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Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.08/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.54/10
Customer service: 2.95/10
Return/Replacement policy: 3.46/10
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"I joined close to three months ago, was told I had been put on a waiting list ... STILL on a waiting list and whenever I contact, they cannot tell me how long it will be before I receive any product. DO NOT JOIN ... join Stitch Fix ... they're AMAZING and have had NO issues there."

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Horrible!! SCAM

"Don't use this company! They just charged my card for an item that they claim wasn't returned from 5 months ago. So your telling me you are just looking at this return now. I hated the skirt and never even tried it on. It went right back. So I call and tell them I don't want to go forward if they dont resolve this. They tell me okay we will refund 1/2 but you just sent us back an item in the current box that was damaged so we will use that half to cover the damage. What a joke, again it was an item I didnt try on. So you looked at the current box I sent back right away but the one from 5 months ago you also just looked at and realized an item wasnt returned. SCAM!!!"

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It's a scam, they take your money!

"They will charge you for items you send back and since there's no way you can prove you actually sent it back they do an "intense investigation" that apparently only takes 2 hours (when responding to an email can take days) and say they never received an item(s) then charge you. They are thieves. They will take your money. I have tried other subscription sercices and they have not done this to me. Try something other than Dailylook because these people will charge you for stuff you send back! What happened to me is I sent a whole box of stuff back because I hated every item, months later they change me saying they never received it. I'm so angry because they're charging ridiculous prices for crappy items that I return! "

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Shady!! Stay away!!

"The $40 monthly fee has to be applied BY YOU on the website. The ads are misleading. Also, the credits from fee expire after 30 days. My second monthly fee expired the same day I received the box which arrived late. I didn't even have time to look at it.

Daily Look kept $80 I had in credits because they "expired". They advertise as "the $40 monthly fee is free if you make a purchase." I've gone through all of my emails and I don't see anywhere where they reinforce this. READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!

On top of the monthly fee + the purchase I made for my first box of $227, they held an additional $275 as "security". It was returned but I was unaware of this practice. Shady business and not flexible with customers. They could've at least refunded me this month's monthly fee since I received my box the day the credits expired. I spoke to someone named Jenny and less than helpful. Finally, the big cardboard box I received in May was nearly ripped open and clothes were tossed in there carelessly. Nothing like the glamorous videos on the website. Stay away!

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"I'm so confused I used to love ordering from dailylook years ago until I noticed one day they completely changed. They went from being Forever21 prices and now they're selling seemingly similar items at 3 times the price. I could not even afford a tee shirt anymore- what happened? "

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"Do not ever do business with this company they will take your money and you will never receive your box!"

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Wish I could give 0 stars....

"THE single most disorganized company I have ever experienced. First, their system is not reliable, when you want to change box delivery date, it saves, but then reverts the next day and doesn't notify you (several times I was waiting for a box that never arrived). Second, I was charged a styling fee and never received a box. Third, customer service is nice while you're on the phone with them, but if they have any action items to call you back and follow-up, they don't.

The most recent example to demonstrate my point: my box was lost in the mail, I was assured by customer service that I would not be charged for the items in the return, yet $1250 appeared on my credit card the following week. I called back again, they assured me they would look into it and call me back the next day, 7 days later still no reply. I finally phoned back and apparently they are returning the $1250 to me, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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Very Scammy and Unprofessional!

"I can't believe I fell for this crap. It looks so slick, sounds great, the clothes in the picture look so cute, but the service is crap. I cancelled my account just today when I saw that my next box was due on 3/18 and had been charged the monthly styling fee. I further looked at my account and saw I had not even been sent my February box, but had been charged back in February, despite the fact my returned items box had been noted as received. So I emailed, received no reply next business day. I call. On the other end was a very unprofessional, younger male, speaking to me on speaker phone and a racket going on in the background. I really think this business is being run out of a garage or a warehouse somewhere. Avoid or be disappointed. There is plenty of other places to get cute clothes, ladies! To be honest, the prices for what the items were, were overpriced. They weren't anything special."

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"BEWARE. I think its a scam. They keep charging me and don't register returns. They have taken more than $2500 dollars out of my account when all I kept were 2 items that would cost $150. Im very worried this site may be a scam as no one ever answers the phones or is on chat or answers emails. Im going to contact the BBB and the police if its not rectified today. "

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"Where do I start?
Incredibly disappointed in this service and need to cancel ASAP.
I didnt hear about my OCT box so i checked on 9/23 which was the day i got charged for the styling fee...said box would be there by Oct 3 ..then OCT 3 came and went and nothing so i checked emails, site, and still nothing, finally i emailed my stylist who said, shed look into a tracking number, then 4 days went by, so I emailed again, and said have not heard from you, to which i got an email stating she had a personal emergancy and was gone for 4 days, said shed find me a tracking number asap as she showed my box had gone out oct 3..not true since i didnt get a tracking number..8 days go by, and now ive emailed again asking where is the box or a tracking number, i logged into the site to see that a box was packed on OCT 5 NOT oct 3 like she said, and that its been sent but i havent gotten an email with tracking or that it was ever on its way, but shoudl be here tomorrow.
Meanwhile, ive sent an email to the stylist asking to cancel my membership and refund me my $40 styling fee for LACK OF CARE, EFFORT anything...this company doesnt even have anyone answering its customer service line, I dont think anyone really works there, and I bet you there are no stylists, just people picking clothes from massive bins, i would LOVE to know how much money they are NOT making, IM SO ANNOYED clearly...if you are going to sell a service that is as personal as picking clothing for someone, at LEAST have the common courtesy to respond, or have a way that we can definately get in "touch" with people
Ridiculous..so many other businesses out there worth the money i spent, PS their clothes were OK, i got like 3 items out of 4 boxes? One piece of jewerly, one pair of shoes and one poncho..easily acquired for cheaper had I not bought it out of the sheer fact, i thought i was making an effort to appriciate this company

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Details: First time I ordered from them, it went smoothly. The package arrived on time, the product was good, etc. Second time around, I ordered 5 dresses and sent back 4 of them as they were highly unflattering (the fabric was sewn messily and the dresses were just generally ill fitting). Aug. 1st I got an email saying that they received my return package and would be processing the return amount within 3 business days. Aug. 19th came around and they still hadn't done so, even though on the website it said that my return ordered had been received (highly shady seeing as they took in my returned items but didn't process the return amount?) I called them and found out that the items I sent back were final sale items (which was a mistake on my part). But that didn't excuse that they 1. hadn't notified me about any progress on my return (like at least email me to tell me that the items I returned were final sale?) 2. failed to mention that there would be a 30% "restocking fee" we are obliged to pay if we send back final sale items and most of all 3. did a major miscalculation in telling me the amount that I would be refunded.

They tried to tell me that with $42.40 worth of clothing I returned, the 30% restocking fee and the $5.95 return shipping fee, I would only be refunded about $6. ????WEJOWIEJIO NO? I pulled out my calculator, did the calculations myself and told the customer service line that that was largely incorrect. I actually had to sit there and walk her through the calculations. If I had not done so, I would've been refunded only $6 and Dailylook would've just let that happen. The girl on the line was nice and bubbly but that does not excuse the blunder of this mistake.

I'm sure that I will not be buying from this store again. Reasoning being that the way they do business seems shady as ffff. Normally, stores would just scan the item and get the correct refund amount. Apparently, they have people who do not understand basic math to manually input these calculations. Normally, stores would also communicate with their customers about any delay or problems with their orders.

And most of all, normally, stores would just do great business and prioritize the happiness and loyalty of their customers.

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"AWESOME clothes and styles, prices are good and sales are great!"

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"I receive store credit when I return items when I return in the correct amount of time"

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"The order came in on time and was packaged well.. My only complaint was that the sizing wasn't what I expected."

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"Very fast shipping and beautiful, high quality items for a great price! "

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