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what has happened to globaleyeglasses?

" I've purchased 3 pair of glasses; with each purchase, customer service was swift, precise, and pleasant. Coming back to scout out another purchase, I find the most appalling reviews. And the website won't come up. I hope this isn't another good company gone wrong."

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I loved the first pair of glasses

"I loved the first pair of glasses I purchased a couple of years ago. Reordering now because I need bifocals."

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Absolutely love Global Eyeglasses!

"I am constantly telling a friend. I need to ask for commission!"

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Beutiful glasses

"My 3rd order.. love the collection and new website"

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Great frames and service

"Ordered the handmade acetat wood frames - they fit well and reached within 10 days.. Got a very cute wooden case.. love it"

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Terrible service, items still not received

"Sent them my 2 pairs of glasses March 18th for new lenses, got an email 4 weeks later saying they were being shipped along with an email saying my order was complete. Nothing has been shipped per tracking, they no longer provide phone support and don't respond to emails. It's now been 6 weeks with only a single reply to email claiming I'd have one pair last week, which is 6 wks after order. "

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Really slow, no accountability or care for packaging

"It took over a month to get my glasses which is way too long to wait for an order placed on March 24th received on April 29th. The shipping date continued to be moved. I tried calling globaleyeglasses but they do not accept phone calls and direct callers to their website to send an email for customer service help. I received automated emails from globaleyeglasses on April 10 and 18 saying the glasses were being shipped then was told by "Jana" that there was another delay as they were still in "final quality control " and my glasses would ship on April 24th. The 24th came and went with nothing being shipped. At this point I contact PayPal to file a dispute for a non-received item. Low and behold later that day I get an email from USPS saying that my package has finally been shipped. Globaleyeglasses only shipped the glasses after I opened a PayPal dispute for non-receipt. They took no care in packaging and shoved two sets of glasses in one eyeglasses case with no padding/barrier between them, they could have gotten scratched. A last side note is that their website only includes 4 and 5 star reviews on their frames. All 3 star and below reviews are hidden."

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worst online purchaseever

"Absolutely the worst on-line purchase I have ever made. Thankfully, I paid with PayPal. (hint).
I placed a re-lensing order and paid with Pay Pal. Global Eyeglasses received my glasses on
May 17. From there it went downhill. Their website says re-lensing in 7 working days. My glasses were finally received on July 8th.

I sent nine (9) emails requesting a status update. Seven (7) were answered the same way; they are being expedited and should ship this, or next, week. Two were never answered. I asked for clarification on “should” or “will”; one of the emails with no answer. The sad part is these glasses were originally purchased from them 2 years ago with no problem.

The last update I received said “…your glasses are currently in the final quality control check before shipping. They should be expedited by the end of next week”. This was June 3rd .

On Saturday, July 2nd, I contacted PayPal to cancel the payment because the product was never received. Magically, my glasses made it to the post office on Saturday afternoon (of a holiday weekend) with the explanation “…we had shipping issues which delayed getting the lenses to NY”. This was posted on July 3rd.

At no time during the communication was “shipping issues” ever mentioned. Only when Pay Pal was brought in to cancel the payment was this excuse mentioned. AN EXCUSE – NOT A REASON.
(BTW, not getting the lenses is not a shipping issue, it is a supply/material issue)

With Global, it appears “customer service” is non-existent in the worst case and an oxymoron at best.

People appreciate the truth, no matter how bad, as opposed to being misled.

My next purchase will be from a competitor.

Helpful Cool


"Dear Globaleyeglasses.com:

May you be relaxed and at ease receiving this. I am writing to sincerely thank you for fufilling my order for a new pair of optical and sunglass frames. I am extremely pleased with the website shopping experience, the customer service interactions, the quality, craftsmanship, and, of course, the discounted price. I look forward to reconnecting with you in a year when my prescription is refilled because your replacement lens cost is the best that I've found. Please accept this note and receive my highest regards.

Helpful Cool


"I've ordered from Global Eyeglasses in the past and have been relatively pleased. It takes a while to get an order fulfilled but with the other online eyeglass vendors the process doesn't seem much faster. My most recent purchase, however, has been a comedy of errors. It's now been over two months since I placed my order and I still haven't received it.

I got an email from a customer service rep (Aditi Sagar) about a month ago informing me that I had to select another frame as the one I ordered was now out of stock. Aditi and I exchanged some emails and a new frame was selected. I then received various automated emails that indicated that some sort of progress was being made. When I check the order status online, it shows as 'in progress'.

Still no shipment information so at this point I'm discouraged. I won't use Global again in the future, there are plenty of other online eyeglass vendors out there to choose from.

Helpful Cool


"I just want to start out by saying that you have a WONDERFUL customer service team! I have not had the pleasure to speak with anyone but Aditi, but I am sure everyone else is just as amazing! Aditi has been answering my emails in a timely manner since the very first one. She has been very explanatory and answered every question I asked. I am a customer service representative myself, and these are the requirements I hold myself to as well, and I have been very well recognized for it. I believe Aditi deserves the same! Even a raise or a promotion! It is quite frustrating when you cannot see out of old prescriptions, and are waiting but there is something wrong in the warehouse. But with a rep like Aditi, she makes me calm and relaxed and reassured. I know a lot of people do not understand that shipping stations crash periodically, or orders are picked incorrectly, but I do and she is handling this very well. It makes me so sad to realize that most customer service reps mostly only hear the angry customers, and very rarely get a good review or compliment. So here is mine. Please take some time to consider this well deserving team member! Excellent experience and customer service! "

Helpful Cool


"after being told they dont ship your order until the company has 200-250 orders to ship i expressed concern for why they charge for shipping and how they can ensure a 'ship by date' -- i was replied to by an agent (aditi sagar) who accused me of doing this with all my online purchases to get free product, actually called me 'SAD' for doing it, and then issued me a refund i NEVER asked for. I never wanted nor asked for a refund, just my package to be shipped, and this is what i was told and these are the actuons the company took regardless of what i was asking. horrible customer service and shipping protocols. dont waste your money, youll wait about a month to get your order anyway - go to eye buy direct or zenni... "

Helpful Cool


"I don't understand the bad reviews. I bought 3 pairs of glasses from this company. One of the pairs didn't fit right. They contacted their lab for me. After getting the glasses adjusted at a local retailer, they fit fine. So it was my fault. They have amazing customer service and good products. Definitely will buy again and highly recommend to everyone."

Helpful Cool



TERRIBLE COMPANY. ORDERED TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES, BOTH OF THEM CAME WITH WRONG LENSES AND PRESCRIPTION DIOPTERS. I have to return them but nobody answers the phone or my emails. What am i supposed to do now.
If you are looking for a good company go to ZENNIES. Ordered 6 pairs from them, all came fast, nice thin lenses and right prescription. Excellent customer service. STAY AWAY FROM GLOBALEYEGLASSES. YOU CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. If you have questions my email is deuce646@gmail.com

Helpful Cool


"I will never shop at this company again. I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses through them and it took over a month to get the pair. Then when they finally came it was the wrong prescription! I sent in the correct one but obviously they did not follow it at all. They also sent me an extra pair of non prescription which was a mistake and told me to return them. They tried to make me pay for shipping with those but I refused. Then when I returned my glasses I received a refund but they charged my initial shipping and also had to pay for the return shipping. I will never shop here again."

Helpful Cool

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