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Rating 10/10

Wonderful store - sadly closing their doors

"I have been stopping with drugstore.com for over a decade. They had a lot of changes over the years, and we're always trying to improve.
Shipping- was always fast, most times they tried to secure items, but some would not survive transport. Customer service was always wonderful about resolving any issues, quick and courteous too.
Prices- sometimes not the best, but convenience and extras always more than made up for it. They had a dollars back program, which was wonderful, often a variety of freebie offers too, plus other discounts they ran frequently.
Nice subscribe option to save more, and you could choose your date. I tried to bundle items on a day of the month vs having them scattered through out.. I think that is an improvement they could have made, just keeping a subscription date to say the 15 th & 30th ( for example)
I am using past tense, because sadly they are closing up shop, and handing things over to their parent company Walgreens. Walgreens is great, but they do not have the variety of items drugstore had, so I have been shopping around to fill this void.

Rating 2/10

Crappy service! Too bad I can't do zero stars

"I ordered 6 items, received one of my items and 3 items that I didn't order. The snotty person on the phone didn't care and wouldn't ship the items I had ordered (and paid for) without my credit card number. I used PayPal when I ordered precisely to avoid giving my number out everywhere. Plus I have to take the wrong stuff shipped to me to the post office.

Will be ordering from Amazon in the future.

Rating 2/10

"Ordered some items for my duaghter at college. First order worked as advertised. So I put in another order. They created a Fedex label and charged my account. They never turned over the box to fedex and I am in limbo. 10 business days after shipping they will determine if it is lost. I should have arrived at the address 2 - 3 days after the order. Opinion - I think they do this all the time. Grrrrrr - not using this company again. "

Rating 2/10

"Just received 7 ordered items, including a very large (33.8 fl oz) bottle of mouthwash and 2 hair mousse. I will never order from Drugstore.com again!!! Both caps were off the hair mousse and one of the dispenser tops was broken off. Why? Because they just threw everything into a box, unwrapped, put some minimal bubble packing material on top and shipped. The box was large enough that everything rolled around the bottom totally unsecured. My last order was packed the same way -- a large bottle of liquid laundry detergent in with several small cardboard boxes and two small tin containers of tea bags. All but one of the boxes were deeply bent and even one of the metal tins. I called them and they offered to refund my money if I returned the damaged items to them. It was not worth my time and I wrote it off to a one-time careless and sloppy packer. It was not an anomaly! Obviously this happens all the time. I guess they figure most people, like me, won't bother to return items, and they don’t care if people are happy with the condition of their order. "

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a bed side commode on Aug 7th. It was stated that it is in stock and would be shipped in 4-7 days. When you order a piece of equipment like that it is because you need it, not just that you want to have one sitting around. I have called and emailed and all I get is, they don't know why the distributor has not shipped it yet, they are usually so fast. Fourteen days and they still don't know why it has not been shipped, suppose to call me back within 24 hours but I have heard that before."

Rating 10/10

"I am writing to express my pleasure with Drugstore.com. Every time I place an order, it arrives in the most timely manner and this is with the free shipping for orders over $35. Saving money on shipping and arriving rapidly is the main reason I shop with Drugstore.com. There selection is very good, as well. Thank you so much for such great service."

Rating 2/10

"Got an email from them out of the blue saying our order of nicotine gum went thu and would ship. Problem is we didn't order nicotine gum. We don't even smoke! called them to tell them we didn't order it. They brought up our acct we set up like two years ago to order something. Told me the best they could do was close our acct with no expanation of how or why this happened. Asked them to refund the money and not to ship anything to us, but no, can't do that. Talkt to your bank to dispute charges. The ENORMOUS headach and time we had to go thru with our bank was unbelievable. Had to cancel the card, call, email, change all the accts the card was attached to. Took days. Thanks for your help Drugstore.com, you jerks. DO NOT SET UP AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!!"

Rating 2/10

"The Online Drugstore.com and the people who run this website are straight up lying, bait and switch, THIEVES. I went on their website and ordered a Classic Trouble Game. On their site they offered 3 or 4 different versions of Trouble games with the pictures showing exactly what they were. I clicked on Classic Trouble, paid my money and felt confident that's what I would be receiving. It was not. They sent me the new version of the Trouble Game (which I already own) so I called the Onliine Dugstore and spoke to a customer service representative who couldn't have cared less. She told me that I got exactly what I ordered. I told her no, I clicked on the picture of the Classic trouble game. She's then sarcasticly reminded me that there was a disclaimer at the bottom saying that the pictures are not what they represent. WHAT??? I then requested a return label which she again reminded me of the disclaimer that states says that they don't have to pay for returned items whether it's their fault or not. WHAT??? I then told her that I would be returning this item and expecting my full refund the price of the trouble game including my shipping cost. She laughed and said no we won't be doing that either, we don't refund original shipping cost. So here's where we stand... its going to cost me 6 or 7 dollars to return the game that I didn't order plus I'm going to lose the shipping that I paid to get it here which I ordered express and was over nine dollars so that's a total of almost $17.00 i have to pay for something that I didn't order and I'm not keeping. This is internet highway robbery. They hide behind miles of wire for a reason. They should be hidden behind bars. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE FACELESS FELONS YOU WILL REGRET IT. Shawna Presley "

Rating 2/10

"i should have read these reviews before ordering from them.

On 12/15 I bought a $189 toothbrush. It was shipped and received with no problem. My wife loved it, so I went back and bought another on 12/20. The price had dropped to $140.99. Great! I bought it.

So 5 days difference seems like they should credit me on the 1st order. I called and was told no. I talked to a supervisor, and he said the price was the price. I told him that I would rather return them both, and he said, fine. They would rather take them both back, and I will return them. And never do business with them aggain.

Rating 2/10

"The first part of my issue was I was shopping late at night, which resulted in the cart reflecting discounts I didn't actually receive. There was a sale running and even though the cart had been refreshed several times, between double checking products and visiting Paypal for payment, the discounts didn't go away until AFTER I pressed "confirm order". That was when the total went from $36 to $45.

Then the biggest issue was the shipping address being incorrect. I had picked the correct address on Paypal and drugstore.com showed the correct address on their site, until once again after I pressed "confirm order". This was when it showed it would ship to my OLD address, 3 hours from where I currently live. I called them within 5 minutes and the girl said there was absolutely no way for them to edit the shipping address, but she could put in a request to have the order cancelled. She said there would be a chance it could deny, but I had to give it 24 hours.

After 36 hours I notice I still hadn't received an email about the order, like the representative said I would. Also my order was still showing as processing on their website and I was now showing 2 charges for this order pending on my bank account. I call them once again and the lady tells me the cancel request was denied, and since I paid with Paypal I would have had to call within 1-2 minutes in order for it to be likely to cancel. Then she tells me she can try to correct the shipping address, but that wasn't guaranteed either. So they first girl I spoke to said there was NO way for her to edit the address, but this lady says there is.

Now I'm in a position where I have no idea where these products are being shipped to and I feel like this website is doing nothing but giving me the run around and trying to steal money from me. I will never, EVER shop at drugstore.com again after this experience. One of the first priorities of an online retailer should be having a system that allows for addresses to be corrected up until it leaves the facility. Why do they not have someone double checking addresses right before it goes to ship? This makes no sense to me and has caused me nothing but stress and frustration. I warn anyone who uses this site, if you pay with Paypal, make sure the only address listed on your drugstore.com account is your current one. If you don't, the website will automatically chose the incorrect one and you'll be up a creek.

And one last thing to point out, under the order there is an "edit order" button, but it's been grayed out since I placed the order and I've never been able to click it. What is the point of this??

Rating 2/10

"My last, and I repeat LAST, order with Drugstore.com has me so mad I could spit. I travel a lot and get all of my mail and packages at a UPS store. Works like a PO box but much easier and more convenient. About when I expected I got an email from Drugstore.com asking me to confirm my address. Apparently their shipper, Lasership, couldn't/wouldn't deliver it. (I've had this happen before with Lasership) I confirmed my mailing address and gave them a phone number. Instead of telling Lasership to deliver the damn package....the sent me another email asking for a credit card number so they could re-send it! I pay with PayPal because I don't want my credit card number floating around in vendor systems. (just got another one replaced thanks to Home Depot). I looked on my bank system and I already paid them. I called and asked why they needed my credit card for something I already paid them for and was told by the call center operator and her supervisor that was a requirement of their system. I ordered and paid for stuff.....their incompetent shipper, Lasership, couldn't or wouldn't deliver to a competitors address and returned the package...and rather than deliver it again they need my credit card for a reason they were unable to explain to me so they could send it again. I refused and asked for a refund and to expunge my Drugstore account since I would never use them again. "

Rating 8/10

"I am happy with Drugstore.com for the most part. I like their honest way for the customer to use their "Drugstore.com dollars". Customers don't need to enter any code nor press an impossibly small button to use their dollars. Also, "Free Shipping" is already selected automatically, instead of making the customers re-check the box for shipping options. I find that to be a very honest and nice way to treat customers.

The way Amazon.com would sneakily try to charge for standard shipping if you don't pay close attention is very distasteful. So, I try to buy from Drugstore.com if I can.

Having said the positives, I did have a bad experience in the past. My prescription order was cancelled for no reason other than their mistake. It has inconvenienced me quite a bit, so I don't plan to order prescription medication from them anymore.

Rating 2/10

"Do not buy from this company! Purchased a Halsa Acupuncture Mat which was returned unused a few days after purchase. Company label supplied took shipment at least a month to get to Nevada where their warehouse is supposedly located. I live in AZ. So it basically took a month to get to one state from me. Refund was partial as they deduct a re-stocking fee which was not mentioned when I spoke with their customer service department. They also do not refund shipping. They noted that this was somehow explained to me - which was not the case. All they told me was I would receive a full refund if the product was unusued - which it was. Nothing about partical refunds. I do not recommend drugstore.com - other companies health companies I use regularly have a no questions asked return policy on products. In fact they go out of their way to provide a speedy refund and satisfactory customer service. Drugstore.com has poor customer service. Stay away from this company. You can buy many of the same products elsewhere and receive faster, better service. I concur with the comments made by dozens of other people on this review board. Be warned!"

Rating 10/10

"I would have to say, when i read the reviews about drugstore.com i didnt even want to order from them. But i decided to give them a chance. I placed an order on 9/18 and it was shipped the same day. It was delivered on 9/21 on a SUNDAY!!! I couldn't believe it. I've never received a package on a Sunday. It was shipped and delivered so quickly. And the best part...I received everything and in excellent condition. Nothing was broken or used like some people stated in their reviews. I was absolutely impressed! I will definitely order from them again.

I was very happy with my order. i think some people may have had problems with returning items. i can't speak about their return policy or procedures because i didn't return anything, but my opinion with returns online is that i never expect them to go easily. you usually have to pay for return shipping and then wait a long time for the money to get back to you. when i shop online i always do so expecting that i will not be able to return it.

i hope my review helps others and doesn't deter you from shopping on this great site!

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"This company does not pack their shipments very well. In addition to what I paid for the items I ordered, which are ruined, it will now cost me $200 to have my carpet cleaned where their package leaked all over the place. This company is TERRIBLE!!!!!"

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