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Surprise after reading other reviews.

"Years ago I bought 5 Grab Bags of Prisms from Edmund and was very happy with the product. 2 weeks ago I ordered 10 slightly differently marked Grab Bag of Prisms. I received them very quickly, but when I opened the first bag I was completely disappointed. Although the item was marked as nonreturnable, I sent an e-mail since I had called previous to placing the order asking for a better description and referencing my 1st order years ago. I was denied a refund in the e-mail. I was upset and decided to call customer service. With a quick recap of the process I was quickly told I would get an immediate credit, and no need to send back the Grab Bags. 3 days later when I checked my credit statement, the credit was there. Awesome customer service."

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Horrible Buying Experience

"Absolutely horrible buying experience! Ordered a planetarium for our son's Christmas gift; it was defective. Called the day after Christmas and was told to print a return shipping label and as soon as I had shipped it to call and a new one would be sent to us. Returned defective one on December 28th and called them the morning of the 29th to let them know; was told they could see that FedEx had my package and a replacement would be shipped to us.

Fast forward to January 11th and no package. Called back only to be told that there was no record of my call and of course our package hadn't been shipped because we hadn't called. Yes, they could see that the defective product had been returned, but they were completely unapologetic, as if it was my fault they hadn't bothered noting my call or actually shipping the package as we had been told they would on the 29th. After 2 different conversations with the person who answered the phone and her supervisor, I finally got them to agree that the new package should be sent 2-ay shipping at their expense to cover the long delay in mailing. I also asked for and was told that I would receive a confirmation e-mail and a tracking number as soon as it shipped.

Fast-forward to January 16th. No e-mails and no package. Called back. Told, "Oh, no, the package was shipped via UPS 2-day delivery. Here's your tracking number. I'm looking at the screen right now. It is due for delivery today." Only, when I went online to enter it, I wasn't given a real tracking number, and the package never arrived.

Called back this morning. Oh, yes, actually that wasn't the tracking number at all, the e-mails that should have been sent were to a wrong address, and no, the package didn't actually ship 2-day and isn't due for delivery to you until Friday.

Horrible customer service, lies to cover it, and my son still doesn't have a Christmas gift. We will NEVER use this company again.

Helpful Cool


"Ordered some solar panels last week, and items arrived in two days. Very fast shipping. Order was well packed and all items included as promised. I had a very different experience from a lot of the reviews here. No issues at all, and I was able to find items I could not find anywhere else."

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"We ordered two items from this company and only one arrived. We were notified ten days after the order that it would ship 28 days after the order was placed and arrive sometime after that. Their offer for all of this inconvenience was to take 15 % off of our next order. Obviously they do not stand behind their products or believe in customer service."

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" I was directed to their website and to a product from a link that was googled. On that link it clearly said that I was shopping a 4 pack of the Grandpa's fireforks. The link said the price was $4.95 plus $6.95 shipping. I clicked the link and it took me directly to their product page with four fireforks in a picture. There was no other indication of there being single packs, two packs, three packs or four packs and only a box in which to choose the quantity of my order. Coming from the link that clearly said it was a four pack, I ordered two, one for each of my sons. I thought they could use these camping and around the firepit with their friends. I had received good deals shopping for Christmas and I thought this was a good deal and was very excited to get this. It was not too good to be true. I have seen plenty of great deals for Christmas online. I would not have paid that much for two of those fireforks as I could have received much better deals elsewhere. When I ordered the quantity of 2, I thought I was getting two 4 packs. I feel like they know this is happening and I was deceived and mislead."

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a Complete Optical Bench from Edmund Scientific and the LED light source, bulb/lense was not in the socket inside the sealed unit. I was unable to open it to plug it in. I called many times and received a recording telling customers how important they are yet they never returned my call. Finally after trying for days, I reaches Linda Nogal who was very apologetic and sounded concerned abotu correcting this problem. She had FedX pick up the box the very next day and I haven't heard from them since.
If you want to buy something from Edmund Scientific, or Scientifics Direct their alternate name, first try calling their customer support and see how responsive they are. Then go somewhere else to get what ever you need from a supplier other than them. They have essentially stolen $112 from me and elude their customers after they have your money.

Helpful Cool


"This company sucks the big one . I ordered 4 inch diameter disk solar cells . What I received was 1½ inch parts and pieces Of various solar cell types . My initial purchase was at a cost of $194 . After calls and many emails it seems this company can now not understand English . Do yourself a favor and search the Internet . You'll find any item that Edmund Scientific carries is located elsewhere on the net for a much better price.

Thank you

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DmaxD's Avatar

"I've purchased from this outfit several times. Their ordering process is easy and trouble free. Customer service if you need it is courteous and helpful. This business is trust worthy and rates well from my experience. "

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"I bought several items for my kids this past Christmas. After I purchased my wife wondered how the reviews of Edmund Scientifics were, so I found this RR page and was stressed to see such poor reviews. My experience was much different and very positive on all fronts. My order confirmation was highly detailed, and all packages (4) arrived on time with detailed tracking information. The product quality is good, and my kids are totally into them. I bought a beginner chemistry set, a Physics Solar Workshop, Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab, and some pressure propelled rockets (these rockets were poor quality). I would order from Edmund Scientific again."

Helpful (1) Cool


I beg anyone out there who is considering purchasing from them not to! I ordered a root beer kit for my husband for Christmas on December 13 2011. The next day they emailed me to say it was being processed.
That was the last I heard from them. I emailed twice asking where it was and called their 24/7 customer help line only to be told it was closed?! The only people I could reach were the people taking orders...how convenient. When I asked them to speak to someone in charge they said they couldn't help me because there was no one available.
They told me to call back during normal business hours for help, aren't ALL hours regular hours when you're suppose to be 24/7???? Thank God I didn't order anything expensive from these jackholes. I'm also pretty sure if they don't start answering me I will be contacting the BBB.
*update*1/12/12 I FINALLY got a hold of someone at the company who informed me my item was on back order and would not be in for several more weeks. When I asked why no one contacted me to tell me this the woman got an attitude and said "I don't know". Nice customer service skills.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered 2 Erlenmeyer flasks and some test tubes.. They had the best prices on them. My shopping experience gave me the impression that they were really disorganised and bad at order tracking and management.

They shipped the order 4 days later using UPS Ground. However, both their customer service and I had no idea that the order had been shipped for the next 12 days. CS was clueless that the order was already shipped. Worse still, the back and forth email correspondence had an average of 2-3 days interval. 8 days after my order, CS finally decided to take some action. The lady I spoke to promised to ship it out using UPS 2 Day Air. This was the second package, which thankfully contained the full order with a packing invoice.

The first package (which I had no idea then that it had gone out) had only 1 flask. Neither did it come with a packing invoice.

14 days after the order, their automated system sent me the shipment confirmation. It turns out that they actually shipped my order 4 days after I placed it. By the time I got the tracking number, the package had already been delivered. According to the confirmation, the order was shipping out in 2 separate packages using UPS Ground. I only received one (containing only part of my order). The 2nd tracking number was a dud. I suspect the shipping department created the shipment in UPS's system but forgot to send it out.

The back and forth correspondence and confusion made this an unpleasant shopping experience. It's quite a pity. I don't suppose it's anyone's fault but rather the absence of a well orangised order tracking and fulfillment system. Had the fulfilment been done right the first time, they wouldn't have to ship out again using UPS 2 Day Air and saved that extra cost.

On the other hand, I'm very pleased with the student grade erlenmeyer flasks they had. It's German made, the pyrex glass looks sturdy, and the flask has clear markings. The order was well packed. The flasks were wrapped in tough looking bubble wraps. The big bubble ones. The box could have been 1/2 the size though, which would have prevented the items from bouncing around.

Helpful Cool


"My son needed some lighted cubes for a science fair, since we just moved he was starting with 2-weeks less time.

I called and they confirmed the items were in stock, took the order to ensure we got a promo.

The item shipped the same day, a holiday, arrived two days later through USPS Priority.

Great help on the phone, quick shipping, and excellent experience.

Helpful (1) Cool


"Just incompetence...

I placed and order on December 14 and follow up with 4 phone calls to make sure the order would be delivered on-time.

Every time they would assure me that the warehouse guys where working hard and had not been able to enter the tracking number.

All a lie!!! By December 23 5pm they finally admitted that it had never shipped.

If you want your product DO NOT buy from them. They are not competent and the management probably instruct the service guys to lie about the shipping.

The biggest disappointment!

Helpful Cool


"Horrible. Never received items, no response to emails. Got order confirmation but items were never received nor shipped. It has been over a week since my emails and I have no response. I called their customer service number and got voicemail. VOICEMAIL? During business hours? Unacceptable. Now I'm going to have to contest the charges through my credit card. What a terrible company."

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"On Feb 6th, 2007, I placed an order with Edmund Scientific, which is apparently now only possible through Google Checkout. Two days later, my card was charged for the order. After a week of waiting, the order had still not shipped, making this the second longest waiting period I had to deal with online (the first was with the now defunct Express.com). At that point, I sent a query to them regarding the order, and I was told the items were “on back-order with a approximate date of 2/23/07. These items will ship once they arrive.” There was no indication of this status when I placed the order. Considering that I placed this order in response to an email advertisement they sent me, I would expect much faster service than this.

Well, that date came and went with absolutely no change in the order status. To this day, over two weeks after that notification and over a month since I was charged, nothing has shipped, and the order status page still says, “Your order is in progress”, with the last listed activity being my card being charged on Feb 8th.

At this point I have cancelled my order. I now wonder just how long I’ll have to wait for them to get around to handling that.

Helpful Cool

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