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You have one job.

"In case anyone is wondering how long their gift card might take to ship, mine took about one month and two weeks (without paying the optional ransom for expedited shipping)."

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beyond pathetic!

"waiting for my gift card for over 3 months, Cliff note version: supervisor are condescending, rep pre-program to give you the same story everytime, supervise never call back, every waiting time they give you, is considerably off by weeks if not months and they said is not their problem to look at fine print.
*on their home page in big bold print, they talk about timely delivery and great customer service, which is the opposite of what I just describe, this will 26 out of 27 review that have 1 star. numbers don't lie! but they do.

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No inventory

"They are a gift certificate company and they are out of inventory. Waiting over 8 weeks for a gift certificate is unacceptable. The selection is also poor. "

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They dont actually have giftcards or giftcertificates

"Honestly, when you sell gift certificates and gift cards, you really should keep and inventory of these things. 3 weeks or more to wait for a electronic gift certificate is just an utter failure."

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Still havent received E-gift card

"Ordered this E-Gift card on 01/20/18...Here were are at 03/14/18 and still "waiting on inventory" which clearly states it will only take 3 weeks to fill... How are they not able to supply an E-gift card in two months....crazy! "

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HORRIBLE experience! Stay away from GiftCertificates.com

"Placed order on 01/26/18 for a $50 e-gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond. It has been over 6 weeks and still nothing. Every time I call customer service, I get the exact same response from the same lady, and when I ask to speak to a supervisor, the same lady always tells me she is the supervisor. I believe this is a scam, and I do not have any confidence that I will ever see my $50 e-gift card.

Every time I call, I am told I can choose a different merchant, but this would then restart the clock and I would be back at the bottom of the waiting list again. When I ask about changing to Amazon, Walmart, or Target, I am told I do not have access to these premium merchants. The only non-premium ones that are available to me are merchants that I would never shop at or restaurants that I would never eat at. When I ask if I will have to wait 6 more weeks, 6 more months, or 6 more years, the supervisor tells me that she has never heard of anyone waiting that long. I told her over 6 weeks was an unacceptable waiting period, and that the giftcertificates.com website is very misleading because it simply states "waiting for inventory" but it said it could have been up to 3 weeks. Had I known it would be more like 3 months or more, I would have never selected this merchant, but it does not tell you that it is out of stock until after you have purchased the e-gift card. False advertising!

Their website says their company's vision is: To be the gift card brand of choice. This is an error. It should just say their company's vision is to be the most aggravating inferior substandard gift card brand that ever existed.

It states that their values are:
- Drive results and profits passionately with innovation and customer focus.
- Deliver on our promises enthusiastically.
- Treat each other with respect and look to make the world a better place.

It should be more honest and say their true values are:
- Drive customers crazy while passionately maximizing their company's profits at customers' expense by any means necessary.
- Over promise and under deliver on their promises enthusiastically so they can achieve as many negative online reviews as possible.
- Act like you treat each other with respect even though you don't actually give a crap and give the appearance that you want to make the world a better place even though in actuality you only end up consistently frustrating & disappointing clients. (BTW I can only find harsh scathing negative reviews online; are there any positive reviews from people who actually had a good experience from giftcertificates.com?)

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Waiting on gift certificates for over 2 months

"Been waiting on a gift certificate for two months because they are apparently an incompetent company. When you call up and talk to somebody there which I have multiple times every one of them is rude and condescending. How they stay in business I have no idea. Stay away from these people at all cost."

Helpful Cool


Just hung the phone up with this quality group.

"I have been waiting, waiting waiting for the coupon and the choices that are offered are horrible. Businesses that I have never heard of in the area I live. I asked for the moneys to be moved to a different vendor that is in their program but my money is not eligible for that vendor. I must continue waiting for a vendor that will not supply codes or cards that they can not track or tell how long it may continue to be. I would recommend to anyone that is considering using this service to think long and hard before using. I have been a recipient twice of SuperCertificates that have turned out to be for the most part useless time consuming gee-gaws."

Helpful Cool


you'll just keep waiting and waiting.

"I received a voucher from my employer as a work award. I used it to purchase an electronic gift certificate, which I thought would be sent right away. After a week of not receiving the certificate, I reached out to customer service, who informed me that they were out of stock and that order fulfillment takes approximately 3 weeks. It has now been a month. If I switch to a different retailer, it will reset the wait clock on getting it. This is all beyond ridiculous. "

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Can't I give 0 stars?

"I ordered from Marshall's a gift cert for my son's **** December 11th, on the 27th I called because it never got there, they apologized profusely and promised it would go out the next day 2 day priority, 2 days later I got an email saying it was going out that day overnight! When I called I was so hot.....I asked if they thought it would get there by next Christmas?!!! Shame on Marshall's for not telling people a third party does the gift certs, I would've just sent cash for sure! F'em I'll never use these guys or Marshall's again, ever. Pitiful :-(

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Never got my gift card!

"I thought they could check to see if used, then resend but now I have to submit an affidavit and wait. No present for my parents now. Awful!"

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Horrible Customer Service!!!

"Buying gift cards is a nightmare! They don't tell you they are out of stock until you place the order, by providing your credit card information. Then they tell you it will take 5 to 10 business days to arrive with the potential of not arriving if they can not find the gift card!!! So you maybe waiting for something that may not arrive???
Oh, and they tell you that you can either place the order or cancel it, after 17 minutes on the phone!!!

Helpful Cool


ZERO stars if possible

"Let me first say that I am not the type of person that writes reviews EVER. This is in fact the first time in my life that I have experienced service so poor, that I was compelled to write a review. I received a certificate from my company on 9/8. I visited GC website the next day and placed an order for two certs, one $25 and one $100 both for Amazon. The delivery time was 5-10 days. I received the $25 card over 2 weeks later... close to the 5-10 days stated, so no big deal. But, the $100 cert still showed a status of "Waiting for inventory". I emailed and customer service sent a response saying "sometimes it takes a bit longer than 5-10 days" and that it was being delayed due to "hurricanes". A week later... still nothing.... I emailed again and received literally word for word the same response. I responded that this was a paste and copy response. They responded saying Amazon was out of stock and they do not know when they will be able to send my cert so my options are to wait (who knows how long) or to chose a different cert. A couple weeks later... still nothing... I call and am told that they are inundated with Amazon requests so they cannot fulfill my $100. I asked if I could just have four $25 certs instead and I am told that this will "put me back at the back of the line" and will delay delivery further. Seems that the original hurricane excuse was just that, an excuse. The new excuse is that too many people are requesting Amazon and that it is taking over a month. So, I am not sure why they still show 5-10 days delivery instead of "out of stock" or "30+ day delivery"....? Either way, I ask what is in stock and am told that anything that says 5-10 days delivery is out of stock.... which is more than half of their certs. Now it is 1 month and 1 week after my original request and I am still waiting, as my only other option would be to get a $100 certificate to some restaurant that I will never eat at or a store that I don't shop at. I have read nothing but bad reviews on this company... and after this experience I can confirm with certainty that their operations and service is HORRIBLE. I work for a very large corporation and I will definitely be submitting my feedback to our incentive and commissions department. This company seems like a middle man that is pocketing profits and delaying delivery by months. If you are considering this company for your business or as a gift please go with Visa gift cards instead."

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American Red Cross Donation

"It's been over 3 weeks since receiving an email to redeem my $5 gift card from the American Red Cross. I'm still waiting and according to other reviews, I doubt I'll ever get it. I'm not concerned with retrieving the gift card, but do want to make a point for other businesses/consumers not to trust these guys. "

Helpful Cool


Don't bother with them

"I got a $5 gift card from the Red Cross for my donation. It took hours for their site to work and actually credit it. I ordered a digital gift certificate/card from Amazon. I figured it would be faster if digital. Now the order status page says it's back ordered. A back ordered digital code? Someone on Facebook had trouble with them, and he mentioned it took 12 days.

This is just ridiculous. This does not seem to be a professional company. I'm going to suggest to the Red Cross they no longer deal with this company.

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