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Rating 4/10

Shipping issues

"No issues with the actual product. GlockStore let me know via chat that all delivery customizations are locked by Fedex - this would be critical to know WHEN ORDERING. Due to this, I have a package that I can't be home to sign for and can't be held for pick-up at a facility.

This could be mentioned during the shipping phase and I would attempt to select a different carrier. Without customizations, I can't change the delivery time or hold for pick-up.

Rating 2/10

defective merchandise

"i purchased two (2)magazine holders for both a model 43 and a model 17.........the holder for the compact 43 works perfectly. within the same shipment for various parts plus the mag holder for the glock 43. i also received a defective holder for the glock 17........the store was understanding when i commented about the crappy holder for the 17 and offered to exchange it while sending me a label with the return auth......i made it a point to both verbally tell them and write on the packing slip insert a mag into the new holder and make certain it secures safely in place before you ship or just return my money to the card...... i was told they will ship a new mag holder and did insert a mag into the new holder to ensure it's safety and my safety.........i received another defective holder and again returned it asking for a refund...................................today i checked my account and was charged for the shipping on the defective merchandise.... i spoke with cust service who said this is the way it is...........i told them i will go to google and write about their merchandise and customer service......i was told by customer service at glockstore.com to go ahead and do it.......................i called the ceo lenny XXXXXXXX and reached a FULL MAILBOX......................... i learned my lesson and already complained to their BBB.......ALL OF THIS FOR A CRAPPY $5.85 lol.............................................anyway ..... #SO-249736 11/10/2017 part #1066-blk-agx-a1"

Rating 2/10

Don't waste your time.

"First of all i am not one to write reviews but their customer service is so bad i felt compelled. Basically put in an order several days later get an email telling me there is a problem and they can't process. Call speak to a guy who at best should be working at a mcdonalds drive thru. Tells me they couldn't process my order because i have a different shipping and billing address. First time ever this posed a problem. I am certain I'm not the only person to have different shipping and billing address. WTF??? why have two different slots in the order form for a billing and shipping address if youre not going to accept two different addresses. Nevertheless the moron comes back after oh..5 minutes on hold and says ok spoke with the manager its taken care of. Get an email shortly thereafter saying order was processed. Never receive any tracking info which i find odd. A week later i call the company and another genius answers and basically says yea couldn't process your order because your shipping and billing address are different. Thats it end of story, no other explanation. Are you f'ing kidding me?? I sincerely hope these people loss a lot of business, they deserve it. "

Rating 2/10

Lenny Magill should be ashamed of himself

"I ordered a pin and a spring.....two weeks later they still hadn't even sent it out

I talked to 4 people.....each one gave a different excuse. no one seems to give a **** about anything at this place

I found the parts I needed from another vendor and got them in 3 days

I cancelled my order with the Glock Store and asked for a refund......if I don't get my refund I'm going to go online and tell as many people as I can about this shady business

I wish I had read all the other reviews before ordering from this **** hole of a store. sure.....Lenny Magill's videos look great on youtube but he's like a crooked used car salesman or a snake oil seller at a travelling fair

stay away from the Glock Store!!!!!!! save yourself the grief. nobody knows what's going on there and you're dealing with a bunch of incompetent idiots

Rating 2/10

If I Only Knew Better

"Sent them my G19 G4 for a total overhaul for competition. Has had it since the beginning of March 2017. I call and get no response. Only "Kate" can help me. I send emails with no response. People, they have my gun and $2,000.00 of my money. Thy refuse to talk to me and I'm about to call and tell them to send my gun back and I will call my CC company and fight the battle.

I'm just about done.

Today's date: 5-01-17


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Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"I found Glockstore from the Youtube channel (great videos) and decided to place an order for a project gun. Placed the $240 order and a day or two later placed another $180 order. When my first order showed up it was missing the threaded barrel protector, they were out of stock. Well this is basically useless without it, with my luck I'd **** up the threads somehow. I initiated a chat with customer service last Monday the 3rd basically asking if they can just upgrade my barrel protector to one of the custom ones (these have a $15.00 higher retail price then the one I was supposed to get). My thinking was a company would want to keep someone happy who is making multiple orders from their site. I was told that a Manager would get back to me that evening. Two days went by and on Wednesday the 5th I called in. I spoke to someone who saw NO NOTES in the system regarding this. When I explained what I wanted I was told it shouldn't be a big deal and to please hold. Well after an over 10 minute hold time he got back on and told me "great news, we've got the thread protectors in AND your trigger is done. You should have this stuff for the weekend, look out for your tracking number. Today is Monday the 10th, I do not have my parts nor did I get an email with a tracking number. I called in and again after a long hold time spoke to a "Customer Service Manager". Again THERE WERE NO NOTES IN THE SYSTEM! Now today I was told that NO my trigger is not done and NO they do not have the thread protectors in. I was told NO they would not simply upgrade my order and send me the $15.00 more protector. And that the only way to expedite my trigger was to have paid for quicker shipping...and you guessed it, NO they would not upgrade that for me either. So GLOCKSTORE...you've gotten a little over $400 from me but that will be the last penny you will see. I did plan on going all out and getting a new frame, optics etc...etc.. but that money will be spent elsewhere. Oh and the "Customer Service Manager" really didn't seem to care if i shopped elsewhere or not. "

Rating 2/10

They sent me wrong items

"I ordered a magazine a glock box and a mag loader. Everything came except the mag loader, and they sent me a 9mm magazine? Never buying from glockstore again "

Rating 2/10

Glockstore ****

"Stay away from these incompetent ****. They don't have a clue what they are doing. "

Rating 2/10

Wrong house !!!

"Gave the address correctly for shipping but still they send it at the wrong address, plane stupidity and I have screen shot of the complain and they apologize, but wont correct the mistake they made....so I filed a dispute on my cc....
Still wonder why they still exist

Rating 2/10

GlockStore is a bad joke

"Absolutly the worst online merchant besides Buy.com and Rakutan.com. I buy five to ten thousand dollars worth of merchadise from Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Brownells and MidwayUSA.com every year no problems at all. The Glockstore owned by Lenny McGill is run by a bunch of rookies that decided to turn their street side store into an online store and failed miserably. Whatever you do read this and do not even entertain the thought of buying from them. Go to your local gun store, go to Midwayusa.com go to Brownells.com or go to Amazon.com but do not buy from this place. I warned you. I really wanted to like them but it was the most horrible and wasteful experience I have ever had. "

Rating 2/10

"BAD MERCHANT!!!!! Purchased (2) Glock 17 magazines and (2) Xgrips for glock 19. Received both Xgrips but only (1) magazine. Called them and luckily I did get someone but they gave me a runaround lame excuse. I guess I should feel lucky that I did not purchase more from them. Will never buy from again!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Beware of the glock store in san diego california! Do not buy anything from them!

Guys! I will give you all the readers digest version of what happened. Cutting right to the chase, this is what they did:

1. Incorrectly installed my match grade trigger- reset was sticky and was told since it has been over 7 months they would look at it but I would have to pay for shipping to them! Considering it left their facility incorrectly installed and in an unsafe condition it was inappropriate to expect customer to bare that cost.. One user on Yelp(not recommended section) has stated his Pyramid Trigger The Glock Store worked on went into Full Auto, obviously installed incorrectly!

2. I sent my Barstow Match Barrel to have them fit it on my G34! The gunsmith's totally botched the job, took way too much metal off and ruined my barrel! Stock barrel locks up tighter! Now it will cost me almost $400 to purchase another one!. They refused to replace the barrel or take any responsibility and their GM was basically thumbing his nose at me, very unprofessional as he even referred to me as "dude" and was callous and after sending my G34 to them to have them replace barrel, they showed me a video of them rapid firing it and said it was fine. I never complained that it was jamming, I had specifically stated they removed too much metal and the match barrel was no more accurate than the stock one. This finding has also been confirmed with the tech support of Bar-Sto as they said their barrel definitely will lock up tighter than stock! If anything they should have shown me a video trying to prove the match barrel was more accurate and locking up tighter but failed to do so.

3. Great bunch of Guys until Something goes wrong: Bottom line, many wrote reviews how they got ripped off! Like many other reviews on Yelp and Ripoffreport.org, absolutely the worse attitude and horrible service! BBB has The Glock Store rated "F" When I bought my G34 along with many upgrades, I spent well over $1200 dollars and do have to admit they seemed like a great bunch of guys, until that is when I discovered they again incorrectly installed trigger and ruined my match barrel! Then they basically denied any wrong doing and as many others on Ripoffreport.org have already indicated, many of the same unwillingness to take responsibility for mistakes was a common denominator among many. When I called Bar-Sto to find out how much it would cost to re-purchase the same barrel and finally then send my whole gun to them to have done right, it would have cost me almost $400 dollars! It's no wonder The Glock Store did not want to acknowledge any wrong doing as they would be out $400 dollars. The GM by the way was arrogantly boasting how his wholesale cost of my Bar-Sto Barrel was only $30.00, but after putting me through so much, he could have accepted responsibility rather than thumb his nose and give me an attitude that was deplorable.

Bottom line, if anybody here wants to dismiss what I am saying as nonsense, by all means go buy an expensive match barrel and have them fit it. Have them install your trigger. It was bad enough they messed up on my trigger, then to make worse they also botched my barrel, making two huge mistakes! They are clearly incompetent and their service is horrible. They are everything that those who wrote nasty reviews on ripoffreport.org and yelp under the "not recommended" section. Yes they are very nice when it comes to selling you whatever you want, really great bunch of guys until that is something goes wrong, then they deny deny deny. If none of what I said is believed, you can click on the link below to see others who been ripped off. Also, go look at their review on yelp. Look at the "not recommended" that did not get factored in. If you know what you want, you don't have any issues, yes I agree a great bunch of guys but as others have indicated it is when you have a problem is when they fail to deliver.


Rating 2/10

"Just purchased 2 glocks. I went on the glockstore website to order several items and was very disappointed. First time online purchase at the glockstore. I put the order in on Friday for over $260, called Friday while ordering online, I spoke with Doug and asked if there were any discounts for orders over 250. He explained that there is only free shipping. I received the glock brochure on Saturday a week and a half after ordering it. After looking over the brochure I noticed there was a 10% discount on orders over $150. I called on Monday to explain I placed an order on Friday and that I received a brochure on Saturday and asked about the 10% discount. I was told that its last years brochure (but it has all present cost for the items). Why send out last years brochure to a new customer and not explain when sending it out. Also it states orders would be shipped 48 hours after receiving. I asked Dave when my order would be shipped and he explained it would be shipped out 72 hours after receiving. To say the least, I don't think I will be ordering from them a second time, I will be looking for other websites for my future purchases. "

Rating 2/10

"Very disappointed. Twice now I have ordered products from this site and each time my credit card is debited within 1 business day but you never hear from them. No shipment notification coming for over a week so I email them with the order # and I get a response back 2 days later that the product is backordered and they "HOPE" to have a shipment in about 10 days and then the order will be processed "ACCORDINGLY", whatever that means. Very disappointed in the customer service. There are way better places to buy GLOCK products."

Rating 2/10

"Bad quality control. I ordered a barrel in October 2014, the wrong one was sent to me. Had to return and wait another week.

I ordered a mount for a red dot site in December of 2014, I got sent a site pusher tool instead. Now, have to wait for the rma and the correct part. I am tempted to stop payment with my online banking account. In addition, I will find another company who has their act together

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