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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Worst customer service ever!

"I was trying to buy an Alienware Aurora from them. I told the sales representative that the delivery can only happen after March 1st since that is the first day of my new house. They said they would leave a notice there and it is guaranteed. Guess what, it makes no difference and the order still came out way early. Besides, several days later, I found they have deal online. I called in, ask if I can upgrade order. They said I have cancel the old one and order a new one. Then I was transferred to another apartment for cancelling. Again, they promised everything was fine and ask me to order the new one directly. Guess what, they lied again. Three days later one of them told me the desktop has been shipped and there is no way to cancel but when I called another lady, she told me it has not been ship yet, they could still return it to warehouse. Then guess what, you got it, they lied again, it went to Purolator. Then I called in, they told me they initiated a return request to carrier. Not surprising, they lied again. I called to Purolator, they said they never get any return request, but I can just refused the delivery and returned it to dell. It took me 2 mins to return it and dell used half month and even no request to Purolator? I will never buy a damn thing from dell anymore. All of their customer services are lairs."

Rating 2/10

Faulty laptop and Dell isn't doing anything

"If you purchase the Dell m5030 a few years ago you might have run into the 7 beeps of death issue... Meaning there was a problem with the heat sink not removing heat from the processor intern giving you 7 beeps and the laptop will not turn on. If you did find the form for it you'll find that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who cannot get this resolved and Dell does not seem to care."

Rating 2/10

Unsupportive support

"Be wary about Dell support. I have purchased Dell computers for many years, but it looks like they are cutting costs. It doesn’t matter what time of day you call, you go to India for English service and who knows where for French service.
Let’s start with India. These people are friendly and I can generally understand with their accents. Problem is, they don’t know what they are doing or, they take advantage of the client, and once they connect to your computer, they do things to mess it up. Then, all of a sudden, I get a call from a company claiming to be Dell with all of my info (Service tag, type of computer, etc.). When I started asking questions, they hung up on me. They made changes that could potentially have someone hack my computer. Now, I re-install Windows, yeah…. Non trustworthy Dell technicians.
As for the French service, thought I’d give that a try since I’m bilingual, it was like talking to someone in a cave and they were very rude. They forgot I was the customers I guess.

Rating 2/10

Dell Selling Substandard computers claiming PCIe 16X Slots that are only 8X

"Alienware promotes PCIe 16X graphics slots that in reality only run at 8X. Alienware confirmed this to me. The Graphics slot will accept a 16X card but only performs at 8X. The Aurora R6 service manual for the motherboard has buried on page 20 item 20;
PCI-Express x16 mechanical/x8 electrical slot (SLOT1).
x8 Electrical is the actual slot performance. The motherboard has both slot 1 and slot 4 labelled as 8X. I have had Alienware confirm this. this information is not shown on Dell's retail site where people are looking for information to base spending thousands of dollars on a computer system. This is Complete Fraud. Contacting Dell and asking for compensation proved futile. They don't care and don't believe anyone will do anything about it. A class action lawsuit is being investigated. If you would like to be included please send your name and email address to dellfraud@hotmail.com

Rating 2/10

Double Charged

"I purchased a laptop and the charged me TWICE!!! when I called them to rectify it she told me they had to wait until it is shipped before they can do anything! I was charged 260.00 twice! 520.00! Its a friday so now they tell me It'll be fixed by next week..I told them to cancel my whole order then, I refuse to spend my money with a company who has such horrible customer service. So I guess I'll see if they reverse BOTH charges by then! I called my bank and even they say that I have to wait until Monday and then if they don't fix the problem then, then they will launch an investigation into them. I have insurances coming out and DELL made no attempt to rectify the fact that there will be several Bounce fees for those if the money isn't back in time, let alone I need to now wait to buy FOOD! SO ANGRY! Horrible customer Service! and the fact they were able to take my money and there's nothing I can do until next week infuriates me! Big Companies get away with way too much!!!"

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service in the world.

"Dell should be proud, it is not easy to be the WORST in the world. Somehow, they achieved it.

Customer service is all the bad things: unresponsive, sloppy, rude, terrible, dismissive.

Rating 2/10

Useless customer service and ordering process - order held for ransom!

"I ordered a mouse that was advertised on sale. After one full week of the order just sitting in "processing" mode but not shipping, I contacted them to ask what the hell was taking so long. That's when they decided to tell me that the product was out of stock, and I should just order something else instead. When I told them that I was not impressed that they'd just left my order in limbo for so long without telling me and that I wanted them to just cancel it, they again told me just to order a different mouse instead of cancelling. Like I wasn't entitled to make my own decision on whether or not to buy from them, trying to force me to shop from them by holding my order ransom and not cancelling it. The customer service clerk lectured me not speaking to her politely enough and refused to honour my cancellation request. I have never been treated so cavalierly and disgracefully by any company before, and I will never buy anything from them ever again."

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service in the world

"Worst customer service in the world"

Rating 2/10


"On December 5th, I called Dell to inquire if I placed an order for 2, 2-in-1 laptops for my kids as a Christmas gifts if they could ensure that they would be delivered to me on or before December 23. The answer I received from the agent was "Yes sir, absolutely". I then placed my order and shortly thereafter, received a confirmation email stating that indeed my order would be delivered before December 23rd. On December 15th, I called Dell to inquire if the order had shipped and was at that time told that it had not, but that it will soon and that I could call back in a few days and it will be in transit. On December 19th I called back and was told that the order will now be delivered on December 26! Fantastic!! What a Crock of BS!!
After spending hours on the phone with Dell, my wife even drove to Dell's Toronto office to get the issue resolved--the issue being that we are 4 days away from Christmas, and the big "Santa" gift is now nothing. The folks at Dell refused to even speak with my wife and she was rudely treated by the receptionist.
Upon my 8th call to dell, I was told to go to a retail location and buy something else, and when the Dell items arrive, to just return them...Isn't that amazing customer service!!!

Rating 2/10

I'd give them a zero star if I could. I've been promised a deal from one of the sales agents and following it up for 3 weeks and no response from them. I contacted the sales manager and he assigned someone to figure things out for me and no response from that agent either after the initial conversation we had over phone.

Rating 2/10

"After recommending Dell to everyone I know, and after purchasing over the years 6 computers, 3 monitors, 4 sets of speakers, various mouse and keyboards, battery backup, external hard drive, I just received my latest purchase. Dell has forgotten, along with so many companies, what has made them so desirable, CUSTOMER SERVICE. After my dealings with dell support yesterday, this will be my last purchase from Dell."

Rating 2/10

"It's a hassle......!!!!
Bad service - Shipping delayed - with no good reason.
Each person tells me a different story.

Ordered my desktop on Thursday Feb 12, everything got confirmed on the next day. Live chat service - said It will shipped out on Friday Feb 13 and I should received it on week of Feb 16.

(Do not give your number to live-chat. Once they called you they will ask you to fill the survey before answer you any questions)

On Thursday, Feb 19 received a call :" my package will be arrived on Feb 24."

On Tues, Feb 24 I was hoping I will received it.
They shipped my package back to Dell (U.S).

Next day on Wed, Feb 25, received a call said, my package has been returned to Dell. They will ship out again and they charged me again (Charged me twice on my credit card - unacceptable.). In standard procedure, they should refund the first order and charge me when the second shipment shipped out.

On Friday, Feb 27 received a call from Dell service, it said not sure when the order will be shipped out. They will provide me an update next week. (which I have to wait three more days.....!!)

It's my first time to purchase from Dell. I will NEVER purchase any technology from Dell. Really bad service.

"It will runs out your patience."

Rating 2/10

"Purchased a dell slim model desk top, after 14 months the fan started making a loud noise...i googled and found others having the same problem...called dell, warranty was over....had to replace the part...dell did not have the part...i searched the net...but because it was a slim model i could not find the part...called dell and complained but they just said sorry...so had to buy a new PC...no alternative...now that's what i call good service...never buy a Dell product again."

Rating 2/10

"A few years ago I purchased a server through Dell. It works well, and in spite of a few glitches it was fixed. Recently I expanded my business and needed a new hard drive for the server. To install it, one needs a bracket in order for it to fit into the machine. I ordered the bracket, but, according to Dell, had to order a hard drive with it. I opened the box and the only things in the box were a hard drive and 4 screws for mounting it - no bracket. Several hours on hold only led to an argument with the idiots on the toll free "customer care" lines, so this morning I am going to go to the head office and exact a pound of flesh. While I'm there I plan to disuade anyone I can from purchasing Dell products unless they give me the bracket I am wanted in the first place.

These guys are crooks. Thieves in the worst sense of the word. They don't care about you. You, their bread and butter are completely unimportant. Avoid them as if they were the SARS virus. They have no issues with ripping people off and sticking to their 30 day period. For the price of a $20 piece of metal and plastic they are willing to give up my future business, which includes 25 PC's and another server. This is stupidity I can't even describe, yet their staff, who would have benefitted in some way, don't give damn.

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BUY A DELL! Was a customer for years and the latest problem has been dismissed. I've had my lap top for 4 months and the software and hardware department kept transferring me back and forth saying it wasn't their problem. I finally went to a independent tech locally and it was a hardware issue. In the mean time Dell had made me purchase a software package that I have now not used. I have contacted them several times asking for a refund of the package I purchased since it was never a software problem. They have not responded."

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