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Rating 2/10


"Most of the games we got did not even work. Games show up late. Most games you want are not available. Do not get this. It is a waste of time and funny. Terrible life choice. Stay away from GameFly. "

Rating 2/10

nothing desirable available

"I got a trial membership for my son. Was told that the game he wanted had low availability. Trial month passed with no game arriving. Paid for 1 months. After 2 weeks still nothing. cancelled. Has to push cancel button at least 6 times going through different reasons why I should stay and then through special offers. But didn't go for any of it; since if you don't get a desirable game, what good does even a cheap membership do?"

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a used copy of "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" for PS4. Since I was in middle of another game, I didn't get around to testing the disk. A couple months past and it was time to try the game. To my dismay, the disk was damaged and the PS4 would quit the game. I contacted GameFly for an exchange and they "don't offer 1 for 1 exchanges". Since it was past the 30 days, they couldn't do anything for me. You'd figure a big company like this would have something for me. Maybe a $5 voucher to make me feel better? You'd also expect that they would test the disk before reselling it. Their email responses back to me were borderline rude and very unhelpful. It was only $17 after shipping so I'll take it as a life lesson but wow, not impressed with GameFly. It's not the money, it's just the principle. My recommendation... just avoid buying used games from them. It's not worth the risk of being part way through a game, the game console being unable to read the disk, and then being out $30 or whatever you payed for it."

Rating 2/10

"CROOKS!! I wish I'd read all of the reviews before signing up! I canceled my membership because the turn-around time is ridiculous. I was waiting and waiting for a game that never arrived. I canceled because it just wasn't worth it to me. They then started sending me emails demanding that I return the game that never arrived, threatening to charge my credit card. I already told them it didn't arrive. They are in the business only to steal your money. I'm beyond livid. My next step is to contact Better Business Bureau, and my credit card company to report fraudulent charges."

Rating 2/10

"Their free trial is not free. They charge a "pre-membershp fee" that cost me $10.75. After talking in a live chat session with somebody from the website, I found out that money will not be refunded if I cancel my account before the free trial of over. So the FREE trial is NOT free... BEWARE!!! "

Rating 4/10

"While GameFly has a decent selection of games, most of them are at low stock and really hard to get. The other issue that I see is the turnaround time between games. If you decide to return a game, you're probably looking at 6-8days to get a new one, which is roughly 25% of the month you've paid for. If they had better shipping times it may not be quite so bad, but each time I renew my membership I realize why I cancelled it within a few days. Maybe I think that they will change something with their availability and shipping, but I am yet to be impressed."

Rating 2/10

"Simple as this, GameFly is not worth the $17 bucks a month. They now are offering a free month trial, which I tried out, I put 3 games on my list for my PS4, and they couldn't even guarantee that any of the 3 games would ship because of "limited availability" , even though one of the games has been out since the release of the PS4. Another issue was that I was unable to cancel my account before my 1 month trial was over, because when I logged into my account it said "account restricted, contact customer support". So that is what I did, I sent them an email, because there over the phone customer service is only open M-F from 1pm-4pm eastern time which is ridiculous. So conveniently for GameFly, they responded to my email AFTER my 1 month trail was over and so I got charged $17 bucks. Believe me I was not happy, It was like a loop to get my money. Even if all this would have not happened bottom line is its just not worth the money, I would rather wait for the game on Redbox and pay 2 bucks a day at least I can actually get the game I want. I DO NOT recommend GameFly to anyone. Take advantage of the 1 month free trial if you want to take the risk of being charged."

Rating 4/10

"OK service at best. When this service works it's great - the issue is that there are many times when it doesn't. In Minneapolis I often have turn-around times of 7-10 days even when I drop the return at the post office to ensure GameFly's 'FastReturn' service. The customer service is not helpful simply saying sorry and offering no other options even when flat out asked. I recently had a customer service chat that was disconnected when I didn't respond in about 45 seconds. They don't seem to be bothered to help their customers or spend money ensuring quality service and stock."

Rating 2/10

"First I couldn't register because they demanded I buy a subscription first (why would I need a subscription to buy a videogame?)
After that they wouldn't accept my credit card (while keeping actually charging it). Then they wouldn't accept my paypal and ask for some verification. Then they wouldn't accept my phone number because it's prepaid (WTF). This is overall the worst online store experience I've ever had in my life. Even worse than EA(origin).

Rating 2/10

"I told the guy on chat support to just cancel my account. I will never use Gamefly again. They've lost a customer for life.

Several times in the past, I've received defective discs (purchasing used games). I'm also disappointed that the Shacknews Weekend Confirmed podcast is gone. But these are minor compared to the realization I had today that Gamefly simply won't correct their mistakes. And worse, they simply don't care.

Here's what happened.

On Sunday, I saw that a game I've been wanting was available for $9.99 with free shipping. I ordered it, as I've done many times before (usually many games at once).

Later that day, I got an email saying my card wasn't approved. Ah, right. I moved in February, and didn't notice the old address because I ordered via the mobile app. The email had a link to click, for updating the card and address. I did that. So again, I thought all was well.

On Monday, I checked the order status and saw that it was still showing up as "exception." I clicked the link again, made sure everything was correct with my card and address, and it was. So I entered into a support chat session with somebody at Gamefly about it. He assured me my updated card would be charged and everything was fine. Cool deal.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I received a second email from Gamefly stating that the order had been cancelled. Really? Why? I noticed it too late in the day to do chat support, so I sent an email explaining that I had done exactly as requested in the first email, updated my card and address, and was even told via Monday's chat that it would be charged and everything was fine. I asked that the order be re-instated. The reply I got today was basically a one-liner that addressed absolutely nothing from my request. It just said the order was cancelled due to failed billing.

So I did another online chat support session. The guy wouldn't admit that it was Gamefly's fault that my order was not reprocessed. I explained (again) that I did exactly what the email said, updated my info, and I expected to receive the game based on the original order (rather than placing a new order at the now $14.99 price and _without_ free shipping). He said they couldn't "give a discount." I didn't WANT a discount. I wanted my order reinstated as-is. This mistake was on their end. I did what I was supposed to.

In the end, I told him to just cancel my Gamefly account. I will no longer do business with them. It's not even because the new order would have been nearly double the cost of the original order (adding in a shipping charge). It's because Gamefly -- their rep, in this case -- simply didn't care. Didn't care that they had made a mistake. Didn't care that it wasn't possible to re-order the game as it stood on Sunday. Didn't care that a customer was extremely unhappy.

So I'm through with Gamefly, and would not recommend it to anybody. You'll receive defective games. And eventually, when they mess something up for you, they won't take ownership of the problem and correct it. And THAT is not a place I want to do business with.

Rating 2/10

"These guys S U C K so bad!!! Not only does it take a week for a game to get to you, but if "it gets lost in the mail" they will CHARGE you for it! Don't believe their "promise" on their website. They WILL charge you. Believe me, it is NOT worth the headache to deal with these evil people.

And their customer service "guys" are a joke. They are condescending and just down right rude!!!

Rating 2/10

"Better stay away from these guys.horrible customer support and service.Just to open an account they need address proof even after sharing all my credit card details.they are not ready to provide service to many in my locality stating some one already defaulted and they can't allow anyone with that address/locality."

Rating 2/10

"I signed up for a free trial with Gamefly to try out the service. The concept of Gamefly is a good idea, however after my experience with them, I wouldn't recommend ANYONE even visit their website. I received two games from Gamefly when I signed up. Before my trial expired, I ended my membership with them. I was actually planning on subscribing to their monthly plans the following month to continue the service. However, when I canceled my trial, Gamefly requested their games back within 7 days, which is reasonable. I mailed them back the next day and it took a WEEK (from the next day, so a total of 8 days) for them to receive them. I know for a fact that they received it sooner because I tracked the package and they received it on a Friday but apparently no one was at their facility to receive it then so the following Monday they THEN marked it as received. Since they only checked on that Monday for the games and not the actual day they received them, they charged my bank account $63 for one game and $49 for the other. The games I rented were USED games that came without a plastic case, and they were released in 2009. Brand new highly popular games don't cost more than $60, however Gamefly saw fit to charge me an outrageously inflated "replacement fee" (as they call it) to replace an old, used game they already had. When I spent 20 minutes on the phone waiting for someone to answer (since they only answer calls between noon and 4pm Central time), they THEN credited my account back. Four business days later, I finally received the $115 they robbed me of. For FOUR days I had to wait for them to screw around with my money for a game they had in their possession the whole time. Anyone reading this do yourself a favor: AVOID ALL GAMEFLY SERVICES AT ALL COSTS!!"

Rating 2/10

"Stay away from digital purchases for PC. I bought Borderlands 2 on sale. All they had to do was email me the Steam code once I paid for it. 3 hours later and still no email from them. So I call to call them up (they didn't bother to contact me, the consumer), only to find out they had run out of Steam keys for the game. I was told to wait another couple hours while they tried to "fix" my order. Sounds like a scam right? How is it even legal to put up an item for sale, only to tell the customer, "Oops, so we don't really have the item in stock. Thanks for your money. Hope you get your product...someday. In the meantime we'll continue this false sale, even though we don't have the item." DO NOT BUY DIGITAL PURCHASES FROM GAMEFLY.COM. They falsely advertise games they don't even carry in stock."

Rating 10/10

"I have recently joined gamefly after trying the alternative which is blockbuster (Or dish network). Blockbuster has had much faster shipping times however most of their games are always out of stock for weeks.. Gamefly on the otherhand takes about 4 days to receive your game BUT they have stock in most games even the newer. Full review below!! If you want to try gamefly my link will give you a BOGO (Buy one Month get a month free.. Saves about $6.00 which is normally what their one month trial cost)


Shipping Time: Like mentioned, their shipping time is horribly slow!! About 4 days (Almost 8 if you have to return a game). Much slower than blockbuster but with blockbuster being out of stock on most games for a week (Longer for new games) gamefly is the much better value

Value: At $15 a month there isn't much value unless you rent or buy a lot of newer games. In my situation I have purchased a wii U.. Most games, even used at Amazon, cost $35 USED so if I play one or two games a month and beat them which is what i usually do then there is a lot of value in this program. Also, if you decide to keep the game their "Keep" program offers the game to you for about the same cost as used on Amazon. That is brings the value of this program up a lot!! Rent a game for a day or two. Like it and then click "keep".. Rent a game for a few days at Redbox and see how fast that $2.00 adds up!

Selection: This is where they shine. I have found they have almost all games in stock. This is what caused me to cancel Blockbuster. They NEVER had games and they always had a very long wait.

Overall: If you rent rather than buy games gamefly is a great value. I cant afford $50 for every game that comes out.. I cant afford $2.00 a night (Or whatever redbox is now) to rent games. I wish they had faster turnaround time but I guess this depends on your location.

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