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"WORSE SHOP EVER !!! I bought a NEW hair straightener and they sent me a refurbished one. With burning marks and a photocopied manual. Plus it doesn't work, cost me extra money to ship the darn thing back for refund. "

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"Ordered a spiral iron from Folica, and 5 days later, they sent me an e-mail stating that they had run out of stock. What the hell were they doing for the last 5 days!? Why were they trying to sell me something that they didn't even have in stock!?

I won't EVER be shopping at Folica again. Shitty website. Shitty service.

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"I placed an order for a mineral makeup kit. The only color selection available from the drop-down menu was Fair and that was the color I wanted. I placed my order, and when I received my confirmation receipt, it stated that I had ordered Light instead of Fair. Baffled, I called Folica's customer service number. I was asked for my name, phone number and order number, and then I was told that I would be called within 3 business days. I was rather upset, because I wanted to immediately confirm if the product shown as available on the website was the product I would receive. So, I wrote Folica an email and received a notice the following morning that my order had been canceled; Folica had a website error and the product shown as in stock had actually been discontinued. Two hours after I received my cancellation notice, I received an email stating that "We sincerely apologize for the error on our website. In order to provide timely service, customer orders are processed immediately. Unfortunately that means we are not able to process your request for cancellation.""

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"I bought a sedu hair straghtener from folica,which was sent to Australia. It went missing in Australia, so I contacted folica and they sent another one right away at there cost. Thankyou very much a great service, will shop there again Robyn"

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"The only thing I can write her, is that Folica has very bad service! Really! Be ware!"

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"I purchased a very expensive Bio Ionic Nano i 5X hairdryer ($165) and also the diffuser ($25) that goes with it from Folica.com. The diffuser would not stay on the dryer due to some defect. I contacted Folica to get a new diffuser. After numerous conversations per email and telephone,they finally agreed to send me a new one. It's been 6 weeks and it never showed. I finally contacted my credit card company and asked them to deal with it and credit my card for the amount. This was an immensely frustrating experience, especially when you spend that amount of money. You expect it will be right or at least be made right. I'm currently searching for a diffuser that will fit the dryer :( Stay away from this company. They don't deserve to be in business :( "

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"I ordered a hair straightener from this company over a month ago. With fast shipping I received the product in no time, jumped for joy and immediately plugged it in to try it out. IT DID NOT WORK!! I tried it in several outlets, still not working. I called the company and was told the procedure for an exchange. I shipped the product and got confirmation that it was received on January 2, 2008. Twenty-two days later I am still waiting for a straightener that works. I have called the customer service line on numerous occasions, only to get bounced to the order desk. There they take a message, say that someone will call me back or email (almost two weeks ago I was told in 4 business hours-still no word)but that never happens. I have spoken to one actual customer service person who told me that receiving would have to help me but he couldn't transfer me there because my call might get lost. All I want to know is whether or not I will be receiving the product that I have paid for, but no one can seem to help me. I did receive an email back from one that I sent, but that told me that it would take 7-10 business days to process. It has been 17 busiess days since they received my exchange request. I think that I have allowed enough extra time for "holiday overload." This company has the worst regard for their customer I have experienced, I would not reccommend them. I hope that soon my issue is resolved, but looking back, I should have gone with a reputable company that may have cost $20 more."

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"I placed an order for a Solia flat iron. The order came with a free sample of Biosilk Silk Therapy (0.05 oz). A few days later I received a notice that the free sample of Biosilk was on back order and so my ENTIRE order would be placed on hold until it was back in stock (expected in 3 weeks). Interestingly, by the time I received the back order notice the price of the Solia iron increased by $27. Furthermore, they were still giving out the free sample of Biosilk.

I called the customer service number multiple times to but just kept getting a busy signal.

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"Very fast shipping. They beat out many people I ordered from days before.

It came, worked beautifully, good price.

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"We (my wife) ordered a hair straightening device at the best price available with free shipping. Unlike some other dumb s++ts who want to leave bad reviews because they themselves were stupid and ordered the wrong item and then expect the universe to immediately recalculate to fit their unreasonable expectations, we did not try to change the order at the last minute. Our order arrived very quickly. It's as expected, and we highly recommend this seller."

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"I ordered a hair straightener from this site for my wife's cousin in India because they don't ship there, and it was listed on the 220V part of the website, but when I received it, it made no mention of 220V in the directions, so I placed a call to Folica and they said that the hair straightener is not in fact a 220V device. After talking to her manager, the woman on the phone offered a full refund and that included return shipping.

I shipped the straightener back and once they received it, the finance dept made a mess of things and it took about 4 phone calls to get the proper refund amount straightened out. The ladies at customer service were great, as were their managers, but the finance dept really made a mess of things, and they wouldn't put through refunds until I made a second call.

At the end of the day though, I got all my money back and I will deal with them again. I had no trouble talking to a real person each time I called and I really liked that.

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"I ordered some hair bleach from them at 1pm(EST) on June 27th, chose UPS ground shipping (which normally takes 4-6 days), and actually had the order before 10am (EST) on June 28th!
Absolutely outstanding turnaround!

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"Hello: I placed an order at Folica.com (Order No. 4754926) on March 2/07 for an epilator (hair removal device). Two days later (March 4/07), I realized that I had actually intended to a rechargeable model, not the non-rechargeable model. I immediately asked Folica to cancel the order, who advised me:

"Unfortunately we are unable to change your order since it has already shipped out. If you do not want the merchandise you can easily refuse the package with UPS and they will quickly send it back to us or you return any single product back to us within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund."

I followed these instructions, refusing delivery of the first order, that was subsequently returned to Folica, verified by the UPS tracking information. Charges for both orders subsequently appeared on my credit card statement, and despite 5 emails subsequent emailed requests from me to Folica, I have not received *any* response, whatsoever, from them from March 5/07 to now, Apr. 21/07.

I am very dissapointed by the lack of response from Folica regarding my enquiries /refund. They are clearly not adhering to their stated Customer Satisfaction policy (http://www.folica.com/Customer_Servic_d1280.html), which states:

"100% Secure and safe. 30 day money back guarantee. ... 'At Folica, we provide consumers the information they need with world-class customer service, no gimmicks, no games, no hidden cost!' - Jackie, Customer Service Team."

Perhaps an outside party can help me get a response from Folica, regarding this matter?!

Sincerely yours, G.S.

P.S. Please email me at abc123***REMOVE_THIS_TO_REPLY***@nc.rr.com, if you would like to review a copies of my order with Folica, my email correspondence including unanswered requests for clarifications and updates, and the UPS tracking history, that I can snd via email.

Folica, Inc.
8 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512

E-mail: fcs@folica.com
Tel: 888-919-4247
Tel: 609-860-8430
Fax: 609-860-8432

Note the numerous complaints / negative reviews against Folica.com, at www.epinions.com:


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"The customer service is excellent. I will definitely shop here again."

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"I found Folica.com whilst google searching (googling) for a hair straightening iron that was recommended to me by my hair stylist (it's "a high-end hair straightener that you can only buy through professional beauty supply stores" - her words). Folica not only had it, they even had a good price on it. I lept for joy.

Despite the recommendation from my stylist, I decided upon a different hair iron (the Solia 1.25") through the sheer volume of customer reviews on the website raving about the iron.

This is slightly off tangent - but the common thread in all the online merchants that I buy from on a regular basis is that they allow customers to leave reviews of the products on their website. This speaks volumes of their confidence behind the products they sell. Plus, it just helps to hear what other people have to say about the minor differences between one brand or another when making your decision on which one to go with. Which is obviously important otherwise reseller ratings would not exist. Right?

Folica seems to have a running promotion of free shipping for any order over $75, so my hair iron which cost a little over that was shipped to me FREE. Delightful! It came in a few days, well packed and no problems whatsoever.

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