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Product & services pricing 0.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.15/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.72/10
Customer service: 0.16/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.36/10
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Why Bother

"I ordered a new phone from the google store and chose the expedited shipping. Estimated delivery date was 1-2 days from purchase date. The product arrived 5 days later. Now that may not seem unreasonable but every day was a "delivery day". So imagine expecting a package for 4 days and it not coming. Plus i chose the expedited shipping because i was traveling and will be at a certain address for only a certain amount of time. Customer service was also very UNHELPFUL. They have no power to do anything so don't even bother calling in for help. Overall this has been the worst online shopping experience from any store period. I will NEVER purchase nor promote purchasing from the Google store ever."

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Excellent service

"I recently bought the google home directly from the google store. I was initial dubious due to the number of negative reviews I have read online, however I found the Google Store to be excellent, keeping me up to date on delivery via text and email. It arrived promptly, on the date given. I would definitely purchase products from the google store again, excellent job google. "

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Worst online store ever

"Bough a Pixel 2 that come with a $100 store credit. Nothing on the final invoice show the $100. I call them, They have they have a different date for the transaction than me and promotion do not apply???? Wait 15 minute on Hold and they told me I should received e-mail in 2 week with promo code. Wow this is a technology company ?. After 2 weeks they told me it will be 4 to 6 weeks, because of the mechanics, not sure what that means, guy on the should talk to me like I am a moron. this is getting very frustating. Finally got the promo code after 4 weeks, made a purchase, promo did not apply, charge me the full amount, call them again, wait 25 minute on hold, they will investigate, not sure what? I cancelled the order and now I am waiting to hear back from them, kind of ready to move to Apple phone which I am not a big fan to start with."

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Horrible customer service

"Never had a problem with any seller but Google store. Funny a big company like that can treat you like this. Never buying Google again."

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Worst customer service ever!!

"I do. It recommend using google store for any purchases. They are incompetent and useless. Customer service rep had me on hold for over 30 mins and then hung up on me. Still waiting for a callback from the supervisor. Highly recommend avoiding google store."

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google is best search engines on the online world.

"just good and thanks to google"

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Non Delivery

"On 11th December I ordered the Google Home and was told delivery would be 13th Dec on that morning via text I was given a 6:30-7:30pm delivery slot, at 6@00pm I received notification that the order was out for delivery but delayed.
The next day I heard nothing and contacted UKMail the delivery couriers, the only option I had was to contact them via email and I have still not heard from them.
The next day I contacted Google store and they could not tell me the reason why it had not been delivered and also they could not tell me when I should expect it.
I then asked to cancel the order and was informed it would take between 3-5 days for the money to be paid back into my account, I asked why 5 days, as they took the money quicker than that surely they can repay it quicker. A resounding answer back was "that is the system - that is how long it takes".
I did not receive an apology and in today's service led world we live in this is not good enough.
I then went to my local electronics store to purchase an Google Home but walked out with an Amazon Echo instead!
Lesson learnt for me - never to shop with Google Store.

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Google should be upset these folks have the word in their name

"Shocking results. These folks changed the order delivery dates, informed me after it was too late for me to change the address with the shipping company, then hid behind a written script telling me they couldn't change anything. I spoke with 5 reps and was told by the last that I had escallated as high up the chain as I "was allowed." Amazing that a technology company has NOT learned to use the phone, make
modifications other than those that suit themselves, or set up an automated notice in their automated system to alert customers to changes in a way that give the customer any chance at all to make delivery changes work. They were more than happy to offer to cancel the order and make me reorder, which would have resulted in much higher costs to me--how generous of them. I will never use this company again, and consider them to be on the level of telemarketers. I spent about 7 hours over 2 days trying to resolve the issues caused by unannounced changes Google Store made, and finally solved the problem without them with one conversation to a real person.

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Is this really google?

"Typical experience reading the comments below. Cancelled order, never attempted to run my credit card through. Sent me an e-mail that my credit card was declined. Now they won't honor the Black Friday price. Do not order from this website. "

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Misleading information/ bad costumer service

"Bullet points
• 4 days trrying to buy a phone
• 6 phone calls or more all representatives didn't know or fixed my account issue
• Google emailed me numerous times saying I was ok to purchase (all my failed transaction determined that was a lie)
• The txt support talks like a robot, so bad. They couldn't fix my problem so Ii copied the conversation and sent to them only to get no reply.
• I waisted my time
• Took longer breaks at work
• sent in personal information
• Since I was doing the Financing (which is why I think they don't care) I had a hard inquiry on my score oknly to never receive or be able to purchase my phone.
• I received no call back
• Just goit an automatic email zayingv I was ready for purchase and again the transaction didn't go through

Thanks Google for the just wasting my time!

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My worst experience ever online shopping

"Purchased 2 google pixel phones that I never received. Still do not have either a refund or my phones after several calls to customer service. I'm out $1300 and they clearly do not care"

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Worst Customer Service from a good company

"Google needs to take a queue from Amazon. I had the worst customer service experience from google store support. They could not simply exchange an order they made a mistake on. I had to return an order, replace that order, then contact them a month later to get the promo offered on black friday. The manager Nicole continued to be snarky with me about how this was there process and anything I said was not true. I asked to have an exchange and she said it is not possible. A multi-billion dollar enterprise can not process and exchange when they shipped the wrong product? Amazon handles this without issue and they handle millions more transactions than google. I still stand by their technology, but their customer support is worse than DirectTV. At least they will give you a credit for the hassle you had to go through and the money they stole from you."

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I NEVER Review, but I had to as this was the worst experience I have ever encountered

"Will not price match sale price on Google Home Mini through their OWN store, but Best Buy will, Walmart will, Amazon will. I'm very confused by this policy. I could return the item and re-purchase at a discount, but they won't just credit the difference. Many more costs for them and more time for me. Awful customer service experience. Was put to 5 different people and no one could help.

Google losses another customer...This was really bad...

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My Worst online ecommerce experience

"I bought a Chromecast Ultra from Google Store. They sent me a tracking number the next day. The tracking number was just a created label.
After 3 days I contacted them about the status, and since there was no movement, I asked them to cancel the order. So I waited another 4 days till the estimated delivery day ended. At that point even there were no movements in the tracking number. So I called them again to cancel the order, and the rude customer service representative who interrupted me very rudely, told me that he can not cancel the order. So I called my American Express and disputed the charge. I've already bought the device from a local store and I m very happy with the device. But I don't think I will buy anything from Google's store directly. This was my worst eCommerce experience.

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Almost a three star but not quite

"The last two phones that I have bought have been the Nexus 6 and then the 6P. I lost the 6 after a few months but enjoyed it and then bought the 6 P when it came out. The store people are friendly and accommodative when making the purchase but less so when resolving an issue. After 5 months the 6P started acting strange, short battery life, lots of recycling on and off and poor contrast. After two months of trying to resolve the issue, they sent me a refurbished 6P. It did not have all of the problems but did have a short battery life and seldom lasted more than 6 hours on a charge. I am not a heavy user. Now on the second phone, the Google people really could not care less about what is happening because it is out of warranty by several months, but the second phone is well under a year old. What is galling is that the battery issue seems well known and apparently under class action status. Google referred me to Huawei, the actual maker, and they are proving difficult to deal with. They will replace the battery for 160 dollars but will take 2 weeks and I will be without a phone. They are also difficult to deal with via phone, it is like they are using a 5-year-old VOIP system.
I wish that Google would take pride in products that bear there name regardless of who is the assembler.

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