They mask this fact by talking about contacting the "warehouse". The really mean the manufacturer. I'm now waiting on the safe manufacturer to return my money even though I made the purchase from gunsafes.com. It is dishonest at the very least, to hold yourself out as this vast e-tailer of safes, when in fact you are just a drop-shipper with no control of the product. Go sell on Ebay like all the other drop-shippers. At least the consumer will know what they are getting up front."

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HORRIBLE return experience

"I hate to write a poor review... however I purchased something that came broken. Contacted the company about returning the item which was arranged. Six weeks later they still haven't returned my monies even though they received the products. Contacted them many times and I am told it will happen but it hasn't.
11/16/2017 - contacted BBB and State Attorney's Office in Idaho - still no refund even though they admit they owe it. Company actually lied to both BBB and Attorney General office, which documents from my Credit card company and Paypal verified. If you have a complaint you much do the same - this Company is a fraud and needs numerous complaints until some action will happen. Contacting my attorney and suing them next.

Helpful Cool


Never got our safe and won't give us our money back.

"We tried calling and chat but no one has been helpful they told us the product left their business and they can't help us no. Have been a month and still NOTHING. Do not buy from them. "

Helpful Cool


Terrible service!!!

"I ordered my safe on 1/12/16. It is 5/20/16. I still do not have my safe. Not because it is back ordered. But because they screwed up delivery not once but twice. The first time was about 3 months ago. I paid $450 to have it delivered in the house. They shipped it to a company that does not do that so they re-routed it. The safe got damaged. How do I know that you ask....not because they bothered to call me. So the guy I emailed said he was paying extra to get my safe to me. What does that mean?
3 months later... no safe. So I call and "oh great news.... your safe will be shipping out today!"
I call the shipping company and make clear that it is to be delivered in the house. Yup.... All Set!
Nope! they didn't put it on the delivery notes, no Safe again. Maybe next week. But hey I got a 4% discount for the first mistake.whooooooo!!!!!!
Do Not buy from these guys. their customer service manager could care less.

Helpful Cool


Absolutely the WORST!!!!

"In over twenty years of on line shopping I have never had worse customer service and follow-up. The safe has never arrived and four calls to customer service have gotten nothing but a "let me check and I'll call you back".........still waiting for that call back three months later."

Helpful Cool


almost 5 stars.....

"Pros: with the free shipping and no state tax on the internet sale, they were cheaper by about 250-300 dollars. Everything went as expected, but you have to read and understand the terms. 1) know they take the payment right away, you will still have to wait the ship/build time for the safe from the manufacturer. 2) Pay attention to the estimated wait time when you check out, so you don't think they lost the order or start panicking - mine was 6-8 weeks. Honestly, it shipped like 2 days over the 8 week mark.

Cons: I don't know if they use the same shipper all the time, but the one that brought my safe had very negative reviews online (I found out after its shipped). You may want to ask Gunsafes.com who they're using ahead of time. Fortunately, everything arrived on time and without damage so my experience was just fine (they probably deliver thousands of items a week, so it's tough to tell how accurate a dozen negative reviews are, still made a bit nervous though).

Another con, and this why they did not get 5 stars, is that "coincidentally" I only got the email that my safe shipped on the day I called to ask about it. It wasn't it my junk folder either. I assumed they did ship it before I called , but somehow the original email did not get sent. Also, prices have seemed to recently climb on the site (at least on my model). It is now $250 more than when I purchased just 2 months ago. At that point, they stop being competitive with the local dealers and I would've gone there instead.

All in all, very happy with my experience. I got the lowest price on the safe I wanted and delivery was within the expected timeframe. Hardest part was rounding up guys to get the safe from the curbside delivery and into my basement!

Helpful Cool


Gunsafes.com gets 5 stars from Phil

"Gunsafes.com called me on the phone explaining that they did not have the safe that I ordered in that p[articular configuration. They offered me an upgraded safe at no additional charge. Hard to beat the personal touch. Then very quick shipping with no problems."

Helpful Cool


Business Closed?

"The Customer service at Gunsafes is at best poor. I ordered my safe in November, and 2 months later still do not have any update on when this will arrive. When I reached out to them in December, I was given a delivery date of January 16. Although the date was further than I hoped, I was OK at the time thinking I at least knew when it would arrive.

Now, 2 months later, I have left voicemails, emailed them from their website, and called them multiple times trying all their options off of their toll free line....all with no answer and no response on the communications. Every phone call was in their listed office hours and reached a voicemail, definitely no response to my email within their listed 24 hours, and they have no chat capability although it is on their website.

Is this business still open? Is responding to Customer communications anywhere in their priority?

At this point, I do not know if the money I paid will show me the product I purchased. Customer service is extremely poor and I would definitely not do business here again or refer them to others.

Helpful Cool



"Based on the reviews I read, I was really excited to buy a safe for my husband @ gunsafes.com. So, I placed my order for a Big Horn safe (GS7144) on November 30th. Anyone I spoke to at the company made me think I should worry more about the safe arriving too early (and ruining the surprise) than anything else. Well, the safe arrived at my house on January 8th -- yes, JANUARY 8th -- well over a month later! The issues have yet to cease... They shipped my safe to the wrong address. I was the first to realize the problem when my free dehumidifier arrived at my mother-in-law's address. I called in to make sure that it was only the dehumidifier and was assured everything else was on track. I got a call a few minutes later, only to be told I the safe would in fact arrive in Oklahoma any day and would not make it to Minnesota (the intended shipping address) by Christmas. I was upset, since I had spent thousands of dollars to gift my husband with a safe FOR Christmas. Austin "compensated" me by giving me a free "white glove delivery," for which they typically charge customers $250. The thing that especially bothered me was that he frequently mentioned that they were "losing money on this deal." Really?! Quite frankly, I didn't care HOW they ended up financially because I had NO role in any of the seemingly endless issues! Anyways, I agreed to a post-poned delivery the week of December 28th-31st in hopes of getting the safe ASAP. When Monday came and no one called, I got back in touch with Austin. He told me my safe was at it's final location and I should be getting a call "any day" regarding delivery. Obviously, none of my expectations had been met, so I decided to call the carrier myself (Road Runner). I eventually got word that, contrary to what Austin told me his "higher up" contacts assured him, my safe was STILL sitting in Oklahoma! I called Austin back, and he told me he was going to figure out what went wrong. I waited over a week to hear anything from anyone at gunsafes.com, only to get a call from the delivery company that my safe had arrived and they were ready to deliver. Thus, I scheduled my "white glove delivery" for last Friday. Guess what. I had ONE man (65+) show up to deliver my 1,100lb safe. He told me he was going to need my help, but before we got started, he had to use my bathroom. I hadn't even closed the door and he was already going! I felt a tad bit... awkward/violated. When we got back out to the garage, he instructed me to push up against the safe to ensure it didn't tip while he was lowering the back lift. "If it starts to fall, get out of the way" he said. So, while my three kids ran around unsupervised inside, I spent almost an hour helping him get things situated. Later that night, after my husband came home, he spent over an hour trying to open the safe with no luck. Let me assure you, my husband is not a nimrod. He said the combination on the paperwork had been crossed out and handwritten, so now I have a call BACK in to Austin to figure out what rabbit hole of time-sucking problems I will face next. **DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME** I typically don't give feedback online. I've written one other online review in my entire life to affirm a company doing outstanding work! I'd much prefer to give feedback over the phone to ensure my observations/evaluations/assessments (almost always positive) are heard, but when I saw gunsafes.com's 4.8/5 star reviews, I could not NOT warn people."

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"Gunsafes.com staff is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. I love my safe! I would highly recommend buying from Gunsafes.com. "

Helpful Cool


"PERFECT ! Super fast and the best price I could find. Thanks !"

Helpful Cool


"Thank you Gunsafe for sending the console vault I ordered for my husbands birthday. He is very excited and pleased with it. He's looking forward to installing it in our Tundra. I liked that it was delivered as promised. We will definitely order from Gunsafe again also recommend to our family and friends. Thank you again.
A happy and satisfied customer.

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