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"Like another reviewer, I thought I was buying from BestBuy Outlet, although I noticed a tiny reference in the ad that the transaction would show up on a credit card statement as "Dealtree." I thought that meant the auction checkout was being handled by Dealtree (just the electronic checkout process, not anything else). However, when I won the item and checked out, I was redirected to the Dealtree.com website. They are selling open-box returns from electronics stores like BestBuy (as someone else said, they are the "scratch-n-dent" of the electronics industry). Also, be aware that when you pay for an BestBuy/Dealtree.com auction win, there is a small pre-checked box that you *can* opt to uncheck, but I didn't because I thought it was necessary to give BestBuy my shipping address--but what it really does is allow Dealtree.com to collect your personal information, possibly for use outside of the transaction. In other words, you can pay for your auction win WITHOUT leaving this box checked (just UNCHECK IT), so that your information is used ONLY for that particular transaction or purchase. I wrote to them after I checked out and realized what had happened to explain that I wanted to "opt out" of their databases and I asked them to remove my information after the transaction was completed. Surprisingly, an employee named "Ashley" sent me a snide email informing me that if I wanted to have my information removed (wait, I thought I already told them I did...), then I could go online to their website and request this after I received my item--but if I do, she wrote, then I would not be allowed to bid on any future auctions. Pretty punitive. That's when I did a search about them online and found this site. Now I realize I do NOT want to do business with them ever again, so it's no loss to me. Just BEWARE of this company. They hide behind the brand of BestBuy, intentionally riding on people's trust in that company. On eBay auctions, look for their tiny logo at the bottom of the ad; also, try clicking on the email links embedded in the ad--you'll find it takes you to the Dealtree.com website. They probably do this to avoid any complaints of bait-n-switch, although it's still unethically misleading to frame the ad with a splashy "BestBuyOutlet" logo and give references to BestBuy, purposely leading visitors to think it is BestBuy selling these items when it is NOT. Also, the item I received was advertised as "NEW, NEVER USED" but the inside packaging was torn open, one piece was missing (a bolt, but I can replace it at my local hardware store), and it appeared to have been initially or partly assembled, but put back in the box. It's clearly a customer return. I got a good deal, but again, this shows their less-than-accurate descriptions of items for sale. BEWARE. "

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"I do not know how this company is related to Bestbuy . When I purchased the items from e-Bay, they showed up as a BestBuy Outlet Store. Well, I trusted BestBuy. When I was finalized the transaction, suddenly the store name was changed to Dealtree.com. Guess what? Today, I got totally wrong product instead of what I ordered. I ordered three of VisionTek HD3870 video cards. Today what I got is heavy power supply."

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" THey are nothing but the worst of the worst. They not only do they get your paypal payment. They dont even bother answering complaints and what little tracking numbers they do give....dont work.
Oh did i mention they double dip. For instance you pay by paypal. They report you to the auction site as non payment. YOu get hit by a NPB. You cant win on some sites especially overstock.com. THe customer service is non exhistant. and dealtree has rude people in cusotmer service.

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"Note: This is a review regarding the Dealtree managed Best Buy Trade-In program.

I wish I had stumbled across this site prior to utilizing the Best Buy Trade-In program. As another reviewer wrote, "I should have known this was a too good to be true program".

I purchased a new HP laptop from Best Buy on Thanksgiving Day. Found the Trade-In program and decided to send in my wife's 2-year old Lenovo laptop. Based upon the trade-in calculator, I was to receive a $152.00 Best Buy gift card. After using DBAN to wipe the hard drive, (a process that took 10 solid hours to complete), I packaged the unit, printed the pre-paid shipping label, and sent the laptop to them. So far, so good.

Now the problem begins. A day after Dealtree receives the laptop they claim the unit has $0 trade-in value because it is not working. They state the unit is "intermittently powering off". Impossible given that I had just run a 10+ hour disk drive wipe on the system without any power problems.

I called Dealtree and asked to speak to a manager. Instead, I was routed to a voice message system. Left a message, suprise, no return call.

I e-mail them and request that they ship my laptop, (note that this is still my property), back to me. They indicate it will cost me $27.00 to have the unit returned to me. Classic "bait-and-switch". Now they are holding my property hostage and refusing to send it to me until I pay their ridiculous shipping costs (sounds like extortion to me). What is more interesting is that one of the replies I received via e-mail from Dealtree customer service implied that "they don't have to return the unit to me since it is now their property". Umm... no, read section 8 of the Best Buy Trade-In Terms & Conditions... it clearly states that the device does not become the property of Dealtree/Best Buy until we reach agreement on a trade-in value. I clearly disagree with $0.00.

Despite multiple attempts to speak with a supervisor, nobody ever calls me back and I am never allowed to speak with a supervisor. I paraphrased the latest reply I received from Dealtree below:

Dealtree Customer Service: "I have spoken to the Trade In Manager and she informed me that you were emailed previously in response to an email you sent them. Here it is again. Please do not call us again regarding this unless you are calling to make a payment."

Those are their exact words as contained in an e-mail I received. Note that I received this e-mail immediately after speaking with this Dealtree customer service person requesting to speak with a supervisor. After I gave this gentleman my contact information for the 4th time, I proceeded to ask when I should expect a return call. I was met with a "click" and then a dialtone.

I hope others stumble across this site and this review before attempting to do business with Dealtree. Based upon all the other reviews here, it would appear that my experience is anything but an isolated case. Very disappointing.

Lastly, they do business on eBay, (selling the items others are trading in), as dealtree-auctions and 2ndturn. I wonder how many of their items are devices like mine, where they essentially held the unit hostage.

Seller (and buyer) beware. Recognize that once you send your hardware to them, you lose all leverage. There is nothing to prevent them from "finding any defect they so choose", refusing to give you the value they quoted, and then forcing you to pay to get your hardware returned to you.

Don't make the same mistake I did. I'm still fighting to get my laptop back.

Helpful Cool


"To my knowledge, I've only had one interaction with Deal Tree--a small purchase of a used hard drive through eBay.

For $8.00 + $7.50 shipping, I was to received a used drive that "appears to be in working order." A week later I got the drive. I spun it up, partitioned it, but it would not take a format. I informed Deal Tree that the drive was junk, and asked what I should do.

It was then that I noticed a small remark in the auction: "NOTE: UNIT WILL NOT FORMAT." Arghhhh! Shame on me for not noticing that, but shame on them for equating "appears to be in working order" with "will not format." I sent this note:

| This hard drive is dead. It is not "in good working order" as your item
| description states. Admittedly I missed your note about not being able
| to format the drive. However, saying that a drive appears to be in good
| working order when you know it cannot be formatted is an obvious lie. I
| can't believe you chose to dispose of this junk through eBay, and that I
| bought it!
| Refund my bid and shipping ($15.50 total) and I will pay to send this brick
| back to you.

I feared that this would be my first time getting ripped off on eBay. You have to expect it will eventually happen, but I had thus far avoided it.

To my surprise, they responded:

| We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you in regards to your
| purchase.
| Because it does not make economical sense to have the item shipped back, please keep
| or dispose of the item. We recognize that this is our mistake. We have authorized a
| full refund, including shipping, to be credited to you via the same manner you
| paid. Depending on the method of payment and your banking institution, this credit
| should reflect in your account within 5 business days of this email.

Hooray for customer service.

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"WORST Seller on Ebay, I bought a DVD recorder from best buy outlet and they didn't take my paypal, asked for a money order, after money order was received they didn't send item nor refund I'm still waiting... Customer service is very bad, they don't want to solve anything."

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"Avoid them at all cost.
It has been a month and a half since I paid in full for a PC and still no refund or PC.

Paid in full for 2 PCs and a DVD recorder on 9/19. They shipped 1 PC and the DVD recorder and asked for more money for the other PC. Emails to their support are a waste of time. They only responded after a PayPal dispute is filed. Then they ship me a broken PC that is not even what I ordered. I returned that and they lie about having sent me a refund.

They do business on eBay as 2ndturn.


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"There's three things you can assuredly expect to receive when you associate with Dealtree:

1) Poor Service

Their support is non-existent, as is communication with no attempts made via e-mail or by phone to help resolve my issues. They are rude, unprofessional and unresponsive.

2) Incomplete Product Shipments

The PS3 I purchased from them was missing a USB cable and came in a box that looked like it was run over by a bus.

3) Faulty Products

The PS3 they sent me played neither Blue Ray discs or games as advertised despite the fact the description on Ebay said the product had been "tested" and was in "good working condition."

I purchased my product via EBAY in the Best Buy Outlet Store and I would not recommend this to ANYONE! How Best Buy EVER got in bed with this company is beyond me but my guess is that it won't last much longer.

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"A TOTAL SCAM!!! I sent them 2 phones in working condition recently and it was estimated that I would receive a $76 gift card. I just received emails stating that both phones hold no trade-in value. They stated that both were not working or could not be activated. I cleared both phones of any phone numbers, etc right before I sent them to you. I charged the Razr a little to do this as the battery was completely drained and it did charge (they stated that it said it would not hold a charge). I put in my SIM card and it registered with the network and I was able to access the phone memory. I also sent you a Krzr on #112422 which had almost a full charge when I sent it. I inserted my sim card and it too registered with the network and was working. I also had indicated that the Krazr was in poor physical condition and now you say that because it has a cracked screen that it holds no value. I plan on registering a complaint with Best Buy, the Better Business Bureau and plan on contacting my local television network that exposes such scams. I knew this system sounded too good to be true! "

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"This review is for a TRADE-IN, not for a PURCHASE. In december 2006, I sent my refurbished Canon Rebel XT to dealtree.com. Note, even though my camera looked new, I ranked it as "used, excellent" -- just in case someone over there might think a few scratches means "false representation." This way, they had no excuse to downrate the camera.

Within 5 days, they credited my paypal account with the exact amount specified in the original trade-in estimate. Paypal.com took a 3% cut from the amount (I was annoyed at this, but it's not dealtree's fault. Since I was receiving a payment from dealtree, the transaction qualified as a 'sale' by me, and therefore, I was charged 3% in accordance with paypal's premier-account rules.)

To be honest, after reading the stories here, I'm shocked at how terrible other people's purchasing experiences are... my trade-in deal was buttery smooth!

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"I do not know how this company is allow to do business,I wanted to trade a Pc in excellent condition after I entered the information they quoted me a price which I agreed to,I sent them the PC and Surprise!!!! the offered me 30% less than the price I had agreed to ( classic : "bait and switch ") .Now they will not send me the Pc unless I pay for the shipping which is a ridiculous inflated figure.This is fraud and extortion.DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE sleazy people. Even if I sent the specs of my PC as configured by HP (original sheet) they still claim that my description was not accurate!! The bottom line : if you want to get ripped off deal with these "scumos". "

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"My issue was that I sent in my HDDVD player with 2 movies. Dealtree decided that the player would start up but the player wouldn't open the tray. Every one knows that HDDVD players take FOREVER to start up and open the tray. (Check the reviews) They simple said that I didn't pack it correctly. I had the original box. Not only that the DVDs must have been damaged too. Funny how these DVDs are posted on their web site. I complained to Best Buy and they are willing to give me the $50 gift card. Which helps with the $999 BR player I plan on buying from them...now. I'll spread the good and the bad. I just wish I would have Googled "dealtree issues" before I went through this long ordeal."

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"This company truly is a piece of shit! Don't deal with them, especially through Alienware's trade in program. I submitted my Alienware computer for trade in, but it's been a month and I have not yet received my gift card in exchange. This company has NO customer service line. The only way to contact them is via email, and MOST OF THE TIME, they just ignore you.

Fucking stupid company.

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"This was the 2nd purchase from this company. I bought a Nintendo DS back in December for my daughter. I live in the area (Dallas, TX) and I was able to pick it up for a $6. fee which I thought was better than waiting for it to ship. The item was described as working and missing a pixel in the top screen. It was exactly what I got. I paid $50 for it and it still works great. (except for the missing pixel)
I bought another DS (crimson and black with brain age bundle) and I got MORE than I paid for. It came with Brain Age 1, 2 and DS High Stake Poker. The item came in a shoe box (not in original box) . I paid $97 for it and it looks brand new.
I am happy with both purchases and you have to realize that the items you buy are used items.(I heard they get the returns from Best Buy and Circuit City and sell them) If you want a new item, don't buy from them. They are the Scratch and Dents of the electronic industry.

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"the worst customer service i have ever seen they string you along refuse to communicate with you except by auto reply emails. i will never buy another product that goes through companies like this i dont care how good the price or product is . you get better customer service through dell or microsoft .

if i ran my company like this i would be out of business quick. these guys need to go back to school and learn what service is. i guess that they are trying out for that new show about being smarter than a 5th grader. you are on your own when you deal with these guys. god help you if you had any trouble with what they send you. you would think after 15 emails that they would get the point but you would be dead wrong. then theres the "on line chat help" what a joke! they must be in some country that they have a translator telling them what to say. helen keller could have been more helpfull finding my missing stuff. then theres the main office no phone # or email address to talk to someone. i cant believe that these guys have the rating they have. you order is like the titanic waiting to arrive. you these guys have the mushroom theory down pat

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