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"Showed a great deal on the internet. Salesman called and talked me into upgrading my purchase to double original purchase. Received purchase and didn't get what was detailed on the internet or what the salesman promised. Company won't return e-mails or phone messages left.
Company sent me an e-mail saying they couldn't reach me through the phone number I gave them? I had to call them three times before getting any kind of promise of settlement.
Call 1: Was on hold for 5 minutes. Talked to sales support guy, explained problem, he said he was going to look into it and I got cut off.
Call 2: Was on hold for 3 minutes and got cut off.
Call 3: Talked to "Jack", (lots of background yelling), told him of my first conversation and he wanted to know who I talked to and they would be fired! Not very professional. Jack promised to send AC adapter for Camcorder but not a seperate "Fast Charge" battery charger I was promised. Jack said the AC adapter was a "Fast Charge" battery charger. I'll just be happy to get my AC adapter and get away from this company.

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"Everything stated by others is confirmed by my experience. The day I placed the order I received an e-mail stating that my order had been changed and to call them. Upon calling them I had a sellsman attempt to sell me accesories. I said no and was hung up on. On Tuesday the following week I received another message that my order was on backorder and I wouldn't be sent out for ten days.
Today I attempted to check the website www.focusfreeimaging.com and it didn't exist.
I'd say they are probably out of buisiness. I checked with my bank. They did not charge me, but I'm concerned they have my credit information. I'd recomend other to cancel your card. I don't trust these guys.

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"I placed an order for a camera on April 4, 2005. On April 7, 2005 I received an email saying that my order status had changed. I subsequently spoke with a sales rep who tried to sell me accessories. After I declined to purchase the accessories, I received another email saying my order would not be received for 10 to 12 business days. After 12 business days I received another email saying the order was cancelled. The product however, is still listed on their site as "In Stock", so I called a sales rep, who again asked if I would be needing any acessories, after I told him no, he said he really didn't know why the order was cancelled."

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"I wish I'd taken the time to find this site. I placed an order for a camcorder, and immediately was asked to call "Jordan" about my order. I was given a hard sell for accessories, and when I declined, Jordan in a sing-song voice said, "good luck getting your cammmerrra." and hung up. So I wasn't surprised when my order was cancelled the next working day "due to overwhelming demand of the item." Based on previous reviews, I guess I should call my credit card company."

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"Yup. Like everyone says, this is a bait and switch operation. If you don't buy their accessories, the item you want is suddenly out of stock. "

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"Do not order from this company. Same old story. I ordered via the Internet. The next day I received an email asking me to call. I talked to a very rude salesman who's feeble attempt to sell me overpriced and unneeded accessories was laughable. According to this guy the battery in my new camcorder would last 10 minutes and I needed a filter to cut out red eye. After I declined, he hung up on me. So then my order was (surprise!) put on backorder. They sent me an email basically asking me to cancel ( so they can free up resources for the next sucker, no doubt). And of course I did."

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"Same story. FOCUSFREEIMAGING.COM=RIP-OFF ARTISTS! At least I was smart enough to use a credit card that was set to expire within 24 hours of my order, so the clock worked against them and I survived unscathed. I even called them after finding the "real" reviews and not their phony stellar reviews that duped me the first time. Told 'em straight up what I found out after getting the high pressure pitch and refusing. You know the rest. Don't waste your time or money, they are true criminals. The are listed as a GeoTrust member which doesn't leave me to think much of GeoTrust either, as it is evident they are only interested in taking the money to register these rip-off artists!! Fool me once, shame on you. There won't be a twice boys! I am not done with them yet. No one else should have to put up with this crap and I personally will do what I can to ensure that."

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"I purchased a camera in December (christmas time) from a company called Digitally Discovered. I bought a Nikon CoolPix 8800 with over $1000 worth of accessories, little did i know i put my credit card in the wrong hands. I was chard $2265 and I call back for a tracking number a week later, which was 2 days before christmas. "Bryan" promised i would recieve my camera to use for Christmas. Turns out I never recieve my Camera and I was still charged $2265. After a long time doing my brilliatn investigation i fell on a company called IBUYDIG. & FOCUSFREEIMAGING. Two websites a copy from eachother and a copy of DIGITALLYDISCOVERED.COM. It looks these crooks stole over two thousand dollars out of my account to open up different companies. Furthermore, I purchased the camera and equipment from a salesmen name "Jeff"...calling up there toll free number asking for Jeff, gave these crooks off. I called up my credit card company and found out I was not the only one that was blind folded and robbed. Turns out over $75,000 was stolen from these crooks!....Im doing my best to withold innocent people to shop with them. BEWARE IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU"

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"Wish I had seen the other reviews of this store before I ordered! Same story. I ordered a camera and experienced difficulties with their customer service reps. First rep hung up on me, second rep was quite rude and then after I refused both times to purchase accessories, I got the email saying the item was backordered. The item they still claim on their website to be "In Stock". So I canceled the order as well and purchased from another seller.

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"I ordered a camera and experienced difficulties with their sales team and customer service. I got hung-up, put on hold for no reason and the item I ordered eventually was backordered. The item they still claim on their website to be "In Stock". So I canceled the order immediately and went to ShopCartUSA from which I got referenced to the store and wrote a review and gave them a not so good rating.

To my surpise, the review never got posted. So I got curious and did some research myself and find out that this store, and most of the stores on ShopCartUSA and ShopCartUSA.com itself, are a big hoax, in my opinion. Just check their business addresses, they are ALL in Brooklyn, New York! Just to name a few:

2744 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

1204 Ave. U
Suite 1096
Brooklyn, NY 11229

AM PhotoWorld
2922 Avenue L
Brooklyn, NY 11219

and so on... Go check yourself.

They just use the ShopCartUSA to get visit numbers. Stay away from ShopCartUSA and all it's associates!!!

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"Same old story: lowest advertised price on Canon A95. Called to confirm the order only to have a high pressure sale for accessories. When I refused the accessories ($80 for 4 AA NiMH batteries!!) informed me the camera was out of stock. Actually told me, "Looks like you've called 4 of our other businesses. It wouldn't be fair to them to fulfill your order." Several companies listed at PriceHead.com are actually one big boiler room! Astonishingly honest appraisal from the salesman re: their dishonest sales tactics. This collection of 4 businesses owes me 2 hours of my life back (thank goodness for the salesman's "honesty" re: the interrelationship of the "separate" businesses! Otherwise, I'd still be working my way down the list!) NY THUGS! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"

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