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Rating 2/10

very bad, bought 2 phones none of them working and no help, no repair under warranty, spent big $$ for shipping there and back several times

hi, just would like to warn all of you from buying from this shop. bought 2 phones from etotalk, xiaomi mi4s and honor8.
honor havent worked a single day.
xiaomi worked few months (less then half year).
honor story - informed them straight away about malfunction (force stopping apps, 4g not working, auto restarts, etc.), any reply from them took ages and wanted me to try rom flashes etc., meanwhile the time for return passed. so sent it back for repair, phone came back (took few weeks as they slow, i paid dhl express) and in few seconds the same issues occured. contacted them immediately again.
now the xiaomi start doing wrong (sliding screen, force stopping, rom loading, slow working) also so start dealing both phones simultanously.
again, waitting for response even a month!!, keep saying that i should try flashes etc., anyway, sent both phones back priority mail. warranty check took them 2 months, then replied that all good and all repaired so i paid postage and let them send it back... unfortunately, 100% same iasues in few seconds after unwrapping. havent even insert sim or connected any account etc.
so contacted them again..same story, same long time but no explanations, only that i can send it back.
have i mentioned that they only reply:"sorry for this, sorry for that.. bla bla.. but you have to send it back, you have to pay postage both way and we dont give you any guarantee that its fixed"?
now the phones are there again, allready more than 3 months!! nobody is able to explain what was wrong and how it was fixed (they only reply that phones were repaired - but i asked what was wrong and how it was fixed as i aleady paid postage 6-7 times and spend a year waiting... no reply... they only issued new invoice for postage and want me to accept.. honor 4th time, xiaomi 3rd time...
what a waste of money this so called "company".
rather flush the money for phone down the pipe (at least you save money for shipping **** times).
never helped, never told whats going on, never repaired anything, just asking for next money for postage..

btw if anyone same problems or want to know more (can provide all relevant evidence), feel free to contact me on roman.cibulka.job@gmail.com

Rating 2/10

bad customer service

"Have sent my phone to be repaired 5 months ago and still waiting for it."

Rating 10/10

Very satisfied!

"Unbelievable ! Ordered Thursday evening and received the following Monday either 3 days from China, congratulations! in a perfect state. Thank you. "

Rating 10/10

Super fast shipping, satisfied service!

"I know this site after my shopping at PM. thier service is very impressive, fast and quick response to my message. After several buys, I start buying goods directly from their store. It was a good experience. To find a store with cheap price and good service is easy, but to find a store with good price, good service, professional and reliable is not easy at all. They did not recommend me the 2nd line brands like zopo, elephone, cubo, umi, ulefone, vk...they told me the best phones are huawei, and later on is xiaomi, meizu, letv, zte, lenovo...honestly, I did not know any of this before. As I thought they are all chinese brands, no big difference, but their instruction proofed their professionalism. Now I trust them, and I am now using their recommended model: the huawei honor 8. This is a great unit, it is like a perfect phone. I used to be using samsung, but they told me this brand is even better than samsung but with much affordable price. I love their professionalism. from now on, I will on buy from them, good job, ETOtalk team! "

Rating 10/10

100% original products.

"I bought many things on line, but I always worried about buying fake products. Especially for China, there are many copies and clones, so for a long time, I only purchased items from ebay and Amazon. However, I need a dual sim phone to deal with my business and private matter at the same time, and I could not find a DSFA model from either ebay or Amazon, so I tried to google DSFA at google to see where I can find a shop to provide DSFA units, and there is shop called ETOtalk pop up. Not like other electronics shops, they are very focusing on smartphones. Accessories and even software, you can always find your needs from there.

However, I worried about its reliabilities, so I did some research, and I found they have 150k facebook fans and have been in smartphone business for more than 10 years, so I decided to try for it.

I bought a Huawei Honor 8 from them, it is a very new coming out model, I love it so much. Their skill is very good, I thought like my old lenovo A810, the language is not full, but their rom is full languages, and there is no Chinese at all.

I am a programmer, so I know it is not that easy to make this happened. The phone is very pretty and smooth, with finger print functions, it made it love it so much that I do not want to release it from my hand for any moment.

I want to thanks to ETOtalk team, wonderful job!

Rating 10/10

A lovely shop for mobile phone

"Do you know what is dual sim full active? Do you know what is OTA update? Do you know what is how to use wifi display? If the phone has Radio? If the phone has IR sensor? If the phone can extent by sd card? Whether it can be used for B20, 800mhz?

A lot of this kind of questions making you headache when you are trying to buy a new mobile phone. And I do a lot of research on google, and ask these questions in so many shops. Although what I did is just simply copied and pasted to the dialog box to ask different sellers, unfortunately, none of them can satisfy all my questions. And some seller even started losing patience and showing not so nice attitude to me.

Maybe I am too picky, but I am a buyer, I think I deserve the right to ask questions and clear my own doubts. And then I found this site, ETOtalk.

It was surprised to me that they could answer all my questions. This took one of their sales called Smily almost half an hour. But the sales just like her name, very patient, kept on saying, " do you still have any other questions? feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance."

It is so warm to have someone will treat you like a friend. And they are so professional, I can tell. I asked them if they can root the recovery, in most shops, the sales do not even know what it is. But ETOtalk knows, and they said they can even do this for me for free before shipment. Just need to leave them a note during check out. It is so nice!

Such a nice shopping experience at ETO, I love them!

Rating 10/10

Professional Engineering team with strong support!

"I did not shop oversea very often, as I heard many of my friends saying that it is risky. But I need to buy a cheap and affordable smartphone, so take out my pocket of 100 USD, just to play around to see if I can find a good deal, also test if I got a good hand.

The reason I wanted to buy a cheap smartphone is I just bought a Sony QX30 camera, and this camera can connect with any smartphones. I was going out for vacation, and I do not want my phone to be waste power on wifi connection with the QX30 camera. So a cheap phone is better choice. Then I can use my own phone Honor 7 to answer my phone calls. I am a business person, so I got a lot of phone calls every day, so I need my phone always in a good shape. I do not even turn off my phone at night.

And I also bought a selfiepod to connect with my QX30 to take photos. However, the problem came out: the built-in android app for QX30, which is called playmemories. This app is very stupid, it cannot be controlled by my selfiepod. I tried even set the touch screen to take photo, it did not work either. I almost wanted to give up as my vacation date is coming soon.

One of my friend Jason, who is a programmer, a high-tect person, he introduced Etotalk to me. He asked me to try to consult with them to see if they have solutions, because he said Etotalk is the only shop who have strong engineering background. He bought a huawei mate8 from etotalk, it was fully in Chinese, but ETOtalk taught him to install a full European firmware onto it successfully.

So I tried to buy from them a Samsung S7562i, and placed order. Before shipment, I asked them to hold it and I asked them my questions about to change this phone to adopt my Song QX30.

They studied my question 2 days, and then their engineer really gave me a solution. They taught me step by step by instruction to help me root the S7562i, and then change the key locations. Wow, it is like a magic, after all the settings, my home key become a power key, my volume key become a picture key for playmemories. Amacing! now I can use my selfiepod to connect with my Sony QX30 to take myself photos! Think about that my selfiepod is using volume key to take photos, so it does not need any bluetooth connection. So I do not need to charge my selfiepod. And QX30 can take several days photos without problems. So It is a very power photo shooting tool!

I want to share this story with other people here how professional ETOtalk team is. Their prices sometimes may not be the lowest, but it is very reliable. They know what they were selling and which model is good if you asked them. They said some people had problem with them is because they did not listen to what they tried to explain to them. For example, I was trying to buy from them a THL brand as it is cheaper, but they warn me better not, because the quality is not as good, and it won't last long.

I also asked them why I saw some people left negative feedback on trustpilot, and they said, it is normal, they said only people who is our competitors or have negative feeling would leave feedback. If others tried to leave good ratings, it will be blocked. I want to try to post this review because I love this shop, and at least from my experience, they are so good!

Rating 10/10

Better price than Amazon

"They have a store at Amazon, and I used to be buying from there, but they told me to try it on their own site, so I tried it. The price is much cheaper than Amazon, and the phone is in a good shape. But I found their label is bid different in name, so I asked them, they told me that they installed a EU firmware into this China version. I still doubt about that, but honestly, the phone is running quite good. It is a Huawei Mate8. "

Rating 10/10

nice and professional

"I flashed a rom which I found on google, almost bricked my phone.
I contact etotalk for help on skype, and they forward me to aftersales.
Honestly, I did not like that, because I prefered to chat on line.
But surprise to me that, their response is very fast, and they sent me an instruction with all the details,
step by step, and I successfully saved my phone.
Thank you, ETO, I love you! :)

Rating 10/10

DHL is super fast!

"I bought a Honor V8 with a VR from them, that was Tuesday Morning, and surprisingly, they already arranged shipment Tuesday Afternoon, and I got everything in hand on Wednesday night. They said it may take 3~4 days, but actually it only took 1~2 days. The phone is good, but the language is not full, there are still some Chinese on it, but it does not bother me. 2k screen with a portable VR, nice combination, I love them very much! Nice job, ETO!"

Rating 10/10

A good place to buy huawei phone

"i bought a huawei P9 from the shop, it is good, recommended to other buyers. "

Rating 2/10

Do not use etotalk.com

"A warning to anybody outside of china, please do yourself a favour and do not buy a phone from etotalk.com. Here are a few reasons as to why they will let you down.

1.They mislead me about the OS that was on my Huawei honor 6 plus, I paid for a custom rom but got a patched up phone that once factory reset reverted back to a china bloatware phone.
2.The Huawei honor 6 plus will NOT run Google voice search as a built in china app takes control of speech requests.
3.I tried to resolve this problem for two weeks using their only support which is an email address that they will respond to after 24hr if you are lucky. I was told to do this and that but after two weeks they admitted what I already knew.
4.Even while this was going on I asked on their Q&A comments if my phone could run Google voice search and they said yes!
5.Eventually after 26 emails! They asked me to return the phone to which I refused until they refunded my money and postage costs….I refused to return the phone!
6.Why would I refuse? If you take a look at their returns policy and reviews of people who have tried to return a phone you would refuse to. Basically you cannot use services like DHL to send returns and they want you to send the phone back marked as a £15 mp3 player so that they avoid charges. Not only is this dishonest but it puts you in a bad position as to insuring the returned phone which will cost you £60+.
7.There is no talking to this company, even after a lengthy explanation as to my fears of returning the phone, the last five emails basically said send the phone back the way we have stated or no refund.
8.The saddest thing is that this was not the first phone I have purchased from them, 7 phones in all over two years. These were very cheap phones so I took a gamble, unfortunately the £260 Huawei was a lemon and now I pay the price for not reading reviews!

Summary: If you want a cheap china phone use ebay as at least you will have some protection. Stay away from etotalk.com as if you have a real problem with your phone they will not honestly help you and will cost you lots of time and money to resolve the problem.
In the end I sold the phone on ebay for £165, I just do not trust these people to do the right thing.

Rating 2/10

"I bought an elephone g7 from etotalk. From first time i send to etotalk email about phone's problem. after 20 days of use the phone's camera stopped working. Send back and ask me to pay for the repair. where is the 1 year warranty? Very disappointed from their behavior"

Rating 2/10

"ETOTALK: 0 stars endless. I have bought a phone for total of USD 368.93. It arrived faulty. (SIM #1 did not read the card). I have paid my Country's duty-2.5% + 27% VAT and handling fees too. This is very much cost plus! I did not want send it back to China and get the repaired phone again, because there was an other case too. Before I sent it back, I did do reset to the factory settings. The phone has became CHINESE language. Unusable for me totally. I offered more options: partial refund, choose another phone, total refund after sending back. They rejected all of theese options. After it I wrote "DO NOT SEND BACK TO ME!" , but I got the email, they wrote "Mend the mistake and sent it back" to me. And will send me tracking information. It was nine days ago. They did not do anything. No tracking information, no contact to me. I lost almost USD 500. I HAVE PAID DUTY OF CHINA TOO!!! No phone no money. Unfortunately I can not see this site before buying. Otherwise I would not have buy. Etotalk never again!"

Rating 2/10

"PLEASE I NEED ANY HELP to get my phone back from Etotalk.

I ordered and paid for ThL W300 Android4.2 Quad Core 1.5GHz Dual Sim 6.5 inch FHD from the Etotalk online shop (http://www.etotalk.com/ )

This phone was new one from what they told me.
But it worked fine only 2months of using it.
after the first 2months, the phone stopped getting gps/navigator signal.
At the same time the phone started switching itself off from time to time and over heating.

When i reported it to Etotalk, they instructed that i send it back to them, from EU to CN.
I did send it to them and that took 3 months to get repaired.

When it was sent back to me, i used the phone 2 months and the battery stopped charging.
Sometimes it will discharge all the power in the battery under 2mins. with beep beep noise from the phone.
And when am charging it, it will get stuck on 10-15% of battery level.
I once charged the phone all night 12hours, but it kept showing 15% battery charged level.

Am really tired of writing the horror i have witnessed with Etotalk from this phone.
My biggest trouble and head-ache now is that, i sent this phone last September 2014, which is the 4th times am sending the phone to them for service.
And they still have the phone and not sending it back to me.

They refused to refund my money and they refused to replace the phone.
I paid $349.99 for this phone and under 1year, it has gone back to them 4times for repair.
every 2months am shipping the phone back to Etotalk for the same problem or more.
I will pay for the shipping and i will pay etotalk again before they will ship it back to me.

Now they hold my money and they hold the phone for close to 8 months already.
Everytime i write them to send me my phone back, the only feedback i get is that the phone has been sent to factory and the delay is from factory.

Please help me, anybody who can advice on how i can get the phone back or my money back?

Or there escalation point?
Contact to there management? name, number, email, Please any good human there help!!!

Your help or kind advice is appreciated.
only email me " p.ahio@aol.com "

thank you

This company should not have been allowed to exist in the first place.

Be very very happy if you bought something from this criminal and noting went wrong.

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