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Buy from your local Skidoo supplier only, not

"I bought 2 throttle levers for my 2008 Skidoo Summit Rev XP 154" last March 2016
at the end of the season. I just got around to putting the new one on. It was the wrong part.
Both my adult son and I have the same sleds so I ordered 2 to have a spare.
The parts list shows to the parts I ordered, for the year and sled I listed above.
I called today and no surprise they will not take them back.

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Should have read reviews before ordering from these clowns!

"My experience was the same as the other bad reviews for these guys.. ordered a part, never got it... they've got a snazzy website with great prices for OEM parts, but none of that matters if you can't actually obtain the parts from them!"

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Horrible Dealer !!!! Stay away from....

"I came across through . Item was listed with freeshipping and they had several in stock. I figured I'd save a little versus ordering from my dealer and I'd still have it in the same time frame .

Well I get a E-mail from them the next day wanted an additional $30 for shipping ,now I'm not to happy about this and it puts it at the same price my dealers wants out the door . But I pay it figuring I'd save myself the 30 min trip to the dealer and still have it in the same time frame . A couple days go by and nothing , No package... No emails...No calls, Nothing . So I call them and the person on the phone tells me that they didn't have it in stock and were waiting on it to be shipped to them from their supplier and that they were expecting it that day . Well four more day go by and nothing . No emails .. no calls .. No package..Nothing .
So I call them again and the person tell me that my item has been shipped but expected delivery isn't for another four days . I told them I wanted the tracking info and had them email it to me . After checking the tracking info it turns out the didn't receive and or shippout my item until three after my first call.

So I'm still waiting on something I could have had Tuesday if I would have gone through my dealer.

1. They lied about the free shipping
2. They lied about having them in stock
3. Off by 3 days as to when they receive it
4. Taken a week longer to get than had I just ordered it from my dealer.
5. Othen than the E-mail from them wanting MORE money ,they have ZERO communication skills.

Horrible..I'll be avoiding at all cost and making sure I try to keep other people from having to go through the same issues.

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"Same experience as others. Ordered same 4 parts on 12/17/15 and got an email right away processing request and withdrew money right away. I sent email to support a week later and no response. I called after Christmas and was told they had 2 of the parts the other 2 will be in that week. The next week called again. Now I was told the 2 came in but waiting on other 2. Okay first why not notify customer part is on back order. Second why say you have the 2 when really they were coming that week and waiting on other 2. Called again the following week and was told parts would be in Thursday and they expedited the shipping so I would get by Saturday. Had to call again the next week. Was told they shipped and provided tracking number. Tracking number showed not picked up until the day after I talk to them last. Didn't receive until Thursday when I was told shipped the Wednesday before and 3 day shipping. What a joke this place is. They obviously are lacking in there process and don't even know what they have in inventory or when they can get it. Not worth your time or money. Go elsewhere unless you are okay with calling every week and getting a crap answer and waiting a month for your part."

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"Extremely bad experience. Took forever. Shipped me somebody else's parts. Let me order a part they couldn't even get. When they FINALLY shipped, they send me somebody else's parts, which ended up screwing this other guy. I kept asking them for a shipping label to send the poor other guy his parts, but it took them more 2 weeks to send me a label. The label had me shipping the parts back to them. At the same time, UPS started leaving me pickup notices. I called them and they said they were supposed to pick it up and ship it to the original guy. On and on... Nobody there has a clue what's going on. Finally got my parts, except for the ones that they let me order but couldn't get. They should spend less time coming up with ridiculous "cute" rhetoric on their website and phone messages, and practice what they preach. I won't make the same mistake twice... I would leave 0 stars, but that was not an option."

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"Funny how the other reviews relate exactly to my experience... I ordered three simple items, on December 5th, 2014. I received my order on January 16th, 2015. ENOUGH said. Will never consider again."

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"Process the order then want extra for shipping. Gee, you will be making money selling my email address now. "

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"Horrible place to buy from. I have been waiting close to 20 days to get my order. Customer service is horrid. Everytime you try to connect they tell you something different about your oder. "

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"Horrible. Ordered ATV parts one week passes, one part on back order, that part cancelled, another week passes, get email saying sorry we are behind. This is for a part for a repair, you can't wait to ship and just make sure it gets here by christmas. Skip this place unless you really like waiting forever."

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"Ordered parts from nearly a week and a half ago. I got an instant confirmation via email, and a quick withdraw from my credit card - that was the last I heard from them. Despite multiple attempts to get info about my order, I come up empty handed. Over $100 spent on their site - and they promised a response within 24 hours about my order status - But nothing! The parts I ordered were for a customer's machine - who wanted it back by this coming weekend. I'm just about left with having to re-order parts elsewhere and put a rush on them to ensure I would have them by Friday. Wasted time and money! What a way to do business. They put "Awesome" all over everything, but in my book, they just plain SUCK!
I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau and with PayPal as-well. There is a SERIOUS problem with retailer's customer service these days - they couldn't care less about the customer. Gearhead is a PRIME example of that philosophy!

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"By far the worst online shopping experience. If you have multiple items they will ship as one order even if that means it'll take 2 months to ship. Poor follow up when you inquire about the reasons why they haven't shipped your order yet. I'd rather pay extra and actually receive my order. "

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