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St. Pattys Day in Ireland WITH Shane Gillen

"I was a solo traveler, so i was quite nervous about going across the world alone! Everything was almost perfectly planned out, they were all places that i would have never seen going on my own! They also give you plenty of time for fun! Our Tour guide Shane, literally, made our trip. The Hostels and hotel that you stay in are obviously not 5-star but they are clean and nice and staying with more than one other person is an experience in itself! I would definitely be planning another trip!"

Helpful Cool


Oz will rock your world

"The trip was a 2 week trip traveling through Melbourne, Cairns, Morton Island, Surfer's Paradise, and Sydney. All amazing cities and Tiggy our tour guide went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and had all necessities. Only thing that I believe should be changed for future tours is cutting out Morton Island and Tangalooma Resort. The resort was way over priced and not tailored to the age group that EF targets. Also, by cutting out Morton Island, one day can be added to Carins and Surfer's Paradise that I felt could of been longer stays. Other than those few aspects, the trip was incredible and extremely memorable!"

Helpful Cool



"The best thing you could spend your money on. I promise you. Changes your life. Signing up for my 3rd trip with them today."

Helpful Cool


Best trip ever!

"Just got back last week from Ireland! Had such amazing time n met so many new friends :)! Our tour guy Darren was the best! Already signed up for 2 more trips in Europe! Love EF college break! "

Helpful Cool


London, Paris and Rome! The time of my life.

"This trip was amazing. There is no way that I would have been able to plan it better myself! I went on this trip alone. I was nervous at first but all of the nerves left when I met everyone! My group had 22 people. Some came together but majority were alone like me. Everyday was jam packed with excitement. Don;t plan on getting too much sleep.... there is not much time for that, but your adrenaline will keep you going. The first day is a bit hard because of jet lag but it's worth it. Your tour guide plans out the days and gives you ideas of what to do during your free time. The tours through each city were awesome. They hire amazing guides that know each place like the back of their hand. I 100% recommend college break! "

Helpful Cool


Grand Tour of Ireland

"I traveled solo and had the best time of my life. Of course there were things that needed improvement with EF and the tour but over all it was the best experience of my life. I spent months looking at reviews of the company and checking out the BBB to see what had been reported and after my trip I found all the complaints to be unwarranted! I have been home from the Grand Tour of Ireland for less than a week and I am already planning my next EF trip! I wish Go Ahead Tours was more like EF! The only thing I think that would have made this trip a little better is if EF allowed for a personallity quiz so they know who to put in rooms together. The night owls and the early birds were all mixed up in the beginning and we didn't figure out who was spending their vacation in similar fashion until the end of the tour. I think a personality quiz that explains how an individual wants to spend their vacation would make it easier for people to connect right away! Other than that I wish EF let people travel with them for longer! "

Helpful Cool


Viva a Espania

"I had a fantastic time traveling around Spain with EF College Break. At first I was skeptical as I had never traveled w/ a tour group before and I was concerned it was going to be a bit of a **** show especially as I was a solo traveler however everything ran very smoothly and was very well organized. I feel this tour gives you the best value for your money as the flights are included as well as accommodations, transportation, entrance fees, and breakfast. I also liked that you have a lot of flexibility as you could participate in as many activities or excursions as you want or have some free time. Also a big shout out to tour guide Antonio San Juan for making everything easy and showing us the best of Spain. I would definitely travel w/ EF again and recommend them to anyone. "

Helpful Cool


EF stands for Easy Fun

"This is my second adventure with EF and they make the entire process so easy. All the important things are arranged (housing, flights and the trips in between). Each tour guide I've had has been amazing- caring only about how much fun we're having. Traveling is invaluable when it comes to learning about the world and about yourself. EF is fairly priced for the incredible experience they offer.

We did have trouble post trip- our last leg of our flight got cancelled so we called EF to discuss refunds because they were who booked the trip. They told us to go directly to the airlines, which makes sense. But they weren't very helpful and moderately rude about it. Customer service when booking any tour I've taken has been friendly, helpful and efficient.

Helpful Cool


London & Paris Escape

"This was my first trip with EF college break and I was skeptical how things would be run. But my skepticism was turned around by the end of the trip completely. I would highly reccomend EF College Break to anyone who wants to travel and is in the age ranges between 18-28.
Throughout the whole trip everything went smoothly and I felt like I didn't have to think or worry. Your flight and hotels for all cities you visit are included. Your transportation from the airport to the hotel, hotel to airport (or for us in between the trip train station as well to get from London to Paris) is included as well. The subway system tickets were also included as well as breakfast every morning in the hotels. Your tour director remains the same each trip and they are AMAZING (at least mine was! Go Gador!)
The overall experience is truly amazing and was put together so nicely! Money wise the only thing you have to worry about is lunch and dinner everyday, souvenirs and tips. Much of everything else is included except also free time activities that you do not do as a group.

Helpful Cool


Amsterdam, Paris, London... And everything in between!

"My experience on this EF College Break tour was more than I could have hoped for. This was my first time out of the USA for me and I was quite nervous. Factoring in my lofty food restrictions due to Celiac Disease I was worried, but my trip consultants (Eric, Madison, Natasha) and tour director (Antonis) were all so helpful in making sure I was prepared and included.

We did absolutely EVERYTHING possible in each place. I would recommend signing up for all optionals and excursions because they are chosen to give you the best and most complete cultural experience. Be prepared for very little sleep since each minute is filled to the max. I will definitely consider another trip with EF College Break!

Helpful Cool


Grand Tour of Ireland

"When I booked my trip EF was very helpful. My questions were answered or redirected to someone more knowledgeable on the matter in a timely fashion. They were very thorough in letting us know what to expect from the trip and what steps to take to be fully prepared for it and when those steps should be completed (such as visas, passports, independent travelling and so on.)

As the trip drew nearer they reminded you what you should have ready which as really nice. They also created a Facebook group for all the travelers to get to know each other in a small way, although it seemed most people were pretty shy. Throughout the trip having that group was awesome to share our pictures and cool places other people had found. Our tour director, Margarita (easily the greatest person ever!) used the page to keep everyone updated as well (breakfast times, departing times for tours and excursions, etc.) which was very handy!

Margarita had everything planned out to a T. She was knowledgeable of the area and frequently pointed out cool pubs and free/cheap activities in the area. She was very funny, kind and friendly. Every conversation with her was pleasantly genuine. She always had a smile on her face and gave us plenty of options to choose from for our free time. The trip itself was amazing and the guides she booked for us were always very informative and friendly. This trip helped me find a second home and I'm extremely glad I was able to experience it this way and it's all thanks to EF!

Helpful Cool


Grand Tour of Italy

"This is my second time with EF. The first time I went to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. I didn't think I could love EF more than my last experience but I did! Our tour guide, Giordano, was top notch! everything was so smooth! The hostels we stayed in for Italy were really nice!! I highly recommend this trip for any foodie. Gio had the best suggestions on how to spend your time and authentic Italian restaurants to try. It was such a fun girls trip and I encourage you to give EF a try!"

Helpful Cool


A little taste of Europe (Spain, France and Italy - July 2016)

"As many people in their mid/late 20s, I have traveled before to several places around the world. However, I have never been to Europe. The Spain, France and Italy itinerary seemed like a great introduction, so I decided to give it a shot. In addition to the regular itinerary, I decided to add a few other cities I have always wanted to visit, such as Amsterdam. I decided to embark in this new adventure solo, since it was a little challenging to gather friends to join me. I will start with the positive side. The experience itself is invaluable. If like myself, you are from the United States and have never been to the European continent, prepare yourself to be amused. You will have the opportunity to visit Madrid, Barcelona, French Riviera, Florence, Rome (and some others in between). The itinerary itself is amazing. Our tour director was also very nice and responsive to requests. Local guides were absolutely great! For instance, in Florence and Rome, I felt I was revisiting and reliving important college history lessons about the Roman Empire. As a soccer fan, while in Spain, I visited the Real Madrid and Barcelona stadiums and also was able to enjoy the nightlife. The French Riviera beaches are just gorgeous. Nonetheless, there were a few drawbacks. Traveling to Europe during the month of July (or any other summer month per se) can get a little hot and very busy--I only did it due to work schedule. Lines are very long anywhere you go, hostels/hotels are usually full, and as a consequence, people tend to act more desperately than normal. Some days, I did not feel I was on a vacation, since the day would start really early (i.e. 7 a.m. departures) to avoid crowds. The worst part of the trip was having to stay in extremely small, uncomfortable and sometimes dirty hostels rooms. In an effort to respect the privacy of my fellow travelers, I will not provide further details. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. EF should already be aware of this and take the necessary steps to improve lodging! There are enough travelers to these cities and they have the appropriate budget to make it happen. Overall, leaving aside the lodging issues, I can say I had a great experience in Europe and would likely repeat it at a later time. However, not too sure I would pick EF College Break again, unless I can be sure things will be different. I am generously leaving a 4-star rating (although it should be more like a 3.5-star). Happy travels!"

Helpful Cool


The Grand Tour of Europe

"I was a little apprehensive about traveling solo, partly because I'm a little shy, and partly because I'm not the partier/drinker. But everyone on the group was great and I didn't feel pressured to be someone I was not. That's not to say that I wasn't challenged to step out of my comfort zone, because that's a big part of what traveling abroad is about... experiencing new things that you otherwise wouldn't. The accommodations were nice and most of them were located pretty centrally so that it was easy to navigate and get to the places you wanted to see and experience the culture. In most cities we visited, we got to not only experience a tour with a local guide, but we were also able to visit some important places that were included for us as a group (for example, the Coliseum/Roman Forum and the Vatican in Rome). The stops during our coach travels were well-thought out, diverse, and valuable experiences that I'm sure I would never have thought of when preparing a trip of my own, not to mention the connections to each new local were so easy with the group and I love not having to figure that out on my own! Our tour director had great suggestions for activities, restaurants, and amazing spots with unforgettable views. I'm so glad I went, and I highly recommend it. If you're worried about traveling solo, don't be. Everyone else is probably worried, too, and will understand and be helpful and supportive! "

Helpful Cool


Grand Tour of Europe

"I was a bit nervous about the trip but I absolutely loved it! The places we stayed were pretty nice overall, and I got to see basically everything! We hit like 12 different cities and got to see the highlights of all of them, and it was so easy with things like transportation and tickets taken care of already. Fabrice, our tour director was also super helpful with suggestions of things to do in each place. I was really happy with the trip. "

Helpful Cool

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