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"Not worth the hassle. Do not bother using this company. I am currently trying to cancel my order that I made two weeks ago that has yet to ship. I placed an order, and when I checked the page 5 days later, the order was listed as still processing. So, I e-mailed the company asking when I should expect my games. I was told that my order was supposed to have been shipped at the beginning of the week, but they were waiting for a shipment at the beginning of the next week, and would ship my games then. (There was no message on the site about being out of stock at the time of my order, nor was I notified of any delay).It is now 5 days after the proposed second shipment date, and the site still has my order listed as processing. I sent another e-mail asking for my order to be canceled if it was not already in the mail. I really wish I had checked the reviews before using this seller. If I had been meaning this purchase as a gift I would be livid."

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"Bought munchkin megabundle. shorted me about 5 games out of them. said there would be a split shipment. never got the other boxes. Emailed company 2 weeks ago and no reply.

Business Contact and Profile for Gameoutfitter.com

Name: Gameoutfitter.com

Phone: (206) 600-5568

Address: 1336 W. Arrowhead Rd.
Duluth, MN 55811

Website: www.gameoutfitter.com

Principal: Mr. Keith Miller, President

Customer Contact: Mr. Keith Miller,

President - (206) 600-5568

Email Address: customerservice@gameoutfitter.com

File Open Date: December 2004

Type of Business: Games & Supplies

BBB Accreditation: Gameoutfitter.com is not a BBB Accredited business.

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"We ordered from gameoutfitter.com on Feb. 21, 2010. They didn't ship until Feb. 26th and only after I sent them an email asking if there was something else that I needed to do. We ordered UPS standard ground, and they shipped it UPS basic. UPS basic is where UPS ships to the local post office who then deliver it to you. It's a bit slower, and it's not delivered to your door. However, we did get a great price, and we did receive everything (11 separate games) that we ordered. While our experience was okay, we won't buy from them again. I'd rather pay a few more dollars and save myself the headache. "

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"Gameoutfitter.com is a great place of you're looking for an amazing price! They probrally jabe the cheapest stuff than in all game stores so if your looking for a great deal use Gameoutfitter.com. "

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"As of today I have not received my entire order. Out of 6 boxed games that were I order, I received 1 about the middle of January. Several emails later and only 1 response from the company, I have now received 4 out of the 6 games ordered. My original order, I paid extra to have the shipping expedited. This turned out to be a total waste of money! I had ordered from this company previously and had absolutely no trouble at all so this came as a total shock! I'm very happy for the few people who have seemed to get their order with no problem. Unfortunately, there are very few of those people! Mr. Keith Miller needs to get his act together!"

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"I ordered the board game Khet from them as a Christmas gift back on December 15th. After about a week, I opened the package and was horrified to find another board game called "Tides of Iron" in its place. A little irritated that my Christmas gift was ruined, I contacted their customer support and informed them that they sent me the wrong product. After about a week (I gave them a little leniency here, as it was Christmas week.) Lori contacted me and informed me that they would either send me a shipping label I could place on the package via email or mail. I told them to email it to me, as I figured it would be faster. After a week, I'd received no reply. I figured I'd inquire if anything went wrong, so I sent another email. I've been emailing them about once a week for the past two months. I don't really know what to say. Am I being ignored? Did I offend them? Is it something petty or is it a glitch in their servers? Either way, no one from there will contact me, other than their auto mail return bot. I am unbelievably tired of this whole mess. Every email I've sent has been polite and unbelievably patient, considering what I've had to deal with. It makes no sense to me.. the board game they sent me is worth more than the one I ordered. It would benefit them to take it back. I can't understand how any business could operate like this, but here I am. Still with the wrong game and no answers."

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"My order went through successfully. I ordered a 3-pack of Settlers of Catan, and two other games. The order took 7 days to ship, which I think is a long time, esp compared to Amazon, for example. Once it shipped, I did get the tracking number, and the entire ordered was delivered when UPS said it would be delivered. When I read all the bad reviews I got nervous about having placed my order, but things worked out for me. Looks to me like if you are lucky and everything gets shipped correctly, you'll have gotten a good value, but if anything goes wrong, looks like you are in for a hassle, based on the other reviews."

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"Ordered January 8th. I have heard nothing. Still says processing in account information, sent them an email January 22nd. Have not heard back from at all. :( what the crap?"

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"Ordered 14-Piece Catan Bundle and was told the Connect Hex item was out of stock via email from Lisa. I agreed to have them ship everything else and was told that item would be shipped later. Come January 21, after hours of effort trying to email and contact and call and on and on no Connect Hex. I am being ignored and after seeing there are so many others with my exact problem I even took the time to add this post!"

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"Ordered on Jan. 3 and received my package on Jan 20. My products were as stated on the website. The major complaint I, and many others have had, is that they have horrible customer service. I sent two emails with no response to either after around 10 days had passed with my package had not shipped yet. Would not order from them again. Pay a bit more and ensure you actually receive your product."

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"Ordered on Dec 14 with 6 day ship. Item not shipped as of 12/31. Asked for refund. No response to multiple emails. Had to escalate as a claim with paypal. As of Jan 15th, no games, no refund and no response from the theiving crooks at GAMEOUTFITTER.COM. "

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"WHAT A SCAM. Received only part of my product after waiting over two weeks for products that were supposedly in-stock. Credit card was charged for full amount. No reply to my email request. Product description for Heroscape Expansion Set specifically states "Each assortment ships with one unit of Orm's Return and two units of Road to the Forgotten Forest." Picture of product also shows missing pieces. I received Orm's Return only."

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"NOT RELIABLE. Ordered 12/19 with extra $20 for expedited 3-day shipping. Nothing received, and no way to contact the company for explanation or status. Website provides only e-mail contact address (no phone servicing), and received auto-reply "closed for Christmas...""

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"I placed my order on Dec. 15th and now the website indicates that my account doesn't even exist! Despite the fact that I placed an order and received a confirmation to that email, the website says that I don't even have an account!

It gets worse, check out the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/23906554/George-Co-v-Xavier-Enterprises-No-09-2973-D-Minn-Dec-4-2009

Apparently, others also feel that the company has a lot of questionable business practices...

I wish I had done my homework first. The consensus is evident. See also http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.gameoutfitter.com

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"A copy of my email to GameOutfitter.com
Cancel this order. # 16891

It has been 8 days with no update. The online status has remained "pending" and "processing" for 8 days with no change. There is no email reply to my request for information, and no phone number on your web site for contact.


I am informing my CC Company to reject this charge if it shows after all this delay.

Recommend you get your act together. I wonder if anyone will even get this email at "customer service".

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