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Loveland, CO
Rating 10/10

Very Happy, No Complaints

"It was my first time using GiftCardRescue. I ordered a ****'s Sporting Goods gift card. The e-code came, worked perfectly, and I felt smart because I saved some money. Would definitely do it again. "

Rating 2/10

Wish I could give them ZERO stars

"They flat out STOLE $150 from me. I sent the gift card in the mail WITH TRACKING and delivery was confirmed within a few days. Every single time I called them they said they were shipping the check the next day. It's been almost THREE MONTHS and still NO PAYMENT."

Rating 10/10


"I'll had to admit that I'm puzzled by the negative responses here because I've had nothing but very positive experiences with Gift Card Rescue. First of all, they usually have the biggest discounts on gift cards. Also, I have never had a gift card, even an e-gift card, that was fraudulent - they were always worth what this company said they were worth. Overall, I am very happy with this company, and I recommend it as the first one you should go to for buying discounted gift cards."

Rating 2/10

Worst gift card purchase experience

"Bought a kohls e gift card .did not receive ecode after 4 hours, (sites like raise and cardpool deliver e code within one hour), so I emailed their customer service to cancel the order within 4 hours after placing the order. Before placing the order, I read thru their entire terms and conditions carefully, and noted that orders cancelled after 24 hours will incur a 20 percent processing fee, which is why I sent the cancellation email as fast as I could.

I called their customer rep the next day to check on my order status, Benjamin picked up the phone and told me that my order has been cancelled, and I will receive a confirmation by the end of business day. However, no email that day.

I called the following day again to follow up on the status. Again, Benjamin picked up the phone. At first, he told me my gift card code will be released in the next couple of hours. Then , after I reminded him of my cancellation email, his response immediately changed and told me that my cancellation email has been received (what a bunch of BS Considering he just told me my ecode will be released soon!). He also told me I was charged 20 percent processing fee even though I canceled within 24 hrs. I asked him to email me a copy of the terms and conditions , which by the way i already printed a copy for my record when placing my order in case craps like this happen. He said he would email me a copy, again , by the end of business day. Guess what, again nothing.

Four days passed, not a word about my order status , and it is clear that this site is fraudulent, and I am sick of dealing with them. In a few days , I will have to file a charge back (thank goodness that i kept all the evidence). And will file a BBB complaint in the meantime. Stay away from this site as far as you can.

Rating 2/10

Won't Refund eGift Purchases After 24 Hours

"I purchased an $85 American Eagle eGift card from GiftCardRescue back towards the end of 2015 for $63.50. The gift card in question had a $0 balance on it. When I called to check the balance of the gift card, through the company they issued the gift cards, the operator told me that the gift card was spent the day before it was delivered to me via email. GiftCardRescue refused to refund me because I waited more than 24 hours after the purchase.

I purchased this on a Discover Card and they sided GiftCardRescue because it was written in their TOS that I had 24 hours to contact them for an eGift Card. This is bad seller, do not use them for your gift card purchases. They offer no protection against scams and should be held culpable in my opinion.

When I filed a chargeback with my Discover Card, they ruled in GiftCardRescue's favor. The Accounts Manager for Discover agreed that the situation was not right, and in the end to compensated me $50, but they still ruled in GiftCardRescue's favor (meaning GiftCardRescue still got paid).

Bottom line is GiftCardRescue will not protect you, and Discover Card will not protect you from this company. Avoid purchasing gift cards from them. It's simply not worth it. Merchants like Raise.com, CardCash, or ABC Gift Cards are much safer bets.

Rating 2/10

Shipped card 3 months ago, they sold it, won't pay me for it

"I have one better than Kyle. I mailed my $25 AMC gift card Jan 4, 2016. Approximately 2 weeks later, they claimed they still did not receive it. I called and spoke with Benjamin (he's the only guy who ever answers) he said they were backed up in processing. (I think it means he is). He asked to call next Friday and he would then take action (versus them calling me).

I did this ever week with no resolution. On Feb 27, they claimed a check was mailed and to keep checking. No check.

March 18, Benjamin said they would 're-issue' the check and to give it 2 weeks despite my objection to this time frame.

April 6, today I have no check. Benjamin states he shows it was re-issued. **C'mon, the postal service can make a mistake, but 2 times now? I'm confident it was never issued.** Benjamin says he is escalating to his financial manager and wanted me to call back tomorrow. I asked he call me as I've made dozens of calls. I also said, I expect an overnight check, payment via pay pal, or cash equivalent card of my $25 (not the $18 agreed upon amount. They have a 100% money back guarantee and I want it at this point.

I looked up AMC gift cards and they don't have any to sell. So, 3rd month now and they got free $25 from me. This IS FRAUDULENT!!! When (IF) he calls tomorrow, unless I'm asked for my PayPal account or other wire like transfer ability, I will likely start the next process of legal action, including contacting the Attorney General and other legal bodies. Sure it will WASTE my time, but given the time investment I've felt, the principles involved, and my desire for them to feel pain if they don't make it right translate to me wasting more time.

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware, worst customer service after selling invalid card

"this business sold me gift card saying its good for 90 days, Gift card should never expire.
after gift card purchase, one month later i try to use at Lowe's, they said we do not accept anymore and call where u purchase this gift card, i called gift card rescue but they refuse to refund or exchange new card.
***** stay away from this business ******

Rating 4/10

Do not use this company if you want fast cash.

"Sold my card to them and sent it in January 2016. Finally a month later they respond that they got it and are sending a check. Wow, you mean it took the postal service a month to get it to them? Their email said it would take up to 3 weeks for the check they are mailing me to arrive, Strange how I can mail something and it takes a max of 4 days to arrive. Email said if it didn't arrive in 3 weeks to contact them. How? They don't answer their phone or email. I guess I could write them but we all know that would take a month to arrive. So I guess I am just out the money I should have gotten for the card. I guess I should have just re-gifted the card. Would have made more sense than the hassle I am going through now.
Finally they "re-issued" check. I guess they do a lot of re-issuing. So I did get paid. But this process took 3 months. If you want your money fast, don't use this company.

Rating 2/10


"I sent them a gift card my daughter received for Christmas in December. I have yet to receive the money for this card. I sent it certified mail so they cannot deny receiving it. They stated they sent me a check which I never got. Since then I have had nothing but the run around from them if I can actually get them on the phone. They claim to have reissued a check, but will not give me a tracking number for it being sent. I will never do business with this company again and strongly suggest that nobody else does. I will continue to call them and hopefully they will eventually send me the money."

Rating 2/10

Shady From The Get Go

"I wanted to purchase a gift card for my granddaughter and GCR had the best price. So I signed up for an account. But when I tried to make a purchase I was told that I wasn't immediately allowed to buy electronic gift cards from them and that my account would show the date that I could make such purchases; no such date ever appeared on my account. I was also told to contact them for an explanation. That was a red flag for me. I buy gift cards every week from several different sources and have yet to encounter a problem with buying from these other businesses. Discounted gift cards are a great way to save money. I had already decided that I wouldn't buy from GCR but my curiosity led me to send them an email asking for an explanation. After 24 hours with no reply I called them. They told me that I had to first purchase a physical gift card and that 30 days after that I could purchase an electronic gift card. They said it was for security reasons and refused to give any other information. That's when I decided to come to this site and find out about the experiences of others. I didn't lose any money to GCR and my review doesn't provide any new information. I just wrote it to say thank you to those who generously shared their stories and warned others about this business. There definitely appears to be something wrong here."

Rating 2/10

Don't sell your GC to these folks

"They never gave me the money they owed me. Kept the GC and reported they never received it.

It's just BS..

There are other really great ones out there. Legit. This one not so much.

Carlamay0525@aol.com >>> TY for keeping my card!!!

Rating 2/10

"Horrible customer service. Took 6 days to get an ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF E-GIFT CARD!!!!! I had to verify my credit card, which is a two step process. I did the online one, then they make you call a phone number, except that nobody ever picks up that phone number. Then when I finally got through I asked if they could switch the credit card because my husband wasn't home to verify it over they phone and they said they couldn't so I just asked them to cancel the order. They didn't even seem the least bit bothered by the bad experience I had with them. I'll stick with other places like SaveYa."

Rating 2/10

"I made an order with this company online to purchase 3 Home Depot discount egift cards on 10/13/15. The next day I was sent a follow-up email that I needed to verify my information to continue the order. I called the number provided during business hours and only got a voice mail with a full voice box so I couldn't leave any messages. I tried calling later and experienced the same problem. I was told in the email that I had 3 days to verify my info or my order would be cancelled. Only one day of the three passed and they cancelled my order. It was a lose-lose situation for me. I pleaded with them to not cancel my order as a response to their email informing them that I was unable to get a hold of them at the number provided. They still cancelled it and told me that I have to wait 4 - 6 weeks to receive my refund. It has been 7 weeks and still no refund. I've never heard of a merchant taking so long to refund an electronic transaction using a debit card. I believe they keep the money all that time to get interest free loans from suckers like me for their investment purposes. I tried calling again today during business hours, but the phone only rang and rang. I sent them an email on 11/26 and didn't receive a response. I will never purchase from this company again no matter how good of deals they offer. Due to the lack of their professionalism, I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and will have my bank reverse the transaction. Just in case this review finally gets your attention GiftCardRescue, my order is MNCR to verify the validity of my review."

Rating 2/10

"November 16, 2015
There is a new scam out there!

(after reading this, also see the review on July 30, 2015 by someone else... same problem!)

Someone can buy gift cards on their credit card directly from a business – say Best Buy, JC Penny, or in my case PF Chang - then sell the gift cards to GCR (Gift Card Rescue). Once they receive the money for the cards from GCR, they call their credit card company and deny the charge. Once that happens, the original merchant that sold the gift card will zero out the gift card because they were back charged. This happened to me. I bought two $150 PF Chang gift cards from GCR. When I got them, they were good. After I received them, the original purchaser that sold them to GCR called their credit card company and denied the charge. PF Chang was back charged by that credit card company so they voided the two cards that I purchased. I called GCR, but they won’t do anything about it. I am now SOL as they say. GCR also admitted that this has happed to them before and apparently it’s a new FRAUD scheme out there. So don’t YOU get RIPPED OFF! BEWARE.

Rating 2/10

"Terrible experience! I cancelled an oder and they promised they would refund within 4-6 weeks! Yes, you didn't get me wrong! They said 4-6 WEEKS!!! OK, even though it's a ridiculously long time, I still wait patiently. However, they still didn't refund me after 6 weeks. I sent emai, made phone call to them with regards to refund, they never replied. I have to go to bank to dispute that transaction. So if anyone of you is also waiting for refund, I would recommend you not to waste your time! Go to bank and dispute immediately!!!"

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