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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.00/10
Customer service: 2.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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The Worst in the History of the Internet

"I’ll start off by saying the shipping was fantastic. Right on time. After that, the experience went South fast. I bought a Pod HD Pro X on Amazon from Gear Tree. For an extra $87.52 Gear Tree was supposed to supply a link for a Effects package Line 6 put out in late 2016. When I asked them how to get the link for the effects they proceeded to tell me how the ad was a mistake and they would check with the Line 6 rep to see if the effects package was still available. It looks like they made the same mistake of 5 Pod 500Hds ad well. Hmmm. I told them I would like a partial refund of $87.52 which would cover the additional cost. They refused. They said I had to return the whole unit. So I got ****, they hung up on me and I called Line 6. Within 20 minutes of me telling my story, Line 6 emailed me the link to the effects. package. Very cool. Stay away from these guys. Just another headache you don’t need"

Helpful Cool


100% Positive

"I've purchased two guitars, a mandolin, a bass, and a banjo from Gear Tree. All were top quality, no "B" stock, shipped extremely quickly, packed well, and at the best prices I could find. Twice, I had questions before my purchases, and Matt answered very quickly. I can't speak to other people's experiences, but for me, shopping at Gear Tree has been 100% positive and I'll certainly shop there again."

Helpful Cool


Wish I did my research first!

"Don't take the chance unless you have money to burn, if so, give it to me, a local charity or the casino and NOT THESE "musicians/people"!

Sell defective/seconds/b-stock merchandise as new, screw you on the return process and blame the customer or manufacturer for the issue.

They will take your money! Buyer Beware!

Helpful Cool


Buy local unless that place is Gear Tree then buy elesewhere!

" I have been dealing with the same issue from Gear Tree for the past two months and Amazon has been no help. They sent me a "new guitar" with finish peeling and dents. I asked for a discount since it wasn't new, they said its Fenders issue and would only send me a replacement. The replacement arrived, looked great but had an issue with a bowed neck, buzzing on frets in std open tuning. I decided to get a refund. In return transit there was a mix up and the guitar got damaged further by UPS and returned to me with a crushed face. The owner MATT basically described it as a my problem and since they got paid too bad.

I am glad it was only a $400 guitar. I acknowledge the return issue happened on my watch. But if they didn't send me two POS guitars I would not have to return it. I suspected that they sell refurbished or seconds and from reading honest reviews online, now I know.

Word of mouth is the best and worst form of advertising. Please continue to share your stories, I am going to type up a nice editorial of my whole experience when it is over and post it to my small following of 10k people, some of them have to play instruments.

And to add insult to injury, After I worked alone for 2 months to try and resolve the damage with UPS, the claim was approved only for the basic level of $100. The check is being sent to Guess who? Gear Tree! and if I want it I need to send them the guitar back! Ok that is real class. How I would have handled it if I ran the company is A. Follow the process through to the end, they after all sent TWO bad instruments (the owner claimed the second was "perfect" but it was never in wrapped from Fender, and he tried to say that I was the only person in the stores history to have a problem with a guitar they sold! Check out their own video of taking a sledge hammer to a returned guitar, hmm we have Luthiers that repair damaged instruments for Veterans, guess this guy just takes pleasure in destruction). B. I acknowledge the return guitar received further damage then what they sent, but I also am aware that a dealer does not pay full retail for their products and as an act of good faith maybe sold the guitar at dealer cost since I can not play a busted instrument. Nope! But hey I will tell my experience EVERY CHANCE I GET!

Amazon had been no real help, they want to try to get me the $100 at least but, I will be closing my two credit cards with them and closing my account. Amazon prices have been matched at most of my stores I do business with so I will use them for that with out them getting a further cent.

Helpful (1) Cool


Beware, Not Trustworthy!

"Sold refurbished/used guitar as new, but it was used. Cust service is terrible. Had to file an Amazon claim to resolve. Item box was a smashed mess, opened and re-taped. Shipping label was applied over the broken manufacturer seal in an attempt to disguise its used condition. The protective plastic/label on body, pickups, pick guards was lifted and it appeared to have been reapplied because it had dirty curled edges with fingerprints and food crumbs, and crudely stuck-on. Looked worn like it was used, maybe floor sample or something. The gig bag had no tags or seals.
I sent photos to GearTree (Matt). Their reply was basically that the guitars come to them that way from Fender, and he actually gave me Fenders phone number to call them! Said to return but would not pay for the return or help me further. They have no integrity. Beware because they have many listings here for just one of each instrument, and based on the condition of this I suspect they are floor samples or used, but not new.
GearTree actual note:
Thanks for the info. Honestly, I have seen tons of these and that is what they look like as they come to us in that same package from Fender and the box already looks beat-up on occasion before we ship it back out. Sometimes the adhesive wears off on the clear protective layer and can lift up on the edges.
If you'd like to return it I would be happy to process a return for you or if you'd like to contact Fender with the serial number they will be able to confirm that it is brand new and has never been registered. They can be reached at ‪800-488-1818‬.
I paid full price for this item that looked like the box had been thru heck and back. Guitar was obviously used from photos I sent them. They would not pay the return shipping or help me further. They ignored all my inquiries after issuing the above email. They have no integrity. Beware because they have many listings here for just one of each instrument, and based on the condition of this I suspect they are floor samples or used, but not new.

Helpful (2) Cool


Nasty people. Unhelpful. Lie about their customers

"Dreadful experience with these people. Really not equipped to handle customer service and seem to think their own shortcomings are the fault of the customer. With service like one gets from Sweetwater or Musician's Friend, why would anyone waste time with this bit player?"

Helpful (3) Cool


GearTree is one of my go to site.

"They have very wide variety of products related to music. Service is really good as well with a combo of great quality products."

Helpful Cool


The Tree Delivers!!!

"Gear Tree has become one of my "go to" stores for a great selection, price and service. I can often find that cutting edge brand that the "main names" haven't discovered or offered yet. "

Helpful Cool


Don't even act like this isnt a catchy title...

"I love gear tree. They have fast shipping and great bundles that often give them an edge over their competitors."

Helpful Cool


"Great service I got my purchase quick and love it !"

Helpful Cool



"The item I purchased I ended up not needing. As it was returned unopened I was not charged a restocking fee and they promptly, and cheerfully, refunded my money. I assume that the quality of their gear is matched by their commitment to service."

Helpful Cool


Great quality ukulele case!

"It fit my ukulele perfectly and looks great! Love it! Exactly what I wanted. "

Helpful Cool


Fast Shipping

"Great product showed up as advertised and quickly!"

Helpful Cool


Great feedback from my new reverb!

"Very very happy I am with my new Polara reverb pedal. Came as listed, with the power supply, two patch cables, and the pedal itself....plugged it in and had a blast getting acquainted. It was delivered very timely and included a nice little surprise of $20 off my next 100+ purchase. That's how you get return customers!

Helpful Cool



"Great. Quick, cheap, easy."

Helpful Cool

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