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No delivery No refund, No care

"I ordered through google store in the hope that they would deliver a great service. Wow was I wrong, order not delivered no refund offered yet, the customer care is non existent, get this no complaints procedure, apparently when you get as big as google I guess you don't need one. I got told, don't worry we will take care of it. Escalated 2 complaints so far nothing, so much for taking care of it google. "

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Terrible Experience - will never use again

"My order still has not arrived, 8 days after the expected delivery date. There is zero tracking information, and on the 21 June, I contacted the Store by email, asked where my order was. I received a generic response saying they would contact me with a response. I still have not heard from them. AND STILL DON'T HAVE MY ORDER.

Huge lack of communication, awful experience, and I still don't have my product.

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Worst Customer Service EVER

"My minor son ordered a father's day gift, but unfortunately made an error with the shipping address. Package was held at OnTrac. OnTrac said they needed Google's permission to correct the address. Google said they do not have any way of doing that. OnTrac says they are holding my package. Google rep said that they package was returned to them and that I would have to reorder. Mind you they still have my $63. I looped both my contact at OnTrac and my contact at Google into the same email string. Introduced the two of them and asked them to figure it out. Google responded to me only saying that OnTrac doesn't know that they do not have the capabilities to change the shipping address. I gave her the link to OnTrac's website where the shipper can change the address. I can't do it on my end because I would need Google's account number....which they won't give out. So, here we are, Google swears my package was returned to them and my mother is on her way to the OnTrac facility to pick up my package. This all after spending 2 hours on the phone with Google last night. So infuriating. Do Not Buy from them. There is NO customer service/support. "

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worst online store

"best search engine ever, worst online store ever"

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Google Voice Fails to Offer Anonymous Call Rejection

"I use Google Voice and generally found it to be satisfactory. However, it does not allow me to reject incoming calls that do not display a caller ID, i.e., anonymous calls. I would like to see Google Voice have an option that lets me reject anonymous incoming calls and not let them ring my telephone.

Also, Google does not offer any way to directly make this request to them which policy Google should change.

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Google LLC of American are thieves

" Paid money for an in app purchase on google they had no problems taking my money. I was charge for the purchase then for security reasons google disabled my google account. They took my money then disabled my google account. The developer of the app got nothing for there work and I was out my money. okay I get it google is making sure there is not foul play but they took my money I did not get what I paid. The developer did not get money. I feel I was scammed by google. I did get access back to my mail.

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Worst customer service ever

"Let me tell you about my experiences with Google Customer Service.
First, I send in my Pixel XL in exchange for $410 towards buying a Pixel 2 XL. Google loses my Pixel XL, claims I sent them a broken HTC, and tries to give me $35. After much kicking and screaming, they finally give me the extra $375.......but in Google store credit instead of putting it on my charge account that I used to buy my new Pixel.....as was promised.
Then as a glutton for punishment I buy a Google WiFi router. I have it for less than 2 months and it dies. I contact customer service and after the usual troubleshooting stuff, I'm told to send in the purchase information, serial numbers, and what not. I think "wow that was easy. Maybe my first experience was just a fluke" 2 days have passed and nothing from Google. A multi BILLION dollar company dragging their feet to replace a $100 router that probably cost them $5 to make.
Worst customer service EVER. Do your self a favor and stay away from Google electronic products. They aren't bad products but God help you if you have a problem need help from Customer Service.

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Don't care attitude ! Never heard except an automated email..

"Google store support is one pathetic ever customer service i have come through. I purchased google mini for my son and had concerns with shipping. So, i called goole support center as a first approach and, guy on the other side was on so rude note. And didn't address my concern. His attitude was like "take it or leave it". Then I emailed , and I never heard back till today from google except an automated email. It's been 2 months now. The most pathetic ever customer service i have experienced and will never buy or recommend anyone. "

Helpful Cool


Very restrictive order / return / exchange process

"I bought a Pixel 2 XL phone and didn't realize (and wasn't advertised) that if you bought a phone. You are eligible to get a free 18W USB-C Power Adapter, which cost $35. The only reason I know this is because I wanted to buy an extra adapter.
I got a hold of someone at Google customer service, and they said the only way to get the adapter for free is to return the phone and create a new order. Say, what??? Yeah. I know. Strange. Below is their response

Thank you for contacting Google Support.

I see that you are referring to on going promotion for free charger with Pixel 2 devices. Let me help you with the information.

I've checked the details and see that only device was added to the card not the charger. Now, as you have already received the device, the only option would be returning the current device and re-ordering the phone along with the charger once again.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with this option.

Awaiting for your response.


The Google Support Team

Google Google Help Center
© Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA

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Don't ever shop at Google store.

"I bought a Google pixel 2 off of the Google store. It was supposed to come with a free case but I was charged for it. Customer service told me to cancel the order on the case then reorder it. I was still charged. It's been over 2weeks now and they still won't resolve the issue. They've given me 2 different excuses on why they won't and in between they only tell me they're sorry for the inconvenience and sorry for the delay. Supervisors do nothing as do the customer support. Absolute worst customer support I've ever come across. After they told me to cancel and reorder the case they told me I was being charged because I cancelled it and reordered it. Now they're telling me it was never part of the promo. They're running a massive scam. Customer support is controlled by a non English speaking country so they don't even understand what you're trying to tell them and they respond in broken English. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANOTHER GOOGLE PRODUCT!!!!!

Helpful Cool



"Dec 15th I ordered a Pixel 2 under the promotion $100 off plus free google home mini. I never received any of the promotional information or rebates with or after my order, so on Jan 19 I asked about it. The customer service rep said they were escalating it with their "concerned team" and all I get when asking for an update is "we are still waiting for an answer" and no estimated time for reply. I even chatted with a supervisor, and after an HOUR of her digging into my case, she discovered the same thing that I already knew, that they had "already escalated it". She also could not give any timeframe. SERIOUSLY! I am returning the phone. "

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Horrible support

"Google is traditionally amazing, however don't buy anything from the Google Store! They don't understand customer service. I bought a phone that was supposed to come with a free case. A day later, they notified me that the phone was being shipped, but that my order for the free case was cancelled for unknown reasons. They are unwilling to honor their promotion for a "free case" without me returning the perfectly good phone, and trying again to purchase both the phone and case together. This process would likely take up to 2 weeks, during which time, I'd have to live without a phone.

Trying to escalate the case, or finding someone with reason wasn't possible. This has been a very frustrating experience.

Helpful Cool


It ****!

"Don't buy anything from Google ever. If it doesn't work you're on your own!"

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Google Customer Service doesn't care about customers

"Here is how Google.Store doesn’t care about its customer.

On Dec 19th - I ordered 2 Google mini with the Christmas promotions.

On Jan 17th - I received an email that my order is on “hold” and I need to update my payment method.
(On the 17th I called Google Support after verification everything was ok and ready to be shipped from what the agent told me)

On Jan 22nd – Google.Store send me an email that my order will be shipped shortly, and I will receive my order on time ETA 24th, 25th.
(I called on the 22nd to check if everything was ok on my order and nothing was missing – Agent confirmed everything was A1)

On Jan24th – Checked online order status was still on hold.
(I called Google again to check and see what was wrong, now they tell me that the payment method isn’t valid.)

Now here is the problem. I Spoke with multiple agents and all confirming my Order was OK and payments were made.
I spoke to MIKE (supervisor) at google and he agrees and confirms that they made an error on there end of the story and I was misinformed on the situation and he is truly deeply sorry about the inconvenience this has caused…. They cannot do anything about what happened + they will not give me my same promotion I had due to the order being cancelled.

All he wanted to do was get rid of me on the phone and provide me with a 35$ Credit to nicely STFU and go on with his day.

Sorry but NO F was given, even if he CLEARLY told me THEY MADE A MISTAKE. I made a total of 6 calls.

Now I have 2 Christmas gifts that people won’t receive cause GOOGLE FU**ED UP.

Great Customer Server Google


Helpful Cool


Never Use Google trade in and avoid their devices due to poor customer support

"I purchased a Pixel 2016 and it had been a fantastic phone. I wasn't really interested in the Pixel 2 until I saw the trade in program had such a high value $350. My 2016 being perfect day 1 tempered glass screen protector and always in a case I figured I would get max value. I sent in my 2016 Pixel in October and it took one month to get a message from the trade in program saying "Device won't power on" and my trade in was adjusted to $150. I contacted support and they told me they would escalate my case and I would hear something in 24-48 hours. I contacted them back after not hearing anything only to be told to wait another 24-48 hours. This has been a recurring trend that now we are half way through January 1/13/2018. I sent my device back in perfect working condition on October 23rd 2017.

Pretty much all of my 30 or so times contacting support have gone in this general routine. I am sorry for your experience. Followed by 20 minutes checking into my case. Being told they will credit me $50 and when I refuse they make me wait another 20 minutes. Then I am told we will check into it please wait. I have been waiting months now and it is the same endless loop of crap. Apparently I missed a checkbox to get my 2016 Pixel back if I didn't agree with the value. I have been told I cannot get my 2016 Pixel back, I am guessing cause they lost it, destroyed it or sold it. Plus they will not take back the Pixel 2 either.

I would avoid the Google trade in program like the plague. Their wishy washy support is next to worthless and I can honestly say I have received better support from the likes of Verizon and Charter. I feel that I have been wronged by Google I have been using Android since 2010 and have had Nexus 5 onward of their phones. Really disappointed in the fact that they seem to trust this 3rd party trade in company they hired to screw over their end users. I will not be buying any further device from the Google store except to use the worthless $50 credit they gave me for waiting for 3 months.

It is really discouraging to have loved so many Google devices and used so many services since 1999 to be treated in this manner. I work in IT and always recommended Google phones/tablets for their quick updates and continued support. I can no longer in good conscience continue to advise others to buy their products. Treating customers like they are wrong and giving lame excuses is a really terrible business practice. I will be taking my $700 to another vendor for my next phone purchase.

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