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"Oh my god. This is absolutely the worst checkout system I have ever dealt with. An ebay seller forwarded me to this system after having won an auction.
First of all I always hate going through an extra step when purchasing on ebay. Hey sellers, make it simple for your buyers and just let them do instant payment through paypal and not have to fill out all that extra junk in your specialized checkout system.
With that said, I attempted to change my billing and shipping address 7 times, over and over and it would either make both of them the same, or the changes would not stick. Changing my ship to address from residential to commercial for instance, never did stick, and I know that has an affect on shipping charges.
After that, when clicking their paypal checkout button and filling out all the paypal information, I was stuck in an infinite redirect loop back to dealtree. Both firefox and safari failed and reported redirect errors.

I will never use this checkout system again if forwarded to it by another ebay buyer. I will just pay directly from paypal and let them deal with the paperwork.

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"They messed up my payment, did not respond to my emails.....EVER!!!.....and after I paid for NEXT DAY AIR, I have to wait 7 days for delivery. And they will NOT respond to my emails. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST experience I have EVER had in my ENTIRE LIFE with ANY sort of company!!!! Bar NONE!! They are somehow affiliated with Overstock and Best Buy. And although I contacted both of those companies trying to get some sort of handle on what was going on, neither one of those companies would respond back to me either (except for some auto response email!). So, for the future, I will NEVER do ANY business with Deal Tree, Overstock.com, or Best Buy. They are all rotten companies to do business with!!!! Live and learn!"

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"(Item #1) I was quoted at an abysmally low trade-in value for a computer and an xbox, which I could have (and should have) sold myself for 5 times as much. Nonetheless, I wanted to give this buyer a chance. I packaged both items in a single box to save the buyer the shipping costs. I also threw in an extra controller and numerous extra games. Despite these added benefits, they downgraded both items and the final trade-in value was almost 1/2 what they originally quoted me at. This company has no integrity and no honor. "

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"fast on time shipping. product arrived in perfect shape. very happy to do business with you."

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"Excellent, fast service, the way business should be.!! Thank you..."

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"having trouble tracking my item."

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"Ashley - is apparently the queen *itch of the not so customer service dept of Dealtree. Yes, I too have received the snide, unprofessional, unethical and downright rude email responses and have received plenty of BS and lies from her talking over the phone.... She must do a pretty good job BS and sucking up to the ones in charge to be able to hold her job.... Karma is a *itch, just like she is -- and one day -- she will get hers.... :P"

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"I need to warn anyone from using this service. I used Dealtree's Best Buy trade-in website to trade in 7 games all of which had been bought new at some point and cost me plenty of money. Dealtree's estimate site said I would get a $129 gift card to Best Buy. I mailed these games in March, got an email that they were received in April, and the gift card was supposedly shipped in May. NO TRACKING NUMBER OR ANY TYPE OF INSURANCE ON THE PACKAGE. I waited. Never received the package. I called and left a message to which the automatic voice said I would receive a response in 1-business day. I was never contacted. I called again but this time endured the hold time so I could actually talk to someone. I was told that I would be contacted on whether a gift card would be issued. I was never contacted. 2-weeks later I send and email reiterating everything and I am told the same thing: wait 5-10 days for a re-issued gift card and I will be notified. Again, I was never contacted. 2-weeks later I email again and I am told the gift card they sent was redeemed so they cannot send another gift card. So they strung me along for over a month to eventually call me a thief and a liar. SERIOUSLY? If the gift card was stolen in the mail of course it would have been redeemed. I received no tracking number and dealtree does not even seem to insure their packages. It could have been stolen anywhere including by dealtree employees. I will stick with brick and mortor stores to make my trades but someone needs to be warned of this unprofessional anti-customer operation.

UPDATE: Dealtree re-issued a gift card to me and sent it via UPS next-day air with signature required. I figured they would send it the same vulnerable way but they didn't. For that I'll have to commend them. Now I may actually use their service again but will stick to getting a paypal payment rather than a Best Buy gift card.

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"This company is HORRIBLE. I wish i had read these ratings first, but that wouldn't have helped me, because they do business FOR Best Buy, not AS best buy (as someone else mentioned). I bid on an item from bestbuy's ebay outlet "cowboom", and won. I paid. waited three weeks, after paying extra for priority mail shipping: nothing.

I contacted cowboom, got a response from DealTree. They said "due to a address [sic] error, you have been refunded". I checked, there was a PARTIAL refund, less about 12% for some reason.

I didn't care about the refund. I won the auction and it was an item I wanted. it's a matter of principle. I had woken up at 4AM just to bid on the item, and won. They should deliver, it's a contract. Ebay is ZERO help too. I'm shocked at how horrible they've been. Even though it's a blatant violation, there's no way to really report it. All attempts end in a link to take it up with the seller.

Anyway, I wrote back to DealTree asking what the address issue is; I'm a longtime ebayer, with a confirmed address, and I checked the shipping section of the auction, and my address is not excluded. They responded with some nonsense asking for an auction number which i ALREADY gave them. I replied with the details, and they replied saying they need an auction number! what is wrong with these people?! I replied AGAIN and got a response telling me how to do an RMA return!!!

I wrote another reply scolding them for all this silliness, and they wrote back saying they never wrote to me about an RMA, but their records show they emailed me many times about an address issue, and because i never responded they refunded my money.

LIARS! I NEVER got any message from them about it. EVER.

And now I don't know what to do. I wish I could get advice from someone here, but I don't want to post my email address due to spambots.

Anyway, I'm extremely upset. Find out who they do business for, and AVOID THEM!!!

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" In my opinion you could not find a worse company to deal with.
My experience: They listed several washer pedestals on Ebay, each with exactly the same conflicting language as to whether or not the item had to picked up or could be shipped.(In some places the listing clearly said PICK UP ONLY in other places it clearly said that the item could be shipped to any home address in the lower 48 and actually gave estimated transit times) I emailed them on the first item for clarification and was assurred that it could be shipped. I then won the next two items which contained the exact same conflicting information about shipping and promptly paid. When I contacted Dealtree for shipping I got the RUDEST CS agent I have ever experienced in my life by far.Kept referencing the Pick up only phrasees but refused to acknowledge the "can be shipped" language. When I referenced the their e-mail indicating it could be shipped said "thats a different item number even though it was exactly the same item and had identical language with regard to shipping. She absolutely refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor ("there is nothing they can do for you") and hung up when I asked for her name. I called back got the same nasty customer no service agent . She said "Oh its you again" and hung up again.For the record: This is the first time in my life I have actually complained publically about a rude employee but this woman was beyond the pale. I have experienced customer service people who would not go out of their way to be helpful but this is the first time I actually experienced a group that seemed to enjoy making things as difficult as possible for the customer. Below are exerpts from e-mails with presumably her boss.
Question: "Why won't you ship this item?" Answer: "Our shippers says these are at a high risk for damage" Question: "What if I waive all rights to a damage claim and you ship the item uninsured at my expense and at my risk?" Answer: "You can waive your right to a damage claim if you like but we still won't ship it" Question: "If you can not ship this item I can arrange to have my shipper pick it up? Answer: "We do not allow third party pickups." These exchanges should be an insight to their customer service attitude. Don't waste your time or money with this company, they do not deserve either.

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"I ordered a 2.2 cu ft, 1200 watt GE micro-wave oven. I reciever a e-mail confirming it was shipped on 03/04/2010. I recieved a seriously damaged box of junk that is still sitting in a storage room. Still to this date I am out of my money and the micro-wave I had planned on giving to my daughter as a "moving into her new apartment gift" which was last weekend. I call UPS and they say to call Dealtree, I called Dealtree and they say they're waiting to hear from UPS. Meanwhile I'm the only one who is out anything."

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"I bought a 42 inch plasma screen from DealTree, and it arrived broken. I THEN did some reviewing on the Internet and prepared myself for battle. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a refund of the entire price PLUS shipping both ways within about seven days. I promised myself that I would report a bad experience, but figured it was only fair to report this REALLY GOOD experience too. I WOULD do business with DealTree again!"

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"I ordered a refub Wii from ebay via dealtree.com. It took about 8 buisness days. The system works great but the wii remote doesn't work. Definitely the last time I'm ordering from dealtree.com. I automatically came to Resellerratings.com and saw all the bad comments. To bad I couldn't see the reviews before placing my order. I would of paid the extra thirty dollars to get a brand new wii, if I knew this was going to happen. I didn't even waste my time and contact dealtree.com because it is going to be a hassle. I just went out and purchased a brand new wii remote. Thanks dealtree for nothing...I had to pay extra money."

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refurbished Wii - won on ebay for $200. Did not mind the refurbish - willing to pay $200 for somewhat like new item. however got notice on 2/15:
We are very sorry for this issue, but the auction item that you have purchased has been lost, or miss-shipped from our warehouse. We have searched our facility for the actual unit and have not been able to locate it.

Dealtree went on to say:
We have performed an exhaustive search of our current sellable inventory - and have not been able to locate a replacement item either. Please accept our apologies for this error, and we thank you for your understanding. Please know that this item was verified in inventory when we listed it on Ebay, and has not been located since. From time to time this issue occurs, based solely on human error - and we take full responsibility for it.

kindest regards.....blah blah blah - dealtree

oh yeah - they also said they would refund my money....they have not yet and boy am I pissed off!!!!

surprise surprise - dealtree aka bestbuyoutlet on ebay is auctioning off yet another wii.....wonder where they found that one? bastards!!!

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"I ordered a 23" monitor. Went to pick it up at the Irvine warehouse. When I got there, there was a note saying that that warehouse was now closed and I would need to pick it up in Chino. I drove over 70 miles for nothing. Went to the Chino warehouse the next day and the guy at the desk, Mark, was talking to his wife/girlfriend/lover/mistress not sure but heard him say I love you and than he closed his cell phone and put it down. After he helped the guy in front of me he then went on to make a quick call about some "funds" that he was wondering about sometime last year. Now I know this was not work related even if it was work related, couldn't he wait for me to leave before he called? Anyway, the Chino warehouse did not have my monitor because it was still at the Irvine warehouse and no one is there. ETA for my monitor was "I don't know". Now that some lousy customer service I experience from Dealtree. "

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