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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 6.67/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.67/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Selling fake/watered down cologne and a 3week wait

"I've ordered from this company in the past and just started receiving a watered down version of the same brand (Liz Claiborne "Curve") for the same price. I'll pay full price at a legit store instead of getting ripped off. And didn't even ship my order till a week after I ordered it. I'll definitely be returning it and purchasing through Target or Walmart "

Helpful Cool



"Purchased 3 perfumes for my wife , lasts 2 hours. Be warned do not buy. If you appreciate your loved one buy real from real stores. And shipping takes 1 month? And they make you stay on hold for over an hour. I wanted to surprise my wife with thre bottles
Of real perfume. I surprised her alright.
Shame on me for buying from this company never again. We have originals and they last way longer. Be warned this company sells watered down fake perfumes!!!

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"Look, they've been around since 1997. I've ordered & got great deals. You can check your scent's age here http://www.checkfresh.com/

Some people just don't understand what a great fragrance is & order scents with no staying power. I love this place! Hate or join us!


Helpful Cool


I never have a bad experience

"I never have a bad experience "

Helpful Cool


Knock Off Icons

"I paid $570.0] for Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood. I sprayed both of them and compared them to a bottle I purchased from Tom Ford website. I did a little research and to my dismay it was some knocj off cologne. I won't do any more business with this company nor will I promote them."

Helpful Cool


Knock Offs

"I purchased 3 fragrances from Fragrance.net, They arrived on time and were properly packaged and protected, I was so excited to smell my new fragrances only to find that each of them smelled like knock offs. Michael Kors fragrances are long lasting and smell heavenly, this fragrance dissipated in 30-40 seconds flat. I could not believe it. Then I tested an old familiar fragrance that I love and it was horrid. Nothing like the actual smell. The last fragrance was for my son and smelled like a familiar friend for 30-4- seconds and disappeared. I'm not certain how this Company is operating selling knock off brands as the real fragrance on the internet but I would WARN any future potential buyers to BEWARE! If you are looking for an authentic fragrance for a discount price this is not the place to make your purchase. You will be highly disappointed as am I. I am going to request a full refund. They are fully aware of the merchandise they are selling so if I have any issues there will be a second review on their return etiquette. So Disappointed"

Helpful Cool


Be wary that this site will push 3rd party vendors that will piggy back on at the end

"Be wary that this site will push 3rd party vendors that will piggy back on at the end. You will get invited to get free shipping if you sign up with freeshipping.net or something like that and if you do they will start charging you monthly even though you don't use them. There is nothing free about getting charged monthly for free shipping."

Helpful Cool


Worst Customer care ever!!!! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM

"My first experience will definitely be last. I placed an order and two days later I get an email to fill out a form to verify CC. I called and I'm apparently 35 in line. Well I had to talk so I waited 26 mins, sticking headphones to my ears and when I finally got through the person just hanged up within 10 secs, for not able to hear anything. All I heard was "hello" twice and that's it. Then I tried live chat and there too I'm 22 in line with a wait time of 53 mins. Seriously people get your sh*t and your customer care together. If I'm giving you my money I want to be heard soon within 5 mins at least. I have finally cancelled my order. And the kind of experience I've had I don't think I'll ever buy anything again!"

Helpful Cool


Used to recommend them to people, but not anymore

"I was a customer for years and always had great service, great products, got through to customer service etc. I don't know if this company has been brought out by someone else but Christmas just gone was dreadful.

I ordered a gift certificate for a friend and instead of it just going through, they sent a strange thing saying I had to have my CC verified? What? I've been a customer for years. Well, okay, So I fill out the awkward form and hear nothing back. I try to ring them but they're 'closed for the holidays'... and still... 'closed for the holidays' when everything else was open. I get another email asking for verification. I sent one back saying, I sent it. I sent an email to CS. I sent another email. None of these were ever replied to. I finally get someone bored, surly person in CS who didn't apologize, didn't seem to know what was going on and couldn't have cared less. The only good thing was that they said I would get my gift certificate refunded that I couldn't use. Still waiting... So we'll see.

But hugely disappointing. I have used this company for years. I have recommended it to so many people. But judging by everyone's reviews, I won't be doing that again.

Helpful Cool


Will never use them again

"First (and only) time I ever used this site for some Borghese foundation. I needed it for a party and they promised expedited delivery. The tracking link showed it was delivered but it was not. I called and was literally on hold for 40 minutes. When I finally spoke with someone I was told it might not be delivered until after the weekend (for which I needed it). Never ever again. I would rather pay double on Amazon than deal with such incompetence. "

Helpful Cool


Never had a bad experience with them

"Have used Fragrance.net many times over the last few years and have never had a bad experience. Perfume and colognes were always genuine and prices were the best anywhere. Shipping was always pretty quick. I cannot vouch for their customer service as I have never had to deal with them. I have purchased for myself and my wife on numerous occasions. Polo Green, Polo Blue, Aramis, Paul Sebastian, Dolce Gabanna, etc... If you sign up for their email list they are always running special coupon codes but be prepared for numerous emails. "

Helpful Cool


Awful company

"Customer service is awful. Still waiting for my shipment to arrive so my Christmas present is late. Liars emailed an offer for free overnight delivery if I increased my order by $30. What a waste of money and what a dishonest way to get bigger orders. Use Amazon even if it's a few dollars more because they care about their customers. This company just want's to make one quick sale not caring who they cheat. Phoned customer service and it was impossible to get through. Tried online chat and i was in an 8 hour long queue. Hopefully like others my order will not be shorted or broken because judging by the other complaints they will not stand behind their sale."

Helpful Cool


This company cannot be trusted

"STOP!! DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!! They take no responsibility for mis-ships and will not refund money for product not received. I've used them in the past and didn't have an issue, seems if something does go wrong they are not willing to help. Poor customer service. Have been trying to reconcile this issue for over a month now. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY."

Helpful Cool


Shattered Hopes

"Have been happy with company for many years. But last order arrived damaged. The glass around candle was shattered. I’m still waiting for a reply from customer service."

Helpful Cool


Poor customer service

"Very bad customer service. Make an order for a very special persons I'm flying out to see today. I was assured that it would arrive in plenty of time. Well guess what..... Its not here. And when I called to see what happened, after waiting on hold for 20 mins, all I got was "I don't know......Sorry" Very poor customer service. I've been in Sales for 18 years. If I treated my customers this way I would be out of a Job. I guess they make enough money they don't have to worry about one guy. Very disappointed. I have made many purchases form this company and never had and issue. But you never can tell what a company is truly like until you have a problem and see how it is resolved or in this case how it is NOT RESOLVED."

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