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it steeling money

"i bought glass he change it and sent it for me .what i iforme him about my item is wronge he said gast were it "

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"VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE AND THEY WERE VERY RUDE. I ordered sunglasses and they processed my order. Then I got a call the next afternoon saying they needed to charge me more as the price was wrong. I was NOT happy as they had confirmed my order and worse yet they were very unprofessional and RUDE. DO NOT USE THEM IS MY ADVISE!"

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"Placed an order then got an email from them that the item I purchased had contained a small crack on the frame and was not comfortable sending the item. They asked if I would prefer a different color and I picked a different color and told me it will take 7 days for them to get it after 10 days followed up with email since you CANNOT get somebody to chat with you on live chat online and got a response that the particular style i wanted is discontinued. I know there's already something fishy going on with this company read the reviews on this website I immediately contacted my credit card company and requested a charge back since I never got the item. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A BIG SCAM!!!!!! "

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"DO NOT BUY from www.eyewearus.com

Finally the bastard got what he was deserving for a very long time; he has been exposed and even arrested for cyber-bullying and fraud.





I found out too late that this vendor is not honest. I placed an order at www.eyewearus.com for sunglasses, I haven't received any and after 3 weeks I contacted them through chat on their website and I canceled the order. It was confirmed in chat. Next day they send me an email that they don't have that item in stock but they can send me something similar. At that moment I knew already that they are a scam (see the complaints in the links below) and I told them that I canceled already the order and I hope that they did not charge my credit account...but they did since Sep 20 and after almost a month I haven't received any sunglasses. So be aware, it seems that this business, which has more websites (www.eyewareus.com, www.decormyeyes.com see bellow and www.bbb.com link)is a BIG FRAUD.

unhappy customer

Website Address:


I bet that they are more, cause I keep finding more websites.

Business Name:
Decor My Eyes
Decor My Home
eMalish Corporation
Eye and Sun
Eye Wear US
Glasses Expo
Optic Genius
Playco Corporation










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"This person the customer service rep from Decor My Eyes and Eye Wear Us Tony Russo also threatened me on my cell phone and home phone on numerous occasians after I disputed payment from my credit card for not recieving the glasses. I then reversed the disputed after his numerous threating emails and phone calls and started a case with UPS. I never got the glasses or the refund due to family issues and 8 months later, Tony Russo starts sending me emails and calling my home phone and my cell phone laughing at me that I never got my sunglasses or my refund to which he said he went out and had lobster with my money. What follows are the copied emails he sent me. I had to tell him on my phone any communication I recieve from him would be harassment. All of the following emails were sent by Tony Russo from the Decor My Eyes and Eye Wear Us website.
#1 I got my money back and you never got shit from me Hey cocksucker did you realize you never got your money back?
Ahahahah #2 "You’re a cockhead you disputed my charge and you got what you deserved.
I pee on you and if you took the right approach the 1st time this would NOT have happened.
I went to dinner today and had lobster I appreciate you paying for it"
How did you miss that NON REFUND anyway>? Did you forget to fill out a dispute form?
The money was all in your hands already all you had to do was respond to the paper."
#3You should its been 1 year you cant dispute after 6 months fucker
Such a sucker wow!
Is this the kind of company you want to do buisness with?????

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"Decor My Eyes is a fraudulent, unprofessional business who stole from me in order to make a profit. This company has insulted me in every possible way; personally, ethically and professionally. The company clearly advertises and admits to 100% authentic products on its website and in its emails. I sent in RayBan sunglasses for the company to repair a chipped right lens. In the return product they sent me plastic non-authentic lenses and kept my original lenses and RayBan case. I called and spoke with the owner, Tony Russo, who yelled, cursed and repeatedly called me stupid as I tried to explain my dissatisfaction with the fake lenses. I demanded my old lenses back, but he admitted that he "botched" them and could not return them. We made an agreement that I would not contact my bank if he would send me a new pair of Ray Bans. But first I was to send back the sunglasses he just sent back to me. So I sent the sunglasses back to Decor My Eyes and had the order tracked through USPS to ensure he received the package. After he received the package, he called to tell me that I would "never, never, never" see my sunglasses again because I filed a claim through my bank and the bank charged him $35, which he now admits I didn’t do. He was extremely rude to me and continued to curse at me. Although he claims to have refunded my account, he is going to keep my sunglasses and will not return what is rightfully mine. He did not follow through with our agreement and stole from me. He is immature, irrational and disrespectful. His company is a fraud and he is a thief.
This issue has still not been resolved and I have every reason to believe that Tony will resell my sunglasses to somebody else and will make a profit from them. He has stolen my Ray Ban sunglasses and will not return them to me. This is not a company that deserves to remain in business, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that it does not survive. I have email documented my entire correspondence with DecorMyEyes for proof. If you want to get back at this company, call your bank to file a claim. His bank charges him $35 every time. He hates that.

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"I found the glasses that I liked, added them to the cart, but never checked out because found the same item for less somewhere else.
Sales rep from EyeWearUs started contacting me 4 times a day telling me that I left an item in my cart and I need to provide payment information for order to be processed.

His name is Tony Russo. And here is the latest email exchange:

Him> Why cant you just check out ths is so upsetting to me.
me> Please stop sending me messages.
Him> I am just not understanding why didn't you use an alternate payment method?? I would have given you discounts for the trouble?

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"This company boasts “Customer Service At Its Finest” on its website and emails. I have found nothing that indicates this remark is true. I placed an order for a pair of specific Oakley sunglass as a gift for my fiancé. When the order arrived they were a different pair than I had requested. Thinking this would be an easy fix, I emailed the company requesting a refund or exchange. They responded in incomplete sentences with “this is what you ordered and this is what you got” explaining that “there is a 20% restocking fee” should I choose to return the item. Their suggestion was to use the item as a gift if it was not what I wanted. I went a step further and sent an image of the item that I ordered. They have yet to respond. I am now stuck with a pair of sunglasses that retail for about $99 when I paid $169.99 for the glasses I requested. As annoying as this process has been the fact that their dishonest claims are posted on every email did not help. I could not believe how rude and irrational this company is. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU EXPECT TO GET WHAT YOU ORDER OR ANY ACCEPTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

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"This is the Same company as Decor My Eyes. Both of them belongs to Tonny Russo. Please do Not buy from them... This is a RIP OFF company. Checkou the complains on Decor My Eyes. ( Same company with diferent name) DO NOT BUY FROM THEM !!!"

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After placing the order and confirming my credit card details with there security department as requested the order was declined.

The money was refunded to my card but I was now USD$11.00 down in exchange rate transactions. When I raised this issue with EyeWearUs they said they were now happy to supply the glasses as they no longer had an issue with my credit card. But I was $11.00 out of pocket without as much as an appology.

I exchanged several more emails with the company and the final response I got was

"Go away"

"Have you read our testimonials and reviews??
Customer Service at its Finest
Tony Russo"


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"While visiting the site DecorMyEyes.com a pop-up come on for a survey of what I liked and did not like about the site. As a marketing expert, I gave them a suggestion about their young girl that they have on the site that steps out to speak to you in cocktail dress. Not very professional. I suggested it would be more credible if the person came out in a lab coat, as a representation of someone that would be making their prescription glasses. This would give them more credibility. My suggestion was to assist then in succeeding. Their reply was to assist then in failing.

See the response I got. I am not ordering from them and I am posting to let you know... buyer beware!!!! I also got a second response from them that I wont dare to post!

From: sales@decormyeyes.com
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 15:05:45 -0400
Subject RE: Feedback - Suggestion

How about if she came out and took her tits out?
Would you order then?

Have you read our testimonials and reviews??

Tony Russo

Helpful (4) Cool


"I cannot stress enough...DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. You should also note that this company is also DecorMyEyes.com. They are one and the same. I don't think they really even sell glasses..I think they are a fake site that makes money off 20% cancellation fees, because TRUST ME, you WILL NOT get what you ordered. They will send you the wrong item, they will give you excuses....they have nothing in stock!

PS since my first post here, 'Tony' from decormyeyes has sent me several inappropriate emails. He called me a thief, a retard, and told me to kill myself. this man should be in jail.he is a crook and he scares me!

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"I don't have any negative things to say about this company. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING HERE. I bought a pair of prescription glasses and was sent a pair of sunglasses of a completely different brand. When I got in touch with them so they could fix the problem in a timely fashion, this is what they had to say:
"Sorry we made an incorrect shipment
These things happen if its TIME SENSATIVE
Goto your local optical store on the web we make mistakes
Every day I messup 1 out of 100 orders its normal"
So in addition to not being able to spell, these folks are rude, incompetent and unreliable. I'm contesting the charge on my credit card and told them I would only return the incorrect merchandise if they send me a fedex number or similar so that I don't have to pay shipping.

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"Placed order on 9/18, charged my card immediately, said my order would ship on 9/29 and I would get a tracking number. I requested tracking number on 9/30, 10/1 and 10/2. Got nothing but excuses about how their vendor didn't send them a tracking number. I got an email that their vendor (Persol according to them) was not responding to them and asked if I wanted it reshipped. I said yes and on 10/8 they said the model of sunglasses I ordered was discontinued. The glasses I ordered had been out "

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"EyeWearUs charged my credit card immediately for an item that shipped one week later. I was given a price match link to their shopping cart but for the wrong color glasses. "Jessica" said don't worry, just proceed with the order online, then call to confirm that I will be getting the color that I want instead. I received the wrong color sunglasses 8 days later, returned the item, but they still charged me a 20% restocking fee even when they reneged on their promise to send the right color that I wanted. I sent them email proof of their promise but they still charged me the 20%. They suggested that I give my sunglasses away as a gift or sell them on eBay if I do not like them. "Jessica" called, got into a tirade and accused me of being just another customer trying to take advantage. Pro: Price matching when you abandon your shopping cart. Cons: Inflated MSRPs, do not come through on their claims of excellent customer service, errors in their system and shopping cart which caused problems. I would never buy from them again and absolutely cannot recommend them."

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