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Failed hard drive

"Bought a Dell Inspiron Laptop, hard drive failed after 10 months. They sent a new one, I replaced it, 6 months later that failed as well. Dell will charge me 40 bucks to ship back to them and diagnose, then 110 for a replacement hard drive. Will only garauntee for 3 months. My son has an Ispirion laptop as well, 1-1/2 years old, hard drive failure. Same scenario - bunch of junk - Dude don’t get a Dell!"

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Absolutely the worst customer service

"Bought a laptop and was convinced to finance for a Dell Rewards incentive. The incentive expired August 10 so I ordered something from the Dell store August 8. It was due to be delivered on the 10th and never showed up. I went to the web site and discovered that the order was canceled, and my incentive credit had disappeared. I've been trying to reach someone since then, for the last week. You can't leave a message and I've tried waiting on hold for up to two hours with no luck. Hey, Dell? For screwing me out of that $140 credit I will NEVER buy from you again. That 140 bucks cost you the sale of a $2500+ laptop. Nice work."

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Gorgeous computer, quality equipment, unforgivable configuration

"So just a week or so ago we bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series - mainly because it was a very good price and had the right compents for what was needed. It showed up with a gorgeous anti-glare 15" screen, even intensity backlighting and a very pretty matte finish on the case. Win 10 initialization was fine and things seemed to be ok. Nope.

About 2 days after getting it it started spitting out Dells white error screen claiming a boot device was missing and then restarting itself. I poked around with drivers and the bios, which btw is corrupted with Dell compnents as well, trying to figure out what we had done to it because: brand new. Yea, nope.

After an hour or so of googling the issue I uncovered many astonishing facts, the main one being that Dell managed to ship our laptop with a incompapible bios setup for the hardware. This is a hybrid drive laptop that combines a traditional HDD with a much much faster SSD used for the operating system and etc. For some idiotic reason the drives in this laptop were set to run under RAID mode, or IDE mode essentially - which is more than a decade older than SSD technology. Why? Who knows and who cares - this simple (and idiotic) bios setting was causing BSOD on a 6 month old laptop. I switched it to AHCI and now it works perfectly. "Dude you're getting a Dell, you should have know that you need to reconfigure BIOS settings to keep it from BSODing itself to death immediately upon receipt."

Other thoughts: Dell also advertised this laptop as having 8GB of ram installed. Yes, technically it does but nope. It has ONE 8GB module installed. If I had known that before accepting their cheap deal i would have moved on. Oh, also a second stick through Dell costs $120. lol... This called a gaming laptop and one stick of DDR4 ram is not a feature found in a gaming system - that's called building it as cheap as possible and sailing it out the door under false pretenses.

Three stars because the design itself is lovely and clearly Dell still knows how to build beautiful quality computers, but give me a break: what idiotic pack is running and ruining the systems provisioning department. I will NEVER buy a Dell anything again unless i hear half the company has been fired, and that includes their stupidly priced certified memory. I can talk to Kingston or Samsung and certify my own $75 stick of memory and then pay myself a $45 finders feed, thanks. ...although I can forgive the expensive Dell branded parts lineup: after all this was once upon a time a premium brand

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Like buying from car sales person.

"I've ordered dell products in past(5years?) and i had good experiences... But not anymore. Ordered a laptop and not even passed 30 minutes I found a better one so I called but said i cannot cancel. Went to chat, emailed the sales rep who i ordered, but each gave me the run around and then provided a phone number to call. But only to answer to an automated service saying i cannot cancel and wont' transfer me to a rep. "

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Worst website and service

"They canceled my laptop!!! I responded to emails about security which I appreciate. But if I call and respond to them and they idiot in India tells me I’m fine by am I waiting in hold for 20min to shuffle from department to department trying to fix your problem!!!!!"

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Worst product of DELL. Please don't prefer to buy any product of DELL

"It was DELL Laptop (Dell Inspiron 3567 7Gi5 4GB2X+Off BLK)
I walked in to Croma Store at PVR Saket Delhi to buy a laptop on 28th Apr 18. I explained my requirement as what all softwares will be used to the sales guy standing there along with the price range. After a long search the guy came with a laptop saying that as per your requirement, this laptop is at its best. I again asked him that the software that I am going to install wouldnt hamper the performance speed. He replied "No Sir". Finally I agreed to buy the laptop. Still i was confirming the guy about the processing speed after the installation of the laptop. He said "be sure sir go on with it." I came home and started using the laptop, It was almost ok for me. But after a 3-4 days the device started working with low processing. Mouse keypad used to stop working some times. BIOS setting popup made me restart the system time and again. and many other problem. I immediately went to the store to report the problem. i was treated in such a way thatas if I am nobody to them. They straight away told me that our work is to sale thing, rest for any sort of problem you need to lias with dell support. Just after some days buying the product worth Rs 48142.00 i have to go for the support of DELL. Is it so cheap product(can be comapred to those non-warranted chinese product) that I should report an issue just after some days of buying a new branded product.

I immediately called the helpline of Dell from the store itself and narrated the issue.and from the very day I started asking the refund as I was totally not satisfied with the system. He took my system in remote and said that you windows 10 upgrade has not been completed fully. please upgrade it fully then the system will work fine. I woke up the who;e night to updgrade the OS and that was finally done. Now still the problem was not solved. Still no Softwares were installed yet. I again called the dell support and told the issue. Again the guy committed me that he will make my system work smoothly. He again took my system on remote and did something and left. Till then the system was again abit fine to work out. One I shutdown the system and started to work again, again the same problem. Morever, all the screen started looking blur and untidy. I again called the dell support and asked a supervisor (Chandan was his name i hope) to make my system work fine or else refund my money. He took the system in remote ans started working. i almost wasted my 3 hours on call and system and did something. The next day again the same issue. I again called dell support ans my case was escalated to the higher authority.

Now i got a call from a guy called Anuj Mishra. When they knew that there is fault in laptop, they told me that no refund can be provided and as per the terms and conditions we are hardware company, you have an issue with software. I asked him that who is the software then. I got a reply that it is dell itself who looks after the software. This is spoke with me so diplomatically that I was all loss with my temper. You sold me the laptop, Its your laptop. You tried several time to make it right and failed to do so and now yourself is all up to say that we have nothing to do???

I am all fed up now. I need the refund. And I personally suggest everyone not to buy DELL product as they are all looters with worst service providers.

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Dell Inspiriron 5559

"I bought a Dell Inspiron directly from Dell. Here are some comments:
1. The battery pack did not work as intended, meaning that the computer was probably delivered with a charger that did not pass a quality inspection.
2. The software from Dell was buggy and crashed the computer.
3. Blue screens of death occurred from the beginning.
3. Dell's support (a person with an Indian accent) was rude and not helpful.
4. The computer enclosing broke the first time it fell. A fall of approximately 12 inches broke the enclosing. Luckily I am a computer engineer and was able to repair the laptop.
5. This computer is an easy target for software virus. I have received more computer virus in a year than I have in my whole life and I have owned over 10 computers.
6. Someone within DELL SOLD MY CUSTOMER INFORMATION TO A SCAM OPERATION. I get called on a weekly basis from scammers who speak English with an Indian accent, and they have my personal information, and for instance my computer's serial number.

In summary: Don't by Dell. Get anything else. Pay extra to avoid this brand.

Advise for Dell: Start searching for new CTO management.

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Horrible dell laptops

"Quite frankly Dell has the most horrible ser "

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Awful experience and the worst customer service

"I had one order that was sent back because they just couldn't reach me over the phone once!!! I contacted their chat for no reason cause all they do is send you to their verification team. After waiting for an hour on hold got to talk to a representative and he was close to helpless and finally understood that I did not want a product that had taken a week and a half just for me to know that it wasn't coming. When he said that I was gonna get a refund after a week I was kind of relieved but after 9 days I tried to contact their verification team twice waiting for an hour each time with no luck so I can receive a refund for a product THAT I NEVER SAW. Unacceptable that a multi-million company has this lousy customer service and so much trouble just to get a product that was bought, no returns no repairs just a simple transaction. I advise everyone to stay away from the dell website if you like their products consider a reseller but personally I'll never buy their stuff ever again. This is my info in case a Dell representative reads reviews(I doubt it)
Dell purchase id: 2006825306165
Product: Inspiron 15 5000 Series - 5570
Order #: 370470618

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Horrible buying experience

"They are quick to get your money however they will not honor delivery dates. They are not making me a favor I AM!. "

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"this piece of junk called a laptop should never have been put on the market...its stops when it wants...loud noises all the time ..very sensitive ...tooo many things to mention crap crap crap"

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Don't care about customers

"Horrible, didn't know where my order was, kept bugging with pointless calls and didn't care about us and our inconvenience at all, some manager contacted me too and didnt care either. Was going to give us a pitty $50 coupon, after they promised us in the email by the other agent to give us $500 gift card and it took 7 weeks to receive our order"

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Potential Fraud and Horrible Costumer Service

"I ordered a $1400 laptop through Dell online. And there was some kind of error that resulted in my order having the wrong billing address. After already being charged for the laptop and presuming my order was in correctly, I got an email saying my order would arrive through UPS. I never chose this form of shipping. Knowing that I would not be home to sign for it I chose to send it around the corner to my UPS access point. I told myself I would just pick it up as soon as I got an email saying it arrived.

I got an email on 5/10 saying that my laptop had been dropped off at the access point and I should come pick it up. Around 20min after that email I got another email saying someone (who I did not authorize to pick it up) had picked up my laptop. When I went to the UPS pick up place they said that the person had my tracking number and an i.d. with the same last name as mine so they handed the package over.
This was their error but the larger problem was Dell.

I scrolled down to the bottom of my order confirmation email only to find that my billing information (which I am 100% positive I put in correctly) had been changed to that of a "Rick McKinley", same last name no relation, with an address in Illinois! Somehow this man's information was put on my order and he got access to my tracking number.

Given how quickly this "Rick McKinley" was able to pick up the laptop I can only assume he was prepared and nearby, knew where it would be dropped off and was ready (despite the far away address) I am convinced that there is some kind of fraud scam happening in Dell's online system. I urge everyone to steer clear of buying from them, especially online.

Trying to get my money back and be heard by Dell has been an exercise in utter futility and frustration. I've spoken to countless customer service reps and received some correspondence. However, the responsibility has been put on me by most everyone. They are saying I should not have sent the package to a UPS access point. Dell does not authorize this and therefore they require me to file a police report reporting the laptop stolen. I was given no choice as to whether it would arrive UPS. And the error was clearly in their system, and not that of UPS. This was not a randomized act of theft. This is a systemic Dell issue. The fact that I have been going back and forth with them for over four days now just trying to get someone to give me my money back and concede this fact is ridiculous.

Do not buy from Dell. You will regret it.


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Horrible Representitves

"Jill, Was not using grammar and I find that unprofessional, also It took long for Jill too respond. Looking at different laptops now. Sorry!"

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Terrible service to go with a terrible computer

"I bought a Dell laptop that was immediately defective. I had it repaired by phone/remotely 3 times; I sent it to Houston, TX for repairs twice; and I had it repaired 3 times in my home. I paid for a new computer but I ended up with a refurbished computer. By the time the computer was working properly, at least half of the warranty period had already run.

Dell claimed the parts it used for the repairs were good parts, but that wasn't the case. One of the refurbished parts they put in my computer had to be replaced because it was defective. Dell clearly should have refunded my money or sent me a new computer, but they refused. This was my second Dell computer, but I won't buy from them again.

I also bought a Dell color laser printer a couple of years ago. It was also defective, and I returned it to the retailer.

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