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Rating 2/10

"One of the worst Laptops i ever used, i had to buy a new computer to work, because i was short of money i decided to try this one out, it constantly shuts down, the operative system constantly is running out of memory.

The only good thing about it was the price, but definitely not worth it,

Rating 2/10

"This is regarding Gateway 15.6". I have had the worst experience yesterday working with Gateways customer service. It has not been a yr & touch pad stopped working. The rep that was working with me instructed me to refresh the laptop which caused ALL OF MY PROGRAMS USED FOR MY WORK to disappear. My husband & I are infuriated that not only did they not fix the touch pad problem but now I have to do extra work in getting all these programs that were deleted in working order in order for me to continue working & this also includes our financial info that was ready to go to our accountant for tax season. I will never ever buy any anything from Gateway again."

No Avatar

Rating 10/10

"I bought a GatewayNE71B at Wal-Mart april 2013 a computer idiot if it can beabused misused im the man for the job ive even got 5 stereo systems wired up to it I PUSH ALL the wrong buttons causing complete caos it always has a way of fixing itself its got great battery life and the cd burner never dies its been GREAT I would buy another one today "

Rating 10/10

"this is a review that i just posted on Amazon and i wanted to share it here as well... concerning the Gateway ZX4270-UR30 19.5-Inch All-in-One Desktop (Black)

i must disagree with quite a few of these negative comments, while adding to the positive ones... I have had this system for roughly 6 months now.. To my associates/friends/family, i am the worst thing to ever happen to a computer. I have broken every screen whether it was a pc, mac, tablet, or cell phone that i have owned ( probably around 75 in my lifetime) .
As an Industrial Designer,I attempt constant upgrades, downgrades, etc. with ZERO prior knowledge on how to do so which always leaves me with a blue screen attached to a bunch of unplugged wires and corrupted software which is no doubt missing its protective outer casing.. I drop them, my heavy tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and such fall on them, the cat knocks them down, they fall off the wall. or perhaps i just thought it could be even more functional somehow which by the end simply left me with a shoebox filled of screws and wires. .. who knows... i could go on and on....

My point being that this machine has suffered no more, and certainly not less than ALL of personal computers before it that suffered the travesties i have listed.. However, I am sitting on my sofa using it to write this review, AND, it looks just as good as the day i bought it. I swear. This machine has been through hell & high water with me ( in fact i just dropped it off of the back of my couch, 3 different times today) and yet it just keeps dusting itself off and conducting business as usual... I LOVE IT. The insides are minimal and the important parts (all three of them) are safe in protective shells making it virtually impossible for me to hurt them.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPUTER FOR EVERYBODY, THE RESOLUTION IS AMAZING, THE SOUND (with a third party equalizer installed) IS BETTER THAN MY "50 FLATSCREEN HD TV, and even though i corrupted Windows 8 months ago (and replaced with Linux) the included hard drive had no issue with me doing so...

the only downside is that if you run multiple intensive cpu guzzling programs, such as my 3 photoshop and webbuilding programs, while surfing the net, while installing updates , AND watching a movie in the top corner .. it can have a bit of a lag.. thats it. THAT IS THE ONLY PROBLEM. I am currently looking for the exact same one (only bigger because i have a slowly progressing eye disease causing me to go blind ) but i simply cannot afford it.. So for now.. i worship this computer and i implore you all to do the same, you will not regret it :)

Rating 2/10

"Worst Brand ever!!! Purchased my Gateway laptop model NE56R in November 2012. Summer 2013 came by and by June my screen all of a sudden had a small internal wriggly line on the right hand side, the next day I had a flashing blue screen. Called customer service whom told me I had to send it in to their repair center for diagnostics. Received a call back from diagnostics dept. who was accusing me of breaking the screen when my laptop does not even move from my Table. it's a simple flip up and flip it back down. Customer service wanted to charge me $300 to fix the screen, I had to dispute and tell them to have a manager call me. Manager called me back and unfortunately had to pay $175 just to fix the screen. Now I have a dotted line going across the middle of the screen and it's only been 4 months since they fixed it. NEVER BUY GATEWAY!!! Wish I had looked up the reviews before purchasing."

Rating 2/10

"NE56R34u 15.6-Inch Laptop -
It worked well for a few days, but then began shutting down at random times. I made sure all the power settings said never to shut down automatically. Gateway support suggested resetting the BIOS, which I did, but that didn't solve it. I had to send it back to them (and I paid the shipping, even though it failed after only a week!) They sent it back a week later, and the problem just occurred again yesterday (two weeks after we got it back.) I'm calling this a lemon.

After sending it back TWICE, the problem persists. Gateway refuses to refund or replace, even though the second time it was in for a repair they couldn't reproduce the problem. Amazon says that my window of opportunity to return the item expired. (Hey, I've been trying to get it repaired!!)

I'll never buy another Gateway.

Rating 2/10

"Gateway as others have said on here has the worst customer service I have experienced. About two years ago I bought a Gateway netbook through HSN. The netbook worked fine at first but after several months that is when the problems started happening. This is where the story begins to take a turn with me having to deal with their horrid customer service. The first problem is with there automated voice system. The system asks that you recite some number that is located on the bottom of the computer, It seems that no matter how clearly you speak the voice systems seems unable to recognize your voice and it takes several times before it gets the number correct. The second problem is with their tech support people when you finally able to connect to a real person you usually fine that you will be talking to some person in India that at lot of time although nice is hard to understand. The third problem as I said before is the fact that you have to spend a great deal of time navigating through their useless voice mail system before you can talk to a real person. Another problem with them is the fact that they seem to make crappy cheap products that are of poor quality. In the two years that I have had my computer I have had to send my computer in for repair so many times I lost track. Never once during the times that I have had to send it back have they ever offered to simply just replace my computer with a new one. Another problem is that shortly before the warranty was set to expire for my computer then began to agressively harras me to try and get me to extend my warranty. Becuase as I stated earlier since I had to send the computer back several times which would add up to a lot of time that I was unable to use the computer and since they refused to send me a new one I came to the conclusion that they should at least extend my warranty which they finnaly did. But they did not do this until after they first gave me the run around and passed me from person to person which took a great deal of my time. I will never buy another Gateway Computer ever again"

Rating 2/10

"First off, it is no coincidence that Gateway Review Forums are absolutely loaded with terrible reviews. That should be noted by anyone reading this, and passed on accordingly. I'm a fairly reasonable guy, and I can confidently say that the customer service I recently received from Gateway has undoubtedly been the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Similar to many other reviews on these forums, my issue with Gateway involved their warranty, the repair center, and Gateway's failure to act with even the slightest amount of integrity during the entire process. I'm not even a classic reviewer - I haven't written one in years. I've been pissed off and tempted plenty of times, but I'll usually just let it go. This situation with Gateway, however, is just so absolutely horrendous, that I am left with no choice but to do my part in spreading the word on the pathetic excuse for a company that is Gateway.

I bought my Gateway PC (Windows 8) on May 21st, 2013. Not 2 months later, I cannot install Windows Updates without an immediate freeze, cannot shut down the computer, cannot restart, reset, refresh to factory settings, system restore - nothing. The hardware is busted. So I call up Gateway and after basic troubleshooting attempts, they advise me to send it in for repair under my 1-year Limited Warranty. After a long discussion, they tell me to ship it out to them in Texas to the Acer Repair Center. I was foolish enough to not consider the shipping cost, which was ~$40.00, until after the fact. That night, I call up Gateway requesting a refund on the $40.00 - reasoning that I just bought the computer two months ago and should not be responsible to pay for the shipment out to them - and they tell me they won't do it. So that pissed me off, but I had other things going on - and I let it slide.

Two weeks later (yesterday), my computer arrives back from the Acer/Gateway Repair Center. Very excited, I open it up and plug it in. Had I read these other reviews, I would have already known what was about to happen. I turn it on - and this is 100% accurate - within 30 seconds, I realize that every single problem with the PC remained unfixed. I literally couldn't even believe it, so I tried a couple of things with the hopes that it was just rusty. Negative. Gateway had sent me back my PC, two weeks later, in the same defective condition it went out. Not a single defect was fixed. So I call Gateway. My biggest issue was not that it remained defective (although that obviously pissed me off quite a bit), but that it took me one attempt to plainly see that the computer was not fixed. I logged on, did a quick check, and immediately noticed. What does that say about Gateway's technicians, let alone Gateway's level of care for their customers? After 30 minutes or so of back and forth, I make my way to the "highest" level of customer service that exists at Gateway - the corporate section. Needless to say, the conversation was highly unsatisfactory. I wish I had recorded the phone call so I could post it right here with my review. The customer service at this level wasn't just horrendous, it was virtually non-existent. At the end of the long, fruitless conversation I had with that robot, the best Gateway was willing to offer me was a 30-day extension on my warranty (10 months away). And she couldn't tell me enough how great of a courtesy I was receiving from Gateway. I was so appalled by this suggestion that I refused it, and don't regret doing so. Despite me explaining that I bought the computer two months ago, paid $40 to ship it out there, and patiently waited two weeks for its return only to find it in the same condition in which I sent it out - there was nothing Gateway would do to rectify the situation. So that was that. My computer is currently on its way back to Texas, likely to return defective for a second time. In the literal sense of the word, it is truly unbelievable that a company of this size could possibly be so devoid of integrity.

I think it's safe to say that I wish you stay far away from Gateway products, both for my, and your, personal well-being. At least until they get their act together, which doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. For one, based on my, and everyone else's recent experience with Gateway, their computers seem to be very poorly manufactured. Every other review you find on Gateway mentions continuous failures in their PC/Laptop. Second, when your computer does inevitably malfunction, you will have no choice but to ship it out to Gateway's Repair Center. Who knows what those numbskulls even do over there, but if we're going off of these reviews, they certainly aren't doing their job. And third, every single time you have even the slightest issue with your computer, you have to deal with this disgrace of a customer service process. I remain stunned from the entire experience and my subsequent discovery of all these other reviews. I advise anyone considering purchasing a Gateway product to think twice, and even three times, before doing so. They simply cannot be trusted right now.

I let the Gateway corporate team know before I got off the phone that I would spread word of my experience with them, and that is what I must do. Take these words, and spread them.

- Buzz Funksteen

Rating 2/10

"0 out of 5 rating
I wish I'd read these reviews before purchasing a new Gateway desktop. Trouble from day 1. Have faxed proof of purchase, emailed proof of purchase several times, talked with cust service by phone, 2 online chats and today a message straight to corporate...at least I hope thats where it went. I should have stuck with HP...I will never buy a Gateway/Acer again. I'm an author so have plenty followers. I'm going to make sure nobody I know ever buys their product. My next book title will be; Never buy a Gateway/Acer product. I would appreciate it if all of you would let me use your reviews in my book. email me at marycollins409@gmail.com We'll get our revenge...lol

Rating 2/10

"I bought a Gateway notebook NV55C for myself two years back, and within the first 3 months of having it, it started crashing. It would overheat and then suddenly shut off all in 2 hours of it running. This continued for another 10 months until it abruptly stopped around February of 2012. Now, in December, it has started up again, and I can't stand it... It happens so frequently now that I have had to start putting an ice pack (along with the fan that I have had since the begining) underneath it to keep it from overheating. If this continues to happen I'm afraid that the screen will soon have a big hole in it the shape of my fist...



Rating 2/10

"I bought a brand new Gateway laptop from BestBuy and about a week after the warranty ran out the motherboard died. It would cost more to replace the motherboard than what I paid for the laptop. Do NOT purchase a Gateway - they are the lowest end laptop ever and you WILL be dissappointed. My buddy had the graphics card, which is attached to the motherboard die, shortly after he purchased it, too. These notebooks are JUNK! Stay away!!"

Rating 2/10

"I have been extremely disappointed with the tech support and customer service provided by Gateway. My laptop has had a known issue with interference on the audio channel, but it has never been fixed. When I asked if there were any suggested solutions, the technician suggested I perform a system recovery, despite the fact that this problem has existed since the machine was first purchased. The only other suggestion from the technician was to pay nearly half the purchase price of the machine to send it in for repair.

I will choose a laptop from a company that provides better service in the future, even if the price is higher.

Rating 10/10

"I bought a used Gateway laptop recently for my birthday. It was low on memory, so I deleted a whole bunch of stuff and now it runs perfectly fine. Gateway is a good brand for school students. Yet, I have not spoken to Gateway tech support, so I wouldn't know whether they are friendly or not. But I personally would choose Gateway because it is a good brand, and there is nothing wrong with MY Gateway laptop. It works perfectly fine. And I would also personally would NOT choose HP because they are a bad and they don't work right. Gateway is also cheaper which helps people who have money issues. Even though Gateway laptops might run slowly at times, they are worth the wait because they don't stay slow for long. Gateway is a wonderful choice for all who need an affordable, efficient laptop."

Rating 2/10

"gateway and those who sell them are total scum. Bought 2 desktops, paid top dollar for 3 years of extended warantee, then the problems began. Somehow after 2 weeks on the phone, I had to pay to send them to somewhere in Austin. :"Fixed" says them, sent it back at further cost to me. Then returned with an infected harddrive, one that kept saying "your windows is not genuine". This was right out of the box from the so called repair. Next, they updated their system to accept calls from only customers that had an 11 digit SNID, and mine has a 10 digit serial number. Nifty way to screw your customers, cut them off from support, or even the ability to call for support after they spent over 300 dollars for support. 40 emails later to "steve" in India, they finally acknowledged my 10 number serial number will not work. The next email they started all over, "tell us your problem" etc. This went on for months, clearly they were not going to fix anything. Any one who sells this filth should be brought up on charges. "

Rating 2/10

"Gateway SUCKS big time! I paid $1700 for this gaming desktop FX6800-01E POS with the 3 year warranty, taxes, etc. It's been in repair twice in less than 2 years! After a year the Power Supply had to be replaced, 6 months later the Hard Drive and Video Card had to be replaced by Gateway. Inconvenient too because you bring it to Best Buy and they ship it out to the repair center in California! I just got it back after the 2nd repair and guess what? It STILL won't boot! I have the same error message it had when I brought it in for repair. Now they are saying I have to buy recovery disks for the unit...they didn't back up ANYTHING. THIS IS MY 1ST AND LAST GATEWAY, WHAT A POS!"

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