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google = scam

"if your selling something and taking peoples money you need to support that product or software. I use to hate Microsoft but at least you can email or talk to someone at Microsoft. just stay away from this company google and what there selling. think about it if you buy something and there is no support that should give you the red light/flag to stay away scam. Just try to contact google you will go nowhere. If you have problems with your products or software purchases you are out your money, good luck. "

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Trying to get a refund is a joke

"Its just an automated system that continues to send auto messages for any and all reasons. Refunds are not allowed."

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I am a fan!

"Great store! I have found everything from games to productivity items! Well rounded"

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"Poor customer service. It asked for a comment and a comment was given but it again says a comment is required. Poor, poor, poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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"Ordered a chromecast from Google Play Store and never receive the item.
Called customer service for status and told me to call UPS. Ask for cancel or refund and told me they are cannot do anything once the item left there store and not refund available.

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"Google play store was a good online experience. Thanks Google."

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"this is how google and tmobile teamed up to screw me. first i ordered a nexus 4 off google play store got it then went to tmobile bought a sim card starter kit and 60 dollar plan wole up this morning and the screen on the cheap phone flashed and went out i callled them and instead of a replacement because i didnt have enough money in the google wallet to cover another phone i got a refund which they said will be 14 days after they get the device back. ok update took me a while to find this sight again but i figure i should update first they supposedly refunded me my bread homes. iat hasnt hit the account yet but it didnt take 14 business days it took 5. theydo work pretty hard atr staying in touch with you and i was less than classy with them. they had to see i didnt break it myself i guess. now even though the people who workk in c.s. are more than qualified and polite dont buy that phone the best thing that could have happened was it break on me. the screen is washed out and yukky i bought a htc one x to replace it and its so much better than that google nexus 4 screen. i new a phone with those specs for that price had a catch and it does it doesnt feel like a premium device its cheap feeling and looking. now i rather the stripped down version of android over htc sense but the htc device is solid and seemless. its a year old with last generation specs and it blows the google nexus 4 away. its solid and beautiful and it flows seemlessly. unfortuanaley im still on android so i am buyiing google apps and stuff but like i said the people there seem to be good people. there 14 day return policy is absurd though if you held their miooney for that long they wpould press charges on you. i am going to windows im a buy the htc 8x phone to go with my lenovo ideapad y500 and my new xbox whenever bill gets off his ass and sells it to me. anyway googler i am sorry for all this buit make a better phone hell you got the money. make it yoursaelf dont let lg mnake it wow or samsung the kings of plastic crap. find you a slab of aluminumn and do it american style. stop being so cheap. "

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"I will never purchase anything from the Google Play Store again. Hands down a terrible experience and rude customer service. I purchase on average $8,000 to $10,000 per year online - almost exclusively through Amazon. I have always had great experience with Amazon but when I decided to purchase a Nexus 10 I thought I would try Google Play. Big mistake.

I paid for 2 day shipping on the Nexus and after the order was accepted you read the fine print that it may take up to 48 hours for the order to go through and then the 2 day shipping starts - so up to 4 days to arrive. Deceptive at best.

I ordered a new, NOT refurbished, nexus and yet it arrived with the seals to the box broken. I quickly got the impression their customer service really didn't care much about making things right. Michael, my unenthusiastic rep, continued to read off his computer screen restating multiple times in a monotone voice - "I can understand your frustration with the condition your device arrived. We will work to fix the problem"

I was offered the option to send it back for refund or have a replacement sent out. Initially I agreed to have a new unit shipped out but when I inquired about next day shipping they told me it was impossible. Really?? UPS offers that option to me! I would think Google would have a touch more pull than I do. Eventually I got them to admit it wasn't impossible but they would chose not to pay the additional charges to have next day delivery. In speaking with Michael's manager, Bonita, I explained they were about to lose a potential large customer over a $20 expedite fee, however it was clear Ms. Bonita could care less about anything other than what her computer screen said.

Needless to say I opted for the refund. Immediately afterward I ordered a new one from Amazon. I recieved and order confirmation and shipping notice it would be delivered the next day - all before Google Play could even get the Return documents emailed to me.

I will NEVER use Google Play again and would discourage anyone from giving them your business. Amazon does 100x better job of all aspects and treats you as a valued customer - not a burden on their day.

FYI - The serial number on the open unit is R32D101VRDZ Would not suprise me if they try to resend it out to someone else as new - buyer be ware!

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Top Reviewer!

""STAY AWAY! You have been warned! Stay away from this "below any acceptable level of customer service merchant". GOOGLE certainly is the worst online seller I've ever encountered. I am waiting for my money (refund) a month already--yes 29 days!!! Can you imagine how they operate--I've already sent 11 emails to their customer service and each time they come up with a different deadlines for my refund (7 days, two weeks, 16 business days, yet month after they received the return they still hold my money a hostage....). You think that GOOGLE learned this during they CEO visit to Asia--nope most of Chinese merchants I've dealt before were easier to deal with and faster with refund processing. Google is more like a "Nigerian Scammer" at least you will fill like a victim once you buy anything from GOOGLE. Well done GOOGLE--you SUCKS!""

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"Bought a Nexus 7 as a Christmas gift. When giftee did not want it, I tried to return it. Googleplaystore will not accept it, as it is beyyond their made-up "buyers remorse" period of 15 days! They offered to replace the one I did not want with another one i do not want. Rip-off!!"

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