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"DiamondonNet was the best!!!! My fiancee had herengagement ring stolen:(. Thank god for good insurance and the fast service of DiamondonNet. I called them, and five days later they have the same ring put together and ship. Amazing!!! Thanks again you guys:)"

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"I'm really happy with my new canary diamond ring, everything was so fast...one day I got up feeling like a new ring, I discovered this website, I called them to ask if I could get my ring in 2 days and they made all the arrangements and the ring was in NY 2 days later. They were so helpful and kind and the best part came when I saw the ring, it is a real MASTERPIECE!!!! The setting is amazing too, but the center stone is just breathtaking, thank you Beth and Sam!!!!!"

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"Great customer service, great products, very courteous... everything I could ask for when finding the perfect engagement ring. I highly recommend using DiamondonNet."

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"I recently received my solitaire diamond ring from Diamondsonnet. As an accredited business member of the BBB, I was encouraged to work with in ordering a princess cut 1.21 GIA Certified stone. The GIA certification was important to me as it gave the assurance of objectivity in the diamond grading. Diamondsonnet said they encouraged their customers to buy GIA certified stones as well. What Diamondsonnet did was to steer me to the best available stone based on both my criteria and their recommendations based on cut. D Colored princess cut with Very Good Symmetry and polish, and SI1 in clarity. My concern in the clarity grade was mitigated in their assurance that the inclusion was not visible on the stone and that the D Color was more important in the princess cut stone aesthetics. When appraised by my local Jeweler, the GIA trained appraiser, stated how nice and rare it was to see such a fine diamond, echoying the importance of the D Color and agreeing that in this stone the inclusion was no a factor affecting the beauty of the stone. My financee was duly pleased upon hearing the appraisers comments. The stone and setting appraised at 50% above my purchased priced. I believe more importantly the staff at Diamondsonnet correctly advised me in selecting the best type of stone for my requirements. Excellent service with conscientious and helpful staff at prices as competitive as any that I have located, local or on the net, will bring me back for the next diamond and setting I purchase."

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"I went to DiamondonNet looking for a ring, just a ring no stone. I found one I liked and ordered it. They noticed I didn't order a stone so they asked if they could have the information on the stone. They soon contacted me saying it would not fit so they would have to custom make it. They gave a great price for the new ring. So i then sent them the stone and in 12 days they had created the ring, mounted the stone, and shipped it. I got it on the exact day they told me I would get it. Phenomenal! My soon to be fiance will love it. I am extremely pleased and will probably be doing business with them in the future.

Helpful Cool


"DoN has a pretty good selection of loose diamonds and settings in various sizes/styles/prongs. It's not obviously widely known in comparison with other online retailers. I was really skeptical at first but decided to go ahead with purchasing from DoN anyways since all of the reviews were positive and the price came out to be under budget! If EGLUSA's appraisal report is accurate, I saved over $5K on the loose diamond alone!!

Customer Service was top notch. Beth was very responsive and my request to have a digital picture of the ring was fulfilled. Thank you for that! There was originally an issue with the setting and so Bijan caught the problem and it was rectified immediately with no schedule loss. Overall, shipping was very fast and hassle-free and was delivered to my doorstep before the predicted date.

My fiance LOVED the ring. I never had the ring appraised after I received it (and I don't think I will). It's almost as beautiful as when she said "I do!" Thanks DiamondonNet!!! I will highly recommend you to everyone I know!

Helpful Cool


"This company has the BEST customer service I've ever seen.
I ordered 3 custom Platinum rings and 6 Diamonds...
They even set a 3.6 ct oval Aqua in one of the platinum settings...
The highest compliment I can give is: I will do business with them again!

Helpful Cool


"We had purchased a sapphire prior to getting married and was looking for a "unique" setting that would compliment it's beauty (this is a one year anniversary present from my husband). I wanted the setting to be 14K White Gold and have diamonds on the side (oval shaped to match the sapphire) and a pretty gallery. After searching local jewelry stores and several Ebay stores (even ordering one from overseas - which was not a very good quality crafted ring and the diamonds looked like the gold had been dusted with diamond dust) we found DiamondonNet and began looking at ALL the settings they have online. We found the perfect setting and called. Grace and Sam were VERY helpful in answering our questions and in making the decision. We gave them the exact measurements of the sapphire, found that it would fit the setting. Grace sent an email with a FedEx label for us to send the sapphire and have them mount in the setting...just in case there needed to be any slight modifications of the prongs. The ring was sent back and this all took place within one week. We are VERY PLEASED with the ring, service and delivery. ALSO, DiamondonNet makes ALL their settings in the USA!! Their manufacturing shop is located in Los Angeles (which was a BIG PLUS)!!! You will not be disappointed with anything that you purchase from them nor for their service. I have sevearl friends that wanted to know where I got my ring and I have told EVERYONE!! We will be repeat customers! Thank you Grace, Sam and DiamondonNet for making our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY a NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN EXPERIENCE!!!"

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a platinum engagment ring with a matching band in a pve setting with a fancy yellow diamond solitare and 38 round white diamonds around it with another 38 on the band with a tcw of 3.00. It was exactly what I was looking for at a price well under what I was prepared to and thought I would pay. DoN helped me find the perfect ring at about a $1,000 under my price range and I got a ring that appraised above my price range. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I will not as much as look somewhere else for my next large purchase as DoN has made a customer for life out of me. I wa very apprehensive at first for spending so much money on a piece of jewlery over the net when I haven't even seen it but I am so glad I did. They put together my ring fast and shipped it in 2 days. Again, if I ever plan to make a significant purchase for jewlery, it will be with DoN. Bryce"

Helpful Cool


"I am extremely happy with my purchase. I give this company a perfect 10. I will tell you why. 1. Price and quality. They by far have the lowest price and the best quality for your buck. 2. They called me personally to verify the order which means they are honest and serious about orders and customer satisfaction. 3. The order was processed and shipped fast, and they included great documentation and free cleaning solution at no extra cost to me. I am so happy and satisfied with my purchase. Don't waste your money buying a stone from a jeweler, because they will mark jack up the price or sell you a lower quality diamond to makeup for the difference. I bought my loose diamond from DiamondonNet and went to the jeweler to pick out a setting. I saved so much on the diamond that even the cost of $300 getting the stone set in a setting of my choice was far more savings than buying the stone from the jeweler. It's a win win for everyone. Thanks again DiamondonNet.com!


Helpful Cool


"So you jumped on Google and searched for diamond rings or pendants or loose stones or whatever and stumbled upon DiamondOnNet... consider yourself lucky! I've made purchases from a few online jewelry retailers running the gamut from eBay to mom-and-pop jewelry stores trying their hand on the WWW to monstrous jewelry manufacturers, warehouses, and resellers. D.O.N. has the best traits of each without the drawbacks: Competitive prices like eBay and the big volume dealers; personal & prompt attention like your local store where they know your name and remember your conversations and your preferences; and manufacturing/customization done RIGHT: latest CAD modeling & rapid prototyping techniques (i.e. not some old codger with a block of wax, a scalpel, and a loupe) combined with superb hand polishing & QC. Give them a call and watch the videos on their site and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about. Order something and you'll realize that you made the RIGHT choice. Our particular story: Wife wanted to have her engagement ring & wedding band stones reset in a new setting. After discussing options with Sam, we mailed the rings in and things progressed smoothly and efficiently. They de-mounted the old stones, cleaned them up, and took several high-resolution pictures in a couple of the settings we'd found online to help make our decision easy. The engagement ring was a fit "off the shelf" but the wedding band had to be custom designed. The manufacturing process was relatively quick and Sam kept us updated along the way. We were running tight on time (departing for a vacation and she wanted to have the rings back to wear) so he rushed things through and got them overnighted to us so they arrived the morning of our departure. The finished product was flawless and the price could not be beat! So much better than we'd hoped. The adage "Happy wife, happy life" remains intact. Thanks again, Sam & DiamondOnNet... we'll be contacting you again the next time we have a jewelry-related need!
-JTB, West Point, NY.

Helpful Cool


"The service was excellent.
The Shipping time was unbelievably fast (3 days delivery to Cyprus).
The diamond of the ring is perfect and the setting was very impressive.

Thanks DiamondonNet!!!

Helpful Cool


"I was a bit apprehensive about making a purchase of the magnitude on line. I did my homework and discovered DON has an A+ rating with the BBB. The experience I had from that point on, only mirrored that rating. Customer support was rapid with a follow-up to all my initial concerns. The professional guidance and advice I received was without a doubt, on the money. In no time at all, I had a beautiful diamond ring in my hands that was even more beautiful than I had envisioned. My hat is off to the folks at DON. I am very pleased. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality, price and service. You can rest assured; I will be doing business with DON again.

Helpful Cool (1)


"I got Fancy Earring Set with fancy yellow Diamonds $12,000 Feb 07 Two years ago with the match pedant for my 15th anniversary... since then she never stop talking about how much she loves it!!!Its "Piece of art". Thanks Sam for such a great recommendation and knowledge in what you do.High quality and no one could match this price yet!!! Freddy"

Helpful Cool


"I originally ordered a loose stone but was informed that it was no longer available. They offered to replace it with a comparable one, but I declined and purchased one elsewhere. During this process I saw a setting I liked, and after much shopping around I could not find a similar one or one I liked more, so I bought the setting. They made the setting to order using the dimensions of the my stone and it arrived before the original estimated delivery date. Overall my experience with diamondonnet.com was positive, and the customer service offered by Bijan was outstanding. If you're comfortable making a significant purchase over the internet you will save money, and their prices and service were top notch."

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