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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
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Rating 2/10

Don't order online from ****'s Sporting Goods

"After receiving emails everyday from ****'s Sporting Goods, I responded to a one-hour 40% Off one item sale. I accessed the website at exactly 10:00 a.m. for the 10:00 to 11:00 sale. The site immediately went to a "Time Out" page for over 15 minutes. Once I was able to access the website I ordered one pair of Asics runners. The website froze on the Billing Address page and would not accept my Canadian address, which is associated to my credit card. After numerous attempts, and over an hour, I entered my U.S. Shipping address and then edited the billing address to reflect my actual Canadian billing address. The order went through with an email confirmation.
Later the same day I received a second email indicating that my order had been cancelled, without any explanation for the reason for the cancellation.
If you live in Canada their toll-free number does not work.
Despite several email attempts, ****'s Sporting Goods has not replied to my email requests to their Customer Service. (It appears that they have no customer service)
I should have read the reviews first!

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a pair of Nike air Vapormax size 9 in the deep team red colorway from dicks online (because the instore pairs were out of shape and discolored) August/6 2017 the shoes ariived 4 days later while I was on vacation. Upon arrival back home I open the box and find a worn stretched out of shape display shoe in size 9 and an unworn shoe in size 8.5 with discoloration. I returned these shoes at my local dicks and called Customer service to re-order the shoes at the discount price off 155.14 after tax that I brought them for. (This was a hassle and took 33minutes of phone time). This order was placed august 18th. 2017. Today is Sept 1st I still haven't received a package. I was told the package was shipped and delivered already and They will not reship or refund the money for the product I didn't receive. I've been on the phone with dicks customer service supervisor for 1hr47 minutes and counting. The 5.99 I paid for shipping has been refunded but they will not refund me for the product Or reissue the item. At this point I have to contact my Lawyer.

Stay away from dicks sporting goods online or in store. There products are faulty or they allow there products to be worn and then returned, the customer service is horrible and there Score Card points system **** compared to other retailers

Rating 2/10

Sale item not in stock and never had any in any of the local stores.

"Went to purchase trail camera on sale flyer, told they where not in stock and never had any . Had same story from all the local dicks . Called corporate and representative could not find ad in question. Strange how I first saw the flyer in WV and next day found exact flyer in MD. . Don't know about others but my time and gas are not free to be sent on wild goose chase .


Rating 6/10

Online purchases .... warning

"Purchased set of golf clubs with promised delivery 8 days. Received email confirmation of order indicating would receive a second email advising the ship date. After 5 days (allowing for a weekend) I called the customer service dept and after some holds, was advised the product would ship that day.

After further discussions with a CS Manager, Dicks agreed to a 10% refund as compensation for missing the delivery date. Once I reached a manager, would recommend requesting that person sooner than later, the manager was professional and did follow up with providing an email regarding the refund, per our discussion.

Obviously I felt that if I hadn't called, that order may have taken an indefinite time to have been shipped.

The experience is ongoing but it appears they use a back end vendor... like a UPS... that stores and fulfills their orders from Maine. It would appear that's a problem for ****'s, as you can read there are numerous complaints regarding order fulfillment.

Good Luck

Rating 2/10

Could not deliver ordered product!

"After taking time off work to go to ****'s to order a treadmill - I waited and waited and waited to hear what the delivery date would be. I paid in full for the treadmill which was in stock at the store and was told that the delivery company would contact me with a date. They contacted me and said, 'we'll contact you with a date'. Never heard another word from them. Waited two weeks. Took more time off work to go back to ****'s to cancel the order - the clerk did not listen to me and ran off to the back of the store to do something??? As it turns out she was back there contacting the delivery company to try to make arrangements for delivery - however she didn't listen when I said ' I WANT TO CANCEL this order'... When after some time, she returned to the front of the store where I was left waiting with no explanation - she said that the delivery company would be in touch with me - at that point I said - I don't want it delivered - ever! I want a refund - cancel this transaction - here's the receipt. Finally she went to the register and with help from another clerk was able to cancel the transaction.

I have no idea what's going on with this store - but if they want to stay in business they need to get a shipper to deliver items to people who've paid for them. At least follow up in a day or two to see if the delivery arrangement has been made. Nothing else was done by them after they made the sale. Poor customer service...and even more poor customer service when I went back to the store to cancel the sale - I won't go back! And I will not recommend ****'s to anyone I know.

I hope they see this review and can make some changes. Terrible service experience.

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service.

"They truelly have the worst customer service. I ordered a pair or shoes over two weeks ago and my order kept getting canceled. I called and ordered multiple times until two orders went through even though I only wanted one. They charged me twice and mailed two pairs of shoes. I never received the pairs of shoes. I'm not sure if something happened with ups or dicks. I called and asked to get a refund for one of the charges and another pair mailed to me. A manager told me that they couldn't give me a refund and that they have shipped out a new pair. I still haven't received my pair of shoes and I have been charged over $150 for a pair of shoes that costs about $70. At this point I doubt that I will get anything mailed from them. My only option is to contact my back and try to dispute the charge. "

Rating 2/10

****'s Arlington Heights Negative Experience

"Stay away unless you like dealing with people whose IQ is less than their shoe size and who are rude, inconsiderate, nasty, and smell worse than the BO Kramer experienced in that one episode of Seinfeld. Came here with a pair of brand new basketball shoes to return, the clueless lady team lead (a.k.a. i flunked high school so i am a ****'s team lead) wouldn't take the shoes back because they were missing the insoles. After picking out a pair of new shoes to buy and a $20 pair of cushioned insoles as a separate purchase, I asked to speak with the manager. Lo and behold, Candace who calls herself a manager (ha, that's funny) comes over speaking very loud, hyper, and all ready to say NO WAY to any question asked. She also smelled like she she just came out of oscar the grouch’s garbage can. I proceeded to ask her why her lackee declined my return indicating i would be purchasing a new pair of shoes with new insoles. She refused the return even after I offered to put the original insoles from the new pair being purchased into the ones being returned - mind you the new shoes being purchased were black and the shoes being returned were black and the insoles in the new shoes were grey and red and in no way were the correct insoles for the new pair. She still refused and proceeded to lecture me on acceptable return terms. Then to make matters worse while I was in line paying for the new shoes and the new insoles and almost done with my purchase she runs up to the cashier and grabs the new shoes and starts looking inside them and in the box - at that point i had enough and told her that her behavior was like a Nazi and then exited the store.

To ****’s Senior Corporate Management- These types of bubhead employees will soon kill your business - have you read through all of the online experiences of folks at ****’s - have fun following Sports Authority in their fate….

Rating 2/10

Elliptical Nightmare!

" I purchased the Sole e35 elliptical machine from ****'s Sporting Goods in Olympia, WA on May 8th, 2017. I was hesitant due to its price, but a sales associate praised this particular model (the store's most expensive at the time) and Sole's reputation at great length.
I specifically asked how maintenance and repairs were handled, due to a difficult experience with my previous elliptical. She replied that ****'s was Sole's "exclusive retail partner" which, she assured me, meant improved service. She was wrong. She also became much less helpful after her store had the check, not even calling Sole to help resolve the issues when they began.
There were warning signs in the store prior to the purchase. Sales associates were hard to locate, with long waits before I could get a question answered even when the store was nearly empty. The elliptical section itself was in disarray, with machines improperly assembled and/or not plugged in. A handlebar on one machine was so loose I could not test it. Stray parts had fallen to the floor. When I asked for one machine to be plugged in, an associate said I could only try it for a minute because it had a short in it. The area was in the same state during several visits.
Regardless, the associate talked me into purchasing the Sole e35. This is when the problems began. I paid extra for professional assembly, but after only a few minutes into its first use, the machine malfunctioned. The resistance became very tight, too difficult to use even at the lowest setting. I tried the model many times at the store and it was not like this. I then felt and heard a series of sharp "knocks," as if hitting a speed bump. I did not feel safe continuing. I returned to ****'s the next day to request an exchange. I was upset to learn I would have to go through Sole's technical support for repair instead. This would cause a further disruption of my workout routine, but I was assured that the machine would be fixed quickly. It took nearly a month for a technician to arrive. He installed the parts sent by Sole, which momentarily seemed to solve the problem. However, the machine quickly broke down again. At this point, I regretted purchasing the elliptical and was especially displeased with ****'s, who refused to do anything. They still would not offer an exchange or return.
Sole mailed another box of parts and their contracted repair company sent an e-mail on June 12th stating that a technician would contact me to arrange an appointment. No one has called. This company has also been frustrating to deal with, telling me to contact the technician myself and leave voice mails rather than having him call me in a timely fashion. ****'s sales associate never mentioned dealing with an unknown third party.
Even if the elliptical could be repaired, I would never fully trust it. It is a "lemon." And yet I am expected to pay full retail price for a machine which was defective from the start and has already required two repair appointments. It has been sitting, broken and unused, since May 8th. An honest business might sell such a machine at a greatly reduced, refurbished price. After so much time has passed, I cannot understand why ****'s remains so obstinate. An incredible amount of frustration could have been avoided if they had simply exchanged the defective machine as I first asked. ****'s has offered no price adjustment, compensation, or apology for their misleading sales tactics and atrocious service.
The most bizarre development so far occurred on June 20th, when ****'s claimed that in order to return or exchange the elliptical, they would need to send someone to my house to inspect it. I see nothing about this in the return policy on ****'s website, or in the copy of the policy I was given. Further, it is absolutely unacceptable. Where would this “inspector” come from and why should I have any faith in their impartiality or qualifications? Also, based on my experience so far, no one from ****'s Sporting Goods will be allowed in my home.

Rating 2/10

I would strongly advise to NEVER order anything from **** Sporting Goods. They are not consumer friendly.

"Our paddle board order got damaged in transit and despite the fact that we had a scheduled delivery where we had to take time off and wait for it, nobody bothered to let us know that the order will not be coming. Two days after the scheduled delivery we still do not know what the status of the order is. Multiple calls with customer service did not result in any further clarification. We were promised an update call and that never happened. I would urge you to think three times before ordering from this company. "

Rating 2/10

Super Slow processing my order online!

"Never order online from Dicks. Super slow getting your order out. Took a whole week just to ship it!"

WiseAZ's Avatar

Scottsdale, Arizona
Rating 2/10

Ordered in-stock golf balls - ****'s couldn't it out

"Abysmal customer service from ****'s Sporting Goods. After waiting 5 days for status to update, finally received email stating shipment was delayed. Called to ask what's going on, since the golf balls were available IN STORE everywhere (Bridgestone B330-RX) - and rep said she couldn't figure out why, but would have supervisor call me or email me within the hour. Next day still no call, and no email. I called ****'s to cancel the order - saying I can just go to the store and pick up. Rep said they can't cancel if it's been longer than 30 minutes since the order was placed. I told her "it's been a f*&%$^ing week!"
I'm done with Dicks - they should not try to be an online retailer - they don't know how. Oh and TGW.com has the same order for $20 less.

Rating 2/10

A shame I could not give less than 1 star...

"Have tried to order a pair of shoes from here and have only gotten the run around from being told they couldn't take orders over the phone and have tried to pay with Pay Pal about 15 times to no avail.... Im done with D I C K S!"

Rating 10/10

Must Read This Review Before Making Any Purchases Online!

"I've been reading a lot of bad reviews in this site. When I ordered things online at D**k's, I chose standard shipping only. I recently bought a really nice rain jacket and my package came in three days later. So really, if you know D**k's is going to take your money from these BS paid shipping methods, then choose Standard shipping. I mean D**k's Sporting Goods is a retail store all over the USA. I had no problems when making an online purchase and I'm satisfied with the standard delivery. For those who made that mistake, it was your fault for not reading other reviews before deciding on D**k's shipping methods. If you are in a hurry to get the item faster, then shop elsewhere! "

Rating 4/10

Don't order online!!

"Ordered a swimsuit on 6/2/2017 for my vacation that was a week and a few days later from ordering date. Paid for the Express shipping so it would be here in time. Got an email saying there was an order delay. Called the customer service place and they told me order was locked and still in process. They didn't have a reason! Finally got her to say it was shipped the day after it was to arrive but with no estimated arrival date. They were no help at all! So I guess I have 2 days left to see if it gets here before I leave if not I will be returning it when it arrives. "

Rating 2/10


"I paid extra for expedited shipping because I needed the item before going out of town, and my local store did not have it in stock. ****'s sent it out UPS more 27 hours after I placed the order making the ship date a day late. Their customer service was zero help. Basically they said sorry there's nothing we can do. I now have to leave work early and find a store that I can buy something at that I have already purchased, wasting my time and money. I used to buy all of my sporting goods from Dicks, not to mention shoes and clothes for myself and my 3 sons. Never again. I'll take my money elsewhere. "

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