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Used to be great, but now stay away

"We had ordered many times in the past with no problems, always a pleasant experience. This time, completely different. We ordered on Aug 11th and after checking for a few days on the order status with nothing changing (in process, delivered - nothing) I called on the 20th. Since we saw the item cheaper somewhere else and my card STILL hadn't been charged we decided to cancel.
The girl I spoke to said it could not be cancelled without authorization since it could be in process. Since I was confident that that hadn't occurred (nothing had according to their site) I said go ahead and proceed. She said it would take up to 3 days to get an email.
2 days later I called back to check on it and now the guy suddenly tells me its in process and I could send it back when it came for a refund.
After hanging up checked again. Still not showing processed, shipped, anything and my bank account still not reflecting them charging me for it.
Now, in fine print on the site it says your card will be charged "when items are shipped". So, to me, it hadn't shipped yet. Of it was it should be on their site so I could track the delivery.
Mysteriously and Amazingly (please sense my sarcasm) THE VERY NEXT MORNING (early am) my account was debited the amount and a couple of hours later the package Miraculously arrived. It was from Memphis TN. Do you expect me to believe that they shipped it out in the am (when it was debited) and it arrived at my house in CT a few hours later? And never at any step of the way an email that it had been shipped or a way to track it.
Its painfully obvious what happened. The order was mishandled and not being processed until I called and my card was charged once they made sure that USPS in CT was indeed delivering that day.
Its bad enough to be lied to but when the story is so full of holes it just makes me say "never again"

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Disney hates you

"That is it, I have had it. You are done wasting my time and money. I have begun submitting the following to all the review sites including the BBB, Consumer affiars, and will also launch a complaint with the attorney general since I am definitly not the first person who has to give you their time and money for your mistakes.

The Disneystore online has ruined Disney for me.

I put in an order about 3 weeks ago for a bunch of items that all together were about $300. In those items I was supposed to receive two sets of blue ceramic dinner plates.

When the order finally comes I don’t have two sets. Instead I have two individually wrapped single plates. This was mistake number 1.

I reach out by email giving copies of the receipts, a page from my online account saying they got my full amount of money etc, and Disney apologizes and tell me they will mail the two sets to me.

The very next day I get a shipping confirmation that only 1 set of plates is being mailed to me. I thought wow, they screwed up a second time. So I let them know that hey you mailed off a set of place but I was owed two sets not just one.

Once again it’s the “we are so sorry, we will fix it, have a magical day”. Well 5 days pass and I never get a shipping confirmation for the second set of plates which is the third time they screwed up at this point.

At this point I am fuming as these plates were meant to be a gift as part of set and now its way passed when they should have originally arrived. Technically based on federal law they have to alert me when there is a delay in shipping but that never happened.

After mailing off a fiery email. I literally wait hours in the middle of a week day for a response. I receive two emails back to back. One email is that the second set of plates has finally mailed. The next email tell me that I should call their 1-800 number at my earliest convenience. I thought wow, they want to personally apologize and try to make it right. Finally I will see that Disney difference they always talk about.

Well I was wrong. After waiting on hold to talk to somebody, I am told that they had no idea as to why I got the number to call and that everything should now be fine with the order. I was left momentarily speechless. Did these idiots now have me call a number and waste even more time after 3 emails for no reason whatsoever? Yes yes indeed. Mistake number 4 just happened.

After 4 mistakes and really wasting my time, I am sent an email telling me that I need to print a shipping label, that I need to repack the two individual plates that I first received for shipping, that I need to put them in a sealed box, and that I need to send them to a UPS pick up location. WHEN IT WAS DISNEY WHO KEPT SCREWING UP!

I have never heard Disney say we are sorry so many times. It means nothing because they did nothing to make it right. Instead I had to keep wasting time with them and fight to get what I paid for. Now I have to print on my paper their return label, use my packing supplies to send the plates back, use my gas to get them to the UPS store and my time which is most precious to me. Because they keep making mistakes. The stupidity of having me mail plates back that now have cost more in shipping than they cost to make is beyond me. That to me is mistake number 5.

Let me PLEASE, stop you from doing business with the Disney store. They don’t care about order accuracy, making the customer happy, and expense to customers for their screw ups, or responding to emails with more than magical we are sorry one liners.

I am at this point debating if I should report them to the California state attorney general for how this all went down so they can have their business investigated because I am guessing a lot of people get scammed out of merchandise that they pay for.

Just look at the reviews on line of only 1 to 2 stars. Nobody is happy with them. This sort of Mickey Mouse crap has been happening for year and they don’t care. I have spent thousands on DISNEY products from the Disney store over the years but I won’t spend another dime. I am going to post this message to everybody on all the rating sites, to the BBB, on my Facebook for 2000 friends to see, everywhere. The only time Disney cares is when their pocket book is hit. Had this of been Amazon it never would have gotten to this point.

If you like me have been wronged by Disney please visit the following link and launch a formal complaint.


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No customer service

"Purchased 100.00 worth of merchandise less than 24 hours later they posted a 25% discount
Called customer service and asked for discount order was still in processing told NO!
Asked to cancel order was told too bad
Come on Disney Walmart and Home Depot are friendlier than you!

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Gift Card Mayhem

"Disney's customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Not friendly or helpful. My brand new $25 gift card now gets to be thrown away because you can't purchase anything with a gift card unless you own a credit card, which I don't have. I called every number I could get my hands on and basically they all said tough luck. Absolute garbage! Will never buy another gift card or shop their over-priced store again!"

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"I would NEVER order from disneystore.com again!!! I'm posting this everywhere so i can get people aware!!
I've only ever ordered from the USA twice before, both being Hot Topic ages ago, never a problem. First time ever ordering from USA Disney store this year, in April. I live in the UK and I really wanted a t-shirt I saw when my family and I were on holiday in Florida, but there was none in stock in any store out there. They don't sell it on the UK Disney Store website. I was worried to buy from the USA branch online, as I've heard so many bad things about their customer service representatives and also read a few reviews about cards being charged and then getting no goods and no refund. So my mum decided to brave it and pay the extra to buy it online for a late birthday gift for me, and have it sent to my family in Canada, (so she'd pay less custom fees), and they could send it to my brother via the army post to give to us. This was the first time my mum used HER credit card to buy from the USA. I've always used my debit card. So anyway, we ordered it in April on my mum's credit card, and she has not used her card since then for anything, she always uses her debit card or cash for her other purchases. So her credit card company called her this morning (30th MAY!) to tell her someone in CALIFORNIA, literally 10-15 minutes away from the Disney Store's headquarters, tried to use her card details to make a purchase. They tried to spend £79 worth at Target!!! I'm so glad her card company contacted her first so she could choose to decline payment!! God knows what else they would have tried to buy!! We've now blocked her card. There's no Target in the UK, and it's fishy how the first time she uses it online at Disney Store, her card details are re-used in the EXACT same state, EXACT same area, pretty much around the corner from the headquarters!! We will NEVER buy from the Disneystore.com ever ever again, this is disgraceful. Clearly someone working there has some kind of access to customer's card numbers, so !!BEWARE!!! It could happen again to anyone using a credit card to purchase!!

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Very Inconsistent

"Terrible experience. Bought something on Dec 13th, shipped on the 16th with estimated arrival on the 22nd now. My wife bought something similar on the 15th and arrived on the 20th with free shipping. Not only will I not have my gifts for coworkers before xmas, but I also received rude attitude from customer support. Not shopping here again. "

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They selling products that out of stock and I caught them lying to me.

"Don't buy from disneystore.com.

I never received mine order. Moreover, UPS hasn't received the package from them. That's what I saw for about 2 weeks:

"Memphis, TN, United States 11/14/2016 5:00 A.M. Your package was not received at the UPS facility as originally scheduled. This may cause a delay."

Really, really bad experience with their " Guest Service".

I'm still waiting for the refund.


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so much for a 'Magical' two ur olds birthday!! Broke, angry and present-less thanks to Disney.com!!!

"I attempted to purchase a mickey mouse clubhouse deluxe playset from Disneystore.com last Tuesday. I figured after years of buying the fake stuff off eBay with questionable results, I'd go legit and order directly.

I Filled in my details, agreed to $66 international shipping (for a $50 playset!!). I entered my card details and thought 'too easy!!' .. Then I got an error.. 'The address entered doesn't match the billing address your card issuer has on file. Please check the details and resubmit'.

So I checked them again. Hit submit.
Same error. So I called my bank and they confirmed everything was correct, so I hit submit again. Same damn error again!!!

At this point I checked my bank account and guess what?? Despite their system not even ACCEPTING MY ORDER.. They CHARGED ME AN AUTHORISATION CHARGE FOR IT!!!! To the tune of $148.00 AU!!!!!! Not only once, BUT THREE DAMN TIMES!!!!


I emailed them with screen shots explaining step by step what happened. Contacted my bank and attempted to find out how I could have the funds released AS I HADNT SUCCESSFULLY ORDERED A DAMN THING!!!
Disney store responded in an entirely unemotional, un 'magical ' way pointing me to a clause (that couldn't be found in actual writing ON their site mind you! I read the small print! It says 'your card will not be charged until your order ships'!!) that supposedly discloses they will make an authorisation charge ONCE AN ORDER IS PLACED.. Which is fine, IF YOU ACTUALLY ARE ABLE TO PLACE A DAMN ORDER!! I wasn't. No order number. No receipt/ct even READ my initial emails, I finally called.. From Australia.. & spoke to 'elisha'. She searched my emails and apparently forwarded them to a 'billing manager ' who would be in touch and write an email to my bank to release the pending charges for and item I couldn't even successfully order!

So I waited.

Now four days later I'm still yet to hear a damn thing from anyone at Disney store. My daughters birthday was on Saturday (it's Monday night) and we stayed home and did nothing as ALL MY MONEY WAS STOLEN BY DISNEY!! Try to explain that to a two year old?!

I fully expect at this point to have to chase them for this, which I absolutely will. However I cannot express enough how angry, frustrated & 'non f&$@?!% magical ' I'm feeling over this entire experience!! Disney store are nothing short of THIEVES that charge you for orders YOU DIDNT EVEN MAKE!! Then turn on the two yr old attitude of 'block and denial' when u attempt to sort it out!

Never again will I deal with Disney & in fact, I'm more than happy to support fake non licensed eBay sellers from this point purely because DISNEY HAS NO CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! At least the fake sellers treat their customers with respect.


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Double Authorizations

"I am NEVER buying from Disney Store again. Double authorizations that they say fall off automatically, but they've been paid by one authorization, and now am awaiting the other to "fall off". What a bunch of crooks! The bank can't take it off, probably because they benefit from this, and Disney doesn't bother to take steps once they place an additional authorizations to release the first one. There really should be a law against this practice."

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"Ordered goods online with a promise of 5 day delivery. 13 days later no sign of the goods and in response to my telephone call was told an 'escalation' request would be forwarded to the warehouse. No further explanation. What a joke!"

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"Great fun with my 3y/o grandson marveling at evetything. But have yo admit I have fun when I go myself. "

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"Wow some of the reviews here sound horrid. I order from them quite frequently for our non-profit. They ship fast, but they don't pad their boxes well like Amazon, Fat Brain Toys or Woozy Moo. Something always comes damaged. Annoying. "

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"Worst customer service. "Have a magical day"???? Seriously? They messed up my order when I bought 26 personalized items for my group. They forgot to include 5 of them.... then I had to redesign the items, call 5 times over a period of two days to get this dealt this.

They were supposed to be a nice item for our group to travel with (luggage tags) - but now five of my 9 year old group members won't get theirs (I had them shipped to our hotel in Disney World for their flight back at least?)

They gave nothing to us to reimburse us for the trouble and time- and barely an apology!

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"I have purchased few items from their website for my little one, and they arrived quickly enough. However, when I attempted to return some of them, I realized that I do not have a prepaid UPS shipping label enclosed. So, I send an email to the customer service explaining situation, and their respond was outstanding. Quoting from email: "The DisneyStore.com only send prepaid return labels when its an opportunity on our end...". Insanely ridiculous customer service, when their website says otherwise. I would not recommend to order from DisneyStore.com never ever!!!"

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"I found what I wanted online, but kinda needed it for my kid right away. I called disney store, they had at the store. I went over bought it and had no issues."

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