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"DTV Express DOES NOT HONOR THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTIES In my case they DO NOT answer emails either through their website OR by contacting customerservice@dtvexpre… when I TRIED TO FILE A CLAIM. A person WILL NOT answer when you call their 800 number no matter how many times you try. I have tried for 3 days.

I should have known when I purchased two warranties for our flat panels in 2010 and they said you DO NOT actually receive a warranty contract. Your receipt is your contract.


The very low price should be a warning to you. They are either selective in who they will honor or service is now non-existent.

I have documentation of when and how I paid and feel like I have just been robbed.

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"Good experience with this company. We had a line horizontal through the screen. It was there on our Samsung plasma no matter what signal was playing. We e-mailed a picture to DTVExpress and they seemed to understand the problem. Rather than send the tech out they just ordered the part and had it sent direct to the technician Steve's TV and Computer and once he received it, he came out and installed a board and repaired. It only took about a week and it was fixed and the best was that we were not without our TV while awaiting the part. It was very smart thinking on DTV part."

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"Man was I disappointed when my Samsung plasma went on the fritz. First it developed a line then no picture at all, just a blinking light. I purchased the extended warranty on my tv from these guys in October 2011. They have an A+ BBB rating and great prices. I contacted them online through a contact form. THey got back to me quickly and diagnosed the problem through e-mail. Then a Samsung service center came to my home and found that it was a bad panel. Not worth the repair, the rep at DTVExpress (John B) game me the option of a replacement or the money for the replacement and i took the money so that I could pick a good deal. Overall and excellent experience."

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"Get as far away from these guys as you can. I purchased an extended warranty for $189.00 on a 58" Samsung Plasma for a home theater. After 21 months it developed wide, horizontal discoloration bands that stretched across the entire screen, especially prominent during light backgrounds. I filed a claim. DTVexpress asked for screen shots to "diagnose" the problem, and based on THAT "examination" they refused the claim, citing what I now call their "Universal Escape Clause." Amazingly, it excludes:
"ANY IRREGULAR VIEWING QUALITY ISSUES DISPLAYED BY ANY TYPE OF TV including but not limited to blooming, strobing, judder, bluring, color shift, an imbalance of back lighting in one or more areas of the TV." So, the question here folks, isn't what dtvexpress DOESN'T cover, but under THAT clause, what if anything they DO cover. Don't make the same mistake I did - be sure to read the fine print yourselves - this clause is in there - they DON'T send you their "terms" - they post them on their website. My advice, take the amount of your premium, flush it, and you'll have the same coverage as if you had actually signed on with these folks. But at least you'll avoid the aggravation of having to listen to them dodge your claim if you ever need to fix your TV.

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"I have actually purchased two TV warranties from this company. Their prices are excellent and the claims process for my first Samsung TV that I bought from Best Buy was good. I bought the TV from BB but the warranty through DTVExpress. Thinking about warrantying my Tablet with them but have not decided. Anyway, the Samsung TV repair process was very easy. Just called a 1-800 # that was listed on my contract, the customer service was easy and responsive. I would recommend them. Retail stores are a pure ripoff when it comes to warranties. Getting the warranty from DTV allows you to go out there and get the lowest price possible on your TV."

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"I purchased an extended TV warranty from DTVExpress.com back in March 2010. Well, The TV went on the fritz - Samsung Plasma - I certainly did not expect it that quickly. I contacted DTVExpress to let them know and fill out an online claim form. They respondend that that received the issue and would contact a local servicer. Then I did not hear back for two days. I got a call from a local TV repair shop, Ricks.They set an appt. for the two days later and were able to repair some sort of ribbon connector cable in my home without taking the TV away. The experience was pretty seemless from my perspective. There were no out of pocket expenses. I dont know what they could have done better. "

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"An extended warranty was purchased from DTV Express for a replacement television purchased through Sony as part of a settlement agreement. Because the price of the television had been discounted by Sony, I initially contacted DTV Express to ensure that I was purchasing the correct extended warranty and that any problems with the television would be covered. A $99.00 five-year extended warranty was selected after discussion with a DTV Express representative, who assured me that they dealt with extended warranties as part of settlement agreements all the time, and as long as I retained a proof of purchase I would be covered. Approximately 18 months later a problem developed with the television. Since the television was outside of the original manufacturer’s warranty, I contacted DTV Express and was then confronted with a barrage of questions - even accusations - suggesting that whatever happened to the television was my own fault. After numerous back-and-forth responses, they ultimately claimed that I had purchased the “wrong” warranty and that they would not honor their warranty agreement (in spite of the fact that the warranty that I purchased had been advised by one of their representatives). Instead they sent me a partial refund of $89.10 from a third party with no explanation as to what this “partial” refund represented. DTV Express was apparently eager to take my money and simply hoped that I would never develop a problem with the television and make a claim. After issuing the partial refund, they failed to respond to any emails from me. Use them at your own risk."

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