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"I only wish I read these reviews before I placed my order. Dealing with dealtree has been absolutely awful. I placed an order on Jan. 2, 2010. They shipped the item on Jan 7th, but they shipped it to the wrong address - they shipped it to entirely different state. When I called them, they did not care. They can't do anything but issue a refund, which they had already initiated. They did not appologize, and told me if I want to complain to call UPS.

My question is, how would did they know it was shipped to the wrong address and to initiate a refund before I called? Its because they knew that they shipped it to the wrong address.

I will never do business with them again.

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"Said some scraches and/or sign of use my

butt too,top panel was half way cracked off,and dvd rom front panel broken off..

No damage yeah right..

Plus it states in the ad fully functional,now theres the fun thing,won't boot to bios splash screen,nothing,want to online tech support did everything,ran a recovery and still nothing..

Plus this dealtree don't answer back or listen worth nothing from emails..

They blow so far in 1 month on ebay

36 Neg.feedbacks avg 1plus problems day after day..Major scum,ripoff place to buy stuff from..

Link to ad I thought was what I was getting..


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"Probably the single worst online purchase experience EVER. Waited 3+ Weeks! for an item
to be delivered only to have the WRONG item
delievered. Ordered a Sony Bravia and got
a Westinghouse??? Then told "Sorry, we'll refund
your money" Refund my money??? You have SCREWED
my Christmas as this was a present for my father.

Shame on you Dealtree.

Asked for a supervisor to call me and to no surprise that never happened.

You'd think someone who spends THOUSANDS of dollars with Dealtree would be treated with
just a little courtesy. Nope, not even close.

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"I purchased a Sony PSP on Overstock auctions. I tried to pay immediatly after I won the item but could not open the page it directed me to. I then e-mailed bestbuyoutlet from whom I purchaed the item to inform them of the issue I was having. The reply was:
Thank you for contacting us. You may go directly to:


and send your payment, including the eBay item number, to:


*** PLEASE Remember to Include your Item Number! ***

Thank you,

Dealtree Customer Support

OK no problem. I paid through paypal including all info requested. I also asked for e-mail confirmation of payment being received. Nothing. I waited four days and got nothing. I found the number and called dealtree. First I talked to "Guy", he couldn't explain exactly what was going on (which is bull*#$%) he found my payment but could not find anything on the PSP. I asked if he would refund my money and he replied "I could refund your money if your ok with getting a negitive review for non-payment on an item." WTF? He kept telling me my auction number had to be incorrect. At this point I told him I would go back to my e-mail and overstock and verify all information and then call back. All my info was correct, so I called back. This time I got "Matthew" so I asked for Guy, Matthew told me he was on the phone so I started from scratch with Matt. Matt eventually found what was going on. My PSP was sold on another auction and that bidder, supposidly, received the product. He searched his entire inventory to find me a replacement to no prevail and finally agreed to refund my money and stated that I would not get a negative feedback???

I have not yet received my refund it has been a week nor have I received a feedback.


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"I ordered a Chestnut Hill "George" iPod speaker system through the Buy.com Marketplace, sellers "Best Buy Outlet." As other on here have noted, it is only a bit later that I realize that this is not Best Buy at all, but dealtree.com.

Unfortunately, the speaker system arrived damaged and had to be returned. As of today Dealtree has refused to issue me an RMA #, saying that I have to go through buy.com to get a refund, although it clearly states on the items desription that this is a Marketplace item and returns / refunds are issued through Dealtree (the seller).

The only good news is that I did go through buy.com to place the order, and I used Amazon Payments to pay for the order, so I have two ways to get my money back if Dealtree continues to refuse to honor their return policy. IMHO, avoid Best Buy Outlet / Dealtree; the small savings isn't worth the potential hassle.

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"I bought something from these people on eBay. The item ended at $26.change, with free shipping. The invoice came, $26.change, sales tax, and showed free shipping. When I went to their web site to check out, there was shipping charged.

I wrote in and got this for a reply:

Thank you for contacting us. This item does have free shipping. Our system sometimes breaks will show our shipping cost to ship the item to you and deducts it from the total of your winning bid, for our own shipping cost tracking purposes. Is this what you are referring to?

Below is a breakdown of your invoice:

Subtotal: $26.08
S&H: $
Insurance: $
Sales Tax: $1.68

Invoice Total: $29.76
Payments Received: $0

Balance Due: $29.76

Thank you,

It took two more emails to get the right charges. Then, when I get the item, they include this:

Since the success of our business relies on your 5 Star Detailed Seller Ratings and your Positive Feedback, we would appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a 5 Star Rating and positive feedback.

Place is a joke. I'll not buy from them again.

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"This place is not a good company AT ALL!!!! DO NOT deal with this company and DO NOT resell your computer through best buy. They will no work with you and will steal your computer. I sent in my computer to them in working condition, supposed to recieve $84 back for it. They said that it does not work and that I get $0 and I would have to pay $27 to get it back. RIP OFF company. Bad customer service, will hang up on you and will not listen. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!"

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"Don't buy anything from Dealtree(Best Buy Outlet from eBay). They didn't accept money from PayPal and asked to pay by money order outside eBay. I tried that way and I lost my money. Again, they are asking to pay through money order.
NEVER, NEVER deal with Dealtree...Worst customer service I have ever seen!!!!

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"Bought an Nintendo DS from Bestbuy online in Ebay.
Unfortunately it was dealstree.com.
This was THE worst Customer service that you will get on online.
They will not ship the product at right time. They have additional Fee on every Shipping/Return. They Sell all GARBAGE to you online.
Had the ebay username was not BESTBUY’S name, I would have not bought the Item.
Please Never Ever buy anything from Dealstree.com AKA "bboutlet" in EBAY
for me it is almost 2 months still I did not get my money Back.


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"Don't ever buy anything from this company. Horrible customer service. They represent other companies online like Bestbuy on Ebay. I bought a DVD from BestBuy on Ebay, but Dealtree is the one who does the processing.

First they double charge me. So money was taken out of my checking about twice for the same item. I still fighting with them on this.

Secondly, they ship to my bill to address instead of my work address as I had indicated on online. Now one will be home to pick up the unit. I called and email them and they don't care. They said the UPS will leave it at the door if no one is there. I it is lost than I would be responsible for it since I didn't buy the shipping warranty. This is (W#$&*#).

So be be warn and stay away from this company as far as you can.


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"They sold me a truck load of liquidation merchandises. About 25% of them were empty boxes. Other 75% of merchandises were garbage like used printer inks, just a piece of the product, etc."

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"In brief: clueless.

On Aug 11, we purchased three T-Mobile wireless routers from Dealtree via eBay. We submitted three payments via PayPal to cover the items, each one referencing the eBay auction number.

Approximately two weeks later, we hadn't received anything, and Dealtree opened three Unpaid Item complaints with eBay. We responded to each complaint, including the PayPal transaction ID's and the amounts of payment. The next day, they closed the complaints and issued an Unpaid Item Strike for each via eBay.

Obviously, this prompted a contact to eBay customer service. I can only assume that a bunch of illiterates are over there at Dealtree, because eBay CS pretty much laughed and immediately removed the Unpaid Item strikes. You can't get an Unpaid Item strike IF YOU PAID FOR THE ITEM.

An e-mail to Dealtree asking them what was up elicited the following response:

> Thank you for contacting us. We did not receive payment on the items.
> Thank you,
> Terry

A chat session with Dealtree:

Bethany H.> Thank you for contacting us through our Live Chat program. How can I help you?
Guest> Trying to ascertain what the problem is
Guest> You have yet to ship three ordered items, and then you tried to open unpaid item cases with eBay
Bethany H.> Would you please provide your invoice, lot, or auction number?
Guest> [redacted]
Bethany H.> Would you please provide your invoice, lot, or auction number?
Guest> I just gave you the three auction numbers. [redacted]
Guest> It's been about ten minutes since you said anything. Are you still there?

So they ask for the information twice and then place the customer on forever hold (no reply even three days later). Smooth.

So we've filed complaints with PayPal. I think we'll get our money back, but what a bunch of stupidity. Can't even figure out someone's paid you...

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"They are highway robbers!!!! They offer my 13 year old son $150 for a Wii console and 2 controllers in good condition. I should have known it was too good to be true.

Then, they say it's in poor condition due to excessive scratches, which is NOT true at all. The value goes down to $101. Meanwhile, reputable game stores offer slightly MORE for the same items but who could resist $150?

The absolute clincher is that the are charging $26.95 for round trip shipping PLUS TAX. What tax is there on shipping?

Do youself a favor. DO NOT FALL VICTIM to this scam of a company, powered by Best Buy.

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"I item not as described in auction. No customer service. Refuse to give refund.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. I encourage everyone else to do the same who has had problems with thier company. it only takes about five minutes.

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"I would not buy a screw from these people. On eBay I bid on a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. After I had won it I noticed that, it was listed at the top and being a keyboard and mouse combo, but when I scrolled farther down the page, it stated that is was just the keyboard. I had already ordered a used computer and 2 other keyboard and mouse combos, so I wrote an email to their customer support immediately after noticing my error. I ask that they please cancel the order for the stand alone keyboard, and I let them know, that I had purchased 2 complete units and a computer from them. I received a email from some girl named Ashley (if that is really her name) stating she need more info. I fowared a copy of the receipt from paypal and the win page from ebay.
I did not hear back from dealtree until the next day, and when I did they said it was too late it had already shipped. Can you say the word liar? I hope other people find this site before the try and deal with people of this low caliber, and dishonesty.

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