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Rating 2/10

"Emachines... If you want a computer that will die after the first year buy emachines. Seriously my emachine cant even cope under its default running programs. Emachine is the WORST! Computer I have ever used and believe me I have used many computers and all of them are better than this insult of a computer. Yes it may be cheap but the computer is made of spare computer parts. Apart from its cheap design and my fellings to emachine, it has a rating of 3.0 the lowest rating is around 2.9 so as you can see it is terrible. My emachine cant handle skype or more than one tab of internet explorer, google chrome ect ect. Again if you are looking for a pile of trash buy emachine if not go for another brand, even dell is better than emachine."

Rating 2/10

"This is by far the worst company ever. I got this computer for a present last feb and am now having problem with the windows installer and downloading .msi files. I called microsoft and they told me that the windows was purchased from emachines and I have to talk to them.
So I called emachines and they told me that I would have to pay either a one time fee of 99.99 or a fee of 149 for a year of support I just choose the 99 for a 72 hour tech support that was yesterday.
I talked to a tech and the first thing they did was blame it on a corrupt file or link. We tried several different programs that were .msi format, one download out of 4 so he said that the others were bad. Really? Java is corrupt, Microsoft is corrupt??
So he proceeds and after the call I try downloading the program on another emachines computer I have had for about three years. Low and behold it downloads...those corrupt files...download no problem.
I called them this morning and they want me to pay them again. AGAIN? I happily reminded them that I have 72 hours with this one time payment I already paid they put me on hold and never came back I called again b*tching to the next person that answered and you know what her solution was??
System restory and recover. Really? I paid you 100 dollars for you to tell me something that I already know how to do. I asked them why I am doing this and not REPAIRING the problem to me restore is like a covering up it can happen again. They promptly told me that it happens ever blue moon and that a program change some files or corrupted them on my hardware.
See the change here, first download files are corrupted now my hardware is corrupted! (BS. plain and simple, BS in all it's glory. ) I told them then that if I restore without knowing what programs did it in the first place what makes you think it will not happen again...their reply: Because it happens every blue moon.
Last convo before I decided I was fed up:
Hi, my name is Govindan Sharanji. How may I help you?
vicki: yes called before for installing issue. Now I have to do a
vicki: I paid for support
Govindan Sharanji: I do understand your concern. I will do my best to help you
resolve this issue.
vicki: I can stop payment because I have not received support.
vicki: yes because everyone else has not
Govindan Sharanji: Could you please provide me the serial number of your
vicki: and this is very concerning
vicki: I have a pin number
vicki: (pin number)
vicki: I already talked to 3 people.
Govindan Sharanji: Okay.
Govindan Sharanji: Could you please elaborate the issue with your computer so
that I can provide you with the correct resolution?
vicki: If I was going to restore my computer I shouldn't have paid for
the tech support
vicki: I can not install .msi files
vicki: And you want guys want me to pay again after I already paid.
Govindan Sharanji: I do understand your concern, please do not worry I am here
to help you.
vicki: that is my problem. One guy downloads a program and it works and
says that all other .msi are corrupt and this is a lie.
vicki: JAva updates, Microsoft updates will not install because there are
.msi also
vicki: It is something wrong with the computer, because I have another
emachines E627 and everything by .msi downloads fine.
Govindan Sharanji: Let me see what best I can do to resolve this issue for you.
Govindan Sharanji: Before we proceed could you please provide me the serial
number of your computer?
vicki: okay hold on
Govindan Sharanji: Sure.
vicki: okay.
vicki: (serial)
Govindan Sharanji: Thank you for providing the serial number.
Govindan Sharanji: I understand that you are experiencing an issue with .msi
Govindan Sharanji: May I know whether you made any software or hardware changes
on your computer before the issue started?
vicki: its a headache that it ca not be fixed by you guys
vicki: I wouldn't be able to tell you. I mean I have downloaded programs
if that what you are talking about, but I have had this computer since feb of
last year so.
Govindan Sharanji: Since when are you experiencing this issue?
vicki: This problem started recently, I haven't downloaded anything
Govindan Sharanji: Vicki, this is not an hardware issue.
Govindan Sharanji: This error message may occur due to error in system files and
vicki: okay.
Govindan Sharanji: I suggest you perform a complete system recovery to factory
settings from the Recovery Partition of your computer in order to fix this
vicki: ok so I paid for nothing then
Govindan Sharanji: Your computer is shipped with a recovery partition which has
all the necessary information to reinstall the operating system and reset it to
factory settings. It would reinstall the drivers and application automatically.
vicki: so I should get my money back then.
vicki: because I could have figured this out myself
Govindan Sharanji: You may first try the system recovery steps.
Govindan Sharanji: The recovery partition can be accessed before Windows loads;
however you are required to use a function key combination.
Govindan Sharanji: During the process, all data stored on your computer will be
overwritten. This means all your files, such as email and photos, will be
erased. Therefore, we recommend you backup your personal data before starting
the recovery process.
Govindan Sharanji: Vicki, have you logged into windows?
vicki: yeah I know how recovery works
vicki: I have done it before, but just because I'm recovering my windows
doesn't mean the problem is fixed it could happen again
vicki: the problem is covered up its not fixed.
vicki: I have another emachines that never gave me this problem.
Govindan Sharanji: This may happen when the system files are corrupt or modified
by any other program that was installed.
vicki: and I will never know which program or file was corrupt.
vicki: So if this happens again I have to do another restore?
vicki: that does not make any sense to do a recovery and never know the
problem cause.
Govindan Sharanji: System recovery will restore the files.
Govindan Sharanji: This doesn't happen always.
vicki: So how will I know what to not put on my computer?
Govindan Sharanji: This may happen due to automatic updates that are performed
in your computer.
Govindan Sharanji: System recovery will automatically restore the files we do
not need to select each and every file.
Govindan Sharanji: To start your system restore follow the below steps:

1.Click on the Start menu and click All Programs.
2.In the program list click the Gateway folder, then click the Gateway eRecovery
Management icon.
3.Windows User Account Control may ask for your permission to run this program,
click Yes.
4.From the Gateway eRecovery Management window on the left click Restore, then
click Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults.
5.On the Confirmation screen, select Yes and click Start
6.Finally click OK to confirm restoration and then your computer will restart.
7.After the computer restarts click Next if you agree to the notice on your
Note: The notice is informing you that all your data will be erased. If you have
not backed up your data click Cancel now.
8.Next you get a final confimation screen. Click Next, then click OK to start
the recovery process.
9.The recovery may take a while to finish. You will get a confirmation screen
when it is finished.
10.Click OK to restart your computer.
(I disconnected at this point)
WOW, 100.00 for that, its ridiculous and this company's tech support is a joke. I am in the middle of a dispute with my credit card company as we speak. PLEASE PLEASE never get a emachines computer YOU WILL REGRET IT! Unless you like getting raped...

Rating 2/10

"Screen and speaker issues. Won't stay connected to the internet. This is a known issue with the Realtek rtl8191se wirless adapter. I have to pay to ship it to them to fix it."

Rating 2/10

"Biggest piece of crap Ive ever used...Ive had mine a week and the onboard ethernet connection has failed...as Im running an alternative OS (Dual boot Ubuntu Linux and Vista Beta 2) and joined with the fact that ive broken the seal and opened the case...(to add a WORKING ethernet card) Im sure that the company will weasel their way out of honoring their 1 yr warranty, as their warranty explicitly states that you may only use software officaly approved for use with emachines. After reading the rest of these posts, I can see It would be a waste of my time to even try. I wish I would have looked up some customer reviews before it was too late.....TOTAL CRAP!!"

Rating 2/10

"JUNK... maybe I didn't say it clearly enough JUNK!!
Didn't work correctly from day one. Tried to add memory and nothing worked with the eMachine supplied memory so had to totally replace. Sent it in to the repair depot twice and it came back broken both times. They have trained the tech support people to be "polite" while doing absolutely nothing. After the 2nd trip to the depot I asked them to replace the box as a "lemon" and they said that they couldn't do that. Well, not yet. I asked them how many times did it have to go in, 17 and they said "not quite that many". DVD burner didn't burn, hard drive had errors, software errors too numerous to mention.
Bottom line... get ANY other brand or you'll waste your money. Replaced it with an HP and have had ZERO problems.

Rating 2/10

"I Purchased an E-machines M5310 from emachines and it is the biggest piece of shit i have ever purchased, at first the hard drive failed, then the IDE Controlers went, then the motherboard went, then the harddrive went, then the CDRW went, then the modem went, then the harddrive went again, ITS A STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Company."

Rating 2/10

"I have had nothing but the worst problems with my laptop from Emachines. I purchased a M5310 from Future Shop in Canada but failed to take advantage of their in store warrentee. If I had, maybe I wouldn't be complaining about the service at emachines, or the products, but I am. In the first month, my laptop started to experience overheating issues. The only reason I purchased this laptop was because I am taking an Internet Technology course in college and needed the laptop for that. However, it is useless bringing a laptop to class that shuts off every 20 minutes. I sent it back on December 12th and didn't get it back until January 14th. When I called to ask where it was, they told me they were out of fans so that is why it took so long. Two weeks after getting it back I had to send it away again because it was overheating. Now keep in mind this is being sent from Ontario Canada to somewhere in the US so a little extra time is expected. However, it took another 3 weeks to get my laptop back. Everytime I called to ask about the status, I was told that the tech support in the US was unable to check on the status of Canadian repairs. What kind of company doesn't have a system set up to know this? After I got my laptop back, I made another call asking what would happen if I had to send it back again. I was told that if a product is sent back 3 times for the same reason it will be replaced. Well, three weeks later I had to send it away once again. However, this time it was because the battery was faulty and wouldn't charge anymore. When I called and asked if I could get a replacement due to my frustration, I was informed that it was a different problem so I couldn't get a replacement. And now, I have just recieved my laptop back again and it is already starting to overheat, but now it has been over a year and my warrentee is expired so I am stuck with this piece of junk. All in all, this laptop, when it works, has been great. However, the customer service at this company is appalling, the laptop breaks down every month or so and contacting the corporate office is almost impossible. If anyone is reading this and considering buying a laptop, go somewhere else, this company doesn't deserve anyones business."

Rating 8/10

"i sent the necessary info to emachines..and i am still waiting for my rebates 9/16/04"

Rating 2/10

"PC runs fine but their customer service is extremely bad. Rebate not processed correctly and eMachines will not help get it processed. Managers and employees refuse to escilate problems, refuse to allow customers to talk to their managers and their managers (Mike, tech support) refuse to even give out corporate office numbers. Mike said "my manager is a corporate office and he does not talk with customers". Maybe he should.

Corporate relations office did not resolve problems, in fact made them much worse. Corportate relations office (Dustin) extremely unfair and lacks personal integrity.

Would not buy from them again, would not recommend to anyone. Would never trust them to help me.

Rating 2/10

"It amazes me that companies like E-Machines are allowed to stay in business after their despicable technical service, abhorrent customer service, and absolutely appalling corporate service. In what should’ve been a simple notebook purchase became a three month nightmare.

We purchased a refurbished m5310 from TigerDirect.com (which is a fantastic company with excellent service), knowing that “refurbished” doesn’t mean new and presents possible risks in the quality of the product. Nonetheless, we purchased an extended warranty to guarantee the life of the notebook.

The notebook came damaged right out of the box; the CD-ROM drive failing to eject. We immediately returned the notebook to TigerDirect and received a replacement. Less than a month later, the hard drive of our second notebook fails to retain data, eventually booting the notebook with an “empty” drive. However, instead of replacing the entire notebook again, we decide to take advantage of our service and warranty plan with E-Machines.

E-Machines not only fails to send us a box with the correct shipping information, but fails to repair the notebook as well. On our dime, we’re required to obtain the correct shipping information to send the machine back. However, their repair tech simply reinstalls the restore CD, ignoring our recommendation to thoroughly examine the drive. We’re sent back our faulty notebook. Discussing the matter with their technical support department proves to be a waste of time, as none of the half dozen people we speak to for hours on end during this debacle demonstrate ANY knowledge or experience with computer technology.

We send the machine back again, only to receive it still not repaired and unable to retain data. While they did replace the hard drive, they still did no technical troubleshooting or service to the machine. A thorough, yet two hour examination by a local repair service shows the machine’s motherboard is damaged. E-Machines spent no time doing a true examination and test of the hardware, both times sending the machine back the same day they received it. So, three months, two machines, and two shipments to a service center later, we still do NOT have a working notebook.

We decide to contact the corporate office in an attempt to make our displeasure with the situation known to somebody who cares. Shipping the notebook across the country every single Friday has become a tedious annoyance. Not ten minutes into a phone conversation with “Dustin” at their corporate office, we are hung up on twice. A couple days later, we’re given a defensive, belligerent, and hostile attitude from “Christine.” Our phone calls were never in any offensive posture, but simply detailing our problems with E-Machine’s constant blunders and asking them if they can go outside the realm of their standard technical service to send us a working notebook. We’re denied requests to speak to supervisors, the last names of the representatives who are virtually spitting at us, and basically treated like idiots. I wish I had recorded the phone calls. I'm sure the BBB would've loved to hear them.

E-Machines was eventually willing to replace our refurbished piece of garbage with another, but their corporate office was too cowardly to contact us directly with the offer and had one of their technical support lackeys break us the not-so-wonderful news. Luckly, TigerDirect.com was more than willing to take the machine back and replace it with a completely different brand. There were no questions, no arguments, no BS.

Perhaps we were just unlucky and given two cursed machines. Perhaps this isn’t a typical situation and something rarely dealt with by E-Machines. Nonetheless, their service and support with the matter was terrible and should’ve been handled much more professionally, not to mention their technical support never demonstrated any kind of actual technical support. I will never recommend E-Machines to anyone.

No Avatar

Rating 4/10

"After a recent purchase of an E-machine M6810 AMD laptop, I upgraded it to XP Professional. I went to E-machines web site and quess what! They don't provide drivers ANYWHERE on the website. What kind of support would you call that? Needless to say, I am not impressed."

Rating 8/10

"hello i love my 400i i upgraded to windows 2k and have 256mb of mem. on my machine i have not had any problems with it but it is not the best out there you can get a Dell for about the same amount and better quality. i'm a tech so the next machine i get i'm gonna build my self. as for my 400i i'm going to upgrade it to xp and get more memory in it and give it to some one in need. this was not a paid advertisement for Emachines."

Rating 2/10

"purchased an emachine last Christmas. Within a week lost first harddrive. Got a new one, lost it, got a new one, lost it. Sent in computer 3 times for a new motherboard, harddrive, cdrw. Received back yesterday. Lost hard drive again. Won't replace even though it is still under warranty and has been in the shop much more than in my house and is 4 months old. Don't but emachines if you need a computer that retains it's memory. Poor customer service and trashy computer. I'm calling Better Business Bureau."

Rating 10/10

"I know that there are a lot of negative reviews, but my Emachine is great. I haven't had any problems, the price was right and I couldn't be happier. I purchased mine at Circuit City"

Rating 10/10

"I bought 7 T1400s for my office and set them up on wireless. They run AthlonXPs with Winxp and have proven to be very reliable and stable. I have been inside the cases and don't find any 2nd rate hardware. OIn fact I have WD hdds in all the machines. Very happy, No complaints. Had a problem on one with poor tech support, but after restoring Windows, everything hums. Nothing is forever, so the fool who doesn't back up is deserving of what he gets. Like any machine, It is good to have a tech do a tuneup on it from time to time to keep it running good. I do need to say that I bought these machines from a store (Frys), but don't look to them for service."

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