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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.54/10 1.54/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.47/10 0.47/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.89/10 0.89/10
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Rating 2/10

Don't shop here.

"I purchased a TV from Dell which I thought would be a trusted site. The TV arrived 17 days after purchase and had sat in a warehouse for 7 days 1 hour away from where I live. The TV arrived in an old van laying criss-crossed over several other packages. A strap was missing on 1 side and overall appeared to have a rough time. Upon opening the TV screen was cracked all the way across in the middle. Calling Dell was a 2 hour process to try to return the TV with speaking with a person from India that was very hard to understand. Another TV was not available which was fine by me since I will never order anything from Dell ever."

Rating 2/10

paypal payement option lol

"You can buy with paypal but when you buy you have no tax on the final price so you payement on paypal get stuck on pending (if you dont the money for the suprise tax) I had need to call them and they told that they cant nothing and I need to call paypal, yea anyway 2 days later I have cancel my order because I cant pay the tax, I need to remake a order.. and the customer service it the worst, rude, they cleary hate their job. Never bought on Dell"

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service ever

"There so called Black Friday ad is a hoax. The product I wanted was not available at 11 am as promised. I was not only on-line, but was also in the chat window to buy. Then I was hung up on five times. Finally after getting through they said it was sold out. I had three different representatives tell me three different times that the product sold out. I spent a total of 3 1/2 hours on hold, only to be told no. Very poor service. I thought I would try Dell again after bad service years ago, but now sorry that I did. "

Rating 2/10

creepy dell

"Have small business, ordered laptop with credit card. Was told we would have to call our bank because of high purchase price. Huh? $953. Ok, have never had problems with anyone else. First time order with dell. Foreign agents, can't understand a word they are saying. Weird, unpleasant experience. Best buy for us."

Rating 2/10

Once great now garbage

"Their customer support is complete garbage. I called multiple times trying to get a simple answer as to how a product worked. No one even knew the product had what I was talking about, yet it was right in the sales video. I kept asking to be transferred to someone that knew the product. I got hung up on, and games were played with me. I was once a loyal dell customer. Now I say beware."

Rating 2/10

Alienware selling computers claiming PCIe 16X slots that are actually only 8X

"Alienware promotes PCIe 16X graphics slots that in reality only run at 8X. Alienware confirmed this to me. The Graphics slot will accept a 16X card but only performs at 8X. The Aurora R6 service manual for the motherboard has buried on page 20 item 20;
PCI-Express x16 mechanical/x8 electrical slot (SLOT1).
x8 Electrical is the actual slot performance. The motherboard has both slot 1 and slot 4 labelled as 8X. I have had Alienware confirm this. this information is not shown on Dell's retail site where people are looking for information to base spending thousands of dollars on a computer system. This is Complete Fraud. Contacting Dell and asking for compensation proved futile. They don't care and don't believe anyone will do anything about it. A class action lawsuit is being investigated. If you would like to be included please send your name and email address to dellfraud@hotmail.com

Rating 4/10

Added Product not Ordered!

"Love my Dell Latitude Laptop, was replacing one I had used for business and wanted the same reliability. What I did not want was another Printer, especially one I did not order, one that did not have the functions I depend upon, and it was not about cutting corners or saving money. A basic printer is of no use to me.

Due to an email address not being correct I never received my invoice until after my product arrived along with the the unordered printer. I called to report the additional product to Dell, the box is unopened and they tell me now that I must return within 30 days. Would have been nice to know when I called in to report the extra product. I had told the agent I would research the product to see if worth keeping and it is not. Dell refuses to take back. Very undesirable business practice, especially with a language barrier due to accents.

They told me I would have access to a phone number here in the states with my original call to order the product and I bought that level of extended service or so I was told. I was told this morning that there are NO offices in the States.

Be cautious........its a shame you cant buy this quality of a product in a brick and morter store where you can look the person in the eyes that you are doing business with!!!!!

I will call Visa and Master Card to see if they can help......shame on you Dell

Rating 4/10

Bad customer service

"Good computer, good price, bad customer service. Super long hold-time and confusing customer service instructions. I had to return a good computer and get a brand new one just because of a small billing mistake. Customer service said there was no other way to fix it. It was a waste of time and money. But I did get a good computer...both times."

Rating 2/10

Dell became useless

"Dell used to be an awesome company with top notch customer service. These days are over trust me there product are expensive, poorly design and there tech support is composed by a bench a baboon I used them for 15 years was delighted about there service but after mylast purschase I'd recommend that you shoot yourself in the foot instead of buying a dell."

Rating 2/10

Absolute incompetence of customer service

"Absolute incompetence of customer service. I placed my order on Nov. 28. On Nov. 30 I received shipping notification with FedEx tracking number. Hoverer the package was picked up by FedEx on Dec. 7 one week later! When I tried to contact Dell customer service by phone – no one could give me an answer what is going on with my order. They have standard answer – We are going to check and someone will contact you. I never received any respond from them. I sent email to check the status with order number and purchase ID. I received email back with the following question: We need your name, your phone number, email, order number and address. So, they have no any attempt to resolve my issue. Then I received a phone call from Dell. The man informed me that my package will be delivered on December 9. When I told him that package is on pending status in Georgia he just continued to tell me that I have to get my order on December 9. Now is December 11 and I have not received my order."

Rating 2/10


"Dell used to make great laptops 10 years ago. The quality began declining around 2011, and now the laptops are utter garbage, plus the service is horrible. I purchased a 5559 in 2016. First, Dell sent me the wrong laptop. After they sent me the correct laptop I discovered the DVD player didn't work. They were able to fix it remotely, but now it's malfunctioning again. For the past week the internet hasn't been working, although the internet on my HP has been working fine, and they are on the same network. I called Dell and they said they could fix it for me for $129 or I could buy a new warranty for one year for more than $200! I said, let's fix it and the technician had me do a System Restore. I am still waiting to see if this fixes the problem, but was this advice worth $129? Isn't a piece of machinery supposed to last longer than 18 months? If it doesn't even last 2 years I believe it is DEFECTIVE and the customer should get a refund or replacement! It seem they are selling crap computers and making money off of their "technical assistance" repeated calls!

Rating 2/10

Horrible Online Shopping Experience!

"I am extremely disappointed with Dell. I purchased a PC on October 19 and selected 2 day shipping. I called to check the status on it on Monday October 23 as I should have been receiving it that day. They said it hadn't even shipped out yet, but they will expedite the order and I will receive it on October 25. I called today, the 25, to check the order and they said they just finished processing the order, it hasn't even shipped out yet!! I ordered this PC from Dell for my office as our servers were hacked and needed new equipment. I chose to order from Dell because of their "professional" business equipment, however, when ordering online and stating it's 2 day shipping, I expect 2 day shipping, not a week and a half! This has been extremely inconvenient for my business and I do not recommend ordering from Dell online to anyone who needs their order quickly!!!"

Rating 2/10

How can such an extablsihed company be this money-grubbing incompetent?

"So my brand new - I mean 50-days old Inspirion 13 was charging sometimes and not charging other times. Once I got down to 13% so I had to call dell to figure out what was going-on. I got Tech Services and a guy spent 2 hours on the phone with me troubleshooting. Since the Hardware check came through fine, he determined it was a software issue and we did a lot of work. So it didn't work so 48 hours later I called again. After collecting a tidy $190 for a one-year tech services warranty AND of course a service charge for their services that day, I spent 9 hours on the phone trying to reverse some Bitlocker issue caused by the first call two days before. I was assured by the Technical that the whole 10 hours was NOT spent on the charging issue - just to un-do the first guy's damage to my software. They decided to send me a box to send my computer to their service depot. I figured since I would wait anyway I would order a new charger from Amazon. Wouldn't you know the whole problem was the charger - there was never a problem with the computer after-all... My computer - running at the beginning of all this perfectly, has not run well since. What a bunch of screw-ups. After 20 years, and 13 computers (including the ones bought for my 3 kids), this will be my last Dell. Will never ever buy one again. Enjoy your extra $190 - you will never get another cent out of me again."

Rating 2/10

bad warranty

"I purchased an all in one Dell printer/copier/fax/scanner in June 2016. In April 2017, the fax stopped working. Dell sent me what they claimed was a factory refurbished one, with only a 2 month warranty. In September 2017, the fax broke again. In order to fix the problem, they wanted to charge $59.00, which I refused to pay. Their products are lousy in quality, warranties are horrible, and their customer service staff is heartless and unsympathetic. I would never buy any of their products again, and recommend that everyone stay away from their products. Note carefully their 1 out of 5 rating."

Rating 2/10


"I wanted a Dell product! They literally failed at EVERY opportunity to deliver. Ordered the most ungraded model of Inspiration for 1K++ and received item with touchpad that did not work. Called in to report and request exchange the SAME night. Found out after original order, you have 30 days; took about 15 days for item to arrive, was told it could take up to 7 or so for replacement. On day number 7 at about 11pm, I get an email with NO explanation, just a statement that my order was canceled. It was a holiday weekend, so 3 more days passed before I could get ahold of someone. I had to contact THEM; no one ever attempted to reach out to me with an update. Turns out, they didn't have an item in stock to send me, so unless I wanted the 30 day return window to close, I HAD to cancel (I did request additional days to make sure the new product I got actually WORKED considering the prior one was broken when received...). Since I was planning to exchange, I did dispose of the box. I was SOOO committed to the idea of owning this product. When I was told I basically had no option but to return, I explained I needed a box. The rep said one would be sent. I had also ordered a pen, so I received the label for that immediately. About a week later I checked back asking for an update on the box... Turns out they CAN'T provide a box to return items in and they essentially MADE FUN OF ME for asking! IT WAS THEIR MISINFOROMATION in the first place, further supported by the fact they did not send the return label until AFTER my follow up. I went on to express concern for the safety of the laptop, since it was only the touchpad that had issue, I did not want to return improperly packaged (nor did I want to spend a bunch on packing supplies). The rep told me not to worry and essentially to just throw it in a box (which I did NOT do; but hey, good to know their attitude about protecting products. I BET that this laptop will be resold). So over a month and a half went by with no refund STILL. I brought all of this info, along with records of conversations to my bank because Dell REPEATEDLY gave misleading or outright incorrect information while holding my money. My bank sided with me and has taken the money away ad refunded me. Meanwhile, Dell was sending msgs requesting I returned the items when they had been returned (and I had informed them of this!)! Eventually, I resent them the tracking info they sent to me along with the confirmation from the shipping company. How did they not have this on file to lookup themselves?!? Here's the best part thought: I still wanted a Dell!!! I called to speak to a rep, requesting a manager. My reason was because I wanted to "talk about my customer experience and a future purchase." The rep continued to question me and ask for specifics, so I eluded to the negative experience I had and asked to please speak to a manager again. He eventually responded, "Okay, so you just want to complain. I'll transfer you." I EVEN KEPT WAITING! I just wanted to explain my experience and I was going to request if some sort of discount could be offered like 10% or $20 or ANYTHING considering the MANY hours of my time wasted... OR AT LEAST FOR SOMEONE TO ASSURE ME MY EXPEREINCE WAS AN EXCEPTION AND NEXT TIME SHOULD GO BETTER?? Over 15 minutes later, the line was disconnected. Pretty sure I just got Punked. Still no refund; bank still in dispute going on over 2 months later. "

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