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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 4.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 3.75/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.86/10
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Hassle-Free selling!!

"I researched a lot of gadget resellers and Glyde consistently came out on top. The whole shipping thing is such a bother these days - get the right packing materials, how much is it going to cost, do I get reimbursed that cost, how do I insure it arrives on time and in good condition? Then I actually have to DRIVE to the post office. Glyde does it ALL! They even auto email you if your product isn't selling to nudge you to lower the price a little. Could I have gotten more $$ elsewhere? Craig's List? FB Marketplace? Maybe. But this transaction took me about 5 minutes with zero negotiating hassle. If you want to list your product, get someone else to sell it and ship you the box to send it in - this is your service!"

Helpful Cool


This is a scam

"Ordered a phone, received the wrong one. Told them about it, they immediately sent out a box to return. I was supposed to receive the money within a few days. A month later I realized I never did. Emailed them, received an email a week later saying ‘SUP’ from Dennis. Called the number on my card, but doesn’t work. Realized I’d been scammed $250. "

Helpful Cool


Not once, but twice couldn't fulfill

"Ordered an iPhone 6. Waited. Get a note that orders cancelled. Still need a phone so I ordered another...a little pricier this time.
Day of arrival orders cancelled...another seller can't deliver. I'm without a phone for 3 weeks now. Here's an idea....change the seller a penalty if they don't deliver on their end of the contract and give it to the buyer for the inconvenience. Glyde has no skin in the game and makes no effort to make it right.

Helpful Cool


Don't waste your money

"Glyde has deffinately gone down hill over the past few years. They have TERRIBLE customer service, "certified refurbished" means nothing, they don't check the phones they sell from third parties, and there is no guarentee on the quality of what you purchase. Don't waste your money shopping with Glyde."

Helpful Cool



"If there was a space for NO STAR I would have selected that instead. Purchased a used phone, received a notice of purchase,
then about 5 days later I got an email (2 of them) one said I wasn't getting the phone because they couldn't validate the card used {USE THE CARD EVERYWHERE}, the other one said my account had been suspended (NO REASON given). So then I called them and got some silly service rep. She didn't have any reasons why all this had happened either, TOTALLY DISGUSTED I hung up. Will NEVER!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!! go to that CRAPPY store again, EVER...............did I mention it ****?

Helpful Cool


Customer Service Blows More than a Drug Addled **** on Ritalin

"You are completely at the mercy of the seller. I purchased an item and the seller decided not to ship it. I contacted customer support 4 times and was paid nothing but lip service. I'm pretty certain the customer response mailbox isn't even monitored by an actual person. My money is its a cheap AI that facilitates stall tactics.

Here is the cycle of events:
You place an order.
Glyde takes slightly more than a week to ship the seller the shipping kit.
The seller is given two full weeks to ship the item before the order is cancelled.
You wait a week for your money to be returned.
There is no way to affect this cycle.

If you like games of chance this service is for you.

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HORRIBLE Customer Service

"I wouldn't even give them one star if that was an option. I have bought 4 phones on Glyde's site and the previous purchases went smoothly. This last one has NOT. The phone was listed in excellent condition with a charger included. Both were false, but because my son was in desperate need of a working phone, we kept it. Now AT&T is saying that it has been reported as stolen, so it keeps getting suspended from our account. Glyde wants us to ship it back to the seller so that he can unlock it. Ha!! Like I trust this seller to do the right thing. Glyde won't give me a refund or give me a loaner phone if I do return it. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


I bought and sold with NO issues. Would recommend to a friend and will use again.

"I first used Glyde to buy an upgraded iPhone. I got exactly what I wanted for a great price and the seller shipped a free Otterbox case to go with it. Score! Once I used the phone for several weeks, I sold my old iPhone. I got decent money for it and more than I would have gotten from eBay or another seller. To keep up with good karma, I also included my old phone case for the new owner.

I can see how Glyde can go either way. They are really just a middle man. I was willing to wait the 7-10days for my phone and understood why it took so long. So, when I sold on Glyde and the shipping kit arrived at my door, I made it a priority to get the phone in the mail right away. I will say, as a seller they charge you $3 for a shipping kit and I already had one, so I would have appreciated just being emailed a label that I could place on my phone and that would then get the item to it's new owner a day or two quicker.

I really don't have any gripes, knowing that Glyde is only the middle man. I feel they do their best to protect both sides, but I can see how things happen. I feel fortunate to have had great experiences on both sides. I would use Glyde again.

Helpful Cool


Horrible experience

"This was the worst experience I've ever had with an online purchase. The original order I placed was immediately put on hold then cancelled because they said they couldn't verify my account. I get it, they want to make sure it's a legitimate purchase. But reach out to me for verification. Don't just cancel the order. That wasted time over a 2 day period. The second order I placed I made sure I gave a lot of information up front to prove I was who I said I was. They still did verification but at least they contacted me about it. More wasted time but the order was processed. I was supposed to receive the phone within 7-10 days. It's a long time to wait - there should be an option for expedited shipping if the customer is willing to pay. I waited, and waited. Day 9 the status still said the seller received shipping kit. So I emailed Glyde. They said they would reach out to the seller but if they didn't receive a response they would CANCEL the order. Later that day the status was updated to cancelled but in the meantime the seller must have finally gotten around to shipping it. When I saw status of cancelled I gave up and went out and bought a phone. I couldn't wait any longer. 2 days later I just happened to check the order again and the status was now changed to shipped. I emailed Glyde again and told them I didn't want the phone, the order had been cancelled. They said I couldn't cancel because the phone was on it's way. They were the ones who initially cancelled it! If they hadn't done that I wouldn't have bought another phone. A couple days later the phone finally showed up. Glyde basically said I was stuck with the phone and there was nothing they could do. They said I could resell it on Glyde but I will NEVER give them any more business. "

Helpful Cool



"I bought a phone for my son's bday. But there were some issues with my credit card so I had to answered all these questions. After all that, I wanted to ask some important questions about the delivery date and stuff but it took 1-2 days to just respond. And sometimes they never respond. My son's birthday is today and it still hasn't been shipped yet even though I bought last week and ordered it with 2 days shipping. Horrible!"

Helpful Cool


No response from Glyde

"Ordered a phone because my Daughter lost hers. We found the phone right after I made the order, so I contacted Glyde to cancel. I received an response from Janell telling me she would be happy to help with this, Glyde would attempt to stop the order (as it was so soon after placing there order) and if she was unable to stop it, I could just respond to the already established e-mail chain and she would give me instructions on how to return. The phone arrived, and they have been unresponsive to multiple e-mails. There is no customer service phone number. I am unable to reach them."

Helpful Cool


Have bought and sold several times

"Glyde works for me. I have bought and sold 5 family cellphones and tablets successfully over the last two years. I list my device, set my own price and they notify me when it sells and send a shipping box. You can keep your balance on Glyde for future purchases but I always cash out to my checking account. This is fast and easy to do. I prefer to sell and buy on Glyde rather than eBay because it is fast and simple. No hype, no drama, just a good price and convenience. My friends have used Glyde and been pleased with the service."

Helpful Cool


Excellent company with a brilliant business model. The customer support is second to none.

"Excellent company with a brilliant business model. The customer support is second to none. Any and all of my future purchases will be with Glyde, as will be all my friends."

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They do what they say & it works!

"My first experience using Glyde has gone well as a seller. The time frame for the transaction was accurately forecast and all went exactly as explained. I received more than I expected from my phone sale without any personal hassle of photographing it, listing it, responding to inquiries, etc. I was inspired to make my phone as appealing as possible to the purchaser in hopes that this would be a good experience for them. Good service. Good response times. Better than anticipated price for my phone. I will use Glyde again and have already recommended its services to several other friends. "

Helpful Cool


Great prices

"Gylde has the best deal when buying a used phone. Their prices were the lowest I could find! Also when I sold a phone through glyde, I sold it at their recommended price and felt like I was getting a good amount back in my pocket."

Helpful Cool

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