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Rating 2/10

Dented cans on a regular basis

"I could write a novel here on all of the dented cans that I have received from Emergency Essentials. I also buy (or used to buy) thousands of dollars of product from EE but far too regularly they send dented cans and when I call, they blame UPS. I know for a fact that by the placement and extent of the dent, it was NOT UPS who dented the can. When the shipping box is perfect and the dents on the can are very deep on the top of a tightly packed box of cans, that can can't move, and another padded box is above the smashed can, I know it was like that before it shipped. Sometimes the dents are huge and on the seam of the can where air can leak. I buy product for long term storage and will not accept dented cans. I make that clear. And when you call they want pictures, repacked boxes and then they'll make you ship it back to get another shipment. An half the time, there is a dented can or two in the second or third attempt to send me replacement product. I'm just tired of this hassle and will NOT support a company that not only blames UPS, but charges them for damaged packages. That's just wrong. And they defend their poorly managed shipping department as if it was their grandmother. "

Rating 4/10

"Back ordered item"

"this is not 1st problem with EE. paid for SKU:FS M110. got package not in box. no invoice in box just a $5 coupon off next $25 order. emailed 2 times finally got an email back. items that's missing is on back order?? I said you charged me for the item gave me no back order slip?? I don't even think they new it was on back order. looked on website 7/12/17 item still available. look today 7/13 states item is on back order will ship when available. i spent a good chunk of money with EE. i wont order again. i don't trust them. i don't think the really care. they never answered my last email. so see ya EE!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"Placed and order. They sent me an email saying my CC was rejected. It was not. They then cancelled my order for lack of inventory. My CC was still charged and PAID out of my bank account. 2 hours on the phone and I'm still not sure it's resolved. I had ordered many items from them in the past, but I'm now finished."

Rating 6/10

Buyer beware!

"I've ordered MANY thousands of dollars of products from this company, over multiple years, and generally been happy with both products and particularly sale prices. However, yesterday, I ordered a dozen cases of powdered strawberries, priced at $10.99 each on sale. Lo and behold, when I brought up their website today, those same strawberries in the quantity I bought are now just $7.99 per can. I immediately phoned the company and politely asked for the different price given it's been under 24 hours and yesterday was a holiday, (so one could presume nobody filled the order yet.) The representative stated that they could (would?) not help me. I buy most of my products online since we live far out in the country, and this is one of the very few companies who won't do some kind of price difference accounting when a product changes that much in such a short time! When I politely insisted multiple times, she did finally put me on hold long enough to find someone who said they'll refund my 12.00 shipping fee, a far cry from the 36.00 I apparently overspent on the powder... a grudging step in the right direction, just not an impressive one given how many companies routinely provide a price difference guarantee within a reasonable time period, which clearly mine was. (She stated the products I ordered are still in the warehouse. ) Given how much money I spend monthly at this company, I was disappointed in the experience and the company. "

Rating 2/10

Charged for discontinued items

"I made a large order in January, $500+, it arrived about 3 weeks later, missing $50 worth of products, one item had been discontinued (per customer service) and others simply weren't shipped. I was told they would be shipped immediately, 6 weeks later, nothing. I have e-mailed them repeatedly, no response. I have called them repeatedly and every time I am on hold for at least 15 minutes before someone answers, it doesn't matter what day or time. When I do talk to someone, they can't imagine how my order hasn't been corrected and they will take care of right away. I have not received any missing items or been credited for the items that are discontinued. By the way, they claim their food items can be as old as 18 months, some of mine were 3 yrs, 4 months old upon delivery. Good thing I don't live in Utah."

Rating 2/10

is this place a scam?

"I ordered six cases of blackberries which tasted like burnt chemicals. I contacted the company SIX times before receiving response. They told me to return the cans at my expense, then proceeded to give me a faulty address. The cans were returned as undeliverable and two more attempts to contact customer service have been ignored. Now I am out the $120 purchase price plus s/h plus $17.72 return shipping. I'm not sure this company is legitimate. I cannot recommend. Poor quality, inedible food and worse customer service. "

Rating 2/10

Took my money but did not deliver

"Having ordered several times from Emergency Essentials I am currently having a bad experience with delivery and poor customer issue resolution. It has been 28 days since my order. They have repeatedly given a " we are having trouble with our shipping software" excuse. My card has been charged but no shipment or followup."

Rating 2/10

"I am VERY disappointed in this company. They charged me for items on back order after they told me they had my whole order. They are not supposed to charge for shipped items, the voice recording even says it. There is only ONE person who handles refunds for the "whole" company. He is on vacation so have to wait for him to come back to approve my refund? They owe me, they sure didn't wait to get my money out! Never ordering again, poor customer service, always out of stock."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a pair of extension cables for a solar generator on the 23rd of Sept. I was told they would arrive by the following Monday. TWO WEEKS later, nothing. I sent them an email asking where they were. They said their computer sometimes fails to update and they would mail out that day. Another week later still nothing. I sent yet another email asking where they were and received an email form UPS saying the order had shipped that very night AFTER I sent them the last email. They say they should be here by Thursday, but I guess we will see. We will NOT be using Emergency Essentials again in the future and will not be recommending them. Their concern for the customer is non-existent. "

Rating 2/10

"horrible customer service. not grate prices i find that Walmart is a lot lower on 80% of the same stuff."

Rating 2/10

We purchased two of the 2,000 calorie “Convenience Year Supply” products from Emergency Essentials in September 2011. In November 2013, we moved to a different state. As we were unpacking our food storage, we noticed that some of our cans were significantly bulging. When I called Emergency Essentials for guidance, I was told that they couldn’t help us as the product was more than a year old. I asked for a Supervisor as I fully expected that Emergency Essentials would live up to their reputation of being a Customer focused organization. None was available, so I left my cell number with a promise that someone would call me back. No one ever did.

After 12 phone calls to Emergency Essentials, I finally got through to a Supervisor today. She reinforced what I was told over a year ago … that they won’t replace any product that it is over a year old. The products in question are all labeled “Provident Pantry” of the following variety:

Almond Poppy Seed Mix
Honey Cornbread Mix
Six Grain Pancake Mix

She explained that these products contain a leavening agent and are highly sensitive to storage conditions and that the life expectancy is more in the “5 year range”, if that. I was stunned by what I heard as the sales representative never mentioned this and, in fact, told us that everything should last “at least 25 years if store in a cool and dry place except for powdered milk which should last at least 20 years”. I explained this to hear, but to no avail. I told her that we found the bulging cans roughly two years after purchase and that at least they should have made it to five years. Furthermore, we had purchased product from one of their competitors who issued a voluntary recall just after we found the bulging Emergency Essential cans.

I was extremely surprised when she reinforced that they would not work with us and that nothing would be replaced. She said that they would not guarantee anything with regard to their product beyond one year. I went back to the website and found no reference regarding the products named above. I did, however, find a webpage entitled “Shelf Life Article” which is well-written and leads the reader to believe that everything has a shelf life of 25 to 30 years under the proper conditions, with the exception of powdered milk which has a shelf life of “20 years or more”. What is clear now is that, unless it is specifically called out and tied to a prescribed life, you can’t assume that anything you buy will last more than a year, given the length of their guarantee.

Beyond the obvious failure to stand behind its products, I found the Emergency Essential Customer Team to be completely inconsistent. One representative told me that she would, “replace our food if it were up to her”. Another told me that “bulging cans are not a concern” and another told us to “throw out any cans that are bulging”. When I called back in AFTER talking to the Customer Service Supervisor, one of their Customer Services representatives told me that their food should all last “25 years or more” and when I pressed about products with leavening agents, he responded with “they should last at least five years if not seven”.

I am highly disappointed with Emergency Essentials. I would suggest strongly that you think twice before buying from this company given the manner in which they are doing business.

Rating 10/10

"I have been using Emergency Esstentails for years and have nothign but the best of service from them. In my latest order, one of the #10 cans was dented. I contacted them and they sent out a replacement, at no charge, that very same day. I would VERY highly recommend them. And actually I do to all of my friends! I am very surprised to see others have had issues."

Rating 2/10

"Terrible customer service! Forget about sending this company emails as they ignore them. But wait, it gets worse when you talk to Customer Service as they treat the customer like trash. When I placed my order in June, they also sent me a $40 item that I had not ordered. They just put the wrong shipping label on the product. Rather than keeping the product, I did the honest thing and called them to return the item. I used my packing materials and my time to get this back to them and never did they say thank you. I recently needed a $2.00 item and wanted to see if they could waive or reduce shipping to show their appreciation for me taking the time and my expense to get their item back to them. The customer service agent actually had the nerve to say that I should not be rewarded for doing the honest thing. Excuse me!!! I would never ever say something like that to a customer. By the way, he did reduce shipping but I was so fed up with this agent and company that I was ready to go elsewhere and that is my recommendation to anyone reading this."

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order on March 9th. As of March 2oth, I had received no other contact other than being charged for the items. I emailed the customer support email found on my confirmation email and inquired as to the status of my order. I received only an email from Fedex stating it was being shipped the 21st. It has now been rescheduled to be delivered on the 27th. I understand that some items get delayed, especially in light of events such as tornadoes and flooding. I should have received some type of notice. Instead, I have NEVER heard from the company except in the form of a deduction from my account for items that had not even shipped.
I'll probably refrain from ordering anything else from this company.

Rating 10/10

"Products were as described and shipping was prompt. An emailed question about a product was promptly answered with a personal email. I will be ordering from then again."

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