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The worst customer experience you will ever get in your life

"The worst customer experience you will ever get in your life...disaster -- never buy anything on board of the plane..trust me... their customer service never answers emails nor calls and they are extremely rude and unprofessional ...stay away from buying anything on board of the aircraft "

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Purchased a Gift Card in exchange for 37000 miles. Gift Card Empty!!!!

"I ordered a gift card from Emirates High Street and the card turned up the very next day for the value of £100 from House of Fraser UK. O went out shopping and produced my gift card only to be told it was not activated and had a balance of £0. I have tried contacting Emirates High Street using their contact form as this is the only method you can contact them on. No acknowledgement has been received of this and I have heard nothing from anyone.
Really really bad customer service and when you compare this with Etihad Guest... it’s Might and Day. I will not be choosing Emirates High Street or Emirates airline next time I fly to UAE. even if I have to pay more I would rather have a better service. Disgusting attitude to customers. Avoid Emirates High Street like the plague. You have been warned!

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Unhappy experience—solved

"Problem solved. Slow customer service reply and no cancelation of purchase allowed even in one hour after the order, but everything is solved now. "

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poor quality products, and waste of shipping cost

"poor quality products, and waste of shipping cost"

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Unhappy with the support

"I had redeemed 12,000 miles and bought a Watch after paying all the additional taxes and shipping costs; the product turned out faulty; though Emirates arranged for pick-up of the product had to chase the team for very long time to get update; eventually after long chase of one month I was informed that product is no longer available ! and refund was received after another two weeks and the miles balance was reinstated for very short period during which I couldn't redeem it for buying another product and balance miles expired.
Very unhappy with entire was this was handled, extremely unfair.

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better to let your miles expire than buy anything

"I got notification from Emirates that my miles were expiring.Me being an idiot decided to use my miles to buy an item.I paid by credit card for shipping & customs.but now my item is stuck in customs in FedEx & they are asking for money more than the value of the item.
FedEx asked for kyc which I already submitted but they still held my items in custom.

Moral of the story-
1) let your miles expire as they are of no value as you will pay by card for shipping & customs before checkout.then again FedEx will ask for customs charges & your item will be stuck .
2) never ever use FedEx to buy or gift by friend to send item from overseas to India.

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Emirates High Street - Stay Away

"Here's the story (It's common) - You can't do a lot about it!

I spent 30,000 miles and $58 on shipping to order some jewelry and accessories to my parents from Emirates High Street to India.

The problems I’ve faced since then are as follows:

Initially there was no mention or conformation of delivery address due to which I had to contact Emirates High Street for conformation.

My parcel is currently stuck in customs in Pune, India because Emirates High Street incorrectly mentioned my ‘street name’ under the ‘company name’. It’s been there since 5 days now. Fed-Ex had asked me to complete 3 forms and 2 supporting documents to show that I’m an individual and not a company for which I’d have to pay custom tax.

It took me 3 hours and submitted and approved the documents. Now, Fed-Ex has asked me to deliver the documents to them that would cost me another $100. It’s painful as I’ve to go through these issues from a mistake on the part of High Street.

The worst issue is that I’ve contacted High Street and I haven’t heard from them since 48 hours. Emirates customer service folks told me High Street is contracted out and they can’t do anything about my issue. Moreover, the only and only way to reach High Street is through email.

Can you imagine spending 30,000 miles ($400) on Amazon and getting an email address as your customer helpdesk?

I’m still considering pressing charges as I believe Emirates endorses High Street. It totally influences your decision. Hence, it needs to deliver on its promise on shipping and customer service. I paid shipping to High Street and they are liable for every $ I paid.

Irrespective, the reason I bought my parents the gift doesn't hold anymore. High Street is a mess although the airline is pretty cool.

I know they can't do anything but y'all be thoughtful prior to making a purchase from High Street.

Hope this helps.

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"Rubbish......the watch I was forced to buy (13,000 points expiring and Emirates demanding €368 euro ...yes! 368 euro....to transfer MY miles to my partner for upgrade) cost me €60 plus 13,000 miles for what is about the same price on Amazon or eBay.


Don't waste your time and avoid like the plague.
Shame on Emirates for running such a rubbish rewards programme.

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"The worse service ever!!
Never buy stuff in this shop!
The quality is horrible, just waste of money and your miles.
I got the broken item and try to get my money back and my miles but without success for almost 1 month.
Emirate keep telling me that they will collect item and return money and miles but nothing has done. I keep talking to them at least once a week.
Can you imaging how I am pissed off?!!
I spent 19800 miles!!
Plus 19.05USD for the delivery!
What did I get?
Broken item.
Headache to solve this problem.
Facing the worse service I have ever had. Especially Emirates is a big and well known airline that have a great service they advertise... Not sure after all I have experienced lol
Waste of miles
Waste of money
Waste of time

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"My advice - by all means fly with them - if you can stand Dubai. We'll fly BA next time.

But avoid Emirates High Street! And if you have trouble raise a small claim against the airline. You'll get action then!

First, we lost all our points on one card - quite a few having flown business cards to Australia. We were just in time with the other. The catalogue did not adequately describe its goods - and we ordered a travel bag which was totally unsuitable. We wanted to return it, but of course they cannot be contacted by phone. From the day we ordered the goods to the day we returned them was two months, and then a third to resolve everything. Of course we had to pay customs duty and VAT on the full invoice amount.

They agued that we were at fault. Finally in desperation we raised a UK Small Claim Suit against the Airline. That spurred action. We got our money and our points (which we discarded) back. But no composition for the hassle.

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"Dont buy anythings from this shop.
I redeemed my miles but I also should pay the TAX and CUSTOM. It was more expensive than the item value....

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"Very, very poor customer service with regard to returns and refunds. Took a month to collect item to be returned which caused remaining miles to expire and miss a free delivery promotion. Upon return, email says miles will be refunded in 24 hours but 2 weeks after still not refunded so cannot make new order. Even worse, charged £5.86 for no reason- totally unauthorised! Sent several emails still not sorted until now.

Will update when resolved but I dread the other reviewer's review that his was resolved after 4 months!!

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"Emirates High Street is great to order from, a nightmare if you plan on returning anything to avail your entitled refund. EHS is hands down, by far and without a doubt, the absolute worst experience I've had with an online retailer. On October 28, 2010, I ordered what appeared to be a quality item from their website, an "Amanda Suarez Pearl Oasis" necklace, and paid via credit card rather than frequent flier points. This transaction cost a total of USD 179.90 (including USD 7.00 for shipping), and the item was delivered to me in three days. Immediately upon receipt, I decided to return it and collect a full refund (minus shipping) as entitled to me in their returns policy (i.e. you have seven days to return an item for refund). The reason for this decision is because the item I received was certainly not worth the USD 179.90 I paid for it, due to its poor quality, construction and overall cheapness. It was obvious at first glance, the "pearls" were entirely fake (and I don't mean they were cultured freshwater pearls, they were imitation pearls), the "crystals" were totally cheap looking (plastic I assume), and the majority of the "metal" used was plastic coated in a reflective colour. The only part of this necklace I suspected to be genuine was the sizeable amethyst stone pendant, although it was cut quite crudely and was largely asymmetric. To put it simply, I was fooled into thinking it was a quality item by its grossly misleading appearance and description on the EHS website. I promptly left a message explaining that I would like to return the item and collect a full refund as per my entitlement, in the appropriate section on the EHS website (Oct 31). More than two weeks later (Nov 16), I received a return email from EHS, with a person named Kiranjeet S. asking my why I wish to return the item. I kindly replied that the reason is due to its poor quality and workmanship, that, in terms of quality, it differs in appearance to that which is displayed in the EHS website, and because I felt it was not worth the priced I paid. More than three weeks after that (Dec 9), Kiranjeet S. wrote back informing me that a logistics person would visit me within five days to collect the item, after I confirm my address. I confirmed my address four days later via email (Dec 13). An entire month passed after the date I confirmed my address, and still no one came to collect the item. I wrote to EHS again (Jan 13), this time asking for a contact number where I can reach someone handling returns and refunds, as by this point I was thoroughly fed up with the length of time the process was taking (note that EHS does not provide any contact numbers of any type anywhere on their website, and the only method of contacting them initially is via the "Contact Us" message box). The following day I received a return email (Jan 14), this time from a person named Dev N., apologising for the delay and stating, "We have forwarded the issue to the concerned department for their information and investigation. We will get back to you via an e-mail if any additional information is required." What? What happened to the logistics person that was supposed to visit? Also, my request for a contact number was completely ignored. Another ten days passed and I had sill not heard from anyone. I wrote to them yet again (Jan 24), this time voicing my complaint quite clearly. I got nothing, not a peep. Two weeks later I sent another email (Feb 7), again voicing my complaint. The following day (Feb 8), a logistics person finally came to collect the item and boy was I relieved! Without wasting a single minute, I sent EHS an email to confirm that the item had been collected, while also attaching a scanned copy of the receipt given to me by the logistics person and explaining that I will be recontacting them if I did not receive my refund within a suitable time frame. It took until the beginning of March for the money to be reimbursed into my bank account. As a result of this frustrating experience that lasted in excess of four months, I will never purchase anything from EHS again using neither credit card nor points. I am utterly appalled at how an airline as reputable as Emirates could encompass a retail division as useless and pathetic as Emirates High Street.

From the EHS website, FAQ section…

“Who can I contact in case of complaints?

If you have a complaint, please send us an e-mail using our 'Contact Us' form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Yeah, right.

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