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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.31/10 0.31/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.88/10 1.88/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
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Rating 2/10


"We bought some gift cards from GameStop and later tried to redeem them at their website. When we typed in the card number and the pin but the site told us that they were invalid. None of the three cards worked at all. So we called the number on the card and the number given by the site. After waiting for 32 minutes and 41 second, listening to their never ending advertisements, someone finally picked up the phone. The guy told us the cards were "never activated" and we had to go to the store in which they were bought in order to redeem it. The problem was that the cards were gifts, and there wasn't even an expiration date on the card. According to Nscl.org, if a expiration date is not given then "it shall be valid in perpetuity," but in this case it didn't even last the 5 years mandated by the Federal Credit Card act of 2009, which specifically states that a card "issued after August 22, 2010 cannot expire for 5 years." We got one just two years ago."

Rating 2/10

Never again

"I ordered a few games for Xmas last year from the GameStop online store. Then I got my credit card information stolen, after which I received a notice from GameStop saying their system had been compromised.
Thanks a lot, GameStop.

Rating 2/10


"I used to think gamestop was a good store. That was until my mom was charged and extra $75 for something i didn’t even order."

Rating 2/10

Gamestop = travesty of customer service and experience.

"Gamestop you say? Pass, I'm tired of rolling the dice with these guys, literally half of the pre-owned games I've bought through online orders have come defective - 3 PS4 games all looked alright if you glance at the disc itself but the problem is they don't do thorough testing beyond putting it in and seeing if something comes up.

Most recent case - Uncharted 4. Although you get to the startup screen after an abnormally long load, once you try to start a new game, after a minute or so passes of grinding CD read attempt noise, good 'ol "cannot read disc" error comes up. Similar to the last purchase months ago.

You know what, wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have an antiquated return process - why no free returns via mail on defective product? This time is especially aggravating as I have a leg injury so now SOL.

As it stands now, this company is a travesty of customer service and experience and has extremely poor product testing. Oh, and bundle deals are for the good of the people or some BS.

Rating 2/10

Don't bother pre ordering a game online

"When the Destiny 2 pre order opened, the stores sold out pretty quickly so I decided to go online and order one. I was able to order the collectors edition game bundle that all of the stores were currently sold out of. A month before the game was supposed to be released I had to update account information so I contacted customer service online. That was a huge mistake resulting in the canceling my order all together and them telling me there is nothing they can do about it. Even though I contacted them they to address the problem they did nothing to help me and canceled my pre order a month before the game even came out even though I had already received some of the products from the pre order. Customer service was horrible and could not even understand the problem I was having. I started asking them questions to try and resolve the problem and I was hung up on. When I called and asked to speak with a manager they told me that someone would call me back and surprise surprise I never received a phone call. Moral of the story is never pre order a game or collectors addition from gamestop online they will cancel your order so that they either don't have to fulfill it or so they can turn around and sell it for three times the price once the demand goes up."

Rating 2/10

Bad Company good Services

"GameStop is pretty expensive with there games. You can sell a $40 game non damaged and they will give it to you for under $20, if you want a better price then you have to pay for a pro membership card. I also got damaged games twice! They should really test there pre owned games even when there buying them off someone."

Rating 2/10

Never buy anything from Gamestop

"I purchased F1 2015 on 6 23 17 it didn't work so I sent it back at a cost to me of $9.25 I complained through E-mails and they responded once and asked if I wanted a re-fund or a replacement game I told them I would take a replacement and that I wanted my $9.25 back for shipping there game back to them, they never responded so I sent another E-mail and they never responded to that, so on 7 11 17 I sent a complaint to the BBB and on 7 12 17 gamestop gave me back my purchase price minus the shipping and did not re-fund my re-turn shipping so I am out a total of $12.24 for a game I don't have that was defective from gamestop, DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES FROM GAMESTOP ONLINE OR IN STORE THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!! "

Rating 2/10


"This is a WARNING to never order from GameStop! This company is a joke.
I ordered a retron 5 game system for Christmas, after months of never receiving it and going in circles with customer service on the phone and waiting an hour each time, I cancelled through my bank. Well I get a letter a little while ago that anyone who made purchases with their credit card between such and such time is at risk for credit card theft, sure enough this morning I wake up to people that have made multiple transactions with with my credit card. I'm furious!!!!!
Don't bother trying to get In contact with anyone because you'll be on hold for over an hour and they don't want to help you, you're basically signing up for a headache when dealing with this company. I will never purchase anything from GameStop and suggest others take my advice. If I could speak to a manager I would but can't get through!! What a joke!

Rating 2/10

Do not shop at GameStop!

"I highly recommend to never buy products like this from GameStop. I had my mom order a phone for me that was refurbished for 340$, I find out a week later that they screwed the order up, so now I have to wait even longer EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS 24 HR SHIPPING. Anyways, it comes down to another week and we ask them what's going on and they said that the total price of the phone was 515$ so 200 dollars more than original. Apparently, GameStop itself screwed up their own prices ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE, so the phone actually costs 450$ and to add that, shipping and handling is like 70$!!! I am definitely going to return this phone and shop somewhere else. -An unhappy customer"

Rating 4/10

Non-delivery of videogame item.

"On June 29, 2017, I made a purchase of 2 videogames through GAMESTOP.COM. One package was marked delivered by UPS on Saturday, July 1, 2017, but it never arrived at my address or at any of my neighbors'.

I soon realized GAMESTOP.COM only has e-mail customer service. After 4 back-and-forth e-mails with GAMESTOP.COM e-mail customer service, I have got nowhere. It is about 24hours between GAMESTOP.COM responses, and every representative seems oblivious to the fact that UPS lost my item. I have had to call up UPS myself and lodge my own claim for this package, and I'm the one who has had to do all the legwork in trying to get a refund (that I still have not received).

I thought GAMESTOP.COM had a good deal on this videogame, but this experience will ensure I will never put my faith into GAMESTOP.COM again.

EDIT: ADDED ONE STAR. I finally got through to GameStop. They have a telephone number, but it is NOT listed on their website, and different than what shows up on the billing statement. After a 21minute phone call, GameStop refunded my money for the missing package.

Rating 2/10

Horrible manager

"The manager on 125th & 7th would not refund my game when it was still the 7th day .I had to go all the way to another game stop to get it done. She was rude before I could even explain my case. Don't come here "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

What a terrible online company

"Purchased a downloadable item from them for $19.99. Realized that I used the wrong email, so I tried to cancel the order via their email and purchased it using a different email -- for another $19.99 charge. Despite my requesting the cancellation within minutes of the first order, they refused to honor it and have charged me for both orders.

Avoid at all costs. They are essentially thieves.

Rating 2/10

Damaged Goods

"I received my pre-ordered copy of Persona 5, the special "Take Your Heart" edition collector's box. It looks like someone kicked it out of the storage room and behind the register because one corner is smashed in and the top is indented all along the front like it got stepped on. Of course since I unwrapped it already hoping the box inside would be fine and it was just the sleeve being damaged (the box was crushed too), I can't get it exchanged now.

So thanks for the damaged goods, GameStop. If this is the quality of merchandise being sold, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Never buying from them again and warning all my friends to stay away.

Pictures of the damages:

Side Wrapper: https://scontent-ort2-1.****.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17620222_10155131370378480_2113875653375884144_o.jpg?oh=7187c49dd9febf49207684e175d68c9c&oe=595CD39C
Side Box: https://scontent-ort2-1.****.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17504572_10155131370788480_7587023852729004840_o.jpg?oh=6281e7c88d38c6a7fb2c061ae6408ec6&oe=59987894
Top (notice the highlighted creases where it bows inward): https://scontent-ort2-1.****.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17814334_10155131371563480_4194970028794886786_o.jpg?oh=826d439d07a904d284b66caadc02e06d&oe=5952B4CA

Rating 2/10

Customer Service is terrible

"We've been through the ringer with game stop customer service via email and phone (when we could get through to someone).

I highly suggest revamping your customer service team. They were absolutely no help to us. Their lack of communication with the customer has cause my order to be cancelled when I've done everything I could to get in touch with someone to solve the situation.

Your website issue (which I've explained multiple times via email to your CS team) is that GUEST cannot update their order information after signing in. *******

Again your CS is ridiculous beyond measures. In case you're wondering the situation you can read below.

Pre ordered a game as a Christmas gift.
We moved before it was time to ship.
I logged in first, as a guest since I ordered as a guest, to update my billing and shipping address. The Mobil or desktop site would not let me update my information.
Saw an email come through shortly after that my order couldn't be processed because my billing changed. So I emailed, got one response to provide more order information. I replied with updated order information then I was never contacted back again.
I emailed again, told them my situation. Was told to call in. I called in twice that day with extremely long waiting times over 15 minutes each.
I emailed back asking if this could be solved over email. They said yes as long as it wasn't a new credit card number because that would have to be given over the phone. So I emailed back my new shipping and billing address.
The next email I get from GameStop is that my order is cancelled. Never heard back from customer service.

My husband then calls to try and get the situation handled. The guy talks to him in circles. Then he gets to speak to a manager. She blames us for their lack of communication. They wouldn't replace our order. She finally offers a $20 coupon because she just doesn't know what else we want. We'd like better customer service, we'd like for GameStop to replace our order, we'd like to get the game now instead of falling to the back of the line and having to wait months to receive our order, we'd like to be told that you understand and own up to your mistakes and lack of communication, and we'd defiantly not like to be told it's our fault the order was cancelled.

Rating 2/10

game stop ****

"I want to get a madden 17 card so I can get update my team they give me any xbox 1 card I don't even have any xbox one I have the 360 now now those **** holes want give me money back I want be going their any more the guy was on the phones the hole time no even helping me find what I need"

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