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"Ordered a sweatshirt with Olaf from Frozen, first I ordered from Disney Online, received product from zazzel? terrible quality. Took picture. Return denied, they said the letters are meant to be of varying sizes. I wrote back, I understand that but the printed quality is horrible, looks unprofessional. After many emails they said they would accept a one time only return. What happened to we want to make you happy and product is guaranteed? Then they said they would not refund any shipping, so I'm out $15.00 plus now my Grand daughter does not have a birthday present."

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"Horrible experience. I ordered some Minnie slippers. Within two weeks, her head came off. They were good about sending out another pair. Within two weeks the head came off again! I did not want to try again. They would not do a refund because it was past 30 days. So, they gave me a credit to use on their site. Which at this point I do not want. So, I posted the experience on their Facebook page. It was taken down in just a few minutes. I got an email to contact customer service. All they said was "sorry for the inconvenience." Probably won't use Disney.com again."

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"SLOW SHIPPING! Did not ship for 7 business days. Did NOT recieve merchandise in 5-7 days as promised. Now items that were ordered in time for valentenies according to there website will not arrive until 2 business day after Valentines day. Customer service was rude and just doesn't care. The Disney Store has turned into a joke. NOTHING MAGICAL HERE!!"

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"its bad I ordered 2 December 2013 and they are quick to take payment not very quick to send the stuff and ignore all my emails I cant hear very well so cant phone them I am still waiting for my stuff "

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"Expect problems when using gift cards and rewards cards at Disney.com

1. When you enter your rewards card or gift card on the Disney.com web page you are only allowed to enter one card. To enter a second card, you have to call a number.
2. When you enter a gift card or reward card the disneystore.com web page does not tell you how much your gift card deducted from your order. You need to track that and make sure your Credit Card is charged the correct amount.
3. If you have a disney credit card beware. You are only allowed one reward card per order on the Disneystore.com. However they dont tell you this anywhere.

Disney web page would be great if it were 2005. Disney recently updated the Its a small world ride in Florida, maybe they should also update the Disneystore web page. I think they were built in the same year.

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"I've always been a huge Disney fan...so this review is difficult to write... I ordered a couple of items from their online store on 12/10/13. These items were to be Christmas gifts. I received their initial e-mail thanking me for my order and then didn't receive any other e-mails. Ten days later, I checked my order status online..."Cancelled". Wondering why it was canceled and why I wasn't notified, I called customer service. The service rep stated that the day after my purchase, they received an e-mail from me to cancel the order and the next day they sent an e-mail back confirming that the order was cancelled. The problem is that I never sent an e-mail to cancel the order...and nobody else has access to my e-mail account. I told them this and I was basically politely called a "liar" (not that this word was used, but definitely implied in the typical Disney cheerful voice). After talking to the service rep, I sent an e-mail and was basically told the same thing. I kept being told that I cancelled the order...even though I told them that I didn't. They were unable to share with me any of the e-mail communications that they kept referring to...and not willing to make up for their mistake in any way. The items are no longer in stock in the sizes I wanted...not that they would get here for Christmas anyway. One of the items was limited in quantity in the size I ordered...my guess is that they ran out of it in that size and cancelled the order themselves. Just highly disappointed...it's a shame that this is Disney. "

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"I have been a huge fan of Disney all my life and it unfortunate that I have to write this negative review.

I placed an order for two personalized items (along with other items as well) on 11/10/13. A few days later I received a shipment notification that my items have shipped with a tracking number provided. The order was sent in two shipments (the personalized items sent separately a few days later). I received the nonpersonalized items within a reasonable amount of time, but never got the personalized items. I understand that personalization takes time so I tried not to be impatient. I emailed customer service multiple times and they assured me that my order was on its way and that I would get it by Christmas. December 2, 2013 (almost 1 month after my order was placed) I called customer service and I was told that they could reship one of my products but the other was out of stock and they could give me a gift card. I requested that they replace the out of stock item with another similar item and after 5-10 minutes on hold they informed me that they "found" me the item that was out of stock and they would have it personalized and have both items resent with 2 day shipping. December 6, 2013 I received shipment notification for both of the items with a new tracking number. December 11 I tracked the shipment and it just said that a label had been made, but that the package had not been dropped off (same message as the first lost shipment). I called customer service and they informed me that now BOTH of my items were out of stock and that they could give me a gift card as a refund for my items. After more discussion I was able to get them to agree to refund the money onto my credit card. Only after discussing the situation with a manager was I even able to get the money I paid for shipping on these two objects refunded. While the associate that I chatted with acted sincere and apologetic, a refund does not fully resolve the issue. For a month and a half I was under the impression that my Christmas shopping was finished for my son, but now these are items that I will not be able to replace because I live in a very rural area. By receiving the misleading "shipment notifications" I lost any opportunity I had to get out of town to find him another present.

I do not write reviews often, but I feel like it needs to be done. I understand that losing a shipment once happens sometimes, but twice in a row is simply ridiculous and shows that there is problems with the process they are using. I just want any other potential buyers to beware of the Disney Stores misleading "shipment notifications" (which just means that they made a label for the item and has nothing to do with the item actually making it to a shipping facility). Also, do not trust the individuals that answer the emails. They just tell you to wait until UPS finally updates their systems (even though my package was a month late at the time, they still tried to blame UPS).

Overall I am just very disappointed in the Disney Store and at a loss as to what I will do now to replace the items I thought I was getting my son. Lesson learned- never buy something from the Disney Store Online that you need by a specific date (even if you have a 2 month buffer).

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"I placed an order and during my checkout process i received an error message saying that they couldn't verify my credit card details. after 5 minutes the bank called me and asked me if i am shopping online at Disney Store and i confirmed that. then i called the guest services and they asked me to do the checkout again, i did it and the same message appeared so i tried again and the same message appeared although the bank sent me 2 e-mails confirming the authorization of the same amount twice! i called the guest services again and the asked me to send an email which i did, and every time i follow up a different agent replies and apologize for the inconvenience caused but they never try to solve the problem!! I have almot 750$ blocked from my credit card and no one cares from the Disney Store! they think they will never lose their customers because kids loves their stuff but trust me they will lose their reputation one day because of their ignorance and bad customer service. I already convinced my kids that there are many other things that they yould like other than Disney and trust me people i will never ever spend a penny at their store. I am sharing my experience so you wont fall in the same problem."

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"I agree....DO NOT SHOP AT DISNEYSTORE.COM!!!! I'm very frustrated with them as they have messed up my order AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!

This is the 2nd shipment they messed up for me. Should've learned from the first one, but UNFORTUNATELY the kiddo really likes Disney stuff.
This time, they had to have me call to verify my order (3 way call with cc co.). Then they cut off the suite number of my address from the shipping label, then after a long time couldn't locate my shipment they decided to send me replacement. On top of not shipping the 3 items that are out of stock, they AGAIN messed up by not including my suite number AT ALL this time. After asking them about it, they said they'd contacted UPS to correct it but that I might be charge $14.95 by UPS! Excuse me???? After messing up then ask me to pay for their mistake??? I THINK NOT! Then they didn't mention anything about refunding my money for the 3 items NOT SHIPPED!!! I had to call them OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Then after filling out the customer satisfaction survey with my HORRIBLE experience, they asked me to call to make my day "magical". Guess what? I wasted my time....I called and my day was NOT MADE MAGICAL.

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"Wow so many bad reviews! Well my experience was awesome.....I ordered 9 items from the Disney online store for my sons bday, I placed my order 7-31-13 and it arrived 8-6-13. Not only did my order arrive on time, I also was able to use 2 coupons I found online, 1 was for free shipping on 75$ or more an the other was for 15$ off of 100$ purchase, so I received 100$ worth of stuff for 85$ and free shipping **amazing***
Everything was just as pictured on website and worked properly.....oh and super cheap, Walmart had higher prices on some of the same items I ordered from the Disney online store! I give it 5 stars and so does my very satisfied little boy :)

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"Don't shop disney store online...orders take 2-3 weeks to ship. They cannot be expedited or even cancelled once the order is process. Horrible customer service."

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"I live in New Zealand and did online shopping with Disney Store.
The total cost of my shopping with freight charges was converted in NZ dollars. To my understanding that is the amount that I was looking to pay. I did my payment by credit card and few days later when I looked at my bank transactions for credit card, the amount taken was more. I enquired with the bank and bank did not make an error but it seems the total amount of my purchase in nz dollars was actually taken as US dollars and again converted to nz dollars, thereby I was charged more ( double conversion).
I raised this with Disney store via email. They denied overcharging me wanting proof. I then sent a copy of my bank transactions that actually showed the total money taken out.
Everytime I emailed wanting to follow up. I got same response but from different person.
They asked me to call to discuss.. unbelievable- more money in phone bills. I just gave up. They couldnt admit their error despite of sending them proof.
I received my order within a week - that was good but overall I'm so dis-satisfied that they overcharged me and didnt believe me. That was the first and last time I did shopping with disney store. If you are shopping online-- be very very careful !

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"EMPLOYEES TURN THEIR HEADS WHEN CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT OCCURED IN THE STORE!!! I will NEVER shop in another Disney store again. Long story short, there was a child screaming at the top of her lungs around the corner of where I was standing (common in a childrens store filled with small kids). It wasnt until I went to the checkout that I saw what was happening. There was a lady that ran up to the little girl and thats when I realized what was going on. An older girl (sister to the girl that was screaming) was hitting her younger sister that was in the stroller. The girls arm was red and raw from where her sister was hitting her and it looked like her grandmother was completely oblivious to what was happening. I had at that point realized that the lady that ran up to the girl stopped her from hitting her sister, yet even after that the girl continued to hit her sister in the stroller (which is then when I witnessed the hitting). This next part shocked me to no end. When the grandmother turned around, I told her what was happening and why the girl in the stroller was crying. She then laughed at me and I told her I didn't think it was funny. She became completely belligerent and told me it was none of my business and I should mind my own business. Not even looking to see if the girl in the stroller was ok (which she was still screaming with a bloody red arm). This lady was more concerned about me minding my own business rather than caring enough to check on the little girl that she even took the time to folllw me out of the store and yell at me some more even though I was two stores down in the mall while the ENTIRE time this poor child was screaming in her stroller. Mind you that this was now several minutes after (yet she wouldn't leave the Disney Store even though it appeared she was finished purchasing her stuff as this all happened at the checkout counter where she was too busy fiddling around with her purchase to realize what was going on.). Not one single employee said a word even though they had clearly seen the same thing I had. All it would have taken was for tbe woman to disipline the child that was hitting (telling her to stop, time out, whatever...just as long as the child would have stopped hitting her sister!) If this kind of abuse to a child is tolerated in a public place and the employees turn their heads the other way, then I and everyone I know will NOT be shopping at that store any longer."

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"Yikes...there are a lot of bad reviews for the Disney Store website :(
I had a good experience though. I bought a shirt from them and I didn't really pay attention to how long it took so I can't say whether it was slow or not. I didn't like the way the shirt fit me and kinda hung onto it for a while thinking it would grow on me but it didn't. I brought it to the Disney store to try to return it much later, figuring it would be too late to return it, but they accepted it and I got a full refund. Though I didn't keep the item, I was satisfied with the shipping, the price, and returning the item.
Their website kinda sucked though; it was very hard to navigate and kept going to what looked like an entirely different website. I kept having to press the back button. I don't know what that was all about.

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"Horrible return policy. False advertisement on sizes(Not true to size specified on site). I ordered my baby a bathing suit that ended up being too small. Sent it back for and exchange with the form provided in order. I also emailed and was re-assured I would NOT be charged for the exhange to be shipped back to me. I went ahead and shipped the item back to Disney. Only for them to later after receiving the return they only credit back your credit card. So basicaly I have to re-order the item and of course pay for shipping again. That's how they get you people. They just straight up lied to me and ripped me off. I paid with a gift card. They claimed they sent me another gift card to use. I never got it. BUYER BEWARE!"

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