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will not accept returns

"Bought a computer case, opened box to discover that it is the wrong size, my fault, but DABS will not accept a return once the box has been opened.
Do not buy from this company.

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"Ordered two items, both in stock. There was only 1 option for delivery -economy 1-3 days, and that was priced at over £4! Just checked to see if they've been dispatched, and miraculously one item is now showing out of stock, no date for arrival.
I've used DABS for years, since 1999, and previously had found them to be one of the best online retailers there was. But then BT got their claws in when Dave and Brian sold out. Immediately service began to deteriorate, prices went up and crap BT products started to get rammed down your neck.
But this year they've really pulled out all the stops to become the winner of the WORST OF THE WORST AWARD. 4 orders this year and every one has been late, and stock suddenly goes 'Out of Stock' right on the last day you're supposed to recieve the item. They don't even contact you to say an item has mysteriosly gone out of stock even though they apparently had 10+ in stock the moment you order.
In the good old days, economy delivery was free or maybe an insubstantial amount (never more than £1.99) for small orders. And you had a choice, Either get it WITHIN 3 days, Get it anytime Next day or Next day before Noon/10am. I never had to wait more than 2 days except when RM lost a parcel, and even then the rplacement came within 1 day. Now, it's 1-3 days only and you pay a premium for economy service. The 1-3 days delivery now means 1-3 days delivery from when thay can be bothered to send it.
In August I bought an Intel CPU which came with a software bundle to claim from Intel, I've spent the last 3&1/2 months trying to sort out why the code I recieved from DABS.com doesn't work - turns out they have been sending incorrect/already assigned codes!!!!

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"Ordered an item from them. Was waiting for it to arrive and as it didnt past the estimated 5 day period I contacted them and was told that the courier will contact me soon. Waited another 3 days and never heard from anyone. I then contacted dabs again after the 8 days and was told the order was lost......I just asked for a refund then. Their customer service was terrible as it was way too unorganised and too slow and their shipping was even worse as it took them 8 days to realise the order was lost and to tell me that."

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"Just dont buy this from dabs, if they send you a faulty board good luck getting a replacement. I had to throw mine away and buy another!"

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"Have used the company for years in both personal and business needs, and while there have been some slow deliveries etc in the past, over all they were ok.
However the true test of a company is how they deal with the customer when something goes wrong. I returned a printer due to a fault code stopping it from working. We contacted them to arrange the return, can carefully packaged the item for their courier to collect. Two new members of the team were the ones who packaged it, however I did double check it to ensure it was sufficiently protected, and it was fine.
Dabs's couriers came to collect the printer, and were fine with how it was packed.
Without hearing anything from Dabs, the printer arrived back with the top cover broken and sitting off alignment. The hinge was now broken, and they had included a picture of the broken element and a note saying they die not fix the fault due to the broken top cover.
Upon contacting Dabs, the claim this was how it arrived, and hence they could do not more. They claim the broken piece of the hinge could not be located in the box, and hence it must have been broken before it was returned.
I have further inspected the printer and there is no way this could have been missed by me and the 2 team members who packed the printer as the top would not sit on the main part of the printer.
Now we have dabs claiming it was our fault (which I am amendment it was not), and no option to get our printer fixed.
While I am sure they will not care, we have now made the business decision not to use this company going forward, nor will I use it personally.
Use at your own risk.

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"DABS customers since 2000. Toshiba Tecra A50. The delivered op sys config not good for users who are not supported by corporate IT. For Individuals, suggest buy elsewhere. Win7 text displays all in Swedish even when English requested. (Word reference.com dug us out). So, Went to 8.1 install. Required admin of the BIOS which is the serious badlands for non technical users. Again 8.1 language options all Nordic but we did get English set. Spanish, French users no language for you! The install VERY slow - took 6h lapse time before user setup and login reached. As an IT company we got by OK but avoid this shipping if you are not a seasoned winxx admin. Worth the struggle as Tosh is great kit. We always buy it. Price and delivery excellent but Come on DABS - Win 7 ten years old so why not get Toshiba to ship this kit with Win 10 pre installed as full Microsoft distro.


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"Pretty shocking service at Dabs! The online buying part is ok but when you see that the items are in stock and you opt for the 1-3 days delivery it puts you under a false sense of security. The service you receive is far from 'Amazon' like who I believe sets the bar pretty high. I order two items on the 23rd, it took 5.5 days (in a weekend) to dispatch the order then when I rang them to see where my parts where they said it could be another 3-5 days on top - trying to blame Royal mail. Customer service wasn't great either.

Don't buy off them if your in a hurry, or if you want hassle. I am v tempted to refuse the delivery, cancel the order and buy the items from somewhere else.

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"Worst service ever never buy from DABS its just nightmare you never will receive you order and will be fighting to get your money back for goods that you never receive ,JUST NIGHTMARE....."

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"Took my money, refuse to ship anything. Won't refund my money. I'm charging back which will cost THEN money and a bad review so I don't understand. Maybe they play the numbers game and hope people don't complain when they are stolen from. Thieves. "

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"I found the voucher code on their own website which for £40 online that didn't work so I contacted customer support on the 14th to ask for help. After 2 days they replied saying that they have none to give and there were no plans to release a new one. Therefore on the 16th I bought my laptop, then on the 18th I saw they had voucher codes on there website for the exact same amount of £40.

I therefore contacted customer support via e-mail explaining that I thought it was very bad practice to lie to a customer just to earn an extra £40. Although they admitted that they could understand how I felt they said they wouldn't do anything. I then called them because I found it ridiculous and very bad practice to customers. I was told the same thing as I was told in the e-mail so I asked to speak to a manager to which the answer of course was "he is busy". I then requested a call back on my number to which he assured me would happen. However as you can guess I still haven't received any call from them (going on 2 days now)

This is a terrible way to run a company, it seems they are all about short term gain rather than getting a good reputation and gaining a long term repeat customer.

I have two good friends that were also looking to purchase laptops from this company and now they said that they will be looking elsewhere if this is how customers are to be treated.

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"I've used them in past, years ago, and they were fine havn't used them in a long time so thought I'd try them again...

Things have really gone downhill. Once you place order you cannot cancel as your email login and password are removed from their system. Its impossible to phone them as "our employees are currently in staff training(!)" - permanently. No order confirmation email either they appear to operate in silent running mode presumably to avoid any contact with customers at all.

I've had to escalate with PayPal to try and get them to respond. Appalling service.


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"Just to join all the others, this company is a joke. bought a refurbished IPad which was listed at 64GB, i received it and on the box it said 64GB but in the settings it was in fact 16GB. given my amazement i googled the model number to confirm and yes indeed it was 16GB. what a f*** up. rang customer service again the usual arrogance, nothing is our fault oh simple error. these guys are pathetic. stay away."

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"Disgusting Company, customer service is non existent neither is their regard for consumer rights.
I ordered a Laptop as a gift for my daughters birthday.
It arrived faulty and upon contacting DABS I was informed by Ben that I should not be bothering them with the problem but the manufacturer!!!!
Twice I arranged to return the faulty product less than 24 hrs after receiving it and twice Ben cancelled my collection because when I filled out the online return form I put goods unwanted. May I highlight this is the ONLY way you can obtain an RMA number in order for goods to be collected for return. If your honest enough to inform them it arrived faulty they just refer you to return to manufacturer at your own expense.
Would also like to highlight that whatever communication you have with their customer service, they delete after.
On every single occasion I had the misfortune of contacting them they asked me to provide every single detail again despite me speaking to the same person on each occasion.
To prove a point I asked him to forward my emails back to me and they could not provide them. My query was then passed to the customer service manager 'Heidi' whom asked me to explain everything again, including my address, order number, etc. I told her to refer to the seven emails I had sent that morning but she replied that they were unavailable but didn't know why !!!
To the end, she arranged collection of said laptop next morning and once this was done, sent me an email informing me I would not be seeing my refund this year, they have certain procedures to follow in order to refund.
I paid through Paypal (very wise decision). got onto them , claim was escalated within hours and my money refunded in five days after Dabs refused to respond to them.
Please avoid this company at all costs.

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"I purchased two WD Red hard drives from Dabs and one turned out to be faulty. I emailed them and they replied with:

We have a process in place with our colleagues at Western Digital please contact them in the first instance as often the issue is something that can be resolved with technical assistance. Please contact the manufacturer on the below;
If the item is deemed faulty, you will be provided with a fault reference number and asked to return the goods to the manufacturer for inspection, they will either fix or replace your goods under the terms of the warranty.

I contacted WD who gave me an RMA number to return the drive. A few days later I received a recertified drive through the post. Basically another word for reconditioned. I phoned them explaining I had returned a brand new drive but they responded that my rights with the manufacturer are not the same as from the place of purchase. They say they have no process in place with dabs, or any other reseller for that matter and that dabs have basically shirked their legal responsibilities. I purchased a brand new drive from dabs and am now stuck with a reconditioned one. I have been buying from dabs for over fifteen years now but this is the first time I have needed and aftersales service only to be fobbed off. I have reported this matter to trading standards and will never ever deal with this company again. Needless to say all emails to this company since their initial response have been ignored.

Think carefully before using this company.

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"I was really dissapointed with this website - they say one thing and do another. I paid for next day - i didnt get next day. They blamed UPS - it turns out it was their fault. I was promised by customer service to receive a refund - no one confirmed this and i never received one. They said they would return my emails - i have never received any correspondence from them. Customer service was really rude to me - instead of easing our communication they became combatant & rude but then hung up on me.They said it would take 12-14 working days to get a refund!! Unreliable, rude, and unprofessional. they stole my money. I will not shop from them again. They made no attemps to correct their mistakes."

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