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Rating 2/10

"I've been subscribed to this service for over a year. First few months I was fine because I was borrowing older video games and fully beating them before returning. Now, this service is useless to me b/c I don't get anything shipped to me. I have 30+ items in my queue and over the last 6 months, I've received 3 items.
It seems like the library hasn't been updated in quite a while. Do NOT use this service if you want any relatively recent releases. Movies and video game collection rarely get updated, if ever. Some new items may pop up in the collection, but you're extremely lucky if you ever get any mailed to you. The most recent movie I've been able to get was "Blades of Glory" (that DVD was released over 1 year ago as of the writing of this review) and I haven't gotten anything newer.
Site and library browsing is not user friendly: no good way to customize searches or browse by genres. Site isn't reliably available (it's been down for the last several days) and search is even less reliable (search hasn't worked for me over the past week).
The concept sounds good in principle (movies + video games) but the execution just doesn't work. Please, do yourself a favor and stay away unless you are only interested in older titles! I got sucked in b/c the price is a little cheaper per month, but I'm done paying money and having nothing shipped to me.

Rating 2/10

"BEWARE – Terrible customer service! If you have time on your hands and like the runaround game then this place is for you..

I purchased a membership with them based on other reviews and other customer experiences that I found on other websites. It mainly boiled down to their location. They are based and ship games from KY. Me being a fellow Kentuckian I thought the transit times and turnaround would be shorter than other rental companies. True that is if they ever ship a title!

The first month 6-9-08 was OK. 2 day turnarounds and 6 month old games started coming. Next month was much slower. I gave it another month to see if it would get better. Nope, it got worse. 1 game in the month of October with a 3 out game plan and 40 games N-Queue!! So I called Customer Service & asked why it’s been a month since a game was last shipped. They basically refused to give me a real answer. They use a ploy to extend your membership 10 days and if a game does not ship they will re-extend it 10 more.

This is really to stop you from getting your credit card company involved. If they ship even 1 title during an extension it makes it harder for the credit card company to get your money back. Read their terms of service. In other words it states: They are not to be held responsible for shipping time or interrupted service.

If you fall victim to this, get out before they give you an extension and send you that 1 game for the month. Call your credit card company and get you membership refunded.

Rating 2/10

"I bought my little brother a year subscription to Gameznflix for Christmas 2007. He activated the account in March due to issues with them charging me twice etc. As of August 28, 2008 my little brother has received one game in April and that is all. They have not mailed him a single other game and refuse to refund my money. This is unacceptable. Not only does my little brother state that all the games on there are old titles but the company is telling me that since April none of the games that are in my brothers Queue are available because they are "high demand titles". I demand a refund for this. I will be willing to pay for one month, as he did receive one game, however, I refuse to pay for the whole year.I feel this company is scamming people. If they do not have the resources to accomodate a subscription service they should not be in business. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and submitted a dispute to get my money back. "

Rating 2/10

"I attempted to purchase a 6 month (2 at a time) gift certificate via their website. The website got hung up in the middle of the transaction. Called Customer Service - the ONLY customer service rep is named Samantha, and she is incredibly rude. She told me they had no record of the transaction and my credit card would not charged. The next day, my credit card was charged for the transaction, but I never received the gift certificate. I asked for a refund. They've given me nothing but vague answers. I have called FOUR times. First call: "The transaction did not go through; your credit card will not be charged." 2nd call: "Let me see if she can process the refund right now." 3rd call: "It takes some time to refund the account." 4th call: "We need to research the account before issuing the refund. This will take 4 weeks."


After getting nowhere with Customer Service, I asked to speak with someone in Accounting - they refused. Like so many of the other people who have been screwed over by Gameznflix, I now have no choice but to dispute the transaction with my credit card company.

They are AWFUL to deal with - STAY AWAY!

If you need to contact them by phone, one number you might try is (270) 586-8806. The address listed with the Franklin-Simpson Chamber of Commerce is 1535 Blackjack Rd., Franklin, KY 42134. The business owner's name is John Fleming. According to the company's SEC filings, his phone number is (270) 598-0385.

Good luck! The best bet is to simply avoid making a purchase from them altogether.

Rating 2/10

"Up until August this year I was very happy with GNF. I renewed my annual membership and looked forward to another happy year with them. That's when it all fell apart.

I have a 6 out plan, 50+ items in my queue, yet they seem to be unable to send me anything that has been released in the past 3 months! I have been sent 3 games in 3 months, and currently have 1 old game and 5 empty spaces.

I have an idea they might not actually have some of these games. Of the 55 in my queue, 50 of them have absolutely no customer rating or customer reviews. Looking at older games there are a lot of reviews. So what conclusion do I draw from this? If nobody has rated the game or written a review I am only to assume nobody has been sent that game? e.g., they don't have those games at all?

Look for yourself. No ratings for the 360 versions of Ratatouille, Ace Combat 6, Pro Street, COD4, Viva Pinata Party Animals, Guitar Hero III, Beautiful Katamari, Looney Tunes, PGR4 (been out 2 months), Nascar 08 (been out 4+ months), Vampire Rain, to mention but a few.

I will be contacting the BBB and the FTC.

Rating 2/10

"Stay away. Very diasppointed. Haven't received a single game/dvd the first month although I have 14 on the que. I've contacted customer service twice, yet nothing was resolved. "

Rating 2/10

"Horrible customer service. They are very rude and arrogant. They don't keep any records of any communications. They take along time to ship movie and games."

Rating 2/10

"fORGET GETTING VIEDO GAMES FROM THEM!! I have been a member for 6 months and finally quit. The last month they didn't ship me anything (I had 20 WII games in the queue). I have a WII and even when I had 30-40 WII games in the queue and a few gamecube games after that, the best I woud get is an occasional gamecube game. They also would resend me ones I returned just to send me something. Two out at a time? Bah - I was lucky to get one. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY!!!"

Rating 2/10

"I have been a member for about 6 month with 3 out plan. First they were pretty good at beginning, in the past few weeks they have been awful. I have received Nothing, let me repeat, nothing, nada, in the past few weeks despite I have 30+ items in my q. I called the customer service phone number and was told that none of my items in q are available (which is unbelievable because more than half of those items show FULL availably on their website). I just filed a complaint to BBB and FTC. I will cancel my subscription if they don't change. "

Rating 2/10

"I have been using this company for renting Wii games since the end of April. They're like Netflix and GameFly rolled into one, but my experience is only for renting games. I have the 2-out plan.

The only good thing I can say is that they are cheap, but like most things, you get what you pay for. The first game shipped out a day after I signed up, but the second one took another week, and only after I complained. I've had to complain two more times for the same reason: after returning a game, it takes a week or more for them to ship a new one.

I've made sure my queue has at least 10 items in it, and all but one of them display a full availability bar, yet customer service keeps saying that availability is only a general indication of when I can expect a title to ship. This is a lousy excuse.

To top it off, each time I've complained, customer service has extended membership to compensate me for lost time. I was satisfied with this, until I noticed the other day that only this most recent complaint had actually extended my membership. The first two times, they lied, because I've been billed at the end of April, May and June. Only this last complaint has moved the next billing date from the end of July to the end of August.

I asked for a refund for the last billing and they told me that they do not issue refunds. I am considering contesting the charge with my credit card company.

Needless to say, the low price is not worth the atrocious service I've received. I will be canceling my membership a few days before the next billing and will never use this company again.

Rating 4/10

"I've been a subscriber for a few months now on the 2-out plan, primarily for game rentals. Initially, I was pleasantly surprised by the service. They had many games and they were sent out and received fast. It's too bad it was all downhill from there.

As the number of games I was interested in grew smaller, I began adding films. These included American Beauty, Brick, Bullitt, and a few others. I don't consider these movies rare or out of the ordinary, but I never did receive them although they were on my queue for over a month while I had nothing rented because it seems they don't stock many copies. Furthermore, they list movies they don't actually keep which, after being added to your list, are labeled as "on order". This was the case for Brick, which took well over 2 months for them to list as stocked.

Finally, after a while with nothing sent to me, I dropped my account to 1-out. I was then billed at my monthly day and contacted them asking for my account to be canceled and the last payment refunded as I hadn't rented anything in a while. They agreed and after a week I've not seen the money.

The support is poor at best, primarily because of the system they use. The only contact is through a support forum-like system. No phone numbers or real e-mail addresses. They do respond reasonably quick, but weakly.

They aren't a horrible company, but my impression was that they are still not 'mature' enough to handle large numbers of subscribers.

Rating 2/10

"Terrible terrible service. I signed up with their " 6 out at a time " subscription for a little less than 2 month. During that time I've had countless issues that were never resolved. First of all, the turnaround time is horrible. It takes an average of 7-10 days between the time I drop off my game/movie in the mail to me receiving the next title. That was actually the least of my problems. During my 2 month subscription, it happens to me numerous times where titles I've returned were not received and GZFX policy is for you to wait 2 weeks before you can report it lost; more time wasted waiting. The customer service is terrible. It takes them up to 3 days to reply to your inquiries, and when you do get a reponse, its a generic one. And so, I've decided to cancel my subscrition and get a refund, since you pay a year in advance for the "6 out at a time". Now, I find out that GZFX charged me 3 month of subscription when in fact I only had usage for 2. For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to resolve this issue, and everytime I open up an online ticket with them, SOME agent just closes the issue w/o providing a response. The issue has yet to be resolved. IN SUMMARY, GZFX IS TERRIBLE. STAY AWAY."

Rating 2/10

"Ditto. Even though I had read a few bad reviews, it seemed the majority were positive - so I joined. At least - I tried.

I also had the issue that the were errors with my registration. It never did say it worked. The two options were back and cancel. I clicked cancel.

I tried logging in = error.
I tried resetting the password = not in database.

However, my credit card was charged within seconds of the FAILED registration.

I have submitted a support ticket via the web support. I have the feeling I was just screwed.

Rating 2/10

"I tried to sign up for a trial but never recieved my confirmation. Also my name and password never worked. I did however make it most of the way through the sign up, including giving my credit card number to them. I gave up and assumed nothing would ever come of it. Anyway month later I noticed that they had charged my account. I emailed their customer service department that there had been a mistake. No reply. 1 Week later I email again. No reply. I email again, this time cc'ing every gameznflix email address I could find on the net, still nothing. (Gameznflix has NO PHONE SUPPORT!) 1 month later they charge me AGAIN! Still I have not recieved any product or billing notices. I had to call my bank to report fraud and they couldn't get them to stop either although they credited me back. I had to cancel my card and get a new one which was a LOT of trouble for me.
Absolutely horrible and unacceptable customer service. Found out its all in India, and apparently they can pick and choose who they reply to because there is no way to contact them by phone. I found some phone numbers on the interenet and from my bank but they were all dead-ends.

Rating 10/10

"No company is perfect, but I give GAMESNFLIX a 10 NOT because they are perfect, but because they are by far the BEST DEAL SERVICE available.

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF... that's my best advice. It is an GREAT VALUE and very GOOD SERVICE. I'll start by saying one bad thing:

--1-- Their trial service is not nearly as good as their paid service; during trial you can only choose from a much smaller selection which is not that bad, but I guess you good enough just to "try" the service...

Now the GOOD PART... I had NETFLIX and I'll NEVER GO BACK TO NETFLIX. I used to pay more for netflix and I could not get any games. IT IS A MUST HAVE if you play games; I have a XBOX 360 and I don't have to buy any games... I just signed up for the 6-dvdgames at the time for about $18 month (I paid $215 por 1 year subscription - special military price)... I've played 12+ XBOX 360 games so far and watched dozens of movies for les than I would have spent to buy 4 XBOX360 games or 1 dvd a month... That's a GREAT DEAL ! !

Gameznflix is still a young company and they had a few problems in the begining; but I guess it not much different than what I experienced with NETFLIX, PAYPAL, AMAZON when they were starting... actually, NETFLIX got worse so I had to look for something better and that's how I found Gameznflix...

When I had NETFLIX the shipping was much slower, I don't know if they do it on purpose, but it was much slower than Gameznflix.



As you can see on the table above this is how I rated Gameznflix.... each category, and how important each category is to me... "movie reviews" was a 7 because they need more reviews, but the importance to me was only a 7 too, because I don't care too much for the reviews, I can go ask friends or go to IMDB.COM and get the info I need...

Old movies and DVD series could be a little better, but they are ok... SPECIAl interest hard to find DVDs are not very important to me, so Gameznflix exceeded my "needs" on that category...

GAMES SELECTION and DELIVERY are two big things, and TWO things I could not get at NETFLIX.... the selection is EXCELLENT and the delivery to zip code 94533 CALIFORNIA is very good; most in 2 days some in 3 days... NETFLIX would take at least 3 days...

Phone E-mail support is good. I only had to call them once to tell them I wanted to cancel my free trial and sign up for the 1-year membership... I was very quick; as for e-mail; only e-mail them once and got a response in a few hours... not bad, but I don't really care too much about phone e-mail support as long as I think I'm getting a good service overall...

VALUE PRICE... well taking in to account all the categories i evaluated and how inportant each one is to me I have no doubt this is a great deal; period. In fact, I would not have bought my xbox360 if it wasn't for GAMEZNFLIX, because I did not want to spend $50 or so per game... when most of the time I only play them for a few weeks... so with Gameznflix I can get all the gamez I want and all the dvd's I like to see to from one place...


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