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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 2.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Dead Plants, Guarantee not honored

"I ordered 24 Indian Current Coralberries, 2 Pink flowering almonds, and 24 burning bush from Direct Gardening. I soaked the roots in water and planted all of these as directed in July of 2017. I watered all of these plants every other day. I waited until May of 2018 to see any sign of life. I sent a registered letter to Direct Gardening on May 9th, 2018, first delivery attempt was refused, finally on May 17th, 2018 they accepted the letter requesting replacements for all of the above mentioned plants but 7 burning bushes. With the exception of the 8 bushes, all others did not show any sign of life in 2017 or in 2018. I have emailed them 3 times now to get a follow up on the request for replacements, no response. I have tired to call them 20 times since May 17th, 2018 and receive a busy signal. I have been gardening for 25 years and have experience with growing bare root plants. I am very surprised of the amount of plants that survived. 14% (7 of 50) plants showed any sign of life in 2017 and came back in 2018. This is a very low percentage of survival. I would not recommend Direct Gardening at this point, even if you are an experienced gardener."

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Healthy plants!

"Ok, I read the reviews AFTER I placed a huge order, and started to get wicked nervous with all the bad reviews.
The biggest negative, was that it took 5+ weeks to get here because their hydrangeas were on back order. But WOW, was it worth the wait.
I received my order today, and am so happy!! Everything is ready to go, my bulbs and tubers are dry, smooth, and dormant, and all my roots are moist and ready to plant. Lots of green showing, lots of happy buds, healthy plants! My rose stalk is green and gorgeous and it's roots are healthy.
Online ordering is for patient planters, you're going to have to wait a little while for those gorgeous picture plants, you get roots and a few leaves on stems when you order online, I expected this.. What I didn't expect was for every one of my 30 privet bushes to have healthy, happy buds on them, THANK YOU!

I will most definitely be ordering from you guys again!!

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The worst shopping experience ever!

"I found Direct Gardening online, I liked their prices and selection (didn’t read the reviews first – huge mistake) so I told myself, how bad could it be? Well… This was the worst shopping experience EVER! Plants arrived rotten in a nylon bag. I’ve never seen anyone shipping plants in nylon bag unless it’s some amateur seller on eBay. Especially when it’s 90° F outside with 97% humidity. At first I thought it was some clothing I ordered for my kids. Plants were packed in a nylon bags with no holes no wonder most of them were rotten!

Lavender plants didn’t have roots at all. Bare root plant with no roots… Daises are half dead – dry roots covered with some mold. Hostas looked brown, mushy and had a disgusting smell.

I called customer service immediately after opening the package but they guy was not friendly, didn’t want to do anything to help, just kept repeating me the customer policy over and over again. He didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience. He didn’t even try to be nice. He gave me the feeling that I am the one who did something wrong.

Bottom line – this company doesn’t want your business. Save your money and time, don’t even bother ordering from this company! Go some reputable company instead. You’ll spend a little more but you will get great healthy plants and, most important, peace of mind and amazing customer service.

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Dont buy from them

"Never trust a company without their own reviews page on their website
Doesnt even deserve 1 star.
Avoid ordering from this company. Poor customer service doesnt even begin to describe it. They ship thier products in plastic bags. Sometimes jammed full of plants. They do not send shipping notifications, so my plants were sitting outside in a cold package delivery box in March in Wisconsin for who knows how long before I discovered them. I was expecting this order for spring planting, but there was still snow on the ground here when they shipped. Also they shipped from Illinois, so I know they are aware of the northern weather. Needless to say, nothing grew after I had to keep them inside under grow lights for a month before I could plant them. I had ordered online, but they insist on conducting returns or exchanges by regular mail.
Then they mailed back my return request asking for which plants died, when I specifically told them NONE of the order survived. And I had to mail everything back again, with my replacement items attached. They mailed me a gift certificate and asked that I tell them what Items I wanted them to replace it with. So I had to mail the whole thing back Again!
When I finally got my replacement plants, all the "live" plants they shipped me were clearly already dead before shipping, and they insist I wait 6 weeks to get more replacements. I even emailed photos of the obviously dead plants. It is August and my original order arrived in March, so that is how long it takes to be thoroughly screwed by this company.
F this company for sure.

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Pulled a switch-er-roo.

"Among other things, I ordered six standard-sized Moorpark apricot trees.

Received the other items, but didn't get the standard-sized Moorpark apricot trees. They sent me peach trees instead.

I contacted them immediately and they said I had to return the peach trees at my expense in order to receive a refund or replacement. I told them I'd return the trees as soon as I received a pre-paid mailer. I was not going to pay to return something I didn't order.

Went round and round with this company. They kept referencing their "guarantee" which ONLY comes into play if the items shipped do not live -- their guarantee states this clearly, explicitly, and emphatically. That was clearly NOT the case. Although the peach trees eventually died because they were never planted, that was not the problem. I order standard-sized Moorpark apricot trees and they shipped peach trees.

After several email rounds and two smail rounds, I was finally home from work early enough to call them during their extremely limited customer service phone hours. During this phone call, they repeatedly referenced their guarantee -- I repeatedly read their guarantee to them over the phone, including the part that says, without any equivocation, that the guarantee only applies if the items do not live. After considerable time on the phone, they finally mentioned their substitution policy. Apparently, the notice of their substitution policy is buried someplace on their website. It says, essentially, that they reserve the right to make substitutions. However, there is no mention of this policy anywhere in the ordering process. They certainly do not required that you agree to it before placing your order.

I'll draft a letter demanding a complete refund of my entire order as soon as I finish this review. The other items I purchased were inferior in both size and quality. I was willing to overlook this defect as long as there was some hope of receiving the standard-sized Moorpark apricot trees I ordered. However, because of the truly horrid experience I've had with this company, I'm no longer willing to accept the inferior products. I'm convinced that Direct Gardening buys the leftovers from plant wholesalers that other retailers do not want. The "free" gifts they include with nearly every order are so bad that even Direct Gardening wouldn't think of selling them -- which is really saying something.

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Dead Sticks,No Bush. Jokes on me!

"I ordered 4 butterfly bushes on April 29th and 3 arrived May 20th. If you could call it that. A green plastic bag with 3 bags of dirt and a few broken dead sticks in it. THE PLANTS WERE DEAD! I planted them anyway as per their instructions..there's nothing left but the root.The sticks fell off dead. I received the one they shorted me on 6/16/2017. Worse condition if there is such a thing. The sticks (2) were in the bottom of the green bag. The clear plastic bag had a small amount of dry dirt and a dead root.
I'm just going to cut my losses here. I can't understand how they stay in business! Read on if you want to read their reply.

"(Thank you for your correspondence regarding the plants you received from us. You stated that some of your plants appear "dead" or have not yet started to bud and leaf-out. Much of our nursery stock is shipped in a dormant, bare root condition or in starter pots that require transplanting. Also, your plants may be stressed by shipment. Therefore, the plants may look "dead," be droopy upon arrival, have lost leaves in shipment, or may leaf-out later than an established plant.

If you have not already done so, please plant all plants immediately following the instructions in our planting booklet. Water regularly. Give them a chance. In nearly every instance the plants will grow and thrive.

If after six weeks of planting, your plants do not leaf out or if you are certain they are not alive,we are willing to make a single exception of our original shipping label requirement and send a replacement order if you will mail us a COPY OF YOU CANCELLED CHECK or CHARGE CARD STATEMENT as proof of payment. You will need to send this information via mail. Please include a letter that states you no longer have the shipping label and are therefore sending the proof of payment in its place. Also include a full list, by item and quantity, of what item(s) need to be replaced.

This is a single exception and applies only to nursery stock and not replacement orders.
The information on the missing plant has been forwarded.


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If only the plants were alive....

"This company has terrible reviews and I wish I would have read them. I ordered some plants that took over a month to be delivered. When they arrived half of them were dead. I contacted the company and they want ME to pay for return shipping. Yet they were the ones to ship dead plants. It seems that it is quite common for them to do this.


I did a scratch test and you can see they are completely dead. So now I am out of my money

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" Ordered three trees and see Chris the trees were shipped in a plastic bag and have snapped in half the cigarettes is brown and dead spent over $50 for these products and it is an absolute ripoff"

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Scam and fraud

"Sent 30 emails to cancel and refused and sent anyway with dead plants no answer on phone or email had to return at my expense had to wait a month until it arrived to me. Don't buy from them a rip off and false advertising "

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It Doesn't Get Any Worse Than Thiss

"My experience was absolute horrible. First I had to pay the original shipping costs, they then selected and sent me the wrong plants. In order to get a refund I had to pay again for shipping the wrong plants they sent me back to them. Then with no explanation whatsoever, they refunded only half the money. You never get to talk to anyone directly affiliated with the company, you only reach a call center where I have gotten several different answers to the same questions I've asked of them. 3 people with 3 different answers??"

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Would rate a zero!

"Ordered 16 plants in March. Not shipped till the end of April. I had to send them an email to remind them to ship my order. 5 arrived dead; one covered in mold. Plants that were supposed to be 6-12" were more like 3". Nine days after having these plants, I contacted Direct Gardening for a return/refund. They said after 14 days, they don't issue credit! It wasn't 14 days! VERY disreputable company. Would rate a zero if given the option. Would not order weeds from this company."

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Horrible company

"Horrible company to do business with. I placed an order on 12/13/2016 and as of today have not received it yet (3/27/2017). I have contacted them several times and they cannot tell me when order will ship. I contacted them today requesting a refund. I will not do business with them again


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Bad product/bad shipping times/bad customer service/bad return policy

"I have not begun to fight to get my money back on these pathetic things they call plants. These big beautiful pictures and when you open up the box to yellow plants all on the verge of death; that it took a month to get; the let down is extreme. They want to replace them but who would want to go through the hassle to baby these itty bitty plants enough to get them to live let alone blossom. They violated their entire policy by telling me the order would be processed in two weeks and I got them a month later. There was no correspondence telling me they even got my order or any answer to my complaints for almost a week and then only because I disputed the charge on my credit card. I want a refund not replacement plants. Way too expensive for what you get even if they had lived."

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"On one website you have 420 Negative reviews only 156 positive 50 neutrals. That is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I did as was told by waiting and planting only to have them ALL DIE. My MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN !!!! The 2 4.99 were used on new orders for things that arrived CRUSHED. The other plants just DIED after I planted as told. There is something you can do, supply LIVE plants in GOOD condition. The original plants did not appear alive when I received them, but I did as told and waited then the replacements arrived in poor/dead condition and again as i was told planted, now you tell me "We are sorry for the inconvenience. " Not inconvenience it was/is a waste of MY MONEY, so yes you could at least send me LIVE plants in GOOD condition, but you just DO NOT want to. ALMOST $200.00 GONE. "

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Ripp off company, and they are good at it.

"Just don't is all I can say. Half the order was never received. The other half was destroyed in shipment since all they use is a plastic bag. No response from customer service until I have a lawyer contact them for me. Wasted my money. DO NOT USE DIRECT GARDENING!"

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