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Rating 2/10

"Samsung Ext. 8x DVDRW Slim Drive, PLUS EBC's typical, worthless unhonored 1 year warrenty.$60.58 plus $30.00 for driving time and gas.

I've been going to EBC for 9 years and haven't had a problem until the last year.The complete jerkoffs that work there are nothing but liars and idiots.

I also have and Invoice for a Toshiba 250 gig hard drive I bought back in October that crashed 3 months ago that EBC didn't honor.

I saw someone say the owner's name is Eddie.
It really doesn't matter, because the words Douche Bag describes every staff member at EBC.

What does EBC stand for though? Extremly bored C**ksuckers.

Anyway I brought my laptop and movies that wouldn't play along with the samsung player EBC sold me.The short little red headed wanna goatee dummy, said no worries you don't need to test it on your laptop,we'll kick it around and make sure the dvd drive doesn't work and replace it for you Monday.

On Monday I called around 5pm, (I had dropped the unit off saturday after they opened)Because I hadn't heard from EBC yet.When I did get to talk to one of thier asian techs, he said it tested out fine on thier computer and that I should have brought my stuff in to test the Samsung ext player out.I did you Jackass's, and you just ignored me.




EBC Computers is the most un-professional wanna be business I have had the sorry pleasure to ever deal with.

Rating 2/10

"Purchased 2 motherboards and complete systems from EBC Computers on 11-21-2009 motherboard turns out to be bad. I return the motherboard on 12-19-2009 and I am told it needs to go into their RMA center for verification. I was contacted by EBC on 12-23-09 and told that the board is bad and since I paid $91.25 + tax for each board the Owner Eddie has valued my board at $70 including tax. I now need to purchase another motherboard and the closest motherboard they have is $119.72. You can always judge a company of how well they honor there warranty Items. I have been buying from them for over 6 yrs and the first time I need to cover anything under the warranty and the warranty I paid extra for they tell me that I am only going to receive the fair market value for the Item I purchased less than 30 days prior to that. I need a company that is dependable and willing to stand behind what they sell especially when it comes time for warranty repair. I will never buy from this company again, I will find someone else to service my customers on the hardware side. Thanks for ripping me off Eddie."

Rating 2/10

"I was just browsing around to find a good deal on some hardware and I was surprised to find that EBC is still in business.

I decided a few years ago that I would do my part in trying to put EBC out of business. I also find it interesting that in a previous review the customer stated that he thought many problems that customer's have with EBC are because the customer doesn't know what he's doing. I find this amusing. All problems belong to the store or else they will lose their customers.

Here is my story: I dropped into their Orem store to purchase a couple of small items I needed and as an impulse I purchased an additional item that they had on sale. The employee gave me the wrong item, but I didn't notice it until I had gotten home. By the next day I had talked myself out of the purchase and decided to not just exchange the item, but to return it. I stopped in just 24 hours after the original purchase and returned the item and after some amount of pressuring I got the salesman to refund me my money, but he stated that he could not give me cash (even though the purchase was made with cash), but that they would have to mail me a check which would take a couple of weeks.

I explained that their solution was not acceptable and that refunds should be in the same form of tender made for the purchase -- credit card refunds credit card, check is returned as a check and cash is refunded in cash. He would not budge so I asked for his manager. The salesman told me flat out that he would not get his manager for me. Out of frustration and disgust I accepted their check in the mail option and stormed out of the store and as I walked out I turned around and saw the manager coming out of the back room to talk to the salesman.

I returned home and wrote a letter to the company explaining my disgust with them, but before I mailed it I got a letter from them telling me that my account was closed and that I was no longer welcome in their store.

I mailed their letter, my first letter and a subsequent letter to their corporate office asking for an apology, but never received a response.

I should note that my brother-in-law used to own a large training facility and after hearing about my experience they dropped EBC from their vendor list.

I'd rather pay double or do without than give those dirt-bags another penny.

Rating 2/10

"10/20/09 ---- EBC Computers SUCKS!!!! Here's the reader's digest version of my experience with them and their owner. I bought a computer drive for $91 exactly 3 weeks ago and was told at the time I could return it within 30 days if there were any problems. Well, it won't format so I took it back today and their "tech" tested it and said it was fine. I then had to explain directly to the "tech" the problem so he could test it properly at which time he determined it was indeed bad. So, they were going to swap it out for a new one except that they didn't have this one in stock leaving me the option to downgrade or upgrade. Here's the catch....they were now selling this same drive for $80 and would therefore only give me that amount of credit instead of the $91 I initially paid. I explained that this is not right and was offered the manager. He was a young kid who walked onto the sales floor with a gaping hole in the crotch of his jeans. VERY impressive!! He told me he could ask "him" if there was anything he could do. Who is "him" I asked. "The Owner" he replied. I then asked to speak to the owner and was immediately told by this manager that he would go and see if he was too busy to speak to me. I restated his comment and said, "You are going to go ask the owner if he is too busy for one of his customers". After visiting the owner, the manager told me he was busy and that no exceptions could be made to their policy. DESPITE my explaining to him that it was not my choice to bring the drive back, but it didn't work anymore so this policy should not apply to this situation. I again asked to speak to the owner and after the manager visited the secret room once again, was told that he was busy ordering but I could wait for about 1 hour to talk to him. REALLY!!!!!! You are too busy to talk to your customers and try to retain any loyalty???

There was nowhere to sit and wait so I took my drive and left disgusted. I spoke to another customer on the way out who said that EBC has a reputation for putting damaged items back on the shelves to sell to future unsuspecting customers. Crazy that they can somehow still be in business!!!! Check out www.ebccomputers.info for more reviews of EBC.


Rating 2/10

"Worst experience that I have ever had!!! I purchased a power supply that ended up being defective and they won't exchange it or refund my money. They want to charge me a 25% restocking fee because the box it came in is damaged, although the damage to the box occurred before I even purchased the item. They are very unwilling to help and didn't even believe me that the power supply was faulty until the third time that I brought it back in when they finally tested it. Even after they admitted that the device was faulty, they wanted to charge a 25% restocking fee. I would strongly advise anyone who is considering shopping at EBC computers go elsewhere. They do not believe in customer service. Little do they realize that the 25% restocking fee that they are trying to charge me is not going to make them any money in the long run; it will end up costing them hundreds in lost sales because I will never go back and I am going to be sure to never send any business their way."

Rating 2/10

"I should have read the reviews on the internet about EBC Computers because for one thing they are right and I would have saved myself some $ and problems with them and defective equipment. I work in IT, am technical, and can tell you seriously that this place is awful and I will never shop there again. I bought a Pioneer DVR-215 dvd burner from them because it was highly rated. However this one had problems in the computer I was building. I had bought an extended warranty from EBC so I figured I was covered and would get a replacement. I took it back to the store but they said before they could do that it would have to be tested.

In the meantime I bought 3 dvd burners from NewEgg including the same exact Pioneer model. It had no problems in my machine and neither did the others. A week goes by and no call from EBC. I called them and they said it tested fine and I could come and pick it up. I replied well what was I supposed to do with a defective drive that wouldnt work in my computer? They said I could not get a replacement but instead could return it for a refund but with a 25% restocking fee because it was scratched and they would have to sell it as used. I said that it would cost me less to send it back to Pioneer. When I went back to pick it up I looked at it and at first couldn't see a scratch. Then I saw a very faint line on one side where it had rubbed up against the cage where you install it in the PC. So let me get this straight, a part that you are putting into a computer where metal rubs against metal and you're not going to honor a warranty because of that and even with an extended warranty to boot?! They won't even give me a replacement?! They are crooks!!! This means that your extended warranty is worthless no matter what and they can "test" it and come up with any result they want and blame you and not have to honor a warranty! I do testing and I don't think they probably performed any kind of rigorous testing that would've identified the problem and now I have to send the worthless drive back to Pioneer! I emailed the owner and explained what I was unhappy about and he never replied. Well there you go. I told him why should I continue buying from there? There was no reason!

A number of the people I dealt with in the store didn't seem to know much about the products they were selling. That can't be a good sign when I go into a computer parts store and I know more than the people behind the counter.

Rating 2/10

"EBC used to be the place to go when it came to needing a quick part. Their prices have always been inflated, but sometimes you need a place to go when you can't wait for an order over the internet. The other reason I chose them was for their incredible return policy. This is no longer the case.

I purchased a power supply from them for a repair job. It turned out that the motherboard was also damaged, so I was going to return the power supply and let the person buy a whole new computer. Normally EBC's return policy would cover a simple refund. However, when inspecting the power supply, they said there's a few scratches on it, but that "shouldn't be a problem". Then they found that the numbers are smeared (which is how I received it from them). He explained that he would have to call his boss and ask if he could take it back. I proceeded to explain that this is the condition I received it. After waiting a half hour for them to decide, they finally refused to take it back without a restocking fee of 25%. I again stated that I did not smear the numbers and thought that was weird myself when opening it. He then said, "we are not charging you for that, we are charging you for the scratches."

For all I know, the scratches were there when I got it too. Not to mention, they were in a place that no one would ever see when a power supply is inside a machine. I think they are simply being dishonest by saying they were charging me for the scratches, when really they were charging me for the smeared numbers which I did not do.

After waiting another half hour for the boy at the register to discover how to do a refund, I left the store.

EBC used to be the place to go for a quick part, but there is no way I am going back with such a shady return policy.

Rating 6/10

"I have used EBC Computers dozens of times over the past 10 years or so. I will never buy another motherboard from them again. I have purchased 4 bad motherboards from them that I had to return. I do not necesarily blame Ed Bodoya, but he does need to take a better look at his return procedures. EBC has always replaced my defective merchandise, but it seems very disorganized and has been time consuming at times. EBC is a good store where if you need something quick, it is available. I would not assemble an entire computer from EBC, but occasionally, I will buy a hard drive or a fan if I need a part quickly and don't worry too much about it konking out within 30 days. EBC offers very good prices and good availablity of parts. I am glad that EBC has hung in there. A lot of the problems with returns is not understanding their policy and trying to make them enforce your wishes when they do go against their policy. The close out items, I would never touch with a 10 foot pole simply because they do not take them back after 3 days, and they are ALL used parts. Be careful. At least they are honest about their advertising of their close out special items. Overall, EBC is a good computer store and they have soom cool looking computers. Just be careful and know what you are doing when you order there. "

Rating 2/10

"This the worst computer store that I have ever shopped at. The WORST customer service and the worst return policy ever. I went to purchase a hard drive and the sold me the wrong part. I did not realize it until I got home. I drive back to the store (20 mins jorney) and they would not return the product because it was opened. THEY sold me the INCORRECT part - not what I asked for. After a battle they exchanged the part and would not speak to me and then they threw away my receipt. They were very rude and unprofessional. This was at the Sandy, UT location. "

Rating 10/10

"I just bought an entire system. I bought most of the parts at EBC. I was a little nervous to do so, after reading the reviews on this site, but in the end, the fact that they were close and cheap won out. I did have to return the first monitor, but they replaced it swiftly and without complaint. I put everything else together and it worked perfectly. I am very pleased with the merchandise and the service I received at the Ogden store."

Rating 10/10

"Ive been purchasing parts from EBC computers for a number of years. I too have been in the store when customers have braught in parts to replace or return. From what i've seen in person, and read on this forum, most of these company/client problems can be atributed to the stupidity, and ignorance of the clients, not the company. I have spent over 40,000 dollars a year for the last 8 years at EBC and have only had a handful of defective parts which EBC swapped for me no hassle. I suggest to anyone who knows how to arm a computer without damaging it, to purchase from EBC as their prices are the lowest arround."

Rating 4/10

"Ebc Computers is one of the worst computer stores i have ever been to Never buy motherboards from them and dont expect them to honor any thing they say. there testing for bad parts is if it POST's it works.

P.S. there warnty is absolute bull

Rating 2/10

"Simply a terrible experience. They are an extrememly rude group of people. Also, I suspect that I was sold some previously returned merchandise!!"

Rating 4/10

"I bought a heatsink/fan, it sounded like a JET ENGINE, no returns, so I sold it on eBay. I heard from an employee of EBC Computers that they sell returns as new! As long as the product will post at bootup, they will resell it. They don't even properly test returns, and don't hesitate to resell bad products. I won't shop EBC Computers anymore."

Rating 4/10

"If you're in need of anything reliable, buying from EBC Computers is masochism. I bought the parts for two whole new systems from EBC just last week, including two ASUS P4C800 motherboards. I had tons of problems (most notably, random shutdowns and random blue screens and processes crashing on fresh installs of Windows) and since I had two of everything, I was confidently able to narrow it to the motherboards. EBC charged me a $40 restocking fee for returning one of the motherboards with a ribbon cable that didn't say "ASUS" on it, even though it was a brand new cable. I suggested he sell me a new ASUS motherboard so I could give him his ASUS cable, and did so, but when I did, I noticed traces of thick dust around the SIDES of the back connectors, the type that could have only been put there by a case fan over the course of months. Right there I knew I was being sold a well-used part as new, and right there I shoved my entire order back in their face and told them "NO MORE MOTHERBOARDS, just charge me the damn restocking fee, I don't want to troubleshoot your garbage". I wasted one weekend and $40 for the privilege of troubleshooting EBC junk... then went to COMP USA and bought two new motherboards and my systems worked flawlessly afterwards."

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