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Product & services pricing 5.58/10
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nice style and fit

"Treating myself every other month with this has been so rewarding. I receive clothes that are my style and fit. I am always thrilled when the box is delivered. "

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The work is done for you

"I have a few boxes under my arm and I've bought 3-4 items whenever I get it. I would say their prices are higher than your cheap retail store, but the quality is great. I think of their clothing similar to the pieces I have from nordstrom, topshop or Bloomingdales. I have a few pieces I haven't been able to find anywhere else and I love them. I think the best part about this service is that the work of shopping and looking for the right clothes is done for you by your stylist! Yes!!"

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"I have nothing to complain about from this company. Sure, some clothes were not for me, but who doesn't pick out something they thought they would like but didn't. I always receive great pieces from the 9+ items I usually receive. It's a good investment in myself!"

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"This company is a scam, read the reviews before you sign up. I didn’t receive my package, spoke to someone at the company explaining the situation and they told me I wouldn’t be charged for the package. Two moths later I am randomly charged 800, without being notified. I’ve sent 5 emails and called 3 times, and every time I’m told I will receive a call back. Nothing is being done and im just getting the run around. Do not waste your money! "

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I like this!!

"What I really like about this company is the fact that I can change my subscription of having it every month to every other month. Their customer service is professional and helpful when it comes to any issues which I’ve only had like once. I like their service because the clothes are very cute! definitely recommend it!"

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Beautiful clothes!

"This styling service hits the nail on how I want to look. Simple yet beautiful!! I don’t think it’s for everyone but it has definitely become one of my favorite subscriptions. The best part is talking to your stylist about new trends and staple pieces. I always a few pieces because I can't resist! Definitely give it a try."

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Good service

"I see the reviews on this website and sounds kind of crazy how upset people are. Personally, I’ve had a great experience. Their customer service is pretty good at solving my issues and the clothes I have received are spot on!"

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Dailylook is not honest

"I was a subscriber for a while. The product in the first few boxes I got I liked but the next ones didn’t have a lot of my style in them. The day I received my last box I tried everything on and only kept one item. That same day I paid for the one item then placed everything else in the return bag they had provided and mailed. After paying for the one item I called to cancel my subscription. They told me I could do that after they received the unwanted merchandise back. Two weeks later I was charged $407. Daily Look told me they only received a few of the items back. That absolutely was not true. I mailed every single item back but one shirt. I have tried to fight it but in the end they still said they only received four items back. I would NEVER use Daily Look again. I think they scammed me because I was cancelling. "

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"I have been a customer of DL for a few months. I've gotten some great stuff in my boxes. This last time, I paid for a necklace. Then as you are supposed to, I sent back the rest of the clothing weeks ago. Then on Friday I received an email and text saying I hadn't sent the merch back. I DID! I was told I had three days to send it all back or I would be charged $686. I already sent it back! Of course they send this email at the close of business hours on Friday. And Labor Day was Monday. I have bent over backwards trying to locate this package for them. I sent it! And boom, right after I got that email I was instantly charged nearly $700. I am livid. I said shut down my account now. They said ok. It's still up. Ridiculous. "

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DO NOT order from DailyLook!

"In early June, I ordered a quarterly subscription from DailyLook expecting to get my first box shortly after filling out my profile. Instead, I got conflicting emails saying it would arrive, variously, in two weeks, mid-September, late August, and early July. In that order. It ended up arriving a month after I placed the order. The clothes looked and felt cheap, so I put everything in the return bag and into the mailbox. A few days later I got an email saying I had not returned my items and they were going to charge me the full $584.99. I replied saying I had returned the items and told them to cancel the order. No response. When I call, they say they can't reverse the charge without the bag in their possession, and ask me if I put the return label on the bag. Of course I did! I don't want your crap taking up space in my house, and I definitely don't want to pay almost $600 for crap, so you bet I'm going to make sure I do what it takes to get it to you! They never respond to my emails, and they never call back. The $584.99 charge is still out. I'm going to go through the postal service and my credit card provider to contest the charge. Do NOT order from DailyLook."

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" I tried daily look for a couple months every box I received was several hundred dollars more than I wanted to spend the last box I received was August 2016 totaled $897
The box was returned I did not keep any items. They claim I did not return the box and charged me $897 since then they've also charged me $40 almost every month and have not sent me a box since they have however corrected their $40 a month mistake but still refuse to refund me my $897 so basically I paid $897 and received nada! Their customer service is awful special shout out to you Brittney! they say they're going to return your call they don't and she basically just called me a liar! But I'm am now seeing that not very many people are happy with them!

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"Bought item online they were cut very narrow and they won't accept return. I don't know what 3rd world sweatshop these things are made in but I have seen more size consistency in Hong Kong street markets and better quality too. Never again!"

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"Joined just to get this romper i wanted that was sold out everywhere. Once i recieved it and paid for it (and sent everything else back) it popped up for $50 less on several other sites. I asked for a price match and they refused. Then i cancelled everything because i had gotten the item I wanted and I was done with the program. 3 weeks later i see a $230 pending charge on my card. I email them asking why they think they have the right to charge my card after cancellation and they inform me that it's for a pair of high rise jeans i apparently didn't return. I didn't try on a single item except the romper and immediately sent everything back. The charge posted on my account today. Daily look is just a big rip off and run by a bunch of total scumbags. I'm calling my bank to declare fraud."

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"I joined close to three months ago, was told I had been put on a waiting list ... STILL on a waiting list and whenever I contact, they cannot tell me how long it will be before I receive any product. DO NOT JOIN ... join Stitch Fix ... they're AMAZING and have had NO issues there."

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Horrible!! SCAM

"Don't use this company! They just charged my card for an item that they claim wasn't returned from 5 months ago. So your telling me you are just looking at this return now. I hated the skirt and never even tried it on. It went right back. So I call and tell them I don't want to go forward if they dont resolve this. They tell me okay we will refund 1/2 but you just sent us back an item in the current box that was damaged so we will use that half to cover the damage. What a joke, again it was an item I didnt try on. So you looked at the current box I sent back right away but the one from 5 months ago you also just looked at and realized an item wasnt returned. SCAM!!!"

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