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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.63/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.88/10
Customer service: 7.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 4.17/10
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Good Stuff Cheap

"I have been ordering from them for many years. They have unique stuff at sometimes unbelievable prices. Although they don't deliver next day (unless you pay for it) most items arrive within a week or so - reasonable to me. I used to think their shipping prices were high, but I find that for the last year or so, most small items will ship USPS for around $7.00. This is similar to what many Ebay items ship for. Remember, there is no such thing as free shipping. And shipping isn't cheap anymore. "Free" shipping on Ebay and Amazon is built into the item cost, and in the Amazon case is often subsidized to compete with local brick and mortar sellers. Also you can't compare shipping with off shore sellers because they ship for pennies due to international shipping agreements. And you can't ship a diesel engine for $7.00 USPS, but hey. So here is a U.S. based small seller with stuff competitively priced at what is usually a reasonable shipping price. After all is said and done, compare in most cases what you would have paid for the item including shipping from somewhere else. If you can get it for less elsewhere, then buy it there. Goldmine will continue to get my orders. "

Helpful Cool


Holly Shipping Charges Batman!

"Not a bad store, they have cool hard to find parts as good prices... That is until you try to check out and they tack on a $15 shipping charge for 200 LED's. Holly Cow, You can ship 200 LED's for $3.00 or $6 if you send via priority mail (anywhere in the USA) I would buy so much more from these guys if they could get their shipping charges in line with the rest of the world"

Helpful Cool


Electronic Goldmine - Home of the Outrageous Shipping Cost and Slowest Shipping You Can Imagine

"Let me preface this by saying I'm all about supporting the smaller companies out there...you know, the "mom 'n pop" stores of yesteryear which seem to be a dying breed...

Placed an order late night on March 11, and it was confirmed and marked shipped on March 12.

The website has a button to track the shipping, but it isn't clickable. Just there for show, I guess...

On March 15 (yes, 3 days later) I received an email from UPS letting me know I have a package coming. Hmmm....I thought it had shipped 3 days ago...The best part? Scheduled delivery is March 21!

Now, if the shipping was free, can't really complain, right?

Well, my shipping cost was $21.28. For a 5.8 lb box. Every item in the order is very small - there are no large/bulky items.

Newsflash, Electronic Goldmine....free shipping, or at least "minimum order" free shipping, is the de facto standard these days.

If you're going to charge through the nose for shipping, you better get that box out the door by the next day, with a 2-3 day delivery, max.

Steer clear of this place if you value your time and money.

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Great Selection, But Shipping Is High

"They have a great selection in parts, accessories, and great educational materials, but the shipping can be unaffordable, which makes the order hard to complete, and pushed aside if you're on tight budget."

Helpful Cool


Need to improve 1 thing

"These people have to improve one thing. I have been ordering from them long before the web and have always found their products first class and fairly priced. Where they fall down is the shipping cost. If they they are trying to make money on shipping shame on them. They should just be honest and add a handling charge. They need to be informed about postal flat rate boxes that make a lot of shipping reasonable. I cancel 60% of my orders when I see the shipping costs. The surplus products they sell are purchased for pennies on the dollar (been it the business 20yrs) and I'm not against making a profit but when people cancel orders because of shipping cost you need to adjust something in your business model. I see a lot of complaints about shipping time. This is because Amazon has ruined it for all us small guys that sell on the net with their fast low cost shipping but not everybody has 200,000 employees and has surpassed Walmart in size, give them a break."

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"Watch out or they will triple your shipping cost. I put in a order and checked out , paid with my card, received the below email telling me they received the order. Two days later I received a call letting me know if I wanted the order I would need to pay $143 for shipping.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!! this is actually the 2nd time this happen to me in 5 orders through them. The first time I figured it was just a glitch in their system. Now I see it a way to recover some cost when they put items on sale at a special price. I rechecked my orders with them and the other time this happen....I bought a item that was on sale at a lot lower price. Email I received confirming this order

Thank you for ordering from Electronic Goldmine.

G18959 SALE! - FLOJET 60PSI Boat Washdown Pump40 $400.00

G19641 4Ft 2 Cord 10Amp Extension Cord 30 $38.70


SUB TOTAL: $438.70
TAX: $0.00
ORDER TOTAL: $483.45

If you have questions about your order or shipment, contact our customer service
department at (480) 451-7454 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm (Arizona
Time Zone - MNT)

Thank you for your order.


Electronic Goldmine

Two days later I received a call letting me know if I wanted the order I would need to pay another $143 for shipping.

Helpful Cool


"I buy from them every few months, both in single and bulk quantity. Never an issue of any kind. They carry a couple of items that I haven't seen anywhere else and I order them regularly. Since they do deal in closeout merchandise and over stock, I do not expect them to always have something particular in stock but they have had every item that I have ordered. My personal take as a home hobby/electronics/ham radio operator is they have given me as good or better service as anyone I deal with and I have no financial interest etc. etc. Just a very satisfied customer.I will, I am certain order from them again when they have an item(s) I want or need.W5COV"

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"Business ethics are terrible. They advertise products and prices they do not have or honor. When questioned about it, then say they have to take another call and hang up on you.
They use shipping cost as a profit center.

If you ever have any grievance with a product you received, do not bother to call them. Go directly to your credit card issuer and file a chargeback They do not respond to friendly resolution.

My credit card number has been stolen twice when I ordered from them. This is a card I only used at Electronic Goldmine. Like clockwork, 5 days after giving them my card number, I saw fraudulent charges on my card.


Helpful Cool


"Thought some curious people might come by and want to know how "The Goldmine" is doing nowadays. So far I have ordered from them twice, both times I ordered multiple surprise boxes, and a bunch of misc stuff I needed. Here are my impressions:

1. Item quality and price: So far I have gotten a metric ton of NOS vishay and Allen Bradley Resistors, 500 dollars worth of 0.01% resistors of various values, about 100 dollars worth of WIMA polyester/polycarbonate capacitors (even a few micas), a lot of headers and connectors (albeit without the matching parts) and a ton of other useful goodies, etc. in 3 of their 7.50$ surprise boxes. On the other hand 50% of their surprise boxes by weight are filled with absolute garbage (extremely old electrolytic caps, ICs with broken pins, and generally rubbish)

All other single items I have ordered were from "meh" manufacturers, but passable quality. Also, be aware that if you want specific transistors or ICs and you want them to work, you really should purchase from mouser or digi-key, none of the silicon that comes out of the goldmine should be trusted or be used for anything other than hobby tinkering.

Shipping is fast, but only once your package leaves the warehouse, which took 7 days the first time and 10 days the second time. They will wait until hey have a majority of your items, and only then ship the thing out. They only charge for stuff they ship, which might be 70% of all items you ordered - so never count on them if you absolutely need an item.

Shipping prices start at 12 and go up to 25 dollars for a medium 6 pound box shipped in the US, so rather expensive. Mouser ships the same for half the price, and awesome packaging, and with 2 day UPS!

Customer service was OK. I have made address changes, redirections, and order updates on the phone, but they were courteous every time. I never asked about item details though - please understand, the person answering you is not an application engineers - she's a secretary.

Packaging was "meh" too. Nothing was in shielded bags, not even transistors and ICs!!! Everything was crumpled and pushed and bent, but most electronic parts can take some physical abuse, so most were OK. If you are planning to order delicate stuff- please abstain; it will not arrive in one piece.

All in all, they are good if you want to stock up on some parts, or if you just love weird random NOS parts, and if you are not in a hurry or need a particular part. See them as a fun place to get fun stuff. For serious business go to Mouser. If you can't find a part there, try Digi-Key, and if they don't have it, then cough up some serious cash at Farnell/Element14.

Helpful Cool


"I have placed a few orders with electronics goldmine over the years, so this is my take on things based on 4-5 orders.

1) products
Products are generally as described and usually of surprisingly good quality for the price. As with anything, there are exceptions to the rule. Out of the 10 fans I ordered for a project, 7 worked. 2 had separated leads that were pretty much impossible to get to, and 1 just didn't work and had broken fins. If you need 10 of an item, order 15 to be safe. If you have to order 15 to get 10 working ones, the prices are about what you would pay elsewhere for tested stock.

2) customer service
The customer service staff lacks knowledge on every product they stock. Responses were scripted and less than helpful on all occasions. I pretty much don't bother contacting them anymore.

3) returns
Good luck. Their return policy seems to be "return it to the trash bin and place another order".

4) shipping
Shipping time is basically 3 days if you are extremely lucky, to 3 weeks which happens pretty often. Components ordered from china on the same day arrived a week earlier. I have a friend that received his order a little over a month after it was placed.

Shipping charges are insane to put it lightly. a 12 dollar order had a shipping charge of 15+ dollars. When it arrived, it would have fit in a flat rate priority small box with no problem. Instead I paid over 3x the priority cost for first class mail, and it took 2 weeks to arrive.

5) packaging
Dismal at best. The packaging is great if you order solar cells for an art project and don't mind them arriving broken. So far the poor packaging probably accounts for the majority of bad components I have received from them.

6) bottom line
If you need things quickly, and you need them packaged properly, save yourself the headache and order from digikey or somewhere similar.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered from Electronic Goldmine , great experience, the customer service rep they have , she is great! very helpful!
I place the order on 02/03/12 I had it in my hand on Wen 3/8/2012.
Had slight snafu with debit card, customer service called me on Monday to verify card.
Came via USPS express mail, well packaged, and great value!
I will be back for much more!

Helpful Cool


"I placed my first order with Electronic Goldmine recently, and they supposedly have a "track your order" feature on their website. It never updates, and always says "processing" even after it arrived at my house.

I order a lot of stuff online, and while I have had issues with a few bad sellers, this is my first bad experience with site that sells electronic components.

Some people on this review site think 3 weeks to ship an order is quick. That's simply not acceptable, and most website will process your order in 1-3 business days.

My order was actually packed ok, but others have complained their packages were not. You will probably be ok if your just ordering light and small items.

The thing that has me angry is they took my money, but only shipped a partial order, and claim it's complete. They shipped 2 opto packs instead of 4, and I have proof as they heat sealed them together in a larger bag.

My emails go unanswered, and I called and talked to the owner and he yelled profanities at me, and told me to stop crying over a few dollars. He said he's running a surplus store, not an Amazon, so I should be happy I recieved most my order.

I'm still in shock at how bad this little rag tag company is run. I usually order from the well known catalog merchants, but I like off the wall surplus items. They are not the only game in town, and will never order from them again.

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"I placed a order and after a week of hearing nothing I asked about the status. I was told that it had been cancelled due to being sold out and nobody had bothered to tell me."

Helpful Cool


"This site is golden! I love the items they have, strange optics / transformers / robot parts / boost caps and the surprise box :) cant beat it!

I have shopped hear a few times now and most if not all items are used surplus but I love this store. The huge selection and good prices, good shipping times and excellent packing.

On my last order I was up late on there site and ordered 9 of one item and I needed 10. So I sent an email right away and Evin though its in there FAQ that they cant add an item to an order they where nice enuf to change the order and add 1 more!

Ive got some transformers in my cart and looking for more neet new toys to add on!! I will be shopping hear for some time to come!

Helpful Cool


"I placed an order on 3/9/2011 and received the completed order today 3/16/2011. The service was great for the minimum shipping of 6.20 for priority mail.
All items were exactly as described. I would have ordered more items if it hadn't been for all the bad reviews. I never contacted them because I figured it would take up to 3 weeks for delivery.
Great service
Charlie Bowyer

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