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"Do not let your rv go without payment first! WE have not been paid since Sept for over $2600. We filed a small claims suit against them.
Here is where you file with Judge Cercone:

Fill out the forms and get it notorized and mail it in. They will notify you of the court date.
You will have to go to Dallas, TX for court , so
you can also file for travel expenses, hotel, court fees and lost time at work, so our suit is filed for $3520.

Also PLEASE file a complaint with the Texas General Attorneys Office Consumer Affairs - we got a letter back from them saying that GETRV.com is being investigated. So every complaint filed helps and maybe we can get them shut down!

Also, go to http://www.gettrv.com - this guy has started a site to get peoples stories so the FBI can investigate further. They are still renting campers and collecting money and not paying people!

Good luck

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"Don't ever give your RV to them to rent. You will never get paid. Thy give you excuse after excuse. Beware they are crooks."

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"NASTY, NASTY, NASTY campers. We were in need of a camper for the weekend and found GetRV online. We reserved a pop-up camper and when we went to pick it up, it was filthy and in very poor condition with torn screens on the windows, countertops were peeling, overall nasty. In the paperwork I received prior to pickup, it stated we needed to ensure we had a specific connection for the tail lights, which we had, but when we picked up the camper, we were forced to purchase an adapter because this was not what was needed. We reluctantly took the camper but after further thoughts, just could not bear to sleep in it so returned it the next morning. The local vendor would not provide me with a return receipt. We disputed the rental through AmEx but they were unable to do anything about it and we ended up having to pay for it for the weekend. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! "

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"I have to say it is very disappointing to see what terrible service and equipment has been rented through GETRV.com, due to the fact that they are a third party and have nothing to do with the units they rent aside from the fact that they list them on their website, collect payment for rentals, and then hopefully pay the owner's of the units. We have dealt with them for several years and never had a problem until recently. We have not been paid for the last two rentals (we are unit owner's),and I get a run around story everyday. And I do call once a day. I figured they would get sick of hearing from me and pay me, but now I see I am not the only person in this boat. Worst part of the situation is that this is my sole income, and I can't afford to not be paid.
Other side of this story - I have NEVER, EVER had a complaint from a renter that rented through GETRV.com or directly through my company. I would be ashamed to provide the non accomodating, and difficult people that are talked about in the reviews below, in any company I was responsible for. We check our units, before and after every rental. They are maintained, with complete oil changes every 3-5,000 miles. If something does not work, we fix it. I have built my business over several years and lose rentals constantly, because we only have a few units. I believe that we have continued to get stronger because of the service we provide. Going that little extra step can make a big difference.

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"As much as I would love to recommend GETRV, in good faith, I just can't. I am a private owner of a travel trailer who used GETRV to help find me business. It's true, GETRV will collect the money from the renters and never pay the actual owners who are providing the rv/camper. I have conducted several transactions successfully with GETRV during the summer of 2011. It wasn't until September of 2011 that they didn't pay me for my service. Alicia, with GETRV, claims that someone within their company was embezzling money and that's why their company got behind on paying their vendors. After 2 months of being patient with GETRV, I now realize that they have no intentions on paying me. I'm thinking a class action lawsuit is in order here. Anyone interested?
Yes, the RVs you are renting are privately owned and not by GETRV. I can't speak on the condition on everyone's RV, however, I can tell you that we did and do keep our travel trailer in EXCELLENT condition. I am baffled why other owners and rental companies wouldn't do the same. After all, this is your business and in order to have a successful business you cater to your customers. With that being said, if your reading this and are in need of renting a camper in SC please call me. I promise you will get what your promised with me. I currently do not have any motor homes for rent, but I have a nice, newer travel trailer. Our rates are good, cheaper than renting through GETRV. You can view my camper at www.1rvrentals.com Click on SC. RV#1626 Also, we can delivery and setup the camper for you.

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"Don't do business with them they are crooks and steal from RV owners. They rent your RV, take the money from the renter and never pay the RV owner. I am waiting since 2 months on substantial amounts of money owed. They lied to me on at least 8 occasions about the payment being on its way. Stay away from them very dishonest people."

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"DO NOT RENT your r.v. through these people !!! They will get paid for the rental and not pay you. When you call there and actually get a person to answer, you will get one excuse after the other. Plain and simple they are thieves !!"

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"I should have read the reviews from this company before, it`s a nigthmare to deal with then, I rented and paid over $ 1.550,00 to rent an class A motorhome, to deal with Insurance is terrible and you will have to be ready for a lot of time. I paid everything 1 week before and called 4 days before to confirm if everything was all set to avoid problems and they said it was ok. the day before my rental i received a phone call from ALISHA from GETRV and she said that the rv rented brocked down and she had to replace it, it was frustating but so fare it was ok, so she send me information from another RV.but charged me another $ 70.00, plus they charged me for camp Table $10.00,Portable Grill:$15.00,Kitchen Kit $75.00, I never get any of these.
I try to say something and she said it wasnt her fault and she wasnt doing anything wrong. this was the time when i learned that they dont own any RV, They just connect you with the real owner, so after deal with all the insurances all over again, i come to pick up the rv and...
windshield was cracked in the cornner, radio doesnt work, all durty, tv doesnt work, I was promissed to pay $ 35.00 flat fee for unlimited Genarator use and NO, They end up charging me $ 4.00 per hour of use, tv brocked, so kids with no tv for 4 days, the air condition was working only if you turn the genarator on, so it consumed a lot of hours, plus it didnt worked well, only in the front area of the bus, the2 front seats didnt moved to adjust because was broked, also there was no arms on the sid to rest your shoulder, so I had to drive 4 days w/out rest my shoulder any minute, the wipers was very old and we got 1 day of rain, so... to make all even worst the back axle had a terrible noise when you drive and i called the owner to complaint and he said that I had to bring it back to get fixed, but I was going to waist my kids vacation because of then, so i tried to deal with, wrong option. it was the worst trip i ever did. so PLEASE DONT RENT FROM GETRV.

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"Do not rent from them. I put a $600 deposit on an RV and a day later they said that I could not have it for 4 days that it was only available for 3 days. So I asked them to cancel the reservation and they sent me an email confirming cancellation. 3 weeks later, they still have not refunded my $600. They do not return calls. This is a bad business!!! Stay away!"

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"Terrible company. Actually filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against them. False representation of product, when emailed and called them to complain (THREE times called, FIVE times emailed, THREE physical letters) they ignored everything until I filed the complaint.


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"Reserved the RV in April for August. Called to pay the balance in July. Five days later when the money had not been taken out of my account, called back and was told it wouldn't go through. Suggested to them that they try splitting it into two transactions due to daily limits on check cards. Called back five days later when they still had not taken the full amount and asked them to complete the transaction. Picked up the RV on 08/18/10 from RV Rentals of Orlando and was informed that there was "no such thing" as unlimited generator use despite having paid extra for it. Got issue resolved, left, and realized the rv was a double-slide gas- had paid for a triple slide diesel. Numerous phone calls later, was told by GetRV's Jim that the RV paid for was not available, but amoney would be immediately refunded to credit card. Phoned RV Rentals to give the card number and they refused, stating it would be refunded "if" they refunded the security deposit upon return of the rv. The rv was dirty and had to be cleaned by us before loading it. The generator stopped working on the last two days. The couch bed (which we did not intend to use when we rented the other rv w a full size over-cab bed and a queen-size bed in the bedroom) was uncomfortable- the wires under the mattress could be felt, and too short for anyone under 5'5". Upon returning the RV, RV Rentals of Orlando would not refund the money owed or the security deposit to a credit card. Stating they would mail a check in 7-10 days. Had to ask them to include the tax paid on the refund- they agreed.14 days later, still no refund. Called RV Rentals and was told that they couldn't find the records. Called GetRV and was told they would investigate. Got a call back from RV Rentals saying that they would issue the check and mail it, same day, but that they would have to verify paying back the sales tax. More phone calls, and a second check to be issued and mailed.
GetRV.com attempted to unfairly take my money. Did they seriously think that we would not notice that we were given the wrong RV? Why not just call us and let us know when they knew? (We later learned that they knew in May that the RV that we booked would not be available.)
No refund was ever offered for the days that the generator did not work, and no apology for my having to argue over something I had paid for and had written record of having paid for.
The man that I spoke with most of the time at RV Rentals of Orlando was rude on every occasion. He was also the person that insisted unlimited generator use did not exist.
Any time I needed to contact GetRV.com, it took 3-6 phone calls and sometimes days before I got a call back.
Still no refund money or return of my security deposit.
GetRV.com and RV Rentals of Orlando have poor business practices and even worse customer service.

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"DO NOT USE www.GetRv.com and DO NOT call 1-888-GETRV44 !!!
My family and I reserved an R.V. from GetRv.com 5 months in advance from when we needed the rental. Just hours before we were getting ready to go and pick it up, they called and said that they had an R.V. for us but that it was a mess as it'd been taken to "race week" with a lot of drunks who'd done "God knows what" to the inside. Then, an hour later we were informed that they could not provide us any R.V. at all as they were afraid any that had would not be reliable for a long trip. Even though our trip was one state over. They canceled and offered no refund. This, as you can imagine was a horrible experience and left us angry beyond words. We didn't understand how a national chain could be so irresponsible even though we'd reserved this date months in advance. We were to show up at a wedding, WITH THE GROME hours before being told we'd have to completely rearrange the entire week and make plans for transportation. Do yourself a favor and go with a company that has a 100% money back guarantee and a good reputation. This company's policy, customer service and plain awful attitude was worse than bad. I've never experienced anything like it in all my years of travel.

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"This a copy of the letter that I wrote after we rented an RV from GetRV.com. We picked it up at 4Seasons RV in Buford, GA and it was the RV from Hell. It was only 1 year old and we thought it would be in great shape. GETRV did not bother to even respond to me!

"Good morning Vinko,
I must tell you that that RV that we rented for the event at Road America was the RV from Hell!!
The generator goes through oil faster than we could keep up with it. Driving around the area at 3 am in the morning looking for a shop that sells oil was not pleasant at all. We went through more than a quart a day and we did not have the generator on all the time.

One of the reasons that we rented your particular RV was the fact that you had a TV , dish, DVD player--NONE of it worked. We even went online looking for directions to try to get it going, NOTHING!! We had people coming to the event and some were going to watch the race on the TV. My son, AJ, who was racing in the TDI cup needed the TV so he could watch his data that was collected. NOTHING!! Worthless.

I would suggest that when someone is coming to pick up the unit that you turn on the gas to get the fridge cooling. It did not get to the proper temperature until almost 12 hours after we got the unit which ruined some of our food.

The privacy curtains are all ripped and broken.

Screens are missing which allowed the bugs to come in.

The locking mechanism on the door to the unit does not work properly and we would get locked in and then had to go through the front and find a key to get back in. We finally taped the red buttons in a working position.

The skylight above the shower leaks.

We did not use the microwave, stove or oven so we have no idea whether they work or not.

I thank you for giving us sheets and blankets but we really needed the towels that Stan at GetRV promised us and supposedly charged us for.

All in all, considering the weather during the weekend we were glad to have shelter but it would have been much better if it had been in better condition AND been what I was promised and paid for.

That RV also needs a thorough cleaning. I know I left it cleaner than I found it but without a vacuum cleaner there was not much else I could do.

If you want to know what we went through, wait til a really good rainy night and spend the night in it without hook-ups. I guarantee you that the generator will stop working about 3 am..."

I received no response at all from GetRV and Vinko, the very nice guy at 4SeasonsRV wrote me back to tell me that the TV did work (no way) and that it was normal for a generator to use up 1.5 qts of oils if you ran it for hours at a time.

Find another company to rent from! We rented from another company at the beginning of the summer and at the time I did not realize how professional and caring they were. AND how clean the RV was.

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"Figuring out insurance through this service is a complete nightmare and GetRV is COMPLETELY unhelpful. GetRV does not actually rent you an RV. They connect you with a private owner who rents an RV. Our insurance provider is Progressive, and Progressive will not provide coverage for towing someone else's trailer with my vehicle. We entered into a four week cycle of lots of back and forth's through emails and confusing contracts that would have left me personally liable with no coverage for the value of someone else's trailer in the event of an accident. If you are renting a trailer to tow, be prepared to either accept tremendous personal risk or to potentially deal with renting from a private owner who has no commercial rental insurance and no clue what they need to do. The actual private party we were connected with was friendly and helpful and I don't blame them. This is a poorly planned business model from GetRV."

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