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"I purchased Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and it didn't smell like it at all!!!! It smelled so cheap and sickly!!! People, do NOT throw your money away!!! Every negative review you've read about this place is TRUE!!!! They are a SCAM!!!! And I think any positive review is FAKE!!!! Again, do NOT throw your money away!!!!"

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Fake Perfume

"Bought Opium perfume but I knew soon as I opened it that it wasn't Opium as I have been using it for over 30 years and I know what it smells like. It smelt horrible. Returned it weeks ago and got email today saying nothing wrong with it and they are sending it back to me. I have been looking The fragrance shop up online today and I see there are a lot of people been given fake perfumes. If you want the genuine stuff please don't order from them, they are conning you."

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Do NOT Shop with These Cretins!

"I placed an order with this unscrupulous company on May 25 2018, and later received an e-mail from them, stating that it was inexplicably cancelled "due to a billing address error." Thinking the order was cancelled, I placed a second order the following day, May 26, 2018. The company charged my card twice and shipped both orders, despite the e-mail from them stating that the first order had been cancelled, and the "order status" on their website for this order denoting "cancelled."

For some reason, I only received the first package on May 31, 2018, which I promptly returned, expecting a refund. The second package, and the actual order I expected to receive, has yet to arrive to date. I have been strung along at every turn with this trifling company in my attempts to either obtain a refund or a replacement package. Their Customer Service number is left unanswered for hours and voicemails and order inquiries that I've made have gone unanswered. Further hampering matters is the fact that the UPS has found it difficult to contact the company, having also left voicemails concerning processing a claim for the lost package.

After 30 days had passed without resolution, I contested the charge with my issuing bank and had the fraudulent charges refunded. Save your money and purchase from a reputable business that'll answer the phone when you call and actually care to ensure that you receive product that you paid for.

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"They sent it to the wrong address. Contacted customer care. Now after months of waiting with contact ages in between, they want me to fill out a claim form with Australia post so they can no doubt get money from them too to keep... Don’t shop with them. Scam...!"

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Terrible Customer service. Paid expedited shipping and did not receive in time. They will not refund.

"The headline basically says it. Although I paid 12.00 for expedited shipping the item didn't come in time for me to give it to my niece. I had to go and buy her another gift. They refused to refund me the expedited shipping. I have called a few times and no answer. I am now stuck with a bottle of perfume that i can't use. I won't be shopping with them again."

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They are stealing people’s money.

"To anyone about to shop at the fragrance store;
- [ ] This is the WORST company I have ever brought from in my entire life. Not only did a week later my “next day delivery” didn’t turn up, but I had to Phone and cancel it MYSELF as no-one was contacting me back. They then said I had to “wait for Hermes to confirm that they were returning my order before they can process a refund” and I would also receive “3 little free samples”.. low and behold, their customer services stopped responding to me. So it’s now been two weeks, I call their customer service line and waited over 30 MINUTES for them to answer. The woman then tells me she’s going to process my refund... so no-one has bothered processing it last week. Meaning if I hadn’t contacted them, they wouldn’t of given me my money back. Then they said they were “waiting for Hermes to say they’d sent it back” IT HAS BEEN OVER A WEEK AND A HALF. I am DISGUSTED at the customer service I have received. To top it off, the woman said she’d call me back at half 7 for me to make a complaint as she finishes at 9pm. I tried calling at 7:40 and it says offices are closed. You are the WORST company with the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. With customer service like yours I will not be surprised when your company goes bust like the rest. I am going to post this OVER and OVER again to make sure no-one makes the mistake I did.

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dont shop with them !!!!

"Ordered a wholesale for my Perfume Store and supposed to be eligible for free shipping since my order was over $95 but they charged me $56 shipping fee and I cancel my order and they charged me $14 cancellation fee lol. Dont do business "

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"Absolutely useless service. Ordered item, never received. Waited hours on end to speak to someone on their customer helpline but NEVER even managed to speak to anyone once, just kept on hold.
Still not resolved! Don’t know what else I can do?
Don’t trust these cowboys!

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Not true to ad

"Should have known the price was too good to be true. All alcohol and no fragrance. These are not the real thing. Pass this website up or you will be dissolved. My item went in the trash."

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"These are fake items people, be aware!!! Also, look at the comments for every bad comment there is a positive one to follow it. They write there own comments!!!

Thankfully my credit card protects me against purchasing fakes and I can dispute the charge.


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"Even arrived earlier than estimated. Wasn't disappointed with product. Everything I expected and more"

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After half the bottle I doubted it's authenticity

"So I purchased Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker after getting a roller ball in an ipsy bag. I love the scent it's so nice!
The roller ball is way better than the bottle that I bought on fragrance buy.com

I'm not sure if this website is worth your money. I will just go to shoppers for my perfumes again.
Lovely is a discountinued scent so finding it on this website was a bliss.
The bottle is half way through and it smells very chemically.

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"They ship out Fed Express but they use the sub standard route and pass it off to usps..where it gets lost and then they want you to find out where your package is...save your time..it's already been 10 days and I still have not received my package and their customer service rep acts like this is my first done to order on line and informs me to "give it more time"...glad I'm not in a hurry...save time use a legit business...sounds like I should have read the reviews first...it's probably going to smell like water...I won't use them again!!"

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Horrible product and service

"Three colognes, all seem watered down and fake. Scent is weak and last 20 minutes. never buy from these again, 1 star is way too much for these. I though the cologne was genuine and threw away the boxes so now they are not interested, at least offer to inspect the product and if it's defective /fake and then box should not matter. It's a been a month now and still no joy. "

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This is how fragrance used to be made!

"Unbelievable quality and great price. My order shipped quickly and on time AND the best part is the fragrance is hand made, individually bottled and not pre-packaged. I felt very special receiving the fragrance I ordered. They use the same scent you request and individually create an oil of that fragrance for you that does not contain any alcohol or other types of filler. This is how fragrance used to be made back in the day. The oil lasts so much longer than a spray or Eau d toilette and is of high quality. They also give you a free sample of another fragrance that smells so good. "

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